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My son was contacted by them to collect on a debt. He authorized them to use the "check by phone" method to collect $181.30 and the transaction took place on 9/17/2010. On October 4, 2010, this same agency performed a second transaction in the amount of $155.52 that was not expected or authorized by me.

After contacting the agency, they refused to reverse the transaction and were questioning my character. They said they would have to listen to the recording. So I said okay. A few minutes later, they called me back and said they could not find the recording and that it doesn't exist. I asked them to produce and listen to the recording that was supposedly done while my son was authorizing the first transaction. They said at the time that it was for our protection. I am trying to settle this with them but they will not work with me at all. They withdrew $155.52 from my account without authorization. I want the transaction to be reversed. I also had to pay $29.00 to get them blocked from doing anything else to my account.

I have been contacted by this company and they have been telling me that they are a debt collector trying to collect a debt for Global Reader Services in the amount of $56.13. They have said that the debt was incurred in 2007 at my Hoboken, NJ Address. I was not living in Hoboken in 2007 and have no idea about these charges. They keep calling me and refused to get rid of the charges. I don't know what to do. I was living in Wyckoff, NJ in 2007. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Luebke Baker repersents a company that fruedlantly scams"Readers Choice".They are aware of the method. Which is a travel company contacts you gives free a travel package/inorder to get the free trip you must except three travel magazines for ($4.95), they tell you they will record you saying yes to the travel package, then when this is completed they try to sell you a magazine subscription. I will not allow magazines in my home/50 years old 4 children and never allowed them.

When I explained this to the original soliciter he put me threw to his supervisor. I explained the same thing. This person then made me respond with tape recording going that I still wanted the free vaction/3 travel mags with no other obligation with a yes response. Now Lubeke Baker states that being the debt collectors they have me on tape saying yes to some regularly sent magazine subscription"Readers Choice" and keep calling.

I have excellent credit rating, unemployed, stressed out and this just adds to it all. Thankfully I found out on line about the scam and changed the credit card number before the real damage so the only stress are the constant calls. I believe I will cancel the phone number I have had for 15 years.

The thought hit me out of the blue today to search LBA in Google as I hadn't thought about them for a while. 14 years ago, I was their top collector. Up to the same scams. One: any individual you speak with has a name that is fictitious. Two: they are not a law firm, although it's very important for the collectors to use the word “firm” whenever possible to create the illusion. If one of the collectors states that they are a law firm, ask to speak to his supervisor and let him know. More than likely, the collector will be fired as, believe it or not, misrepresentation is frowned upon.

Three: from what I remember, the CEO of CMS is Kevin Luebke's father-in-law. They've been doing the magazine collections for a long time. Four: as far as I know, there are recorded agreements to enter into the magazine deal as I have heard them. They won't stand up in court, though. All would have to claim is that you had had a few cocktails and had accidentally agreed to some magazine deal. I don't think a judge would even hear the case quite frankly, so they will not sue. They don't want to be exposed in a legal setting. Fifth: whenever in doubt, mention the magic word “attorney general” and you will be dropped from their data base.

Sixth: now, you are on a list that gets passed around to businesses specializing in fly-by-night rookery, so don't buy anything from telemarketers. Just give them a polite, "I'm not interested." I hope I can help some people with this information. Also, I'm sure 90% of the collectors are good people who have been conned into thinking they are legitimate and are trying to earn their bonus pay. They only get paid minimum wage plus a percentage of what they collect. 7% are wise to the whole deal and just want to make some money and get off on the power trip. The other 3% are settlers and owners.

These people have been calling for a long time and never left a message. They sent something via mail and I didn't owe nothing to the company they said I did and I have now lost the statement they sent. And today, someone named Marquis called saying, "I have some good news for you today, it would be to your best interest to call back. And my number is..." I called back and immediately music started playing. No one answered the phone, nothing, just music playing so I hung up and looked the number up on the internet and then realized who it was. I took care of this debt four or more years ago and I'll be doggone if I'm going to let the thieves get any money out of me. I work hard for my money and I have plenty of debt without people like these threatening me with a letter taking me to court if I don't pay them over $1400. I've read many complaints about them at other sites as well as here.

