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Being a busy person working two full time jobs and little social time, I decided to try out a dating service. Together opened an office in Barrie, Ontario and I checked it out. They claimed to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (even had a nice certificate on the wall). I was guaranteed 6 matches. I was also guaranteed to meet people from my area. The first person I was set up with was in Peterborough, an hour and a half away.

She was not nice by any means. She was a single Mom with a lot of baggage (her child was a result of a sexual assault - need I say more) and generally despised men in general. It was the fastest cup of coffee I ever drank!!! When I gave Together my review, they said I was too critical and needed to be more sensitive to her needs. WOW!!!

The next person I was set up with was almost a year later!!! The office in Barrie closed and the office in Toronto was taking care of the clients in Barrie. The second person received an information package on me, but I didn't receive one on her. When I made a complaint about this, I was told by the Together agent, "Maybe snowmobilers stole your mail," suggesting that I lived in a redneck part of the world. The second date told me she was going to be out of town on business for the next week, but to call her on a certain day and we could meet. I called three times over the course of the week that she asked me to call. All I could get was her answering machine. The fourth call, I said to her, "If you weren't interesting in meeting me, you could have said so. I can take no for an answer." She made a complaint about me saying I was harassing her. REALLY???

Shortly after this, the office in Toronto closed and they left no forwarding information. I called the toll free line and asked where their Toronto office was and no one knew. I asked where the call was going to and they told me Toronto. I asked if they worked for Together and they confirmed that they did. At this point, I said, "I'm really curious. You don't know where the Toronto office is, but you tell me you are in Toronto. I asked you if you work for Together and you said 'yes'. Where exactly are you now and how did you get to work?" She hung up.

I was told the company had moved to St. Catharines, Ontario and the Toronto Office had closed. At this point, I asked for a refund - they had abandoned me. I was told they couldn't do this, but they would find dates for me. At this point, I contacted the Better Business Bureau and made a complaint. When Together was confronted by the BBB, they suspended my account and said I was being unreasonable. The BBB did not resolve the case because Together was NOT a member of the BBB.

I have since found out that Together is now Lifemates (should be called Lie Mates) and the same person who was a general manager with Together (Craig **) is now a general manager with Lifemates. After further investigation, Together went out of business after a scathing report by NBC's Dateline (a program that Together called “the National Enquirer of television shows”). Lifemates opened up about six years later, but they are both part of the Allied Network. They call themselves this because "they want to keep your life confidential so people sorting the mail don't know what you are doing."

PLEASE - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. Avoid all dating services and spend your money on something more important, like buying a house, a vehicle, a trip, anything. If you wind up single, it's better than dealing with companies like these. Amway and multi-level marketing companies are more honest than these people.

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I signed a contract for a membership which entitled me to 6 introductions. Instead I received 4 introductions and numerous letters telling me they were trying to find other matches for me. Since I was paying them for delivery of a service, and not for them "trying to find matches" for me, after several months of this situation, I stopped payment on the account. I had told them it may not be easy to find matches for me, but they assured me they could do it. They did not offer me a refund for the matches I was paying for, but not receiving. Instead, they attacked my credit rating for stopping payments for services I was not receiving.

At one point, their collections department started calling me and harassing me for payment, initially posing as a separate collections agency. This procedure is evidently how they normally treat their clients, demanding payment but not providing services. As I understand the situation, they keep changing names and are now known as eLove Indiana. I am continuing to try to resolve this issue. I had told them in advance that finding matches for me might be a difficult process, but they assured me they could do it.

Satisfaction Rating

First of all, I am in a long term relationship and had no interest in dating anyone else seriously. There was some sort of blind-box type survey I found online and I thought I would amuse myself by taking it. It turned out to be an application for Together Dating, which of course they never mentioned their name in the blind box survey. No sooner had I answered the survey questions and clicked on "send" that I started being bombarded with emails and phone calls. Fortunately, I had used a fake name and address in answering the survey because you'll never know online if someone is going to steal your identity. The calls persisted for weeks before they finally gave up.


