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This company uses "robo calling" and has been calling daily for months, asking for someone who does not live here (former owner deceased for about 10 years). They ask if this is (person's name). If option for "no" is selected, then it gives options to have the person call back or they will wait while you get the person to the phone. There is no option to say she does not live at this residence, nor is there an option to speak with someone.

Fed up, I lied by pressing the option that I was the person requested (I should not need to lie to stop their harassment or to find out who they are). The result of using the option that I was this person put me in a phone cue that took me to a message that said that the party calling was "Virtuoso Source Group" and that they were closed and to leave a message (this was Saturday morning). I don't exactly recall what I did, but I pushed some buttons and got someone who was very rude and hung up when I asked what the company was and why they were calling.

Using caller ID, I called back, and a woman named Wendy answered. She asked if I was the person. I said no, and I asked why she was calling. She became belligerent. I finally told her that the person did not live here, and she said she would remove our number. I then got on the internet and searched for their phone number which is how I got the real name of the company. There are countless complaints about this company online. I was shocked to find that they are actually BBB members with an A+ rating. I totally respect BBB and urged them to investigate this company's practices to maintain BBB's own credibility.

In summary, my complaint, besides their belligerent rudeness, is that they provide no way to easily give them information about the party they are calling, which I would have to provide. Thank you!

This company is reporting on my credit report. I called them to see why since I had paid them many years before when they threatened a lawsuit. I was told they could not find me in their records. They told me to call Sprint, they also could not find me in their records. They cannot tell me how to get my name off their credit reporting, and will not send me anything stating I do not owe them, because they again have no record of me.

esta compania me aplico a mi reporte de credito una cuenta que no pertenece ellos alegan que las cuentas despues de 9 meses las sacan del sistema y no me pueden otorgar una carta para eliminarla de mi reporte de credito.

An electronic debit was withdrawn from my account without my knowledge illegally.

I had an account with Alltel last summer in 2009 which I closed. I owed the disconnection fee of $200.00. Verizon Wireless took over Alltel; then I received a letter from this company saying I owe Verizon Wireless $614.83. They called my home and I requested a statement from my Alltel account which they could not provide. I then told them I would not pay this bill because that was not the balance I owed. Mark tried to argue with me but I hung up my phone. They send collection notices demanding payment. I refuse to give them a dime. I disputed the validity of this account within the 30 days they had given me. I think this is a scam.

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I am a single mother living with my parents. These people call saying, "Please call us back at this number," but they never say who they are calling for! So finally, I called them and asked what they needed. It turned out that they were calling regarding my Verizon bill. So the guy, Mr. **, said, "This is an attempt to collect debt," blah, blah. I told him that I could only do $20 out of my paycheck and I had other priorities to take care of (my son!). He called me a ** liar and hung up on me!

I received a call on my business line from someone on 12/08/2009, who asked for my fiancee. I let the person know she was not available and if I could take a number. She gave that to me and then asked her extension, which she provided. I then asked what name I could put next to her information. She gave me her name, Jackie **. I told her I would relay the message. She thanked me and we both hung up. Well what I didn't mention is that my fiancee is undergoing surgery. To be polite and let her know it might take a few days, I called the 877-407-4764 she gave me and a person answered saying "First Revenue Assurance." Being my business line, I was upset it was what seemed to be a collection agency calling regarding what now seemed to be a personal matter. So I lied and told the person I dialed the wrong number.

I googled in my search bar First Revenue Assurance. The first several, not just one, lines that popped had the word scam after their company's name. This of course throws up a red flag as I was a victim of identity theft several years ago. I read a little of the reports I saw and decided to confront Ms./Mrs. ** at the 877-407-4764 extension **. When I got a hold of Jackie, I told her what my original intention was - to let her know it might be a couple of days for recovery before she receives a call. She then interrupted me during my speech, which is rude seeing as I do not have ties to this company, and asked when her surgery will be over. Now is this person so uneducated that they don't know patient rights and laws? My answer would be yes or there is felony fraud being committed.

I informed her that there is doctor-patient confidentiality and I am not at liberty to discuss medical conditions with her about another person. I told her she would have to ask my fiancee, which again is not available. Ms./Mrs. ** then asked me my name. I told her, "My name is not relevant and now why would I give my information to a company I don't know nor do I have business with just as if I asked information on what the nature of the call was you would tell me that it was a private matter?" I told Jackie she is to no longer contact my business line and take the number out of her files. If she had personal business with my fiancee, to mail any further correspondence; in which she refused to do so, all the while becoming irate. I then told her I found information online about the scam/fraud complaints I came across and that this company may not call me again.

Jackie continued to argue with me, saying that she does not need to listen to me and hang up my phone. Jackie, you called me. This is my phone, not yours. She then transferred me to a Ms./Mrs. **, I believe, a supposed supervisor; which at first denied knowing what the transfer was about. Typical scam lies. I repeated the above events, in which case ** started the same behavior as the previous scum Jackie ** and she refused to want to abide by the consumer debt laws about harassing the actual consumer, or in this case, the non-consumer party. She then started mocking me - acted like the kindergartners I used to teach, put on a fake laugh to continue mocking and hung up.

