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I called and talked to Norm, he was rude. He always hangs up on me and calls me, stupid. They towed a vehicle that was not even in my name, they admitted someone else was driving it. It didn't even belong to me, I keep disputing it and they won't take it off. I even sent them proof it was not mine. I am surprised they are still in business.

Called Data Line to hopefully resolve issue on my credit report and Norm ** if that's even his real name was immediately rude and he called me stupid several times and told me I didn't speak English! I said I would like to speak with a manager and Norm told me...."you can like all you want but you're not gonna get!" Worst customer service I've ever experienced with anybody and totally and completely rude and unprofessional!!!

We are applying for a refinance on our home. Our credit report came back and showed a collection from Data Line, dated back 6/2010. That year when we had a business, one of our trucks broke down and was left on street. It was towed to Santa Ana towing co. When we were notified, we told them that the truck was not worth the amount that was due, $240, so we relinquished all rights and told them they could do what they wanted with it. We never heard back and then we see that this Data Line bought acct from towing co. I called the towing company and they said they had no record, but accounts only went back to 2011. I told them that Data Line informed us that truck was sold for $400 and it was deducted from bill which was around $1600!!! They said they were sorry but they DO NOT do business with Data Line anymore because of their bad reputation and complaints from other customers.

I proceeded to call this "Norm" guy (if that's his real name), and asked him what all the charges were for. From the moment he opened his mouth, coughing and yelling, he was so rude to me and told me to shut up and listen to him. I explained the situation and said we haven’t received a bill since 2010 and assumed that it was taken care of because of the sale of the truck. Told him about credit report and he said he could care less! I asked if in good faith, if we gave him $400 just so we could clear our credit. He laughed and coughed and said something to the effect that "Oh sure and do you want me to come to your house and clean your toilets and garage for free!” He said "payment in full or you can just keep your bad credit!" The next day he sent a generic bill saying that if we didn't pay full amount, it would go to collection. I can’t believe this guy is still in business, the way he treats people!!!

I called to ask if I could pay the original amount of the debt and "Norm" was very rude and disrespectful from the beginning even as I kept my composure and I spoke calmly to him. He offended me and was extremely rude. Mr. ** if that is his real name ---- provides the worse customer service that I have ever experienced. Unbelievable. I'm surprised he's in business.

I sold my vehicle and submitted my copy of the release of liability to the DMV. Then a couple of months later, the kid that purchased my vehicle apparently crashed into a curb leaving the rear axle bent. After the vehicle received a couple of parking tickets, it was towed by Data Line. After receiving the notice in the mail about the tow, I contacted the father of the individual whom I sold the vehicle to and he reluctantly admitted that his son had crashed the vehicle and had failed to submit his ownership paperwork to the DMV and properly re-register the vehicle in his name. So, I requested that debt be paid to Data Line for the incurred charges. It was and, might I say, when "Norm" requested that the amount be paid in full with a cashier's check, something didn't sit well with me. However, it was paid and I thought nothing of it.

Then when I went to check my credit, the claim was on my report. I again contacted the father of the individual whom I sold the vehicle to and he provided me with a copy of the cashier's check and a bank statement showing that there was no return of the funds to his account. I sent it via mail and have since then lost contact with the other party. I recommend that everyone send their correspondence via certified mail to this agency and that there be a full investigation of their fraudulent reporting. They should be charged with extortion and blackmail and should not be allowed to continue running their "business" - if that's what you want to call it.

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My car was towed in front of my house for no reason. Since I had a suspended driver's license, they said the impound was for 30 days before I could get my car out. I took the release of liability to the DMV 15 days later. Then, I received a parking ticket in the mail dated 7 days before I took in the release. So, while the car was supposed to impounded, someone was driving it and actually got a parking ticket. Not only that but then they put that I owed them $1750 and they put that on my credit report for 7 years even though I didn't own the car. This guy is a complete jackass. He likes to ruin people's credit trying to get money. They should really investigate this guy, because he either sold that car or let someone drive it when it was supposed to be impounded which is against the law anyway. Here's their address. Data Line Credit Corp (714) 841-5151 18652 Florida St Ste 105, Huntington Beach, CA.

Data Line Credit Corp is a shady organization. If they are sending you a bill, they might be trying to trick you into paying for a debt that is not legally yours to pay. Don’t fall for it!

I sold my car, but the next owner never registered it, and many months later, the car was towed and impounded. Data Line Credit Corporation looked me up as the last registered owner and tried to put me on the hook for the huge towing and storage fee the car had accrued, even though I had released my liability for the car the year before. If they’re pulling a similar trick on you, here’s what you can do about it. It requires a few trips to the post office and about $30 in miscellaneous fees to various governmental agencies, but it should work: Step (1) Send Data Line a letter via certified mail stating that you are disputing the debt and will be sending them a copy of your release of liability paperwork from the DMV in a few weeks.

Step (2) Keep any receipts and confirmations you get from the certified mail delivery and save it in a file somewhere safe. Also, keep a copy of the letter you sent to Data Line just in case. Step (3) Go to the DMV and ask for an official copy of your release of liability paperwork for your old car. You can also request this with an INF 70 form, which you can get from the DMV website. The official copy costs $20, and you may have to mail in the order to the DMV headquarters, which will take several weeks to deliver.

Step (4) When you receive the release of liability paperwork from the DMV, send a copy of it to Data Line via certified mail and keep the original for yourself. Add the original release of liability to your file with the certified mail receipts. From here, you’re pretty much out of the woods and you should be receiving a letter back from Data Line saying the file is closed, but still, I would suggest holding on to all your files anyway just in case.

