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Last updated: April 5, 2017

40 A-L Financial Corporation Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2017

This company is by far the worse company I had to deal with. I make my payment on time each month and yet they decided how much they want to go towards my loan. I don't even know if this is even legal but I getting a lawyer to straighten their ass out.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17, 2017

Where to start with these guys. Well, I purchased a 2003 BMW X5 from a dealership at what then, Serramonte Hyundia in South San Francisco. Back in 2014, I had just moved here from Oregon and was new to the area. I did not know there were better places to buy a car and I had a good chunk to put down as I knew my credit was not all that great. So I went to this lot and found what I thought was a good deal. I was going to pay $16,000 for the car. It was used and then make payments on the balance. Because I was new to the area as in just a few months here, I was limited with financing and as I said, my credit was not all that good.

So I put $8,000 CASH down and they did the paperwork. After a couple of hours I had my new car and was driving home. My payments were set at $225.00 per month and I always sent $230.00 each month. Fast forwarding, 9 months into driving the car, I was parked at a parking lot at me and my now wife's attorney's office parking lot waiting for my wife to meet me so we could sign some papers on something not related to this. While parked, I had the air conditioning going and noticed steam coming out from the hood. I turned the car off and went to inspect. I found that my radiator coolant reservoir had a crack in it and coolant was leaking.

That to me means pressure build up! I took it home after the meeting and did some researching on the internet. I concluded that it could be thermostat and according to what I investigated this could be a lengthy and costly process to fix on those cars. Plus I ran the car while it was hot so my guess was I burned up the motor as well. I was furious! I had been paying for this car on time each month and put a good chunk of money down for this junk. So, needless to say, the car sat in my driveway for almost 2 years.

I submitted a complaint about the condition of the car to A-L Financial who was not sympathetic to my situation. They didn't care but reminded me that I had better keep up the payments on this car or else!! I ended up going to Daly City Toyota and purchased a brand new 2015 Toyota with 1 mile on the odometer. No money down and though the payments were higher, I knew I would never have any mechanical issues with that car and to this day I haven't. After inspecting my BMW I found that the brakes were gone. The headlights sometimes didn't come on. And it leaked a little and the tires were wearing down too fast so now it needed tires and I added up all of the costs to get it fix along with the remaining balance and it made no sense to fix it. So another year went by, car still sitting in my driveway. I decided to move the car off my property over to a friend's place.

I charged the battery and he came and picked it up and moved to his place. I fell into a little bit of a financial situation with a company I was working for. The company was not giving out enough work and hours I needed to keep up on two car payments. I started to become late with my payments and fell behind by three months. However, I did keep in contact with them on a weekly basis and then was able to rebound at work and started to bring in money on my paycheck. I started making payments again and had it down to two months late rather than three. All along I am getting slammed with calls back to back daily and treated like I was a piece of crap. Very rude and unprofessional people. I called to get a pay off balance and discovered that my balances had not really gone down at all!! I wanted to pay off this car and be done with these people once and for all.

Two days later one morning while I was fueling up to go to work I receive a text message from my friend saying that the car was missing and thought that it had been impounded. I thought, NOT TODAY MAN! I have to go to work! I ended up going back home instead of work and calling around to see where this car was at. It turns out, A-L repossessed the car. This didn't anger me as much as it did when I figured out that hey? How did they know where to get this car? I didn't list my friend's address on references. I didn't even list him at all. No one especially A-L should have known where that car was!! I put two and two together and found out that they had placed a GPS TRACKING device on the car without my knowledge!!

It is illegal to place any form of tracking or GPS device on any vehicle in the state of California without your knowledge or consent! (Division 3. Commencing with Section 5000) of the California professions code states clearly that no dealership or finance company shall place any tracking or GPS device on any motor vehicle without the knowledge and consent of the buyer (ME). And furthermore, no contract shall be re written after the first contract had been signed at the time of purchase where the next day or months go by and the dealer wants to re write the contract in direction of the lender (A-L). I went through all my paper work and no, I never signed or new about this device. And yes, I remembered that they had me come back to the dealership to sign a new contract after 3 months of me owning the car!

SHADY! SHADY! LIARS! Folks, my point here is this, it is against the law to track your personal life and whereabouts at any given time without your consent and knowledge! My Toyota is GPS tracked. I wanted that installed into the car in case it got stolen. I knew about the device in my Toyota because I ORDERED it. I had no idea about this sneaky and ILLEGAL device in my BMW. The state of California states that it is misdemeanor criminal level of charge and it is arbitrational in a lawsuit!

