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Table for Six Sacramento...signed up April 2012 for 10 mos. - I was promised, "Sit back and relax, let us do the work." So far, in almost one year, I have had 2 dates. One was like night and day to me after I spent 2 hours with Table for Six in Roseville, CA. I rarely get any communication from the lady in San Francisco ... until I complained and she promised everything and even extended me a year. Then, I sat for almost 3 mo. with nothing. So I requested a partial refund and was told no (yes, she did answer that email). She does not promote; she lets your contract expire and unless I would have complained but still, there are no results. She doesn't seem to care. This group is a hoax. They do not do ice breakers or get-togethers like San Francisco does. They do no communicate unless you bring it up. While someone else is on freeze time while they figure out what they want to do, your time clock is ticking away while TFS is waiting on the person, and they don't have anyone for you.

I am so disgusted. They took almost $3,000 from me and I could go sit in a bar and meet someone although they claim they take all that away and do it right. They claim they guarantee the number of introductions (not). Yea, my contract is still valid, but I am very displeased with them. I was told once by this lady after I complained and could not get any responses from her, that when and if she finds someone, she would contact me. I told her, "If" You didn't say that when you took my monies. I plan on legal action at this point.


I made an agreement with Table for Six Total Adventures & Entertainment to provide me matchmaking service for one year on 08/11/09. As per the agreement, they will provide me seven dates for which I paid $3400 as a service charge. Before I signed up the contract, I met with their director Maureen and not only verbally explained what I am looking for, I also filled up a form specifying my needs, interests and basic requirement related to the women I would meet.

But till December 2009, they introduced me to three women and I found out in each introduction that, while selecting the woman, they completely ignored my requirements/needs. It looks like they are just interested to meet the number they have promised and they don't bother about the quality of woman they promised. The way they do the business, they never show the photos and never give the details of the woman in writing, before the match date, so that we can compare whether our criteria are matching with the quality of woman.

Their intention is to meet the number, for which they are taking huge money and by this dishonest business practice, they cheated so many members. I found out on the intenet that most of the members accused that they lost their money, and they didn't get the right match (due to the same problem I am facing). After I complained in December 2009 about the quality of women I met, they all together stopped communicating with me. But I called their director Maureen several times, left voice mails, but she never replied. Once I was able to spoke with her, but she convinced me either she or Mandy will call me later to discuss about my concerns, on the next day. But they never called me.

Then in January, I told them that, “It's a kind of cheating, you guys are not communicating with me even if I call, you guys don't respond. So there is no other way, I have to take a legal action.” It looks like it's completely a cheating business. Regarding this matter, I also complained to the BBB but they have not replied the questions BBB forwarded to them. I therefore, request you, please take a legal action against them (if possible) or advise me, where I can complain against them so that I would get my full money back. I lost $3400.

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Table for Six
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