I went to check out what Together offered and they were very high pressure. The woman who was "helping" me talked extremely loud and fast. As soon as I filled out the info, she started to pressure me for my credit card. I jokingly asked her to set me up with someone who looked like Brad Pitt and she said that she would already be with him if there was anybody like that.

This echoes what someone else wrote about the women in the office getting first dibs on anything good that walks in the door. I was really upset when she cracked a joke about going shopping with my American Express Dillard's card. They immediately charged me $600.

I had, on the info sheet, specified that I wanted someone who was college educated and single. Before I even walked out the door, one of the ridiculous secretaries--who was probably already dating any Brad Pitt look-a-like--was trying to set me up with THE UPS GUY! That's when the warning flags went up but it was already too late. That bit about trying to set me up with the UPS guy made me feel like the so-called background check was a fluke and I might actually be murdered if I put my faith in these people instead of going on one of the cheaper dating sites and striking out on my own.

Giving these people your credit card is like throwing it into a money sucking vortex. I got a really uneasy feeling and few days later I got a call that I was to go out with a real estate agent. I was really upset because you really don't need a college degree to do that. I wanted a real professional like myself. I called the girl back immediately and told her that I didn't want to do this and I wanted my money back. She said, "Well, you said that you didn't mind dating non-college educated, divorced etc." I said no. That's not what I put down. She said okay, "Well then that means that it'll be much harder to set you up with someone if your parameters are that narrow."

I again repeated that I wanted my money back and she came back with, "Well if you don't want to do it at this time, we can just put your dates on hold." I said no, I want my money back. Again they started to say that I signed a contract, etc. I immediately paid off the credit card $600 dollars and closed the account thereby stopping payment on this shady company.

This set off a firestorm of harassing calls to my place of work where I got into a ridiculous conversation with a silly girl about the fact that I had signed a contract. I told her that there was a breach of contract thereby rendering the contract null and void and I wasn't going to pay no matter how many times she repeated that I signed a contract. I hung up on the silly girl and stopped answering unfamiliar numbers. They then started to send me threatening letters saying that I would be taken to court for not paying and that's when I started to copy all my e-mails and saved all of the threatening letters.

They did their worst, which was to report me to the credit bureau, which was reported as a medical debt. That really didn't put a dent in my credit because that's not what they look at when you ask to be approved. A credit counselor told me that I could just say that I broke a leg or was in an accident. I can actually still buy another house or a car if I wanted to. I tried calling and talking to the dishonest girl who wanted to use my credit card to go shopping but they kept telling me that she no longer worked there. I went to stake out the place and found that she was still working there.


I went to this dating service about three years ago, because I thought wow, they might help me find a wonderful person to be with for the rest of my life. And I thought it was worth the money. But no, it turns out to be a horrible nightmare with that company. And I spent 2800 dollars because I thought they would do a good job on finding someone. I only went out with one person for the last three years. And I didn't like this person that they found for me because it makes me wonder if she works for the company, because to make me feel like that they are doing their job.

They have found three other women for me. But I never had a chance to go out with them because we only email back and forth to each other for three weeks. And it makes me wonder if they are working hard on finding the right person or not. They have been very slow on finding someone. I feel like I have wasted my money because it’s been three and a half years. I have not had a relationship because they promise finding someone soon less than a year.

I asked for my money back because I am very unhappy with the company and they flat out said no. So now, I have this bad horrible feeling about the loss of that money and 2800 dollars is a lot of money. I would be very happy if they just give me my money back, because they are not doing anything. I am a deaf person and they should not take advantage of anyone no matter what, if they are old or they can hear or blind. They should not take advantage of any kinds of people for money.