Every single one of you should take your cars into a mechanic or someone you know that is good with cars and have it IR scanned to see if it is GPS tracked. If you find the device, take pictures of it and contact a lawyer! I know I will be perusing a lawsuit against the shady 31% bait and switch interest overpaying illegal criminals A-L Financial here real soon! I hope this blog helps you all. God bless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2016

It's awful dealing with this place. It's a nightmare. I been threatened, harassed, hung up on and now they want to take my 25% off my pay check after they repossessed the car when I had a verbal agreement to be late on my payment even though I was only a co-signer and this was like 12 years ago. If anyone knows of an affordable lawyer who can help me please let me know.

Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

This is by far the worst company I have ever worked with. My auto loan that I got into to help boost my credit was the worst mistake ever! After 3 years the closer I got to payoff the higher my payoff amount became. When I called for my payoff it was more than the invoice they previously sent me even with a payment made 3 days prior. Even worse is they REFUSE to give you a collection of statements or an account reconciliation of any sort because they know they are ripping you off. DON'T ever use this company even in a bind as in the end they don't report to the credit bureaus because they are con artist so it didn't help my credit one bit. :(

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

Anyone who dealt with this company and found a lawyer or anyone please help me out too. I am stressed out beyond your imagination with people who work at AL Financial. My issues is I called AL Fin. regarding on how much a late payment will cost me. My mistake in this part is I didn't get the name of the person I talked to. She replied. I don't need to make a payment for July because according to their records back in 2013 I made an extra payment which will cover this July 2016! I'm happy!

Couple days or about a week I have a letter saying I need to make a payment. I go to the office. Talked to Michael. He checks and says I am good to make regular payments in August. He hands me an official record payment and signs it. Before I leave I asked again do I need July payment. Answer was no. Now a couple days later I get an urgent voice mail from AL Fin. that I need to make a payment for July because it is late and that I was going to be placed in collections the next day.

NEXT DAY: I talked to Branch Manager and I explained the situation about 4 or 5 times. He said that first payment in 2013 was a mistake entered by whoever inputs data. At this point in my head my wife said I did make that payment. (Currently waiting for History bank statement which I called Chase after this useless meeting.)

So the branch manager gets in defensive mode by the tone of his voice and which he raises at me but I stayed calm and professional. He kept circling that payment in 2013 a mistake. I don't know how he knows that by looking at a piece of paper that I also have that stating there it was a mistake. No note or whatsoever and if it was a mistake why wasn't it corrected in the beginning when it was catched??? So I am waiting for that statement and my wife is positive I made that payment.

At this point I think AL Financial will delete that 2013 payment made in May 2013. But I do have original paper with me that has a signature by Michael who is my rep. What should I do next with these people? When I find out in a couple days in the mail that I did in fact made that extra payment in 2013 which was supposed to help me this July 2016. I mad because I was threatened with reposition and I am 8 months away to paying it off. PLEASE HELP with advice.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2016

Having dealt with many in the office, they are threatening. When I dealt with "Alicia", she told me she did not want excuses (I was one day late and back from a vacation). The worst of it was when I threatened to sue them, she laughed and said they had "judges in their pocket". I asked her to repeat the statement and told her I wanted to record her saying it. She hung up on me. I then dealt with "Melissa" who told me they had ways to "Make my life a pure hell". I had my credit report from Experian and they claimed the info was false. Finally, when I informed them that my lawyer would be in touch, I had to send a notary to have her deal with them. I was part of a class action suit that was successful since lawyers proved A-L Financial engaged in illegal business practices. If you find yourself in a lawsuit with these goons, just bring a copy of the class action suit to court. They are now losing court battles due to their horrible track record.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2016

This finance company lies about fees and dates, they're rude and act like children and hang up on you when you question anything or why they're being so disrespectful!! Jennifer, Lilliana, Briana, Marisol and a few other girls I can't remember their names, but I have been disgusted with all of them!!! Jennifer has called my house phone and questioned my 9 yr old on where I work and if he has another number he can give her!!! Are you serious!!! How is this company still in business? And forget trying to talking to someone above them, they don't care either. I've reported them to the BBB and so should anyone else that has been treated wrongfully!!

