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My daughter took out a loan from EZ Corp on 8/14/09, on the internet (big mistake); then she got laid off (9/2/09) and promptly forgot about her loan that was supposed to be paid back by auto draft from her account. What they didn't tell her is that she had to have a checking account to be drafted from. She didn't have one, only savings, so every time they tried to draft it, it bounced. We did not hear from these people at all until Aug 2010. By this time, her $300 loan was up to $659.88, fake bounced check charges. We never heard from anyone all year. All of a sudden its a big deal. She's going to jail, all kind of threats. They had my daughter in tears, I was just *** off at how this company handled this entire affair. There was nothing in writing, ever. I swear those folks up in New York need to learn some good Southern manners.


These people have continuously called myself and a few other people that I know threatening with jail and that they will come to our jobs and have us arrested if we do not give them money or pay for something that they will not even give you the information for whom they are collecting for. They have threatened my staff because I was not in the office when they called back for the 5th time in 10 minutes. They have made threats to my sister and my daughter. They want you to pay and they want you to give them your credit card number or your checking account information. They give you no account numbers for a bill that they say you owe.

I work on a switchboard and these people continue to harass me at my job. They have done the same things to my sister and my daughter. Someone needs to put a stop to these people's harassment and threats. I, myself, was very frightened by this experience. I have had two open heart surgeries and do not handle stress and threats well at all. Not to mention that these practices are illegal. They use different phone numbers and names when you ask them information. This time, they used the name of Upside Collections. They have also used the name of United Crime, gave me a file case number. This was when they told me someone had filed a lawsuit against me and these are the same threats that they stated also to my sister and my daughter.

I have told them they need to also file a complaint. I am very upset about this and do not know what else to do. They also tell you that you will not be able to write checks anywhere and that they have your personal information, as in your social security numbers, address, phone number. It is pretty scary that they can do this continuously to people.


Advanced Credit Recovery has a bogus Consumer Affairs page on the Internet and it is used to obtain personal information in a clandestine manner. These people call me every day, sometimes for 2-3 times daily. I have asked them to stop as I am not the person they refer to. I am also reporting this site to the FBI.


Advanced Credit Recovery calls me about 10 times per day. They are rude. I told them to send me something by mail. They said, "we don't do that". They said I would be going to jail. The guy I spoke to said he was an attorney, however, he acted as if he had little to no education. I was scammed before and only wanted them to send me something by mail and they said no. This place needs to be stopped. If anyone has any idea how to do so, I will assist. I am a paralegal and will file something.


I was called by a man stating his name was "Mr. **" and that he is an investigator (law enforcement) and I had written a "bad check" to some company he referred to as Nanocam Capital. I have no idea who this is but I had taken out a payday loan and this may be the holder but not to my knowledge did I ever deal with this company. Mr. ** told me that I owed $400 and demanded I give him a credit card to immediately pay this amount off or I would be sued and served papers at my place of employment.

I requested to have this in writing and faxed to me immediately and only then would I make any arrangements to pay and it would be through MoneyGram as I will not give access to my checking account via phone or computer to someone who refuses rudely to tell me his full name or any info about the company he works for. This man would not listen to me and hung up on me. As I have been called by this number on too many occasions to count, I have tried numerous times to call them back and speak to someone. Each time, I am placed on hold or disconnected. This time, I waited it out and the time was 12 minutes that I was on hold waiting to speak with someone to whom I spoke about this "investigator". He never did fax any information in regard to this supposed debt or repayment of it and every time I try to call them, I get placed on hold and never get to speak with anyone.

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The people from this company call me constantly at my work and on my cell phones. They threaten to arrest me for fraudulent checks (which I have never done). They are very rude and swear at me on my voice mail saying, "May God help you now." All of them have Indian accents. I have gone on some sites online and many people have been posting the same exact things. They say they have local investigators calling, which I have received but when I call that number back, it's been disconnected. I will not answer any of these calls. This company needs to be stopped!


They're calling me and telling me that I'm not supposed to ignore their call and that they will call by his own number. They never even leave a name or company, no information. Why do they call? And they tried to call at my workplace and didn't even say anything. I'm so stressed about these people. They're not supposed to do that.


I began receiving calls from Advanced Credit Recovery a few days ago about a CashNet Payday loan that I had gotten. My wife had been sick during that time, and we fell behind. They called me several times, then they started calling my parents, both on their cell phones and their home phone. I don't know how they got their information.

When they called my parents, all 3 phones ring at the same time, and they left a message on each of them that they have a civil matter for John and he should call them back. My father called them and told them he was not me and for them not to call his cell phones or home phones again, but they still do. I called to talk with them and asked them to send me something in writing.

They started yelling and cursing and asked me if I was trying to play some kind of game. I told them I was not, but they kept cutting me off. I asked for their mailing address and an account number. They refused to give me any information. They said I needed to set up payments with them. I told them I did not even know exactly what they were talking about and asked if I could have the account number and specific information, because I certainly would not simply give out any bank info, etc. to someone on the phone who would not identify themselves. They continued to cut me off, yell, and say I was playing games; and they hung up on me.

I called back 2-3 times, hoping to get to someone to get some information. Finally, I told them not to call me again, just to deal with me in writing. But they still call me and my parents. Both my parents are old and have heart conditions. My father has had a heart attack and cardiac surgery. I asked them not to call them. Finally, I am sending a certified letter asking that they deal with me only in writing.


