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This company called HPC Collection Agency called my boss and told him I was facing charges and my boss called me and gave me the number. The guy that answered was Ray **. He put me in through with one of his coworkers and he did not let me say anything. He was too busy yelling at me threatening me. Then after he got done yelling and threatening me, that guy transferred me back over to Mr. Ray ** and he told me I had to pay $402 by Monday. They wanted me to send it by MoneyGram. Now to me, this is not a company that should not be in business. I wish there is something that can be done about this company.

I have been out of work some time now and prior to losing my job, I had bought an automobile not thinking that my job would end.

I did not answer my phone; I check all out-of-state numbers now for I have had similar incidents, collectors, who feel that they can be as rude as they please and give threats. I do not like not being able to pay my bills. I am an old person and my credit was above average until I lost my job! It just floors me to think that the tactic of being rude produces results.

If there are any attorney's who do actually read these complaints, I hope I get a call from one of you. Like anyone else in this economy, I have much more to tell in my story. I may or may not have a case but if I do have a case, I would want to strike back for I am sick of these phone calls.

I received a phone call from a family member letting me know they were given a phone number for me to call a.s.a.p. They had got a phone call from a Mr. N. that said I was living there with her and they had been investigating me and I was in big trouble for goods that did not belong to me and I was facing jail time. Panicky, I took the phone number and called this Mr. N. He explained to me he was part of HPC and he was a "compliance" officer and he had been investigating me and my vehicles had been red flagged. He even told me the vehicles that I own. He said I have merchandise that does not belong to me and if I did not pay for the merchandise, I would be facing jail time. I asked him what merchandise and he said I was in possession of merchandise from Kay Jewelers that was not paid for.

They would be willing to settle with me for 50% of the balance and he needed an answer within 24 hours or the county would be in contact with them and a sheriff would be at my door. If merchandise was found, I would be facing jail time. I told him this account had been filed on in my BK back in 2007. He began to inform me that it had not been and I was paying on this account until 2009 and the rest needed to be paid. He would remove the red flags from my vehicles for 24 hours and if I did not contact him back, they were coming to my place to arrest me. After doing some research I have found they have violated the FDCPA section 807 Number 1, Number 4, Number 5, Number 7 and Number 10. How can they get away with this?

I had a man call me on 11/01/2011 asking me if I know neighbors of mine, telling me their names repeatedly. The guy was very rude and snippy with me. He said they are a company that looks for people because someone was looking for them. He said it was extremely important and an emergency to get in touch with them. He said he knew I was their neighbor and they live down the road from me. I asked who he was, but he did not want to tell me. He said he knew all about me, my info address, phone number and things about me. I asked who he was again and he said John, he did not want to give me his last name. I told him I was going to report him to the police and he said to go right ahead.

He kept telling me how important it was for me to let them know he was looking for them. I told him, with all the scams out there, he should be able to understand why I was hesitant to talk to him or about my neighbors with him. I asked again his last name, he finally said **. He gave me a ** number for my neighbors to call. What a **, I told him and said I should report him to the cops and hung up on him. He said the business was HP Locate and said it's a company that locates people for others looking for them.