Original review: Feb. 13, 2016

I have been financing my car for the past 3 years. Since this company doesn't allow you to make a payment by check or visa, I send it via Western Union. My payments have always been $350.00. Out of the blue for my November payment they called and said I was short $1.57, which I paid my usual $350.00. I said whatever, it was only $2 - went and had to pay another western union fee to send that... Dec. I paid $352. January rolled around and I paid my usual $350 out of habit. By Feb. 9th I go look out my window and my car was gone. They repossessed it. $1223 dollars later I had my car back after all the fees...

Do not finance your car through this company. Everyone was rude. They took their sweet time getting all my paperwork that I had to send over again to get my car back verified. It was a disaster. They sent me my payment schedule since I started financing my car and every single payment I've paid reads $350, never $351.57... So where did this random extra $2 payment come into play? This company is trying to set people up for failure trying to repossess cars and should definitely be investigated...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2016

My car got picked up for non-payment. I owed 1 month and half of another. I had to pay full amount owed on my car to get it back. On a Tuesday morning I went in to pay, and get my car. Just for them to say AFTER I paid in full "We have bad news you won't be able to get your car. We have it in Hayward Action Center and you could only pick up by apt.". I called them and it wasn't till Thursday. Which I couldn't call Thurs. and they said "The earliest apt. we have is till Monday". A-L is the worst people to finance with. They are all rude, and dishonest. I own my car but not able 2 pick it up when I want to. Not to mention I live in SC.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 23, 2015

Apparently, an old friend used me as a credit reference - someone I haven't talked to in years. Apparently, he missed a payment, so they called me to try to get to him. Keep in mind, I have NO BUSINESS with this firm - never even heard of them. Their agents treated ME as though I had done something wrong and even tried to imply I should strong-arm my ex-friend or make the payment for him. Crooked is what they are!

Original review: Nov. 16, 2015

A.l Financial Is the worst place to do any kind business with.They are very rude and disrespectful. I was called this morning and was disrespected by a Mike. When I called to complain to his supervisor Emily she did not say once that she apologize for my experience I had. I will not do business with any longer.

Original review: Nov. 6, 2015

My boyfriend has a loan with this company. I don't even want to give them 1 Star. They do not deserve it. They are completely ridiculous to work with. What kind of financial institution cannot take a payment over the phone or set up automatic payments... A fraudulent one!! The customer service reps are completely incompetent. They cannot answer any question to which the answer is not displayed on their monitor. They tell you how much you owe and on what date and then when you go to pay, it actually is more because they forgot to tell you about their fees. This company needs to be investigated!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2015

I can't believe the devious action and mis-direction from the company. They quote legal guidelines without proof or consideration of financial loss to A-L. Apparently they have deep pockets and when calling to negotiate a pay-off they request a notarized letter to even speak with a non-account holder even after the account holder authorizes the interaction even in person. They will not discount interest or principal or negotiate down any sums owed on the loan. They even stated an individual attempted to negotiate directly by coming into the office even when no one actually made an attempt My take on this Office. No Integrity. Predatory lending practices or/nor cooperation. My recommendation - avoid this financial institution like the plague unless you need one of those lost relatives who constantly needs money. Loan should have not been approved; they defiantly don't perform an affordability ratio to determine if the loan is viable for both parties.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2015

Avoid... This company is crooked... On 06/16/2015 I made an insurance claim on my 2005 MV Agusta F4 motorcycle due to an accident in which the insurance company approved me to do the repairs myself but said that they would have to put A-L Financial name on the check too due to the fact that they are the lienholder, but he stated that they should sign it so I can make the repairs. My wife contacted A-L Financial on 06/23/2015 and let them know that the bike was in an accident and we need the money to fix it in which they stated that they would need to see the bike repaired before they signed the check, and my wife let them know that we need the money to repair the motorcycle. They stated there is nothing they can do. I bought the parts and began the repairs on 06/23/2015.