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These people keep calling my home just about every day multiple times a day and even on weekends using multiple numbers. I haven't called them back because of the complaints I've read on this board but I'm unemployed and attending graduate school. I'm tired of these people calling and today some woman called me and told me I had to call her back today. I've never received anything in writing from them. I don't want them threatening me with jail or putting a lien on my home.

In late January this year a Mr. L representing Luebke Baker and Associates called looking for me in an attempt to collect a debt. A debt that was fabricated out of the blue; over two years had passed with no bills, no letters, NO MAGAZINES (for which the debt was), and now this voice over the phone wants in excess of 500 dollars. I told this individual that I would not give any information over the phone and told him that anything that needed to be addressed should be mailed. On the 20th of February 2009 i finally get a letter that was post marked on the third. All correspondence was forwarded to The Office Of The Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division. FDCPA complaint filed.

I received a call from a lady named Shannon on Feb. 10, 2009 who claimed to be a representative of Luebke, Baker & Assoc. on behalf of some company I've never heard of. She said she had me on a voice recording agreeing to pay $29.99 per month for magazine subscriptions for 2 years, then receive the next 3 years subscriptions for free back in 2006.

I've never heard of this company, I never received a magazine, or a bill. She had an old address of mine and claimed that I'd moved and just didn't update my address, but I'd had my mail forwarded when I moved, so I should have received something from them. AND I would think I should have received something between April (when she said the agreement was made)and December (when I moved). She said I owed this company over $500 and if I called her back by 9:45pm that night, they would settle the account for $199.99. I asked her for contact information for this company and she said she did not have any.

I quickly logged onto the internet and searched for this Luebke, Baker & Associates business and found this site. THANK GOD I had the sense to do so. I called all 3 credit reporting agencies, filed an online complaint with the state's attorney general and contacted the FTC. You guys HAVE to call the FTC and make a complaint if you want the government to step in and investigate them. The more reports they get, the more likely it is that an investigation will take place. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION! REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY AND CALL ALL 3 CREDIT BUREAUS... NOW!

The gentleman I spoke to at Experian said he's worked there for 5 years and all he does all day is look over credit reports. He said he's never heard of these people. Protect yourselves, you guys and good luck! The lady who called said if I didn't pay, then the account would go back to the original company and I would have to pay the full amount due on the account and it would go on my credit report.

I just wanted to flip you a line about Luebke Baker and Associates collecting on CMS - I used to work for LBA, and was promptly fired when I realized the scam and mentioned it. When our systems went down at LBA they had us do sales for CMS. They're owned by the same people or at least in cahoots, they're right across town

They have been contacting my home phone number for a few weeks now claiming that i owe $900 for a magazine subscription that i never subscribed to. The caller id came up and says Toll Free SVC. I have never received a bill, nor have I received even a letter from them. As i told them that I have not received the magazines they say that they will agree to a settlement price of $399.99 for Publisher Services of Tennessee. The man talked to a family member of mine and he told them that he would send out a letter today (1/22/09).

The second time that i was called from them about 2 weeks ago, the caller id read Warsaw, Ky. They were claiming to be a different company. The lady was speaking so fast that i couldn't catch the name. When I told her that i haven't subscribed to any magazines or recieved bills, she said these exact words disregard this call and then hung up. I'll tell you this, I'm not paying one penny to them.

I have received NOTHING but harrassing phone calls to myself and my family. Its obvious that this is a scam considering there is complaint after complaint on this page. What are the steps that we have to take, to take care of this? The complaints go all the way back to last year. Everyone that is reading this, google them. Read about all the scams. Spread the word and get these guys shut down.