I might have to sue them or else because I had a bad experience with them. Four of women were not a match at all. And maybe this is the employee doing that to me to make me feel like they are working on finding on someone. But they are employee acting like the person that they have found for me. I need help to win this money back, because I am not going to let them get away with this. I will fight for my money back. Maybe suing them is the only option to go. The bad news is that I heard that they might have changed the name. But I don't know. Maybe that’s just a rumor. Thank you very much for reading my letter of complaint.

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I received an email about finding a soulmate based on a plethora of questions, which pretty much promised a huge success rate of marriages and relationships. I called and set up a meeting to meet with Jody. Sadly, my brother, who I was incredibly close to passed away 6 months prior and I was very depressed. I was instructed to go into a private room and fill out about 20 pages of questions.

After that, I was instructed to go sit with Jody to discuss what I was looking for. She told me that it should be very easy for me because I was so pretty and kind and that she would not be surprised if I found my soulmate within the first three dates. She left the room and came back with many different price point packages that were available. I had no idea these services were so expensive. I told her that I would have to think about this.

She put on a sales job that pretty much promised me the moon, and also told me that I could cancel within 3 days. Reluctantly, I signed for the $3000 package. I got home and called to cancel this contract. She did not return my calls. I continued to call 3 to 4 times a day, but Jody is either not in the office or unavailable, and she was the only one who could do this. No return phone calls, also.

On the fifth day, she called me to apologize that she was unavailable and that it was too late to cancel. I was incensed that I did what the contract told me I had every legal right to do, but she would hear none of it. She promised me I would be so happy and she was going to make it her mission to find me my perfect soulmate. I never spoke with her again, her only job is to sell the service, which obviously I did not know.

They now redirected me to another office in Encino, where I spoke with the sales manager Nancy ** to discuss my issues. However, I was told that she would go above and beyond the call of duty to make me happy. Bottom line is I had 2 set-ups in total. Another blatant lie. I have called and emailed and everything one can do to see what they are willing to do for me, but nothing.


I was a hard sell for the salesman but she phoned and invited me back twice, 3 trips in all. I paid hundreds for 2 "carefully selected" professional "matches". OK, so the first was totally out of touch with reality. I wanted to talk to the salesperson ("matchmaker"). A return trip to the office found it closed up; no forwarding address or phone; phone disconnected, etc. One tumbleweed was blown up against the door.


Back in 1995, I approached Together Dating Service in Barrie, not because I had a difficult time getting a date, but because I was working three jobs and my social time was on awkward days (like Monday nights). I went through all the applications and found out what was required. After about three months, the Barrie office closed and I was transferred to the Toronto office.

The Toronto office was less than helpful. I asked for my money back and they refused. The person I dealt with, Craig **, suddenly found a date for me, after they had no contact with me at all for several months. The Toronto office closed and I was sent to Mississauga. That office was closed in about a month and the only office left in the area was in St. Catherines, a three hour drive away. When I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, they suspended my membership. Within a couple of months, they completely disappeared. I essentially was out about $3000 - it was a hard lesson learned. I received one date through Together - the most expensive date I ever had!


Together is such a rip off and the biggest scam ever! I paid for the most expensive package and have gone through three personal shoppers. I was told by last introduction that it is no longer Together - its ELove. I called Columbia number and was given 800 number. Membership was transferred to MA without notification.

This is the biggest scam ever and they need to be penalized! I paid a lot of money and have not received what I was promised. I am seeking to pursue possible lawsuit!


I found their site on a search engine and filled out their forms. I could not find anything on the site about their fees but wanted to get more information about them. (I should have started on and saved myself the grief.) The first rep called me yesterday and started interviewing me without asking if it was a good time. (I was in the middle of feeding my 3-year old.) I stopped her after a couple of minutes and told her I just wanted more info on them and to get their fee schedule. Ha! Good luck getting any fee info out of these people. I asked her to email it to me. She said they aren't an online dating service and don't do that.