On 06/24/2015 I called A-L Financial and let them know that the bike was repaired and asked can I give them the check and them give me back 25% of it so I can get some of the money that I am out due to having to fix it out of pocket. I let them know that I can ride the motorcycle there for them to look at, they told me absolutely not. A-L Financial said, "We spoke to your wife yesterday and said we will not give you the money." I said, "So are you telling me that I can only use this check toward my loan?" And she said, "That is correct." I had the choice of either not use the check and be with nothing or take the check to A-L Financial and it be used toward my loan. So on 06/26/2015 8:30am "while video recording" I hand delivered the insurance claim check to A-L Financial at 7250 N 16th St #400, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

I let the receptionist know that I did have time and date stamped photos of the motorcycle on my phone from that morning and she asked if I had the motorcycle with me and I let her know that I did not because it was already almost 100 degrees and with being stuck in traffic it would be unbearable. She just said "Okay." What they have done has set me behind on other bills due to the fact that I bought the parts out of pocket relying on them giving me money from the insurance check. What they have done is not just bad customer service but borderline insurance fraud. I want the remainder of my loan to be paid in full which is another $1200 due to the fact that they have caused me a lot of financial problems from them being greedy and taking all of an insurance check that was supposed to be used to fix my motorcycle, not almost pay off my loan.

Instead I put off other bills relying on the money from A-L Financial. This was a comprehensive insurance claim check that was supposed to go to me for the repairs of my bike, not for the purpose of my loan. After paying the $7,040 toward the loan I looked at my loan paperwork and added the amounts and A-L Financial charged me $110 more than I should have. Also my payment is normally due the 25th day of every month but after paying the $7,040 I did not pay June 25th because I thought that it would go toward my payments but it did not. A-L Financial sent 10 letters from June 26-July 9 threatening repossession for my payment being late. On July 11 I paid the June 25th payment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2015

I was late on a car payment and the so called manager was rude and nasty to me and accusing me of trying to refinance the car and maybe it was one of my friends that I loaned my car to. Very prejudice woman. I'm a business woman and I don't loan my cars to anyone. I'm 47 yrs old and she acts like I'm some immature kid. Don't deal with these racists people.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2015

This customer service over in Glendale is horrible. They have absolutely no right to speak to anyone any kind of way. Mind you I am not and have not been 30 days late on any of my car payments. Just wanted to know what gives them the right to call people on my reference list and that I do have a job so not all the time can I call them back. She later stated "Well don't you have a lunch that way you could call us and let me know what is going on." How about you get a website, that way payments could be made. How about you put a drop box in front of your business and payments could be dropped off to the company. How about be a company and learn customer service skills.

Original review: June 12, 2015

I know that this is a second chance financial place and I had good experiences with 2 other people that worked there before now. Those 2 were professional and had good customer service. Unfortunately they are not there anymore and the new person that is on my case is a very rude person. I regret talking to her because she makes me feel like I have no right to have financial problems and when I talk to her she makes me feel like I should drop everything to listen to her. I understand that she is doing her job when I am late on my payments but if I treated my customers the way she does I wouldn't have a job. I really don't see any reason to treat people I don't know badly and I don't feel I deserve to be treated that way. I am late on my payments sometimes and I shouldn't be but we all have financial problems.

My truck sat for 8 months because I could not get it registered and I made the payments every month while it sat in my driveway. I tried to get them to help me do something to get the truck back on the road and did not get help until I called them one day and said "can you help me get this truck back on the road? If not then you might as well come get it". Their answer was "of course we can". So needless to say after waiting another 2 months I was able to get the truck back on the road. All I'm trying to say is I don't treat my customers bad and I don't expect to get treated bad either. We are all humans and no one is better than the next person.. I too can't wait till I get it paid off.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 1, 2015

This was an auto loan that has been paid off since Nov. 2013. This company is not reporting it as a positive account so I contacted the company just asking for documentation showing that it's paid and I'd do the rest... The account was paid off, and left in good standings (which she agreed to) but she wouldn't provide end documents. I asked for her supervisor and she said she was so I asked for her boss and another lady got on the phone, didn't have my account pulled up and knew nothing.

She said the same that no docs were needed to dispute with Experian and I told her I did and I informed her that Experian advised me to get a copy of the letter that says it was a satisfied auto loan and she said "Good Luck!" This is not fair. This account was never late. It was paid off for a fact because it was traded in for a new 2014. In this day and age with people trying to clean up their credit and bad collection companies out there, it's not fair when something is paid and nothing done after and no one wants to help!

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Original review: May 28, 2015

While I had a loan out for this company I was late on my payment one time and they constantly called me and harassed me and the people on my contact list but I paid off my car over two and a half months ago and I still do not have the title to my vehicle that I paid off. I call every week to ask where is my title and every single person I talk to says the same ** excuse that it is in the mail already - they mail it 15 days after the final payment. Well it's been over 2 months and every time I called they still say the same thing then when I asked them again every time I call if they could look up my information and they say they have no record of me in their system that they don't keep people's personal information in the system which is also **.