SO, this Mr. Linwood guy keeps calling me ... trying to collect a debt over $4,500 that he claims that I owe. He is threatening Legal Action TODAY if this amount is not paid in full. Mr. Linwood will NOT tell me ANY details of what the debt is for, just that it is for a bank account that has been closed. I dont know how he got my phone number or my information, but the name on this account that he is trying to collect on matches my name.

I was totally caught off guard and took his name and number nad told him id call him right back. I then called the bank that he said that the account was with, and they would not give me any information. I tried to call him back using hte phone number that he gave me and it was disconnected. So i got online to research the company, and here i am writing this. I dont know what to do. I cant find any answers to whats going on with this debt that I owe.

Woman named Stephanie called about 7:15 PM on 10/29/2008 at my home, asking for my son, John. I told her John lived in Tallahassee and is 27 yrs old - on his own. I asked her what it was about and she told me she was a debt collection agent and was calling to get John to reimburse for an old magazine subscription. I asked her for details but she said she couldn't discuss it with me without John's permission. She asked me for his phone number.

I told her I would contact him and give her permission to speak with me. I called my son and gave him the 800 number and her name. He called back in ten minutes and told me he had given them permission to speak with me. In that interim another agent named Ammy called and asked me if I was going to pay the bill for John. I told her to wait until I heard from him.

After he called me back, I called LBA and again spoke with Ammy. She told me there were two bills (the first conversation Stephanie had said there was only one bill), one for $75 and a second for $79.60. She asked for my credit card info. I told her no, I would only agree to pay after getting more information and checking them out. She told me the magazine subscriptions dated to 2004 and named five magazines and two account numbers. I wrote down the information, including LBA's address, etc. I told Ammy I would check it out and get back to her. I called my son back and he said he never subscribed to any of the magazines I listed. I told him to let me know if they contacted him again. I am turning this matter over to the Fl. Dept of Agriculture: Consumer Complaints Division. I have used this service in the past.

I have already filed a complaint with the federal trad comission and here is what I told them:

This started as harrassing calls from International Magazine Company. When I answered the phone to see who it was (no message was ever left) they told me that they were calling on behalf of Visa services. They had my credit card number and personal information and told me that Visa had entered me into a contest and I had won a gold watch and a huge discount on magazines. I was told that I would be receiving 5 titles a month for only $4 a week for each. I told them that I would need to think about it and when I tried to hang up, they said that they needed to verify my card information for their report to Visa.

I was surprised that they had everything even the expiration date, so I figured that it was Visa. Well, not even 10 minutes later, they called back claiming that they were a supervisor that wanted to make sure the caller said everything he was supposed to and went over everything again. He said, "OK, it looks like we are all set then." and I said OK then. A couple of days later I noticed a $78 dollar charge on my credit card. I called the bank that issued the card to me and when I asked them about it, they told me that I must have entered into a verbal agreement with the caller and that meant that they had the right to bill me. The card issuer would not remove the charges from my card and look into it stating that "I guess you learned your lesson."

I then called the same number that had called me originally and told them that I had not entered into any agreement with them and that I wanted my money refunded to me. They told me that it was too bad because they had processed my order (that I did not make) and it was already paid for. During me trying to fight this, my card was charged $312. I paid it off and cancelled the card. I did receive some magazines months later, but they were all really weird titles that I had never heard of, nor were they even remotely appropriate for me. Then about 3 weeks ago, I started receiving phone calls from a 1-800 number that would ring twice, then hang up, never leaving a message. I figured if it was important, they would leave a message.

I ended up calling it back and first heard what sounded like a bunch of kids fighting in the background. I asked who this was calling me and the person on the phone said they were from Luebke Baker & Associates and they were a collection agency trying to collect over $700 of late payments on behalf of the magazine company. They said that the company had agreed to reduce the settlement down to $350 if I agreed to give them my credit card # to pay the charge. Thinking that this was a scam, (much like the first one) I told them that I would need something in writing to validate this. The woman on the phone told me that if I got off the phone with her with out paying, they would press charges against me, try to file a lien, sue me, and put it on my credit report.