I received a call today first from a "Mr. Hoffman" with HPC. He first stated he was advised from Maricopa County to contact me regarding a legal matter that needed to be resolved immediatley to avoid further criminal action and possible jail time against me. He proceeded to speak and told me his agent had conducted a background check on me and saw I had no priors and seemed like a law abiding citizen that probably would lose alot by going to jail. I became very nervous and asked what all of this was regarding, and he stated I wrote a bad check to Allied Check cashing and needed to pay $604.00 to avoid action. He was on a timeline and had til that evening to resolve or the cops in my local area would be at my door the following morning. I tried to explain to him that I took care of that with my bank that paid it a year ago from an acct I closed and if I owed why didn't Allied contact me to collect? He said you don't have permission to ask the questions here. I tried again to explain this was a misunderstanding and that infact this balance was paid by the bank and I took care of the debt with the bank when they in fact paid and overdrew my acct by doing so. I again asked for correspondence and told him " that is my right" he said when you do bad things "you have no rights" I suffer from extreme anxiety and began to have a panic attack from his verbal threats, harrassment, threats of jail time, and rudeness. I called my husband who had work in collections previously for a legitamite company and said this guy is a debt collector who is in violation of the FDCPA, so I need to file a complaint with them. After calming me down!!!! Within 5 minutes of my call to my husband, I recieved another call from Tim who stated he knows I just refused a payment to his agent and he phoned Allied and they stated they ahd the check and it was never paid and to prosecute me any way possible and repeated after tonight you will be arrested and charged with a felony and go to jail. When I tried to explain to him he stated " look women, do you like to just listen to yourself talk or what?" and to shut up briefly! I told him he would be hearing from an attorney and he stated" really, good luck with that!" just as Mr. Hoffman did. Once I asked for their contact information he hung up on me. I called the # back and they kept hanging up on me. To make a long story short. I * 67 my mumber so it would be blocked and a guy answered. I said to him first before anything " this conversation is recorded" he stated ok what can I help you with and was just a tad bit better then the last two. He also told on his co-workers stating I should have never received a call from the second guy since Hoffman stated I was going to involve an attoney. Oops, their bad. I am going to be filing a complaint against this company. No one should be disrupted during there day by a collector, be belittled or have an anxiety/panic attack because of what these reps put you through. I am surprised nothing has been done thus far. What does the law protect if they are still in business??? I will not stop until it is dealt with and will knock on doors repeatively until I have answers. Such a violation!!!!

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He called me at work and told me that I had an outstanding loan through NCS financial that I did not pay and they tried to take the money out of my account when it was closed. I told him that I closed that account because there was fraud committed on my account. Then, I proceeded to ask him what do HPC stand for. He said, "Shut up and do not ask me anymore questions. I will only do the talking here." He said that if I did not pay $1,160.00 by 12 PM today, by 1 PM, the police will be at my job to pick up and arrest me. I had to leave work because I did not want to be picked up from my job. I asked if there can be some arrangements made. He said, "No, you had plenty of time do that before I called you."

Today at 11:36, I was contacted by Craig ** of the HP company and asked to speak with my husband. I asked what the call was pertaining to, but I was never given an answer only threats that my husband was going to be in big trouble. The man was very rude, ominous and threatening verbally. I explained that I had not spoken with my husband in a while and refused to give out any number to a company that would not identify their reason for wanting his number. Mr. ** asked if he could leave a number. I said yes to which he replied "that lets me know you can contact him." It upset me so that I called my husband and gave him the information to return the call. I later found out HP was a debt collection service for Ace Cash Checking. I do not have any accounts and was only listed as a contact. Yet I was verbally abused and intimidated by the HP Companies tactics for collecting debts.

I love my husband very much. I was laid off from work in September so he has had to take on the load for our family and therefore his personal loans are in the rears. This call really upset me and put me in tears, because this man, Mr. **, was threatening to file criminal charges against my husband as if he wrote a bad check. My husband is the sole bread winner, we cannot afford for him to go to jail, get him out of jail or lose his job. The call from HP has caused great emotional distress for me.

I was contacted this morning at 8:27 AM. This individual proceeded to ask me if I had been receiving harassing phone calls from Ace. He then told me that I had 3 hours to cure the check that I had written to them for a payday loan, or I would see what the consequences were in Florida. I asked what those consequences are. He said that if I didn't know, he couldn't tell me. Therefore, I hung up the phone.

He called right back at 8:31 AM, speaking in the same manner. I told him that since I didn't know and he couldn't tell me, give me a couple of hours and let me see what the laws are in the State of Florida concerning this matter. Then I hung up my phone.

It really upset me. I immediately came to the computer to do some research on this company. Additionally, Ace did the same thing and called me back to back to back within the same hour.

I got a phone call at 8:30 this am and someone calling herself Nadia ** said she was trying to reach Kendra T. I ask what this was about, and she said that her company had made a decision. I said I would try and contact her. She gave me the #** for her to be reached. I asked what this pertained to and she said it was about an outstanding loan. I called my daughter and told her what was said and she therefore call HPC.