This is how professionals act? Well I continued to call Jackie **. She would answer stating the company name, her name and ended saying, "We do not speak to third parties." Real professionals that do business, even if they know it's the person that just got off the phone with, maintain professionalism while answering calls. To assume again is a sign of uneducated scam artists. After being mocked by both parties, I decided to call the number again. This time, not dial the ** extension and let one of the telemarketers to answer. I asked for the contact information to the company's legal department to this young man. He replied that there is no contact information to the legal department and that there was not a legal department. In shock, I asked how can a company not have a legal department or HR. He said because they don't. Again another sign of unintelligent people.

He asked what my name was and if I have an account. I told him that it's none of his concern and I needed some type of contact information. Of course he still refused. I asked him what his name was and he stated Brent. I asked for an ID, badge or operator number in which he said he had none. I have never had a real telemarketer not have an ID, badge or operator number. I then asked for his last name, in which he answered "I don't have one." What!? Here is yet another red flag! I asked Brent to take the number off the list, that the person they are asking for is not the owner of the line. He asked for my name, which I told him like I told the other two ladies, no. He asked what was the number the company called on. I started telling him the number and he started laughing. I asked him, "What was funny? Is this a joke to you? Are you or your company in any way professional?" I continued and told him the area code and was in mid-prefix (first 3 numbers) when Brent magically finished the number and said he had already had the info up.

In awe of Brent's greatness (I'm being sarcastic Brent), I asked now why would he know that. He stated caller ID. Now if he had caller ID, why would he ask me? Again, signs of an uneducated person. Brent saw the notes in the computer and transferred me to Ms./Mrs. **, who again started acting like an infant. Now Ms./Mrs. **'s voice sounded like she has some years on her, but she is getting the immaturity down to a T! She again hung up after the most put on laughing. By the way, the academy would not be impressed. I called the 877 number once again to attempt to get a contact for the legal department to no avail, as I got yet another dullard.

These people are fraudulent scam artist company ran by immature, uneducated and low-life scumbags. May God have mercy on their souls and not let people get, who don't know the signs of scam artists, taken from these or any other like them. There are laws against harassment by phone. There are agencies that help us report these people. When I mentioned this to every single transient in that call center, they replied, "What agencies can you report us to?" Well **, **, Brent and others - there is the attorney general, consumer affairs, Better Business Bureau and of course, websites like this. So people at First Revenue Assurance, this is one person that's not a dummy like you wished. If you continue to harass me or my fiancee, I will never stop making sure you go down hard!

Also this company has a PO Box 5818 Denver CO 80217. Melanie called me at my WORK on 10/15/08 to collect a bill asking for my husband. I stated I was his wife that he was at work and that she was calling me at my work and asked for her phone number to have him call her on his lunch break tomorrow because he was at work. She immediately told me that "she didn't have time for that and was going to report to all the credit reporting agencies." I said to her, you mean to tell me that I cannot have your phone number to have my husband call her back? (who handles our accounting).

She then started arguing with me and demanding that I pay TODAY! Again I tried to get her phone number to call her back. She would not answer my question. I asked for a supervisor and asked if our call was being recorded. She ignored my request and question and then told me I was "STUPID" and refused to refer me to a supervisor. I asked over 10 times for a supervisor while she was yelling at me on the phone. I hung up and she called me back 4 TIMES. This is all going on while I am at work.

So I then called the number on my caller ID and asked for a supervisor and spoke to Miss ** and explained what had happened and she said she was going to look up my account information. I was then left on hold for over 4 minutes. She then returned and I asked her for some company information such as their name, address and account number because I was contacting consumer affairs regarding this treatment. She then changed her attitude and was very rude and obnoxious and said that she now couldn't find my information and she would just wait for my complaint to go through consumer affairs and couldn't help me. So as it stands right now, I have no idea who these people are or what they are collecting for. I filed bankruptcy July 2008 and was discharged, so it could be a vendor named in my bankruptcy but I will never know. Please help stop abusive collectors. I use to be a bill collector and never treated anyone in this manner. Thank you.

First Revenue Assurance was collecting a debt that I owe to Sprint. They sent me two notices in the amount of $112.37. I made two payments of $56.36 to pay the bill in full. I kept recieving calls. I contacted them and their representative told me that I owe more money. I believe he said I owe $169.00 more. I told the representative that I paid the bill in full and that I was not going to pay any more money.

The representative told me that they were going to take further action to collect this money. Can they do this? Is the legal? I have not received a letter as of today's date explaining this money. What can I do about this. I am very upset.

This company called me about a bill with Verizon without me getting anything in writing - I had moved a long tim ago. I told them I had disputed with Verizon and needed to talk with them or have them call Verizon. they refused and instead said what they would do, including verify my employment as check into my assets and my wife's assets and my wife is not on the account. that is the unlawful part and the rest is just poor collection servicing. I collected for more than one company and I found these calls outlandish.

This person calls daily my home asking for my ex boyfriend. i didn't feel I needed to tell her he does not live here anymore,until her calls everyday was upsetting me. On her last call on 10-30-03,she called my home,got rude with my daughter, i asked her to stop calling my ex because he does not live here or that I was going to report her to consumers affairs,and, her respond was "am I suppose to be scare?.I want her to stop calling but she doesn't.If it's not her,it's always someone else from this company.I spoke to a Mr. Murray who claims to be the supervisor and he was just as rude as her.

For a bill that was dimissed by Verizon Wireless, Verizon contacted this company and I have notified this company that this bill for $529.37 was considered paid in full. This company continues to threaten me, harrass me, demand payment although they have been notified that this bill no longer exists.

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