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These two companies (Credits Diagnosis and PM Identity) must be in cahoots with each other. Our elderly parents who are both not capable of even asking, knowing or caring about the services these companies have been scamming them on their credit card for who knows how long for $90.90/mo. Father-in-law has been in rehab facility for over 1 yr. and his wife who had a stroke 15 yrs. ago has been paying the bill ea. month until we got hold of the bills and started checking them. The companies at first refused to cancel and would not tell us when this started. The balance on the acct. is over $2000 and they charge nothing else. They are both on Medicaid with no money in the bank and would have no reason to okay these scam artists. What recourse do we have? Please get these people out of business. Thank you.

Credit Diagnosis is a total scam: This company was to provide a free credit report and claims it was a seven-day free trial and that after seven days, you had to call in to cancel the membership. They have been charging my credit card for 12 months. I was unaware of this information, as they bury it in the fine print. They totally refused to refund the money, even though I have never used their service. It is a total scam. They know one reads the fine print about the cancellation, and they count on you not knowing about the cancellation period and that you will not call in. What a great way of stealing money. I wonder how many other people they have robbed.

I am a civil litigator who has also been ripped off by this company. I spent 3 days totaling 4 hours trying to get this company to refund the false and fraudulent charges made to my credit card totaling $270.00. I am filing a class action lawsuit against them and seeking a restraining order to enjoin these fraudulent business practices. This business is a total scam and premised on defrauding the public and I intend to get them in court. They stated after my constant barrage of phone calls and emails, that they would refund me the 9 charges. I am waiting to see if they actually do.

My elderly dad got scammed by these people too. They've been taking money out of his account for a year and refused to refund anything, despite not receiving anything whatsoever from them for the year. Typically, scammers like this won't even stop pulling money from your account when you request it. I can at least give them that much as they did finally stop taking his money.

I spoke to (2) employees at Credit Diagnosis who could care less on how they deceitfully go about obtaining my personal information. The company has charged my credit card over $500.00, without my authorization, for credit reports I never have gotten or requested! The best they can do is cancel future charges. I want the return of my money. Otherwise, I shall use every legal avenue at my disposal to expose this shady practice being perpetrated on people who are truly in need of credit, not false charges! Make no mistake. Hell hath no fury like an Italian with Jewish lawyer as his wife. So, hear me well. It's better for you to return my money than be tied up in court, exchanging paper with a price attached to each piece of paper. This is not necessary. But this illegal practice must be put on the front pages so others do not get duped by this crooked organization.

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I signed up for credit diagnosis on April 11, 2011, membership # **. I was charged $29.95/month and I never received any alerts from the credit diagnosis. When I was a member of Equifax, I received an email alert whenever my credit score was affected and I paid only $9.95/month.

I was told by the person I spoke to that I had not signed in to use the service. In essence, I paid $150 for the privilege of becoming a member.

I noticed on Dec. 13 a $1 charge on my checking account under Credit Diagnosis. At first, I thought it was something that the bank charged me for running my credit. Three days later, I noticed a charge of $29.98 on my checking account under Credit Diagnosis. I called the number on my statement and an operator answered up. I explained that I have never signed up to their service and that I would like to know how they got my information. The operator insisted that I have signed up to their services and sounded like he/she was reading it right out of a script.

The operator ensured me that my "membership" was now cancelled and even gave me a confirmation number. I was not able to recover my $30 that they charged me for services I never received. I went online to look further into this company and I came across this website with people complaining about the same issues. After realizing that I might get charged again and the fact that my check card information was compromised, I was forced to call my bank and offer another check card. I suggest other victims of this scam do the same and get a new checking/credit card.

I signed up for unemployment in Wisconsin in Oct. Their web site suggested that I check my credit which I knew was unnecessary but did it anyway because it was supposedly free. After getting my membership number from Credit Diagnosis, I got bumped around the web site and never did get a credit report. Thinking I wasn't in the system, yet I thought I'd try at a later date. I was reminded about the $30.00 monthly fee when I got my credit card statement, so I tried the web site again with my ID number and still couldn't get a credit report. All I could get were the sign up screens and I wasn't going to that again.What a scam.

Please beware! I am on limited income and disabled. When online for free credit report, when I had seen fee charges, I clicked on “No, thank you.” Now I have been charged 2 times on my card for $29.95. I was unable to get my medicines this month. It’s a scam. I went to cancel online. It said their system was down. I called and no one answered. Please do not go to their website. It will cost. You can’t cancel and I haven’t got a credit report. I didn’t want to join. They signed me up anyway. Now what? Who do you call? It’s charged on my government debit card, SSI. I’m so upset. I hope I help someone.

I cancelled this and was charged on my credit card for $29.95 twice. I refuse to pay it and am objecting to my credit card company.

