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GCFS bought a Wells Fargo debt that my ex-husband defaulted on. I believe that my ex forged my name on the credit card application to make it a joint account about 22 years ago. I never had the cards in my possession, never bought anything with them, never got a statement and never paid the bill for 20 years. We were separated in 1994 and divorced in 2005. My ex made minimum payments on time for 20 years (so paid WF 4 times over with 20% + annual interest rates) but then defaulted in 2011. I explained over and over that it was not my debt and asked them to produce the original credit card application with my signature, which they told me they could not do.

To save my good credit I tried to negotiate the debt down for 6 months to no avail; I was told they wouldn't negotiate because I had good credit until the default. Then the debt was sold to GCFS; same process, multiple phone calls, no response to my claims that it's not my debt and then no response to my attempts to negotiate it down. Finally they attempted to serve me with a lawsuit. The server came to my home. I didn't know he was a server; he was dressed like a UPS delivery guy and claimed to have a package for my ex-husband; I told him there was no such person there. Over the years I've taken dozens of phone calls and received letters from all sorts of companies, plus the IRS, looking to collect on various of his debts.

Then GCFS attempted to serve documents on a home I own that my daughter and a roommate lived in, an hour and a half away from my home. The roommate answered the door and refused documents telling the server I don't live there. A few days later the server tried again and my daughter answered and told them the same thing, also not accepting the documents. Several weeks later my daughter found the envelope of documents on the doorstep. I filed a response (general denial) with the court but it was rejected due to being past the 30 day deadline. I then hired an attorney to represent me.

In the meantime GCFS filed a lien against my home... got a default judgment because I responded late. My attorney attempted to have the judgment overturned due to me never having been served the documents in time. GCFS had an affidavit from the server listing my ex-husband's name as the person he tried to serve. Despite that GCFS stated in court documents that they tried to serve me and I evaded service. Then we had affidavits from both my daughter and the roommate stating that they both told the server I didn't live there and refused the documents. GCFS outright lied in their court document claiming to have delivered the documents to the roommate. When the case went before a judge the judge decided to believe GCFS's lies versus the affidavits of me, my daughter, and the roommate, and let the judgment and the lien against my home stand.

GCFS are crooks... willing to lie in court and forge documents claiming to have served me when they never did. Furthermore I told them dozens of times that it was not my debt and that Wells had never been able to produce the original credit card application. They also told my attorney that they had also been trying to serve my ex-husband, but that he had successfully evaded them so they decided to drop him from the case. Crooks, perjurers, liars. This whole process has damaged my credit to the tune of numerous credit denials and thousands in additional interest charges. If I'd been close to bankruptcy they probably would have negotiated. Because I had perfect credit other than this, plus own two homes, they wouldn't budge at all. The lien still stands.

I was illegally served (never received it). And one day received summary judgement in mail. A couple weeks later a lien was in court and on my house. I too would like to join a class action suit. These people have no integrity and are committing fraud with these illegal processes. The amount has doubled as they keep adding fees and interest every year. A $1,000 credit card debt is now close to $4,500. Lien. It is outrageous that these criminals hide behind and twist the laws to extort money from Americans. The rich get richer by taking advantage of average Americans who don't have knowledge of the law and can't afford an attorney. I would love to join a class action suit to sue these parasites.

I recently received a copy of a Writ of Execution from this agency with a judgment date form 2008 and a listing and address of which I have not lived for several years. This judgment was obtained illegally and so was the writ. I was living in another state when the judgment was filed which means they fraudulently claimed to have served me. I could not have been served at this address and "You have to be served in person and a Process Server has to Swear Under oath that he/or she served you." This of course was impossible in my case and I can prove where I lived at the time of this original judgment and at the time the writ was ordered.

This agency has violated The Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act of California. I have filed a formal complaint with Kamala Harris' office, Attorney General of California, Consumer Affairs and The Better Business Bureau. I am currently consulting with an attorney in hopes of getting a class action lawsuit against this corrupt agency. I implore everyone and anyone whom has crossed paths with this agency to do the same. You can also file Bankruptcy as a last resort to avoid their illegal actions against you. Call attorney and sue this agency. They must be put out of business. Do not be afraid, the law is on your side when it comes to harassment by these crooked and corrupt collection agencies. File your complaint today!!!

I received a summons and complaint from this Collection Agency. First of all, people need to know about this collection agency and how they make money over consumers. They make lots of money over debts that they buy from original creditors or other debt agencies. The way their system works is that when your debt gets close to the Statute of limitations, they somehow file a complaint or sue you in court with small filing fees they pay. Then when you receive the complaint or summons, you have 30 days to answer back to the court, BUT most people do not answer and that's how consumers get their wages or properties garnished by this GCFC!