Really thinking this was a scam then, I told her to send me something in writing and I would think about it. I have yet to receive anything from either company and they call 8 to 15 times a day. I blocked their number, but now they are calling from another number. Is this legit and is my credit in jeopardy or can I do something to protect myself and my credit and get them to leave me alone?

Apparently, LBA contacted me about a magazine subscription that I would never order and told me that I had already paid 4 payments back in 2002 and that I owe 378.99 to Consolidated Media services. First off I dont do subscriptions, secondly they had every phone number I have every used, including the number I switched to back in the day. A number I would NEVER give out to anyone other than family, and work and my bank/bills. I am still waiting on my bank for confirmation that four payments of $39.99 were taken out of my account in 2002. I am currently waiting on my bank for printed records of these withdrawals.

Who do I speak to about getting my name and info out of their systems? I do not want my info out there any more nor do I want this to be on my credit report destroying my credit and making it easier for ID theft. I have NO money for an attorney and would not be able to give any amount of my settlement if there was one b/c of my economic situation.

Recently we have been receiving multiple daily calls from a debt collector called Luebke Baker and Associates, their number is 603-214-3644. They claim they are a law firm and that my husband owes $1060+ to a credit card he has never heard of that was supposedly charged off in August of 2005. They did send something to us over a month ago and that document is why I contacted them in the first place. However, I have since told them that we have no knowledge of the debt they are calling about and that we'd like something more detailed in writing. They claim he have sent other correspondences and they are now refusing to send any more.

A few weeks ago they called and threatened to send a court summons to my husband's office. Today they said that they were going to research to find out what sort of assets we own and they were going to place a lien on them and send a Sheriff out to retrieve the items. They also keep asking for my husband's work number. I've told the collectors multiple times that my husband does not recall the debt and that they need to speak with him but they keep trying to push the subject with me. Is it even legal for them to discuss a debt with me that he incurred prior to our marriage? They have also been harassing my parents who live in Texas. At least they say they have but I've not heard anything from my parents about it.

I've asked them to send us something in writing more times than I can count. The first document I received that prompted me to investigate the debt is the only thing we have received from them. Today I answered when they called and again tried to discuss this debt like a reasonable adult. However as soon as I asked for them to send me something in writing the lady started threatening me and then hung up. We are starting to wonder if this is a scam - if the debt is even real.

Also, is it even legal for them to threaten a court summons or to place a lien on things we own and send a Sheriff out to retrieve them? Is it legal for me to try and tape the conversation? I am strongly considering doing so the next time they call. I will certainly appreciate any help or advice you can give. I am not sure what to do but I feel that these calls and the harassment and threats are getting out of control.

Luebke Baker & Assoc. is supposed to be a collection agency. They have been contacting my home phone and my father's home phone looking to collect money from my husband, Chris. I admit that I have been ignoring them, but now that they are calling my father. He asked me to call and find out what my husband owed and why. I did so on 9/30/08. Michelle along with her supervisor where very rude and I was rude right back. But they are unable to provide me with any information as to what and why he owes this money. My father asked them to send the paperwork in the mail and they have failed to do so. The lady on the phone had virtually no information and just wanted me to pay. I am not going to pay for something without documentation that it was actually my husband that owes the money. I have asked them not to call the house, yet they keep calling. As of yesterday they were going to turn the collection back over to the originally company, however they called my father's line again today. Please help!!

This number calls my home anywhere from 1 to 4 times a day saying they are a collection agency. All they will tell me is that they are recording the call and telling me I have an account in collections but will not tell me who they are collecting on behalf of. I have not received any collection notices from them via mail, all they do is call. When I explained to them I don't, and haven't had, anything in collections they become EXTREMELY rude. I have repeatedly asked them to send me something in writting and of course nothing has shown up in my mailbox.