Even though there was a link from the official FHA website to this company, I consider it a scam. They offer a "free credit report" but of course, you have to enter your credit card. Then they say at the very tail end of the fine print that you have to cancel within a week or you will be charged $29.95 a month. But when I did cancel a week later, they still charged me. When I phoned to complain, they told me that from Wednesday to Wednesday is 8 days. What happened to the so-called free credit report we are all entitled to? I'm hopping mad.

I cancelled subscription w/in 1 week after I purchased it and now have been billed twice for it. I am being charged for something I do not want. I can not afford.

Received my credit card statement a couple of days ago and to my surprise, I had two (2) charges from this company for $29.95 each. Going to the website for credit diagnosis, I found complaints about this company. Other people have been billed the same way. Also complaints state that they are hard to reach and even if they agree to cancel, these people are having trouble getting their money back. I now owe this company, or whatever it is, a total of $59.90 plus interest as I can't afford to pay that and my other balance. We are 76 yrs. old and have a mentally challenged son living with us. We are on a strict budget. Please help.

I was scammed. I lost my job on Oct. 1, 2009. My account was set up for direct deposit from work. I noticed bank charges for overdraft which amounted to over $300 the end of Oct. Although advertised to charge only $1, they actually debit up to $75 monthly. After my divorce, I checked my credit with them and resolved my ex's problems. I had no idea they charged so much! Please help so others do not fall to their scam. Thank you. I owed the bank an additional $300 to cover their unauthorized debits. My account had claims filed against this company by my bank which resulted in me unable to use my account until they were resolved. I am embarrassed by my good intentions to pay $1 for my credit report and these folks took my money and trust with internet business. I plan to write the President too.

Credit Diagnosis. unarthurized credit card charges. Do not use this business. They scam peoples credit card and privacy information.

I buy movies online quite frequently. So I do make some purchases online. All of a sudden I had a charge from credit DX 800 in the morning on a Sunday morning. I NEVER bought anything from them nor did I sign up anything from them. I called the number they listed. Waited on hold FOREVER, then the automated message came on. They asked for my membership ID, phone number, address, etc. I was reluctant to give any personal information. AND I DID not have any membership ID.

So the man transferred me to a dept that was closed. Funny, they can charge my card on a Sunday morning, but they do not answer the phone on Sunday. I called back again the following Tuesday, same deal, except billing was open. The gal was sarcastic and said how my account was cancelled and a refund will come in about 2-3 days. She said I was told that on Sunday. Funny, the billing was closed Sunday.

I am still waiting for my refund. BEWARE! Shut your card down, once you get one of these charges, nine times out of 10 you will see more. I have seen a total of 3, from different places totally 120.00. My card, which my child support goes onto, is shut down. I am waiting for a new card. I have no access to any of my funds.

I checked my credit card account online this afternoon to see when my payment was due, and, much to my surprize, I saw that $34.95 was taken out of my account by a company called Credit Card Diagnosis. There was a phone # after the description so I called immediately and was at first queried by a recorded message to give my membership #, so I kept pressing 0 & 00 until I got a live person. I told her I never heard of this company and what right did they have to take that money out of my credit card account. She said I went online and ordered a membership & when I told her that was impossible, she tried to tell me someone else in my household must have done it. When I told her I live alone, she said I must have clicked on it through some other company name and when she said the name I told her I had never heard of them either. She said, okay, I'll cancel it right away but wasn't specific about me getting my money back.

I had to leave for church, so I couldn't stay on the phone and pursue it further. When I got back, I had an email saying "this email confirms that your cancel request for your membership has been processed on 10/17/09", and proceeded to list my bogus membership # and say that I needed to do nothing more and thanked me for my interest in Credit Diagnosis and hoped my membership experience was a positive one. I tried to call them back but their office was closed, so I sent them a couple of emails instead demanding that my money be put back into my credit card account or however they have to do it.

I can't wait until Monday AM to report this to my credit union and give them a day or two to put the money back & then have the credit union send me a new card with a new number. I am a recently widowed, senior citizen who is so upset right now, as you can tell from the way I'm venting. I hope someone out there can stop these people and now I'm worried sick because she knew my address and I don't know how they got my credit card info. They probably have my social security # too. Thank you.

This site is a scam. You pay for an initial report and then they charge you monthly after that $29.95 without your consent. Additionally, they enroll you in a "savings" program that they charge you for that you did not sign up for.

My wife and I were in search of a credit report for her (in 2008, we used Credit Diagnosis), tried to sign on 6/11/09, and discovered that they locked us out for "security reasons". We went on with our search, to sign up with Experian (they are great), not thinking anything more about Credit Diagnosis. Three months now have gone by, and we discovered Credit Diagnosis has been charging us for a service we have not used since February of 2008. They automatically started using the same card we used in 2008, without our permission. After discovering this today, and speaking with Carmen and Stepanie, there is nothing they can do to reverse the $90 plus they charged us for, other than the last month for $29.95. This company must be run by thieves, and it looks like we are not the only ones that have had a similar problem with them. Why are they still in business?