I am in the process of moving and I need to sell that car but I cannot do it without the title so they are really holding me up. I just tried calling again today two and a half months later and they tell me the same **. It does not take over two and a half months to said mail to a city that is only four cities away. The whole company is full of ** - if you can please avoid this company I hope they go out of business. Nobody there knows what they are doing. Their employees probably didn't even graduate high school.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2015

I hate this company with a passion! I can't wait to finish paying off my car. I hope they go out of business. They are very unprofessional, have no people skills, they treat you like **. I would not recommend anyone to finance through this company. They do harass you to pay or they will repo your car. When it isn't even 2 weeks late. And they will call everyone on referral list to look for you if they can not contact you. And ** these guys especially the branch manager. My car was towed due to suspended license so they went and took it from the impound and when I went to get it from their lot in Montclair my cast bummer was v completely towed off with a bungee cord tied holding bumper together. (They said they weren't responsible for that.) To top it all of they charged me for towing fees when someone drove my car from Westminster to Montclair. And did a lot of damage to my bumper and vandalized my car. So yes I hate these guys at A-L.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

This company is ABSOLUTE **. So this last January of 2015. My mother was supposed to make my car payment as I had just moved into a new apartment and was drowning in bills - of course she "forgot" to pay it and now we are drawing an end to February. A-L calls me right now while I am in class back to back to back about 10 times until I finally figure I need to step out of class and take this call. I answer the phone to harassment from Jesus saying that he has been calling my mom and her past employers as well as mine trying to get a payment.

First of all - where they think they have the right to disclose any person financial obligations of their customers with unclassified people is beyond me. Sorry Jesus, you are working as a bill collector, not a private investigator. Second of all - this was the FIRST time they thought to call me, when the car is in MY NAME. (My mom is the co signer). So why they went through calling others to share that I missed a car payment really boils my blood when this is the first time I am even hearing about the payment not being made.

Ok so Jesus says that I need to make the payment TODAY or my car is being repoed. Well, they don’t take credit card info over the phone or have an option to pay online. So what the ** am I supposed to send them - a pigeon? He says to wire them money through Western Union - he gives me their alphabetized company code and says to call back with the confirmation. I hang up, realizing this is not the number I had saved for the company. I call the number I do have saved and she gave me an entirely new company code. I call back Jesus and get a woman named Jessica who then gives me ANOTHER DIFFERENT code.

I finally get a hold of Jesus again and ask him what the ** is up because I am not going to wire the wrong account money and then get charged again or more or whatever. He gets angry with me asking why I even called a different number saying that all I needed to do was pay my bill on time and I wouldn't be in the position I am now and says "just make the payment and call me back" and hangs up!!!! On top of ALL of that, he never gave me a dollar amount to pay. So WTF. THIS IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL, MONEY SUCKING, EVIL COMPANY EVER. AND I SWEAR ON ALL THAT IS HOLY THAT I WILL SEE THE PLACE BURN IF THEY ** THIS UP AND I WIND UP HAVING TO PAY MORE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2015

I have a customer who wanted to return a car after making one payment. I was told it would be no problem and that they would get their first payment, from the manager in the Long Beach office, who now denies stating so. Excited for the customer I relayed the message to them, and confirmed this many times over our 5-6 conversations in the term of a month. Not excited for me as I had to purchase the car back with interest and that amount would have changed within a week, I had not written down the first payoff amount I was given. As well, I was speaking to the same person the whole time and was told I misunderstood her. But my concern was my customer and making sure they were happy.

Anyways, the customer contacted me asking where her first payment was after 30 days, and as I inquired I was told that that would not happen. I did not give them another deal and thus they would not return the money to the customer, making me look like a liar. Now I am left in the middle, quite in Limbo.

I spoke to the Branch Manager at the Long Beach office, the managers' boss at the Glendale office. Needless to say, I am a small fish to them and he basically stated so and that I was wasting his time. However, he didn't complain of all the deals and business I brought them over the last 3 years. They are all so nice as long as you play by their rules. Pity the person who doesn't know or understand something. They are belittling and condescending. I will not use them as a financial institution and will discourage anyone from using them.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2015

I talk with the customer service rep, and ask them if they could help me with getting my car early than the 30 days that is was held. The rep told me that yes and they would notify me when they do. Well all I have received is a lot of threatening phone calls belittling and threats that if I wanted to get my car, I couldn't and they have the right to do whatever they wanted because they are not like the others. They could keep the car and resell my car and make me pay whatever the balance is and that I should have thought about that before I loaned my car out to someone who had a suspended license and I should not contact them, they will notify me of my balance and hung the phone up in my face.