I have called them back using caller ID and when someone answers the phone they simply say hello like I was calling someones home. I have even asked to speak with a superviser and nothing has come of that either. I have since added features to my phone to block their calls.

I had a subscription that I canceled and then starting getting calls from this agency for the past 2+ years. When I first starting getting the calls I would answer and the person would tell me what the all was about, now when I answer, no one answers or sometimes its a recording. Calls even on the weekends and at night. Very annoying. Looks negative on my credit.

These people keep calling me several times a day. I have no idea why, but its making me mad. I even tried to get them to take my number off their list but they wouldn't even do that.

My wife took out a magazine subscription with American Preferred Reader Service in 1999 or 2000. In 2002, when the military moved us to Japan, we had all of our mail forwarded. A few months later, my wife received a letter from APRS, saying that they would send her account to collections if she didn't make a payment. This, of course, surprised her because we are good people and pay our debts accordingly. So, she called the company, explained that we had moved, and told they wouldn't send the magazines to Japan anyway. She asked how to cancel the account and was told that she had to pay the remaining balance. My wife sent the payment off and we never heard another word until July 11, 2007. This is when the Luebke Baker story starts.

They called my wife's phone four times. Each of those times, there was no answer. Finally, on the fifth call, this guy starts telling my wife she owes money before the line went dead. Thinking this was some sort of scam, I looked the numbers up and they all came from California. So, I called the last number my wife had on the phone and it was Luebke Baker. I explained to the woman that we didn't owe anything and was asked for my credit card number. I told her to mail us the information and she started verifying PERSONAL information about my wife. I hung up.

On the 21st of July, we got a call while shopping at Target. Again, the guy started in on my wife, trying to collect $195 for a $360 debt. She told him she paid it off in 2002 and asked why we are just now hearing about it SIX years later. I asked to talk to him, gave him my address, and asked to have the information sent to me in the mail. I then asked for a supervisor and asked for the same thing. She said the only thing they would send me in the mail is a remittance form for the full $360.

Here we are 10 days later, and we have not received anything from anyone. We mailed a certified letter to them, the Nebraska Attorney General, and the Illinois Attorney General. I told my wife that we should really consider some type of legal action. It's costing us money that I shouldn't have to pay to plead our case, plain and simple.

I received a phone call on my cell phone in the beginning of June, 2008, while on vacation, from a woman stating she was from Luebke Baker & Associates, calling on behalf of Diversified Marketing. She stated that in 1998 I had subscribed to magazines agreeing to pay 20-some dollars per month, and that I now owed them $837 but they were willing to take a settlement over the phone for $300. I asked her what magazines and that I didn't recall ever subscribing to magazines or agreeing to anything that would bind me to the potential of a debt of over $800. She informed me that she did not have the details available to her at that time. I told her to see what she could do to dig them up, and send me a letter & I would look into it when I returned home.

Shortly after I got home, I received a letter from Luebke Baker & Assocates, basically stating the same thing I was told on the phone but providing no details and offering me the option of filling in my credit card info for the settlement or paying by phone. I called customer service and this time spoke to a man. In a nut shell, I told them that until they could provide proof of the debt being a legitimate debt, they would get nothing out of me. He told me I made a verbal agreement & had actually mailed them a couple payments, but they again, could not provide proof of any such agreement or payments I had sent. A week or so later, I received another letter, stating the same exact thing as the first one, except this time, also enclosed was a memo, on no letterhead, to Diversified Marketing (I'm assuming that they were copying me on the memo) asking them to fill in the blanks on what magazines I ordered. I did not respond.

And finally, today I received another call, from a girl, stating all of the same things again. She started though, by saying that I had agreed to take a settlement. I corrected her & like in this complaint, went through every detail of what had transpired thus far. I ended it by again saying that I would pay nothing until evidence was provided to me of the debt being legitimate. She then put a man on the phone to whom I said, For the record, I want it noted that I dispute this, and if it hits my credit I will take you to court. He said all you have to say is you refuse the settlement. I reiterated that I was not refusing the settlement, I was disputing the debt. At that, he said ok and hung up.