Well, they have an online website, and what does one thing have to do with the other? Okay, so I'll play along. Then if you are a traditional service, let's do it the old-fashioned way. I asked her to mail the fee schedule to me via the US Postal Service. You don't get any more traditional. Sorry, she explained, they don't do that either since the fee schedule will depend on the number of people you want to meet and the accessories you add to your membership. All right, scam sirens going off. She then says that this is not how they do business, to which I replied that it is also not how I do business. If you can't tell people upfront what services will cost, then there is something your business is hiding. She continued the hard sell and I just had to interrupt her and tell her that I wasn't interested and to please remove me from their call list.

Today, I got another call from Jasmin who was oblivious to anything that had gone on yesterday. I asked her to please remove me from the call list to which she replied "But I want to understand why you wouldn't want to meet someone special." I told her that was my business and to please remove me from their call list. I called back the number on my caller ID to speak to a customer service rep and make sure that I'd been removed from the list. I got Jasmin again. She asked very pointedly why I was calling back and I said that I just wanted to be sure I had been removed. She said, "We don't have a call list and now that you've called back, I'll have to remove you again." Remove me again from what if you don't have a call list? Stay away from this company. Their practices are suspicious and from the other posts here, they are consistent.


I made appointment in the Falls Church office. I was intervied by Sarah. I applied in May of 2008. I had to take care of aunt who had a stroke for 3 months. I called them in September and told them I was home. They assigned me a date 62yrs that never showed up because it was raining. He drove a motorcycle. I do not like motorcycles I told Sarah that.

The next date they assigned me was 62 yrs old and 2 hrs away and he called and said he didn't want to travel that far. I sad I would travel 35 minutes for a date. So neither was assigned to me by what I had ask for.

I have ask for my money back since November 2008.

They have no owner I can talk too. There service dept says they are doing ther job.

I have waited. I am a year older. Not excited anymore about finding anyone wanting to travel and be a companion. It has caused depression because talking to these people raises my blood pressure every time I call them.


They are set up like a professional service, but what they say they do and promise is all a scam and lies. They say they do background checks, but there is not proof that they do. They say they have lots of people in their database, but I now do not believe this. They have you take a personality test and say they match you with others that score similarly. That turns out to be a bunch of bull. They ask what you are looking for, but the matches they provide you do not fit the profile you provide.

I also found out through someone I met that for the men that sign on, their profiles are given to the women who work in the office for first dibs. Profile information apparently is not confidential. They say the people who are making the matches are professional educated people and have backgrounds in this area. That also is a bunch of bull. The so-called matchmakers have no such qualifications and probably do not even have a college degree. This business should really be looked into and shut down.

It's a scam. I was suckered into giving them $5,000 for thier services which are all a lie.


Although, I asked to be taken off calling list. they repeatly call early morning and late evenings. very rude on the phone.

interuption of work, life and increase in cell phone bill, mental anguish, constant feeling of helplessness at being harrassed


I signed a contract unaware of the consequences. Three years later and no service utilized I was sued. I paid a settlement of $1600 because of the wording of the contract. I have read several complaints of the same company. It is inexcusable that this company can continue to operate this way legally.


Together dating contacted me by phone after I partially filled out some information on line but then changed my mind and exited the web site. A man named Larry called and quoted me a price of $1000.00 for their dating service. I told him I could not afford this as I was recently divorced with children and on a fixed income of disability. He convinced me that we could work something out and referred me to an off site office they had in my town that they were only at two days out of the week.

I had an appointment with Rhonda who I told that it was really hard for me to meet anyone since I was a single parent and did not work so meeting people was hard. She told me they had over 6000 members in their dating service. I told her not in my county and she said yes they did that they were right under my nose I just didn't know it because they too were in situations where having time to meet quality people was hard. So once she convinced me their were plenty of available people to meet in my county I filled out the paperwork. THEN she hit me with a price of over $3,000.00 dollars. I told her no way I was quoted $1,000.00 by Larry on the phone.