In August 2009, Advanced Credit Recovery sent me a letter stating that if I paid $565.00 that it would be reported as paid in full and also reported as paid in full to credit reporting agencies. Then on January 7, I received another settlement offer. Not knowing that this was for the same account, I paid them an additional $212.27 when I realized that I paid this twice when it should have been reported as paid in full.

So I called and they told me that the AP department was closed at the time but that they will resolve it in the am and that the money should be back in my account in 7 business days. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I first called. Mr. A wanted bank statements faxed to prove that it was taken out. They can see that it was taken out on each occasion but I faxed it again. Now, when I call, I get their voice mails - not even a person. I just want this resolved so that I can get my $212.27 since you aren't suppose to charge a person again when you get a settlement offer and accept it. I wonder how many other people have done this and haven't realized it!

Very undue Stress, I could use the $212.27 to be paying other bills. Numerous unresolved calls to this company to deal with rude people that must hand the phone off to other people they call their supervisors. I've written down dates, times and who I have talked to. I only wonder how many other people they do this to that don't realize what is going on. This is crappy of this company to do.


I got a $700 payday loan in December 2008 at EZ Pawn. Since then I have paid a total of $1300.00 dollars to EZ Pawn. The interest was outrageous. It had got where I was unable to pay them. My husband and I talked with them and they were unwilling to work with me. EZ Pawn said the only choice was to pay the full amount right then or they wouldn't work with me. So, this company by the name Advance Credit Recovery began to call and leave messages on my job number. Apparently EZ Pawn sold my account to them. The messages was loud and said we have a civil matter to resolve with Lisa ***. They would also leave a message on my cell phone and on my mother's house phone.

With that message, it took a long time for any representative to come on the line. This was very frustrating because I work at an elementary school. I finally called them and this is when the harassment began. I think I first spoke with a young man by the name Mr. ***. He told me again this was a civil matter and we need to get this matter resolved. Then he told me Advance Credit Recovery Company was trying to collect on the debt for EZ Pawn. He said that if this matter isn't taken care of, they would sue me and have me served papers on my job. Mr. *** said I owed $480.54, but they were willing to settle with me for $265.00 and that this offer only stood for that day.

He also proceeded by telling me the only two choices I had to pay this debt were by checking account or credit/debit card. I honestly told him I didn't have that amount that day, but I get paid on the 27th of each month and I don't have a credit/debit card. I told him I could pay Advance Credit Recovery on February 27th. Well he got very upset with me and hung up. He was very rude and not willing to work with me at all.

Later on that evening I called to resolve this matter. They transferred me to a young lady by the name of Ms. ***. I already knew what I owed and the settlement amount they offered me. She proceeded with the same two choices to pay this debt were by checking account or credit/debit card. Once again I honestly told her I didn't have that amount that day, but I get paid on the 27th of each month and could pay Advance Credit Recovery on February 27th. She was persistent on how they could receive this money. We went back and forth. I told her I would not give out my checking account information. She finally stopped battling with me. I told her I could send a money order. Ms. *** told me they wouldn't accept that.

She suggested a money gram. I ask for the Advance Credit Recovery information and I told her my payday again, which was February 27th. She said OK, but she couldn't put it in her files or on the computer that I agreed to pay because I wouldn't consent to give her my checking information. She gave me Advance Credit Recovery Company address and she gave a reference code for when I send the money. She asked me to call her after I do the money gram with the DPS number or tracking number. I told her I would. I thought this was final.

Advance Credit Recovery Company or Ms. *** continued to call and harass me everyday after we discussed the money gram. The company totally ignored what I told them. They wanted me to lie to them, which I refused to do. I told them when I was able to pay. They would call and go through the same script. They were really pressuring me to give them my checking account or credit/debit card. The last straw was Friday morning, February 26th at 9:25 a.m. I called Advance Credit Recovery Company and asked for Ms. ***. I told her I was going to pay by money gram after 5:00 p.m. when I got off work. She became upset and accused me of lying. I told them they were lying and they were beginning to call and harass me everyday. Everyday I told her the same thing and she got upset and hung up and call me again the next day.

Once again they insist I give them my checking account information or credit/debit card. Money gram wasn't good enough, even after I took time on my job to call them on Friday, February 26th. Ms. *** then got upset and put someone else on the phone and he was also rude. He also wanted me to give my checking account or credit/debit card. After I told him I would not do that he then got loud and began to threaten me. The young man said I have until the Monday to get the money to them or there will be legal action or I would be served papers on my job for this debt. I had my husband to contact our lawyer and she told him that they couldn't harass us and to file with Attorney General/Consumer Protection Division. I have filed with them because I want this matter resolved.


I had a situation where my ex-wife wrote bad checks, but the checks had my name on them. I work offshore and I was scheduled to leave on Thursday, January 7th, 2010. The leave was cancelled because Mr. Brandon ** called my employer and stated to my supervisor that I had a warrant out for my arrest. This cost me a day of lost wages (which is a lot). My supervisor stated that I couldn't get on my work boat until this matter was resolved. I missed a day's work over a lie. The resolution was very frustrating because it was a back and forth situation for him just to fax documentation stating to my company that I didn't have a warrant for my arrest.

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