Original review: Jan. 6, 2015

Called in last month to change my payment due date, told my account rep to not to worry about it just to make sure that I call back before the 7th of the January, as she could not change the payment for since it had not processed in their system. Since the only way to make a payment is by Western union which is an extra 25.00 almost for the payment or of course you can mail it in and take the chance of them never receiving the payment or take off work and go to their office Monday-Friday and make a payment. Really? This is 2015. Their main purpose here is to set you up for failure. Spoke with a Gentleman on Wednesday, tells me to mail in the 20.00 since they gave me the incorrect dollar amount when I called in last month.

Once they receive the 20.00 then I can call back any day before the 7th and they will fax me the form, make the payment western union so that I can change the due date. Call 5 min later, give the control number to receptionist who tells me she see the payment, my account rep is at lunch and to call back. Call back and hold for 10 min. No one ever comes back. Call this Morning and get Lilianna who is rude as I don't know what and tells me I need to change the payment due date 5 days ago. What? No. And of course she is the manager.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2014

For some reason they "lost" my November payment. Then I try to pay them and they only take payments through Western Union, wtf? So I send a Western Union payment and they can't figure out how to access it and accuse me of faking the payment. I faxed over a document from Western Union showing the payment and explaining how to access it twice. By this time I have transferred the loan to my Credit Union. My bank is now yelling at them on the phone about lying to the loan officer about my balance for the buyout quote while they are harassing me on the phone daily. Don't just take whatever financing is offered to you. Always go through a trusted lender.

Original review: Dec. 11, 2014

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH A-L FINANCIAL. I'm on the tail-end of my loan and the company repossessed my vehicle after not honoring a verbal agreement. To put it simply my alternator went on a fritz, fell behind two payments. Per Experian never late before. Stayed in contact with A-L, received a call two days ago from Juan stating they need payment or location of car. Reminded Juan of the fact I was making a repair. He responded as if never aware said he needed payment by 7pm. I attempted to retrieve funds from family successfully. I let Juan know they were just getting off work at 6:30 and probably wouldn't make it to Western Union to forward funds to A-L before closing and funds would be forwarded first thing in the morning. Juan said sure and proceeded to give me the information for Western Union. Awoke the next morning and my vehicle was gone.

Upon speaking to Juan he played the apologetic role briefly then when I asked about our AGREEMENT he stated he was not responsible for what happens in his office after he leaves (they close at 7pm so maybe a ghost transferred my file??!!). I questioned this and he became defensive and rude. I escalated to Joseph and he states Juan has worked with him for 6yrs and would never make the verbal agreement he made. I asked Joseph at that time how I may escalate and he told me there was no one higher than him that would take my call. He advised I speak to a branch manager Alex in regards to further options.

I then made a complaint to the BBB and have deeply considered Class action. I called the Glendale branch and spoke with a female who put me on hold to transfer and magically got Alex and was then transferred back to Juan who RUDELY and fast talkingly explained my options to redeem my vehicle. $1224.89 equaling 2 car payments, 240 unpaid late fees which are BS due to me paying their 16 fee whenever Paydate was off a week, 350 repo fee, 20 PD fee and 7/day storage that is independent from A-L and is strictly between me and the repor company?? I Googled the company and there are a discomforting number of instances where this has occurred. The only and I mean ONLY reason I am in this deal with them is because of the year of my vehicle 2002 bought in 2012. The company has no ethical standing whatsoever. I'm going to REDEEM my vehicle and pay it off and continue to fight companies whom operate this way. I didn't even get to the changing of account reps I had to go through due to harassment calls and belittling I was victim of early on in the contract. AGAIN my Experian report shows never late all "OK's". smh NEVER AGAIN.

I'm definitely in for a class action and most likely will contact a lawyer locally to see what can been done. Anyone been down this road please, please, contact me via email.