A little later, my daughter called me in tears saying they wanted her to send 300.00 by Western Union or she would be in lots of trouble. Actually they said a lot of very rude things. Anyway, I called the # they gave me and some man answered, and told me I was nothing but a nosy busybody and hung up on me. I then called back and asked for the address of their Co. and said the address real fast and I had to ask again. He told me to open my ears this time and listen!

My wife called me to the phone for a call from a Mr. R. with HPC. Because she takes care of all business/legal matters, she told me to put the call on speaker phone so she could hear.

Mr. R. identified me by my name and full social security number which I said yes to. He went on to tell me that I would be arrested today for check 136 dated 22 April 2010 in the amount of $411.27 that I wrote from my bank. I thought I was going to have a heart attack by the way Mr. R. talked to me. My wife asked me to ask Mr. R. who he was collecting for. He said he did not know but he could transfer me to someone who did.

A man finally came on the line and my wife took over the conversation after I authorized her to. I was too nervous and upset to continue. She told him about Mr. R’s behavior. She said this has been told many times before to others collectors. Mr. R. is rude, unprofessional, and violated FDCPA USC 1692e section 807, (2) (a) (4) (5). He acted as if he was the law until my conversation with him terminated.

A woman named Ms. Dixon called both my cell phone and work concerning a supposed "bad check" written to a pay day loan company. I have been through hard times and have done this in the past, however I am not aware of any outstanding loans to such an organization. She insinuated that I would be arrested for this incident, but is unwilling/unable to fax me the proof that such a debt exists. I have notified my bank and am requesting my records for 2005 (the year in which this incident is to haven taken place). This will cost me money. I am extremely mad at their insistence that I should give them my personal information; such as bank account, social security numbers, etc. on the phone and they will not even produce a "bill".

I got a new residential number from BellSouth. Consistently, I was called and repeatedly told by each representative that I was not the person they were looking for. They attempted to bully me into telling them my personal information and repeatedly I told them they had no need to know. This last call I spoke with Mark Powers who decided to tell me that I have never spoke to anyone at HPC which I do have quite a bit of proof of otherwise including recordings. He was demeaning and threatening and I do not have any delinquent bills nor do they have any reason to be after me. They needed to find someone and if I knew where, I would not have told them due to the lack of professionalism and incapability of dealing truthfully. Realizing the people do go delinquent on their bills and attempt to hide brings about this necessity but there is no reason that an innocent bystander should be thwarted by this harassment. They are refusing to cease.

I received harassing phone calls from HPC; a man by the name if Eric ** called me regarding a debt from 2006 on a pay day loan that I did not have. He said the check was written to Advance America but the loan I did with them was in 1999 and was included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. These people are very rude and continue to state if I don't get the money right away, they will have the sheriff's office come and pick me up. I tried calling back and they wanted my social security number. Well, at that point I didn't feel comfortable giving it to them and he said that is the only way he could find my information. I offered to give him my last name. He still continued to be rude. I was cooperative the whole time dealing with these people and they still were throwing out threats. I told him he needs to contact my attorney who handled my bankruptcy. Can someone please tell me what is going on with this company?

At about 12:10 PM today, I received someone identifying himself as John **. He told me that he had received two complaints on my end. He would be filing papers with the city if I did not make a payment either by credit or debit card or in person and that he was calling about my account with Allied, that I had an outstanding balance with them for $1,114.48 and that I had 30 minutes to get to Walmart or Western Union to send a moneygram for the total amount. If I didn't he would have me picked up for writing a bad check and he knew I did not want to have this on my record since I had never had anything on my record in the past. I told him I did not write any checks because I did not have that option with my account, I only had a check card, and I told him that the balance that I had was not what he had.