Since then, today, I have received 2 calls on my cell phone from the same phone number & one on my home phone, all of which were hang ups or dead silence on the other end. On a whim, I looked them up on then web-searched them, where I found that many other people are having the same problem. I intend on furthering these complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. Aside from that and changing my phone numbers, I'm not sure what else to do.

This company that goes by the name of International Magazine called me on my cell while I was at work one day, and unfortunately conned me into subscribing to these magazines. It wasn't until the last minute that they gave me the price--70 dollars for about half a dozen magazines. At the time it seemed like a good deal until minutes later after I had agreed and hung up, that I realized, after doing the math, that it really wasn't. And then I got a bit nervous, as I had given them my credit card info. I called back about an hour later and told them that I wanted to cancel. The person that I talked to this time told me that they would have to give the message to the supervisor. I asked if I could speak to the supervisor. They said they couldn't connect me to the supervisor from where they were, but could only get my info and see that it gets to the supervisor, and they would have someone call me back.

This happened more than once, this runaround. One time someone actually did call me back, but that person wasn't even the supervisor. And they said the same thing, that they'll send the message. One time someone actually called a few days later and tried to offer me a discount, down to 30 dollars or something, after I had told them after knowing who they were that I wanted it canceled, that I've been trying to cancel it. I said no to the discounted offer too. 70 dollars was pending on my debit card, and I called my bank and requested my debit card be canceled and to get a new one, explaining to them why. Before I received my new card the 70 dollars was put back into my account. Luckily it was only pending and never got cleared. I thought that was the end of it, and I never got anything in the mail.

Until one day I get a call from someone claiming to be from a collection agency, Luebke Baker & Associates, INC, as it turns out, saying that I owe 900 dollars to this magazine company. I've got calls from three different states. First it was lowering it down to 300 dollars, then 200, and each time I told them, I did not receive anything, I had tried to cancel it numerous times, starting on the same day the magazine company first called me, and that with the last person I talked to from this magazine company, I told them I requested cancellation the first day (apparently you have to cancel within 72 hours)and this person was like, Oh you did? Okay. And then they hung up, and I thought that was it.

Each time this collection agency called, they said they didn't have the number to the magazine company. I asked why the magazine company never informed me that I owe this outstanding amount and they said they didn't know. And they claimed that 900 dollars is what this company paid to the publishers of the magazines. And once again I told them but I didn't get any magazines. With the last call I got from the collectors, the person I talked to said that they've been sending me letters in the mail and I told them I haven't received anything. And Each time I told them I'm not paying a thing.

Finally today though I have received a letter from them. And it doesn't look very convincing, I'm keeping it for proof. And this time they say for only $92.68 I can settle this. I just want them to leave me alone.

I received a letter from Luebke Baker & Associates, Inc. trying to collect a debt for Magazine Service of America for magazines I never ordered. They say I agreed to these magazines over the phone, but can not provide any proof of this. In the summer of 2007, I spoke with someone at Magazine Service of America and asked to hear the recording in which I agreed to get the magazines and I was put on hold numerous times, then they hung up on me. I thought that was the end of it. Now, a year later, I get this collection letter. This is crazy, I never agreed to any of this.

Luebke Baker & Associates, Inc. say I owe $1111.00, but they will take a settlement for $499.00. I asked for an address or phone number for Magazine Service of America and she told me they didn't have that information. How can they collect money for this company and not have that information??? I refuse to pay for something I never agreed to in the first place!!!!