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Original review: Dec. 5, 2014

Is it possible to do a -100 stars on this review? The women in that office are the definition of HORRIBLE. They will yell, talk over you, talk down to you and give you the hardest time. It's sad because people go through hard times with kids and a bunch of other stuff. The collections manager LIZ when I told her I have kids and if I can make my payment just 60.00 less, she told me she doesn't care and that she has kids also. She didn't let me speak and kept speaking over me. I have paid so much interest to these people and have been with them for over a year, this is ridiculous. I can't wait to be done with these people. I called and asked them who I report to to make a complaint, I asked if they report to the BBB and she told me NO of course and the only corporate office they have is for payroll. This is crazy... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Are they even a legit company??? I'll be looking further into them!! If you don't qualify to get a loan through a bank, don't go with this company. Trust me!!!! My Rating of A-L Financial and LIZ is -100/5.

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2014

WOW. This place has the most unprofessional, uneducated rude people I've ever dealt with in my life. Here's been my experience with them thus far. The car was purchased by someone who lived out of the country and needed to build up credit in the United States. So the car lender went with them as a first time finance. BEFORE the first payment was due, we received 5 phone calls basically threatening to repossess the car unless they got copies of documents that we had already sent over numerous times.

Upon inquiring where we could get online to make a payment, they have no website to make a payment. Er… OK. Sure, let’s say this is 1990 where things like this aren't convenient. So the only way to make a payment is to either take it in M-F 9-5 - you know, take time from your busy work schedule... mmkay. Upon inquiring if we could change the payment date, they told us they would fax paperwork over. I had to call 3 times before that happened. Faxed the paperwork back, and lo and behold, the next time the bill rolls around, 6 days later (3 days before the payment SHOULD have been due if they had actually done what they said they were going to, they start harassing phone calls. And when I say harassing, I mean, downright rude bill collector style.

6 DAYS PEOPLE. Come on. I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business BUREAU about their lending practices, their attitude, and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau as well for their phone harassment. I'm definitely on board for a class action lawsuit. Harassing phone calls - Loan shark-esque threatening messages reminiscent of the auto lending group Lobel Financial which was sued successfully in 2009. Similar tactics.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2014

Since the inception of getting a car loan from A L Financial Corp, I have been threatened, harassed and insulted to say the least. On the first month payment I did not received the stubs to do such, and intermediately I started receiving phone calls almost every hour and messages to inform location of car because it was being repossess. When I finally spoke with them, I conveyed that I have sent the payment 3 days before the deadline, but did not had the account number. The next day I saw on my bank statement that the check was cashed/deposited into their account, but this did not stop the harassment and threatening on their end. Every time they wanted the location of car so they can pick it up. This is 30 days into the purchase of the car.

The next month I conveyed that I would get paid 3 days later than the due date so they told me no problem that they would extend to that day. But 3 days prior to the deadline it started all over again even though I have conveyed of the extension granted. But they told me it was their policy. I am searching for a new financial institution. A L Financial Corp in Tucson Arizona is the worst there is. If offered a loan from this company, please do not get in bed with them. They are crooks, unrespectful people and the worst company that I have dealt with.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2014

Do not try this company! I went to be financed by HONDA WORLD who got A-L Financial to finance me. I paid $420 a month on a Chevy Malibu 2011. I paid my payment every month and finally came to registration of my vehicle for current tags - I was charged $400 in DMV fees which was my Car note money that month but I don't want a ticket, so I paid the registration. I call the office, spoke with the manager and explained I will be making a double payment next due date to bring my account up to date.

I called the manager back a week before being paid by my job to ensure payment will be in. 2 DAYS before I get my check Friday and 30mins before I am suppose to drive in for work my car is being towed. My newborn son was only 5 months old and I told this to the manager but his car seat was taken anyway with the vehicle. With diapers, a formula - money was tight budget. I could continue my payments on time if given fair treatment for payments. My girlfriend got two extensions because of us having a newborn and she was paying a 2010 Chevy Impala from her finance which was not A-L Financial.

NOT EVEN WORTH MY TIME. They cheat you out of your deal and I believe will not communicate with a desire to honor a fair agreement of payment. I don't think they even will try to work any arrangements of payments. Instead they send warrants for court and try to arrest you as if you’re some kinda criminal. Absolute to say this experience is the worst ever is an understatement. This place steals from the poor and then tax them for being poverty stricken. It’s like financial rape to honest hardworking folks held down by minimum wages. DON’T EVEN THINK YOU WILL GET FAIR DEAL HERE. TURN AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK.

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