So he was very rude, asked me if I wanted to take care of this or not, that time had ran out and the people at Allied were not playing with me any more. So he wanted a commitment from me right then and there, I told him I did not have that kind of money. He asked if I could get it, I told him I don't know. He said he would give me one hour. I then called the office that I dealt with and told them what went on and faxed them the "Google sheets that I had printed online, because I thought this was some kind of scam, and I did fax them to the Assistant Manager.

Then Mr. ** called me back, while I was on the phone with Local Office and of course, got a busy signal. He then went through the automated system on my work phone and got someone with the same initials as myself and wanted her to put the call through to me. I told him that I had talked to the Local Office and they did not know who he was and there customer numbers nor loan numbers did not match his. He then got really rude with me, asked me "do you think this is a game" and again, threatened that the City Office had called him twice, wanting to know if he was going to file papers to have me picked up. He reminded me how embarrassing this would be for me in front of my co-workers. That prompted me to talk to my supervisors and they gave me this information to look up online, specifically the FDCPA, so that I would know my rights. I actually called the PD to find out if they had a warrant for me because he was insistent that I would be arrested and that my VDL had been suspended just all kinds of threats. There has got to be a law against this kind of mess. I almost left work to go and deal with this, but I didn't, after talking to someone about it. I felt I could deal with this at home.

I was contact about a past due bill by HPC at my work (which I have asked them not to contact me there). The man said that if I didn't pay them with a credit card within 30 minutes that a sheriff would be at my work to arrest me. And if I wanted to avoid the humiliation of this, then I must have this paid in full in 30 minutes. When I did get this debt taken care of, they were supposed to send me verification that it was closed. It has been approximately 45 days and I have not received anything and have requested them to send it several times!

So and so leaves a harassing message on my mother’s phone, telling me several of his agents has been trying to contact me. Now the company is filing paperwork without my knowledge against me in Maricopa County and he said to call him back as soon as I can or he cannot help me. Never heard of this place. I know for a fact no one has tried to find me because I am easy enough to find.

I used to do debt collection, so I know all the laws he broke with one message. I sure hope he can afford an attorney. I know I can. He was harassing my mother with that message, sending her into a panic. She has a heart condition and that message—I guess people forget you can save messages on voicemail and Attorney Generals love a good burden of proof (I put my ex-wife through law school). If an attorney wants to contact, me leave a not here. I will find you. Not giving my info to spammers and bots.

He called my sister-in-law telling her that I gave them her phone number as my home phone. He said that I told them I lived with her and I know you, know how to get a hold of him. My sister-in-law said he talked down to her and bullying her. He also said that I was in bad trouble. My sister-in-law called me crying and very upset with him talking down to her. What an ***.

I had taken out an online payday loan with Payday Services of Las Vegas, NV.. I defaulted on the loan. They emailed me to say that my debt was being sold to a third party collections as of Sept. 18, 2009. On Sept. 22, 2009 I received a call from HPC saying I had til 8pm to pay 1392.50 (for my defaulted loan with Payday Services) by MoneyGram or Western Union or someone would show up at my work or home and I would have a long night. That I would be facing a class 1 felony. I told them I could pay on Oct. 2 and I was told that was not possible because they had been instructed to send a complaint to my county and I would be picked up. I have been sick ever since this call. I have contacted the States Attorney in my county and was advised this would be a civil matter not criminal but this debt collector was in violation of the Fair Debt Collection laws.

They contacted me (for the first time) at my place of employment at 11:45 a.m. on 7/23/09, telling me that I had 2 complaints against me for bounced checks to 2 different payday loan companies. They told me the names, which were unfamiliar to me and stated that I had until 3:00 p.m. on 7/23/09 (same day) to pay $395 for one and $370 for the other. Otherwise, they would forward the I-12 forms to my local county (Bexar County) and they would come to my place of employment or residence to take care of it. They wouldn't even stop trying to scare me long enough to ask for proof since I am unfamiliar with the company names they were spitting out at me. Ms. ** called again at 3:20 asking me why she hadn't heard back from me and stated that they would be forwarding the forms (again, I-12 forms) to Bexar County. "Good luck to you, Mrs. **," was her last statement to me before hanging up on me.

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