Things you must know if you get sued by this GCFC or any other 3rd party collection agencies: 1) They have no right to sue you! 2) You have no relationship with this agencies or you made no contract with them over a debt you caused! 3) Do not let them garnish your wages! All you have to do is, to answer, and file the complaints, summons etc,.. Defend yourself under GENERAL DENIAL, which falls under number of evidence that these collection agencies don't have against you! So now you know now how they make money, they make money (lots of money) over consumers who ignore the summons and complaints. Those who knows their rights, they answer and file the summons and complaints, and the judge dismisses the case.

I received a writ of execution from my bank stating there is a judgement against from GCFS. I'm pretty sure this is from Cashcall. This judgement says I owe over $6000. When I was working they garnished my paycheck every week. I should not owe this much. Note they take money out of my bank every so often. They took nearly $400 that was supposed to be used for my husband's car payment. I don't know how to get that money back. My husband is about to lose his car if we don't make the payment. We only have one car right now since my car broke down a few months ago. In which, we got rid of it because it cost more to fix than what it was worth. I think this company is ridiculous!

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GCFS obtained a judgement against me in 2006. At that time, I had been in credit counseling and thought my bills were all paid. When I received this paperwork from the court, I was appalled. GCFS had gotten twice the amount of what I owed. Since that time, they have tried to devastate me with garnishments and levies. I have many times tried to settle. They are rude and refuse to work with me. I have many hospital bills. I would only be able to pay small amounts monthly. At an interest of 10 percent annually, it would be impossible to pay. They have assured me they will never let this go.

I was sued by GCFS for a debt owed to Cash Call in 2005. They bought the debt and are suing me for twice the amount owed. They spitefully have my wages garnished by a writ repeatedly and even though I have completed paying them, they start over again. This has caused undue hardship for me and my family and something needs to be done. This has to stop.

I tried calling and reasoning with Greg and he tells me "Oh, we're getting our money,” and does not want to make a reasonable deal. This has happened repeatedly after I tried to set up a reasonable payment plan. However, I was treated very rudely. Again, this has caused an extreme hardship because the deductions are approximately $580 per check. Please help me.

I had asked GCFS to send me a billing statement for each month so I can see if the money I send is being used properly. I have the right to see where my money is going, you know? Greg from the customer service is rude and unfriendly. I have been paying this for about year and a half and I do not know where the money is going. I need a statement every month so I can track it.

I was sued by GCFS for a debt owed to Direct Merchants Bank. I called them first and it escalated to a lawsuit after I tried repeatedly to set up a reasonable payment plan. However, I was treated very rudely by Greg **. I tried to get accurate records of debt in court, but the judge ruled in their favor and I now owe 3x the original amount. This has caused an extreme hardship, because initially the deductions were approximately 200 per check.

I was served with a civil lawsuit while living in Los Angeles by GCFS. I do not dispute the suit but after I movde to WA state, GCFS continued to serve actions against me at an address in Burbank that I never lived at. As a result, they took all of the money I had in my checking accounts that I opened in WA. GCFS is not even licensed to operate in WA so they use less than legal methods to "prove" they served me in CA.

This is my parents’ debt. The collectors withdrew about $9,000 out of my parents’ business account - because they had never received payment from my father (my father had accidentally sent it to Fresno's Small Claims court rather than to GCFS). I called Ben **, enraged because of what his company had done, but I guess he had the legal right to do so.

There was still a remaining balance of $800 that ** was supposed to collect when there was money in the account again. He never withdrew it because the last phone call I had with him, I called him an **. That enraged him enough to harass me and my family. GCFS will not provide me with an accounting statement with details of the incurred interest, money paid and owed. GCFS also have wrong information on their accounting records because their timeline contractions my parents’ own bank statements timeline. Whether or not that is evidence tailored accounting that has been made to be favorable in their party is questionable.

I want to pay the remainder of this debt and never have to deal with ** again. **' intentional action that he was going to withdraw the moneys owed and send a letter of satisfaction but arbitrarily failed to do is a clear indication of the unethical, unprofessional business practice. **’ tactic was to misinform and mislead me by failing to contact me about the new course of action he decided to take. As a result, he purposely forced upon us with an outstanding balance and allowed interest to incur. The first time ** withdrew money was in late August / early September. Now, in December the amount is now $1,428.97.

** has violated the FDCPA by his actions and it needs to be recognized and addressed.

I owed Direct Merchant Bank 5,341 dollars, and debt collector Greater Financial Services made me pay 11,942.64, claiming that i have to pay court payment and interest of 5,741.48 dollars for 3 years of interest. Please let me know what I need to do. I have read the rules that debt collectors are not supposed to raise interest on my debts.

I could have use those money to repair my broken bathroom.

I recieved a letter stating that Bright Now Dental sent an account to collections without ever notifying me with a bill or any amount owed and never provided me with the type of services that were provided. I attempted to contact them and left messages but no one ever returned any phone calls.

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