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind as well: I do not recommend calling Data Line. The guy on my case Norm ** was extremely combative and belligerent on the phone. I suggest you communicate with them entirely via certified mail instead. Don’t forget to document everything you do with these guys (see the steps above) and save it all in a file somewhere safe. Anyway, if you’re reading this, then I’m sorry these jerks are coming after your money. But I hope the advice was helpful. Good luck!

I received a letter on 7/29/10 in regards to a vehicle I sold on 4/25/2006. I have all the release forms from DVM & my local AAA office with their stamps to prove it. I tried to explain to this Norm **, whom I found very incompetent, what happened. He didn't want to hear it, all he said was, "how are you going to pay for this?". After I told him it was not my car and I was not going to pay for his bill, he stated, "well how is your credit & since your last name is S, you should go lay down on S. Blvd". I have tried 9 more times to speak to this poor excuse of a person and he refuses to speak to me!

I purchased a 1986 Ford P/U in November 2004. In July 2005, I released liability on the vehicle with DMV, as I no longer had an interest in the vehicle. In December 2008, I received a notice on the vehicle for towing and storage. Apparently, the vehicle had been abandoned. I knew I had released liability , so I did not think too much of it.

On 3/5/09, I sent a certified letter stating Ino longer owned the vehicle. Norm Rogers signed for the letter on 3/10/09. I sent a 2nd certified letter on 3/26/09 with the DMV Release of Liability attached. Norm Rogers signed for the letter on 3/30/09. On 4/23/09, I personally called and spoke with Norm Rogers to no avail.

July 2009, I sent another letter outlining all correspondence and attached all letters I had previously sent. Norm Rogers signed for this letter on 7/17/09. I received another copy of the policy report and the towing bill postmarked 7/17/09. On August 31,2009 I received another collection notice for payment of $900.79. On 9/22/09 I found out that Data Line Credit Corp has turned this in to Experian as a collection account.

We sold a car and the new owner got multiple parking tickets with the auto eventually being towed and impounded. Upon notification of the impound, the owner was informed and said he would take care of it. After billings from Data Line Credit corp that were turned over to the new owner, the billings stopped. We believed the matter was closed until we attempted to make a major purchase and the amount of $1212.92 was placed on our TRW. We filed small claims action in September and went to court.

The matter was continued until October 29. Before going to court we requested an updated billing to present to the defendent. The defendent agreed to pay the amount in full. We contacted Data Line to advise the bill was going to be paid in full and to request that the TRW credit report be cleared. We were told that there was additional $200 in charges and that it was a result of our "attitude." Every effort was made to clear this matter in a polite, professional matter. Norm was always rude and uncooperative, claimed that "Your husband called to make payment arrangements and nothing was done."

We believe it was the other party who contacted Norm and developed a bad relationship with regard to this matter. We are faxing the bills we still have as the ones few and far between were given to the other party. This matter originated in 1999 and the car was sold, not stored by the towing company. We feel this matter should have been resolved with the $1438 payment.

I called this collection agengy to inform them that the address they had for the collection was wrong because it was addressed to my ex-husband. When I spoke with the man on the phone he said that was the most current address he had and I was responsible for this collection. I told him that I didn't understand what it was for and he said that he couldn't believe one could be so stupid not to understand. He kept calling me by my former married name and I asked him not to and gave him my current name. He said he didn't care about my personal life and did want to hear my song and dance. I told him that I thought he was rude and he felt that I was the one being rude by shirking my responsibilities. I told him that I wouldn't have called if I was irresponsible.

I tried to explain to him we had been divorced for 5 yrs and had never been contacted before about this. I didn't understand why there was a collection when the vehicle was repossessed. He said that I should know why but explained that the vehicle sold for less than owed. I understood this and asked what could be done to remedy this. He told me to send him a check for $4000. I told him I couldn't and that I didn't feel that I was responsible for this. I asked if he could tell me how to get in touch with my ex-husband to find out how we were going to deal with this and he said he had no idea where he was. When I questioned him about other things he kept referring to things that my ex-husband told him. He said that I could either pay it let go on my report. He said I either pay the whole amount or I should start talking about how I was going to make arrangements. I was so upset by his rudeness and his rude remarks about my personal life that I just hung up on him. He made comments like he didn't care about what my ex-husband did or if I wasn't sleeping with him anymore. He said I needed to leave my personal life out of this and just pay him the money.

I have never dealt with anyone so rude before. I have been trying to clean up my credit report because my ex-husband appears to be using my ssn and have dealt with many companies. No one has ever been as rude to me as this person. I do not feel that anyone should be subjected to this sort of treatment. I called to ask a simple question and get information about this and he humiliated me. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he sid that he was it. He told me that I should just get a lawyer if I didn't like what he was suggesting.

I wass billed in 1994 for a paramedics bill $466. This is what is currently on my credit report and what always has been. I'm being billed for $733. I, my husband, and our real estate broker have tried to contact Norm Rodgers and pay the debt full or not. He won't take payments, prove I the bill is mine, and hangs up on us. Today I called again, and Norm said I had an additional $600 I owed him for a towing and impound charge for my car (that was in the accident). This I was NEVER billed for in 1994 and never again since then, nor has it EVER been on my credit report. My car insurance paid the damaged car off at the time and that was it. Now Norm is saying unless I pay a total of $1300 in full (no payments,etc) he won't deal with me.

He even call the resource I received my legal advice from (Nolo) gutter and my loan broker a "dirt bag." He referred to my relations with my family as "bad," and simply would not settle the bill with me even the inflated bill $733. He knows we are trying to buy a house and is most disagreeable and highly abusive. What recourse do I have because I really don't have much money and am expecting my first born? Please HELP.

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