Repeated phone calls and hang ups, when finally traced, they told me they were trying to reach a Robert Michaels, There is no one here with that name, I told them so multiple times, they continue to call and harras

I receive several phone calls a day from Luebke Baker & Associates saying that I owe their client Consolidated Media Services $249.15 for magazine subscriptions, but they would settle for $105.00. I've learned to recognize the phone numbers that they use and no longer answer the call. I just recently filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding this matter.

repeated phone calls, many hang ups with no one on the line as many as 10 a day. aprox. one or two with a 'miss wilson' demanding my son,who does not live with us, pay for magizines that he did not order. when she was asked not to call and as I tried to explain she became politely abusive and hung up. with in minutes the phone rang again -hang-up, rang again -mis wilson askig for my son etc. I BELIVE THIS TO BE A FRAUDULANT WAY TO COLLECT MONEY .

We have been contacted by Luebke Baker & Associates, Inc. for payment on a magazine order. My wife does not recall this order. back in 2000 we were also contacted by another colloection agency for payment on a magazine order. We have paid both of these due to bad credit information. Can you please help? Thanks

We have paid around $250.00 back in 2000. We have paid $200.00 5/8/2008

Meg received a magazine offer for $26 every few months...they started deducting money out of her account. She went to her Bank and told them they were fraudently taking an amount she did not agree on...she closed her account and opened a new account...she keeps getting magazines from Omni Present Mag Inc that she has told them she doesn't want.....

Now Luebke is threatening her that she owes $900.00 but they will settle for $350, and will take it out of her account.....She is 20 yrs old...her boyfriend just went to Afganistan with the Navy, she can not afford to be ripped off by these people. We have downloaded the article on Luebke Baker....Collection agency pursues Magazine collection Debts How can she go from owing $26.00 to $900? She needs advice on hoe to handle this issue...Thank you so much.

This collection company is threatening a 20 yr old stating that she owes $900, but they will settle for $350

My daughter hit on a website on line that offered free magazines, if she did a survey.It then asked for information (name , address, phone #, email adress, date of birth). She then recieved an email verifying that she would recieve the free magazines. The magazine company( Active Periodicals) out of Florida then billed my credit card(which I have no idea how they got the credit card #. My daughter said she didn, 't give it to them).

When I saw my credit card bill, I disputed the charges with my credit card company.Active periodicals then billed my daughter directly. I contacted active periodicals by mail once, and by phone 4 different times, to cancel the subscription, but they refused, saying they just wanted their money. They did however quit sending the magazines. After about 6 months my credit card company said that they had already paid Active periodical the money I disputed, and I had to pay my credit card company back the money which I did, which was over $400.00.

Now I'm being harassed by this Luebke Baker & Associates. They say I owe over $800.00, but they will settle for $300.99. If they don't get it by May 1st, they'll sue, get a judgement, and ruin or credit,(me or my daughter). I don't know what to do. If I pay them, how do I know it will end. If I don't pay, what will they do. I guess I'm loooking for advise.

Besides the economic damage, the stress, anxiety,and fear of a judgement, and credit damage, to both myself and daughter, it has caused damage in the relationship between my daughter, and myself

My girlfiend responded to an add from a magazine company. She used my card number but told them she had to check with me to see if it was ok. When she called them back to tell them it was ok they had changed the offer and we told them we dont want it. We were told that was fine but they went ahead and started to take out the money anyway 2 months later.

After calling them back they laughed at me and said well, we got our money. I then contacted my bank and after a short investigaton my money was reimbursed.

Now, Lubke Baker and Associates is calling (up to 16 times in one day) and demanding $800 or a settelment of $300 and if I dont agree to pay it now then the $300 offer will not be offerd again and it will go on my credit report. I try to talk to them but they just hang up with out speaking and call back.I belive they are trying to get me to say ok and then they will have me on tape agreeing to pay. I wont do it. My bank has told me that once they gave back my money from the first payment then they admit that I do not owe them any money after that.

The stress over this it just terrible. I am trying to keep this under control but I am about ready to just find them and visit myself to talk to someone there IN PERSON! I dont need them trashing my credit for something I dont owe them. I do belive that after 21 years in the army (Vet of 6 Combat tours)I can come up with a way to make them listen to what I have to say!

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