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This company proceeds to call and leave recorded messages on my voice mail at my place of employment. They have my home number, my cell number, and have called those numbers as well, but ironically, choose not to leave these recordings on my personal lines.


Dave from Creditors Interchange called and asked to speak to Tim. I said, "Tim is not here." He said, "Are you his wife?" I said yes. He said his name and that we owe $15,000 and that his client was not going to accept our monthly payments any longer. I said, "You have been taking out $50 a month for my bills and $50 a month on my husband's bills for a long time." He said, " I have had your file in my office for two years and yes, we have received your payments but our client is going to pull this account. They will no longer accept these payments. He said you must pay at least 289 a month." I said, "I can not afford that." He said, "Your husband is working and we will garnish his wages." Then he said, " I have your credit report right here and you seem to pay your mortgage and your car on time but you just don't give a ** about your credit card bills."

I said, 'Excuse me, we have an agreement and you have been getting your payment." He said, "We have no agreement; we are a collection agency and you are in collections. We will garnish your husband's wages if you do not settle this today. Our customer is willing to settle for 33cents on a dollar. $3500, you need to get your check book out." I said, "I do not have that kind of money." He said, "borrow it from family." I said, "I can't borrow any money." He said, "What do you do with your money then?" He called me a ** and said, "Look get your check book and we will date a check for Friday in the amount of $2500". I again told him I could not do that. I said, "You don't know anything about our financial position."

I started to say more and he said, "You're right, I don't and I don't care." He said, "This conversation is being recorded and you will settle this right now." I said, "Since this conversation is being recorded make sure you get this, you are no longer authorized to take anymore payments from my bank account." He yelled at me to just get my checkbook. I told him I cannot do that because I don't have that kind of money. He told me I should down size my home then. Then he said, "This is an attempt to collect a debit and any information obtained..." I hung up on him at that point.


They called and said my account would go to an attorney if I don't send $96.00. I told them not to take the money out until Friday because my check would be deposited on Thursday night. They went and took the money out on Thursday morning after they promised and then, they took out another $25.00 for the account overdraw. When I called back 12 times, with 6 different phone numbers, not one of them worked and that person did not exists. Who are they trying to scam? Those people should be very ashamed of themselves and all the times I called and tried to talk with them, they would not do one thing.

I am now forwarding this information on to the Better Business Bureau. I am now also writing Fifth Third Bank to make sure they know what they are trying to do. I had to pay extra money and now, I barely have money to live on and it messed up my account. There are all kinds of blogs out there about this company. I wish I would have read them way ahead of time before I got scammed too. I am now telling my attorney what they did.


We received the second call within a week about a $6,000 Visa card debt from Bank of America owed by Christina **. The first time, I told the individual I do not have a Visa card. He gave me an address that is not my address. The second call, I reiterated that I do not have a Visa card. Mark or Marcus kept repeating, "Are you going to pay the bill?” I said I don't have a Visa card. He repeated "Are you going to pay the bill?!” Our second conversation was on 6/22/10 at 1:00pm.


I believe that Creditors Interchange is violating privacy laws. Three representatives have been telephoning my parents and telling them that they have paperwork on their desk to sue me and take legal action if I don't pay by the end of the month. They also have been asking my parents about my income, work status, and contact info.

Is this a violation of my privacy for creditors interchange to call my parents and telling them that I face a lawsuit and will be sued if I don't make a payment by the end of the month. They also told them how far in debt my Bank of America account is along with their threats against me and that they have a legal case number which happens to be the same number as their way to pull up my debt account through their agency

Please help me... I feel that they crossed the line by giving my personal information about my debt owed to Creditors Interchange to someone else other than myself. I never agreed to allow anyone or business discuss my debt and financial problems to a 3rd party. This scared my parents and they believed that I was being sued for something major (other than a small balance of debt $850.00). My parents called me and grilled me on what this whole thing is about which really embarrassed me and at the time I didn't know who could be suing me.

At the time I didn't know this was Creditors Interchange until I called them and found out. I worked out that I would be able to starting paying after I begin work on September 15th and start receiving pay. The lady I spoke with said that would be fine. After that I thought the phone calls to my parents was over but they still keep calling them that if I don't pay by the end of august I will be sued and be sent to the courts and gave them my case number.

Bottom line is they still are giving out way to much personal information even after trying to work with them...its got me super stressed out and I now have suffered major embarrassment. The last time I spoke with Creditors Interchange they told me that they have been sending info and trying to call my old roommate's place. I suspect that they are violating my privacy there too and talking to him!

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