I was online using my credit card to purchase something else totally unrelated to Credit Diagnosis. After entering my credit card information I recieved a pop up screen from Credit Diagnosis. I wasn't interested and so I clicked "No Thanks." The next screen said congratulations I was now a member. I was charged $29.95 and they entered me into two other clubs for which I was charged $1 for each. I called Credit Diagnosis, and I am waiting to receive my refunds. The part that bothers me is that they didn't seem surprised at what happened. So beware!

Since January '09, they took money off my card. My triplets’ disability goes on that card. That is the money that was taken. I got one month back. That is it. This is June and I ended up giving my money, not knowing $30 for 6 months is $180.00 and pays a bill at my house.

I keep getting charged a $29.95 monthly fee for this. It is debited from my checking account. I have just tried to log on since I have a membership ID and the website makes you go through all the stuff you have to type in when you sign up, i.e. S.S.#, etc. This is a scam and I will attempt to cancel this ASAP. I say attempt because I have read the other complaints and several other people have tried to cancel and have gotten nowhere! Money is taken from my account every month, and is showing as a credit card charge. I have other financial issues and do not want a credit card charge showing on my bank statement every month, or more to the point, being charged for something I can't even use!

While online reading an article on Yahoo, there was a link to the above-mentioned site. I clicked it to get a report. I gave my credit card number for a $1 fee and then $29.95 a month after a week. After I paid, I didn’t get any member ID, which was supposed to be on the receipt page, so now I can’t cancel or log on to check my report. I have not received an e-mail with my log in, and I can’t even use the "I forgot" button to get my log in because I will not enter my card information in again and its not recognizing my phone number or e-mail address. Upon further reading of some forums, I discovered that this is a scam and people have been charged hundreds of dollars because they can’t cancel. Any help is appreciated.

I went to credit diagnosis to obtain a credit report and score and was not able to do so. I tried repeatedly to get the information but after waiting for a long period of time and still not being able to see my report and score, I assumed that the transaction did not go through. Here it is in May 2009 a month or two after the initial trial of getting my report nad score and $29.95 was taken from my account causing a dominoe effect of overdrafts. I also have a check that goes into my account direct deposit and it was nearly gone from the overdrafts.

took funds ouit acconut with me not knowing went to make purshace and was denied just refund my money back to my account

took funds ouit acconut with me not knowing. went to make purshace and was denied. just refund my money back to my account

I have a Visa Child Support Card, for the first time in a year I received a payment on 3/24 wich went on my card. That evening this company Credit Diagnosis took over $89.87 out of my account.This is child support money. I called the back the phone number on my card and Iwas told this conpany Credit Diagnosis took my money without my consent. I called them right away andw as assured the money in full would be refunded within 1-2 business days.

Two days later on 3/27 I get an e-mail saying they refunded $30.95 back, when they took $89.87. I was told ther rest will be refunded again within one to two business days. This is my child support money for my child, not for some fraudulent company to ******* and hold onto. I never signed up for their membership, let alone put in Visa card number. I am not sure how they got my info. I just was issued this card a few weeks ago. I am very unhappy with this company and want to know what I can do to get my money. From the looks of complaints I see this happens all the time. Thanks

They took my child support money off my Child Support Visa Card, I have not have supoort in a year and was counting on this money to help me with my child care expenses. I am really upset and have got no satisifaction when dealing with them on the phone

I tried to get a credit diagnosis but because I am only a resident, your system didn't allow for me to obtain an analysis. Since that time, you been charging me on a monthly basis. Where did the 'Free credit report happen let alone a monthly report. Please reimburse me all monies you have taken, mean while I also note that you have given my name to sister companies who are also charging me for credit ananlysis, this is outrageous!!! I will report your Company if this not sorted out as a Fraudulent Company if you do not sort this out and also obtain my money from yourselves, Your Savings and PM Identity and advise any other companies you may have told. These are the only 3 companies that I see are all charging me on a monthly basis. This must stop immediately.

I was looking through my 85 year old mother's 2008 records and came across two letters. One from Credit Diagnosis and one from Your Savings. I then looked at her credit card statement and found that they were charging her $1 each per month and an additional 29.95 for credit diagnosis. Luckily I read the letters and was able to cancel on line. Your Savings credited the $1 the following month. But I did it too late for the January 29.95 and 1 charge from Credit Diagnosis.

I also called Credit Diagnosis to find out how she was signed up. They said an email was sent to which gave them authorization for the charges. I know of no such email address. I asked to be sent the proof of this. They said the Compliance Department will contact her. I then called up her credit card account and stopped all future charges.

29.95 two months = 59.90 1 two months = 2 total = 61.90

I have just cancelled Credit Diagnosis. I finally figured out that
they have been charging my credit card
with a charge of $29.95 plus $1.00 for
processing charge. This has been going on since October, 2008. They DID NOT
have my permission to charge to my credit card. I do not believe this is
right for someone to do this to people.
I feel I should have a refund of the money that was charged on my credit card
I have read that there are many other people that have been having the same

problem with Credit Diagnosis.

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