She stated she was sorry for the mixup so she would give me a more premere membership which included the ability to hold my membership if I were to meet someone and then be able to resume it if that relationship failed. I told her I was on disabililty and could not afford this. She stated how else are you going to meet anyone since you have so little time and are not out in the work force. She also told me that she already had a few men in mind for me. I foolishly signed the agreement.

When almost a month went by without any match I called her and told her I wanted out of the membership. She told me I would lose the $795.00 processing fee and I told her that was better than the whole $3,000.00. She continued to convince me that there were plenty of people right here in my county but that it took them time to match people because they did it all by hand no computer matching. This was in January 2008.

My first match was not in my county and was the exact opposite of what I put in my profile that I preferred. The second match was within Feb. 11th and in my county, we met but nothing came of it. The third match was March 20th and it was like they hadn't even read a thing in my profile that I wanted as far as looks, compatibility, history and again location he was out of my county. The fourth match not until May 8th well over six weeks and again he lived an hour and a half away from me.

I feel I have been scammed and scammed but good. Rhonda misrepresented her company, the clients available in my area and are not keeping up with their end of the contract to have a match for you within 1-4 weeks and I mean a match not just whomever they can pull out of their members files to send me compatible or not. I feel Rhonda took advantage of a women she knew had a limited income and was truely limited in my ability to meet new people. I asked for a refund before my first referral as stated in the contract but they refused and stated to be patient they would give me a match. I feel I am due the refund minus the $795.00 processing fee as stated in the contact since I asked to cancel the contract before the first referral as stated in number 3 of their contract.

I had to use money from my savings to pay for this as I live on disability and have two children. I was lied to from the beginning and denied a refund even though I asked for it within the guidelines of their own contract.


Together is a dating service. I just read some of the posts by people who are or have been memebers of IJL (It's Just Lunch] and had negative experiences. I was reading them and was amazed at the similarities between their experience and mine. The women I was set up with didn't match at all the criteria I had given.

I did end up going on one date, very disappointing as she was a grandmotherly type with whom I had very little in common. (A nice enough person to be sure, and I was polite and made good conversation, but that's beside the point.] I told them I was not going to pay the balance of the account, having given them 700.00 in advance, and they took me to court and won! It was so preposterous, I was floored. I wanted to bomb the place, ok not really, but I was very upset. But I had to just let it go and go on with my life. All in all it cost me $2000.00. Quite a learning experience.



High pressure to join dating service at initial interview. When I told them that I wanted to think it over, they pushed and insist the special offer is only available that day. They promised to find someone of the highest caliber - just like I am looking for. Instead, each date they found - one was worse than the other and totally inappropriate. Each date that I did meet was just as unhappy with the service as I was. Total waste of money. No refund available. A true scam!All they do is take your money and no effort at all is made to find a suitable match- probably because they do not have any. Bogus promises made to get you to join.

$1000 wasted money.


This is a fraudulent organization that cheated me out of $3,995, being able to fulfill any of the agreements we made in a 5 hour interview at their Princeton, New Jersey office. There is an Arbitration clause that prevented me from suing them in small claims court. The Better Business Bureau could not reason with them. This is outright theft.I need a lawyer to sue them for the $3995, first if necessary through the American Arbitration hearing, but then outright. they need to be stopped.

I lost $3,995 plus countless hours attempting to get my money back. They simply refused. The time and energy and emotional grief has been five months of hell.


I went to the service and was met by a counselor. She went over all dating criteria that I wanted in a person. I told her in DETAIL the age, weight, mileage ,height of the person desired. We went over this in GREAT detail. After all the personality tests she ASSURED me there was no problem with this and would be taken care of for the matches. I spent over 4000 dollars for 15 introductions. Finally after almost 3 weeks they sent me a match. She was way over an hour in distance, 4 years beyond my oldest range, and 5 foot tall.

