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I am also dealing with Marauder on my credit reports. They are actually showing up twice. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. They are working on it so I am just waiting to see what happens. I cannot believe that somebody hasn't filed a suit against Marauder to help out consumers that have been affected by Marauder.

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I tried to consolidate my debt with a company last year and Marauder Corp was listed on my credit report, so I was paying them as well. Since I have paid off most of them but discontinued payments when I became disabled. Marauder Corp is still filing with the credit bureaus with a complaint dates that are recent. I have had no payday loans since I left Maryland which was 10 years ago, yet they keep updating it on my credit report as well as calling and threatening me with coming to my home and work to collect. I went online to find out how to contact them and all I find is that they are a scam. I've tried calling the numbers I found but they no longer work, sending letters is fruitless because they never reply. How do I get them off my credit report????

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I ordered my credit reports and there was a negative account being reported by Marauder Corporation. I initiated several disputes with the credit bureaus, and each time Marauder Corporation would verify this debt with the bureaus. So finally, I sent four disputes directly to Marauder Corporation. They refused to respond to any of them. Marauder Corporation claimed that I owed them for a returned check for $191. Yet, when I requested evidence from them, all I heard were crickets, and I am still waiting for that evidence years later.

Finally I got fed up, and I sent a complaint to the Attorney General's Office against Marauder Corporation, its owner Ryon Gambill, and Experian and Transunion, who both refused to remove the unverified debt, even after they were given verifiable evidence that the debt was being reported by Marauder Corporation, illegally. Granted, these bureaus have had a very illegal history with Marauder Corporation for years and are very much aware of their illegal behavior. And the bureaus are shady as well.

After Mr. Gambill received my complaint from the Attorney General, he was extremely angry to put it mildly. He called me today, Saturday, June 14, 2014, and initially said that he had good news for me. But the conversation turned bad very quickly. He actually called to drill me for the "truth" that he wanted to hear, and when he didn't get that, the real Mr. Gambill came out, the person that we have all read about all over the internet. He asked me what I wanted him to do. Granted, he had just received a 50+ pages of complaint from the Attorney General's Office, just to give you some insight on the type of manipulative individual he is.

After I realized that we were not going to get anywhere with this man, I said to him, "look, the jig is up." I know that you are recording me, in order to try to get me to say something that will incriminate me. That is not going to happen because what I said to the Attorney General is the truth, so he could stop his nonsense at anytime. You know, for some reason, he thinks that he is intelligent or something, so I had to give him a reality check. So at that point, his verbal attack started. I will keep it clean here, as requested, but the man called me every name under the sun. He told me that I lived in the slums, and had nothing. Granted, how would he have this information? Mr. Gambill has obviously been to my house, otherwise how would he have any knowledge of where I live? Isn't that scary?

I find myself looking over my shoulder when I leave my house now. The credit bureaus also allowed this man access to my credit reports, ILLEGALLY, well after he was unable to prove that I owed for this debt. I have more to say, but I would be writing all day. They are known all over the country for this unprofessional behavior, and I can confirm that what is being said about them all over the internet is true. My advice to anyone that has an issue with Marauder Corporation is to follow protocol. Meaning, send the credit bureaus at least two disputes, send Marauder at least two direct disputes, and make copies of all of your correspondences with these people. Always send these things by certified mail, and get return receipts for what you send to them. This is for your protection.

If you get no results, immediately send a complaint to the states Attorney General's Office, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Otherwise they will toy with you for years, because they are all involved in this illegal enterprise together, and I am referring to Marauder Corporation, Transunion, and especially Experian. Experian is well known for refusing to remove unverified information that Marauder Corporation reports, even if a consumer can prove that it is unverified.

Be thorough, and keep your records in order because you will need them if you need to file a complaint against these people. Also, keep a record of all dispute results from the credit bureaus. I have not received the final decision from the Attorney General's Office, but I will post the final results here, once I receive them. I am hopeful. Don't allow these people to take advantage of you, and stand up for your rights. You have power. It doesn't seem as if you do, but if you do your homework, you can win. Good luck to all, and I hope this post helps someone out there.


I dealt with this person several years ago. And yes, he basically called me stupid and ignorant. He also refused to answer if he was licensed to do business in the state as required. He repeatedly called my work number over and over and even got co-employees a couple of times. He asked me did my employer know I didn't pay my debts, which is bogus. They also never notified me of the 3 accounts as required by law nor send me anything that I owe the debt and Experian refuses to delete anything. They always take the business side and won't even put that you dispute the account. One account I did pay and they told me they would delete it and didn't they only reported it as paid and then only reported it as paid for an amount other than due. Yet, I paid what they told me was due.


I had a debt on my credit report from this company. I just had a credit counseling and was told to call and handle the debt. I called them and spoke with Crystal **. At the time, she was offering me a settlement of $437.50 after telling me that this was a 10-year old debt. Without thinking, I agreed to give my account information on 23 July 10. After thinking about it over the weekend and speaking with my lender, I was advised to challenge the debt since it was so old before committing to pay.

On 26 July 10, I emailed the company and told them that I wanted proof of ownership of the debt and cancel my settlement offer. Then, that is when the threatening emails started--until I forwarded some to my legal department. When I got paid, they charged my card anyway. Once I noticed they did that, I printed all emails and took them to my bank to reverse the charge and it was done. When I received another call from them, it was Kellie and a man saying that he was the supervisor. I have made arrangements to pay the debt because they know that I am trying to purchase a home and they will not budge until I pay this debt off. As a punishment, I have to pay the whole amount and they will not update my credit report until paid in full.

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I am a receptionist at a company called WebVisible. On 9/21, Tucker called over 30 times throughout the day asking for Chris** who evidently has a case with. He called me an **, he called me stupid, and he threatened that I would go to jail for interfering with an investigation. He told me, he knew what our address was and he would find out who I was. All because Chris ** was not available to speak to him and I couldn't find him.

I know what my rights are under the fair debt collections act and I know this person was in severe violation with the tactics he used. I am not even the consumer in this matter, but was terribly harassed. He's also asking to speak to Chris **'s boss and continuously calls and asks for the company owner because he could find that name on the internet. He says, he's an investigator and he's at the courthouse filing a warrant for Chris ** with the DA. All sounds so stupid, but I still had to take a lot of time out of my day to deal with this.

My work day was disrupted, I was unable to answer my phone because it was always Tucker, and I was worried I was going to somehow be responsible for getting a coworker in trouble. I have done a little research on this company and this man's name in particular and there are multiple complaints. He is a monster. He has also started calling again today 7/22. He's called 9 times already since 8:30am and it's barely 10:00am.

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