Naturally I called to complain and they told me that it would count as one of my matches and that was the closest person they had at the time. I told them that was NOT EXCEPTABLE and not what was in my contract. They told me that they did NOT CARE what was in my contract and they just do what they can. They were totally un willing to bend and told me I had to contact the board of directors and no one could help me in person. I sent a registered letter to the board of directors and contacted them 2 weeks later and was told that they did NOT have a board of directors. I told them I have a signed receipt for the letter that I sent. They told me they had no idea who signed it nor acknowledged the persons signature.

I continued to complain and they just got nastier and nastier; I told them I wanted my money back...the person on the other end REFUSED to give me her name or anyone elses, but I did recognized her voice of the original person of being Jordyn. She knew I was speaking of her and she sold me based on FRAUDULENT claims just to make a sale. I told her that was not what I signed up for and CLEARLY not in my parameters.

She told me there was NO WAY I WAS GETING MY MONEY BACK. Plus she said she DID NOT CARE WHAT JORDYN told me at the interview and I had to JUST LIVE WITH IT. Those were EXACT WORDS from them...of course she did not know I knew it was her. But this CLEARLY shows you that they know they are FALSELY telling you ANYTHING to sell you. They have REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY NAMES OR PHONE NUMBERS TO SOLVE THIS, AND REFUSE TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK FOR SERVICE THAT WAS NOT RENDERED.


I was wondering if anyone had ever started a class action lawsuit against this company.

Bottom line - I paid $12,000!!! for their service. They made promises of finding me matches with men who were part of their group. I had very few matches and two of them were members who had never even paid a membership fee.

Another member/date told me he specifically said he did not want to date a woman with children living at home. Another wasted contact since I had 3 children in high school at the time.

My experience was that this was a despicable operation that preyed on me at a time when I was seriously and probably clinically depressed. They said they could give me a certain number of matches for $8,000 (It's very hard for me to believe I was so manipulated...). And for a limited time only - for only $4,000 more I would get several more matches.

When my first credit card charge was declined, the membership counselor chose another card and recounted a story where an older woman had come to them and they had to use four charge cards to get her signed up in the full amount. At the time, I was numb with the whirl of the interview/testing, etc. but later I thought that they took advantage of that woman in a most terrible way.

When I signed up for the service, the counselor made a point of telling me that it was a non-cancellable contract. I now believe this was incorrect and illegal but I was too embarassed by my folly to tell anyone or contact a lawyer for verification of this statement.

Basically, I wasted $12,000 by adding to my credit card debt.


I reseived their flyer in the mail last July 2005 and contacted them. They convinced me to drive to Vero Beach if I

wanted to know more about their services. After a long interview and having to fill out a long questioner I was pressured into spending $2,400.00 for 9 matches. She also asked me if I wanted to change my life indicating that this would be the way to do it.

Most of the matches were no match at all and I seemed to be getting all new people who had just joined. At one point I received three at once. After complaining about their ethics of doing business and how exactly are you able to get to concentrate on a match if you are sending three at a time. The answer was that there was no reason that I couldn't date more than one person at a time. None of the matches were matches. It was no better than internet dating.

One match was 72. I was 58. One match was a frequent visiter in my place of business, on the unit where I worked. and after a phone call he agreed to meet me at work where he shook my hand and that was the end of our meeting.

I had nicely told them that I felt like I was too much for one of my matches because he was very old fashioned. I was told to change him over. If we were matched why should I have to change him ?

Durring my last phone call to Together I was told that it was up to me to make any of the matches work, they just provided them?

After 9 matches they closed me out. I told them that the one at my place of business should not count, he was visiting there any way and we did talk on the phone. She was extremly nasty and not like the same person who got 2,400.00 out of me. They then offered me 9 more matches for another $900. They are a scam. I do not believe in their matching system and they do not care for people. The prey on lonely singles looking for a happier life.

I am now out 2,400. I am an emotional mess thinking about how I was taken in and the way they treated me after I used up my matches. I sit home and cry most nights thinking about what they did to me. They are dishonest using pressure to get your money from lonely people.


I was invited to their Columbia. MD office just to let me know of what they have to offer. I went there only to get the details, I reached their office at 6:30PM. They would make me stay there till 9:45 PM asking me to fill in, all sorts of questionaires. The rep. was so pushy, she said they would do background checks and I have access to all my credit reports and there has been no inquuiry on my file. So they were just lying.

Then the rep. would push me to join them immediately and I said no I would need time to decide but she should push me to sign a document while I decide to join or not. I was so stupid that I didn't read the fine lines.

Now I get calls from them that I signed the document and I am supposed to pay them $3500. I got a call from their collection agent saying that I would be paying extra money for their attorney charges and other expenses.


A prorated refund of $866.64 is due to me on or about 05/29/06. A certified letter with return receipt was mailed to Together/Relationship Center on 05/22/06 requesting my refund. A response was mailed back to me stating I am not entitled to a prorated refund. A total of $1300.00 was paid as stated on the contract dated 12/12/05.

I received a total of 3 referrals. Referral #1 was received on 01/06/06 and mailed back with feedback on 01/10/06. Referral #2 was received on 01/20/06 and mailed back with feedback on 01/27/06. Referral #3 was received on 02/04/06 and mailed back with feedback on 02/04/06. Membership was on hold approximately 25 days which includes the time for the mail to arrive to and from me (Article #10). My membership is active since 02/04/06. Membership began on 01/04/06, four months on calendar is 05/04/06 and 25 days on hold is 05/29/06.

Article #1 states that the company will provide referrals for a period of 12 months beginning with the first referral. The first referral was on 01/04/06.

Article #9 states that if the company does not furnish referrals for two or more consecutives months, member is entitled to a prorated refund.

Article #10 states that the company will place the membership on hold subsequent to the mailing of each introduction to the memeber. The member will re-activate the membership by providing feedback and mailing it to the company. The last referral was mailed back on 02/04/06.

Article #10 states that the memeber has the right to place this membership on hold and any such request must be in writing and mailed to the company. No such request was made by me to put my membership on hold.

Article #15 states that the member is entitled to a prorated refund after 4 months worth of service.

I am due a refund of $866.64.

($1,300.00 / 12) * 8 = $866.64


I decided to search a dating service as an alternative to bar scenes and such. The road that leads from my home to work and back is filled with side road signs that advertise meeting single people in my hometown exclusively. On the website a completely different company is brought up by that address. After a quick sign up form I heard from one of Together's representatives. They asked me to come in for a brief meeting with a counselor. At no point in time was I mentioned a $250.00 fee for this interview which took from seven in the evening until past ten.

I was asked to bring proof of identifiaction and one of those items being a check card or credit card. Out of fatigue I rushed through some surveys I was handed to fill out. Lastly came the contracts and the money talk. Bo, the sales rep said I needed a minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars to start my membership. Before long came the contract which I specifically asked if this were the sort of thing that would haunt me later on my credit report or payment wise. Then out came the pens and before i knew it, I was signing away my start deposite as a non-refundable fee for the interview, background check and picture.

Had I known about this before hand, I would not had wasted their time or mine.I knew the purchase would not be for me. As Bo read through the contract he mentioned that the spaces available for my initials were there to let me know about the six contacts i would get plus three more as a new year's deal. The same night I filled for a charge back from my bank.I spoke to Bo the next day letting him know i made a mistake purchasing that service.He agreed to return my deposite. Up to this day I havent seen my deposite. I spoke to another lady in the columbia office who said once I signed the contract there was no way out. She was extremely rude and asked me to sit down and really read what I had signed to. Then she mentioned I still owed $1,600 for a service that I had already reversed with their customer representative. I had no other defense but to tell her that I would deal with this matter in court which she replied to me to be prepared to lose. I still have not heard from Bo and I probably won't.

I gave up my car payment for that month. I still have not recieved word whether I owe those $1,600. I can't beleive that i got greeted with smiles as i went through the process and got disrespect for not wanting to be part of their scam.


Had searched the net to find Christian Dating site. Found a site which stated that contact needed to be made in person and they would contact me. I spoke with a rep on the phone and made an appt. in Columbia, Md. on Labor Day,2005. Was taken to an office where I was interviewed by a young lady. I filled out a profile but then learned that I could go no farther until I signed a contract. That was when they presented the fees. The least expensive was over $2,000. I was shocked and said no way. They then tried to get me to stay. Rep said she would talk with her boss and see if they could offer me a reduced rate.

I kept insisting that I was no longer interested and that I thought I had come to a Christian dating service. She said that they provided services for all types of people which is why they present different adds on the web. Together Dating was not even mentioned on the website. He boss came in and said that they could give a discount under a combination of student and senior discounts. My final fee was $995.

I can't believe that I was that stupid but I was. I finished the profile. They then had me to sign a contract and explained about my 6 contacts. I was not to discuss with others about my service and was not to discuss my fees or service with other contacts. This was after I had already signed the papers. I knew then that it was too late. It was 2 weeks before I ever received a contact. I waited several days for this person to call me. They didn't so I attempted to contact them with no success. I then returned the feedback paper to service and have heard nothing. I phoned the office a few days after signing up for the service and asked if I could opt out. They said no way and that I would be penalized if I tried. I would no longer receive the discount and would have to pay $1295.

I began searching the web for complaints and found one. I e-mailed this gentleman and he e-mailed me back with his horror story. He had been doing research and found that this deception is going on around the country. He said that there were really no fixed fees. Just what people were stupid enough to pay.I am planning to contact the state attorney general's office in Md.

I have lost almost $1,000. I was sorry as soon as I signed the paper but felt that it would be worth it if I could find a companion. The fee went on my credit card and therefore I am paying it off with interest. I work for a local school system so my income is not very high. I have always prided myself on being responsible but this was just plain stupidity.


interviewed over the phone, payment over the phone and never stepped inside the office. How many others were never seen? I was led to beleive background checks are done and they were not. The membership fees are set different for everyone, it depends on how lonley or desperate you are on the phone. The harder your cry, the higher the membership fees. I was told they are nationwide, NY is not. I requested a refund and after 1 year of nonsense and letters I was told I would receive $250. refund, I never received it. Matched up with others that had nothing in common and one man was 65 yrs old I was 52!

When I made together aware of this they were shocked I knew. I brought up dishonesty with the service and eddie gonzomez told me I had not been honest with him and used my handicap as to say I was not honest either. Very low, I included my handicap on their form from the beginning. I learned of the game this service plays and mr gomez left a long nasty message on my phone, I have the tape. Mr Gomez inadvertently left a message speaking with a female in his office, sounds like he is coaching her in dealing with people, what and how to speak and what she should say regarding money. If a match is not made for two months a refund may be granted, however, they will not allow that to happen and therefore match you up with anyone. The nationwide together now includes the word the right one! Also, to new members offer a background check. Wonder why?


I paid the firm $8290. They are a dating service. They advertise that they will conduct indepth consultations with the client and then match them with suitable dates. I have never been matched with anyone. I have repeatedly called the company and it's hard to get a call back. Jody said she would give me my money back. Then she said she wouldn't. She would do matches. No matches have been made. I wrote to the company, complained to better business bureau and to the state attorney general.

I lost $8290.


I entered into a contract for dating services with Together on 12/13/99. In exchange for $2,000, I was to receive 12 referals or dates. After three referals, per my contract, I demanded a refund. The Together office I dealt with has closed and left no forwarding address. It's francisor, located in Texas, refuses to refund my money, and the whereabouts of the owners of the New Jersey office is unkown at present.

Lost $1,333.00.

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