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I'm not on site; they have created relatives for me!: I googled my self and saw that these criminals have me listed on and stated that I am related to people with whom I am not related. Now, I am getting collection calls from people in Ohio, etc. I am very close to losing my mind. Shut them down! I am going to hire an attorney if the BBB can't handle it. However, they hide behind the internet. When I find this person who has caused me these problems, he better watch his back because I will get even!

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I have written letter after letter to this company to take me off their site. What do I have to do? I would appreciate any help and want to warn others about it.


I want my name/info off this website! How does such personal information get exposed? Please advise or direct me to how I can get my name and info off this website. Thank you.


I signed up for several years ago, when there was a low yearly fee. I paid for one year. Suddenly, I found out that they are now owned by MyLife and their fee is $60. I decided not to renew my account. I recently lost my job, so money is very tight. A couple of days ago, I got a check for $106. And today, I went to my credit union to see how much was left in my account. Apparently, MyLife has decided to go ahead and use the card number they had on file from when I was a member. And they charge the $60 fee for membership to their site, even though it has been over a year since my membership expired.


They are a rip off. I signed up and used it one time but I got no results. Then, three months later, while out of town, they renewed my account for $24.99. I did not know until I checked my bank account. When I called, the lady said that she will cancel my account; however, there would be no refund. I told her where to go. I filed a complaint with PayPal and my bank--they are rip offs.

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I was looking for one person, a year ago. The site did not help me; I figured, okay, $60, I could live with it. Then, they go back to Paypal for a renewal, used an electronic check and Paypal honors it! I have written both Reunion and Paypal. Sorry, no help, no communication. Don't use this site or their new name, My Life. I was charged $60 when I did not want the service and had no intention whatsoever of ever using them after the one time that I did use them!

on automatically renewed my membership without contacting me prior to charging my credit card $15. I attempted to call the phone number listed on my bill and was redirected to its website. I then emailed them a few weeks ago requesting cancellation of my membership and a credit of $15 back onto my credit card. However, nobody has attempted to contact me and there has been no reversal of the $15 charge. I just contacted my credit card company to stop any future charges by them and they are going to refund me my $15 as well.


My husband signed up for this 'FREE' High School and College Re-Union site over a year ago, and quickly lost interest, and incentive to log on after he discovered that it had little web traffic and very sparse information on either his class mates, or the education institutions that he attended. Within the last few months we've been bombarded with E-Mail Spam from what was purported to be from our former neighbors, and my husband's classmates, both alive and dead, that they wished to communicate with him through REUNION/MYLIFE.

Well, it appeared to be laughable bogus spam from shady operators at this Web Site, so we ignored the E-Mail. Lo and behold, I discovered last Friday that MYLIFE had charged my credit card the sum of $59.00 plus $1.00 for ATM charges, and another company, LIFELOCK, has charged my credit card the sum of $99.00 plus $1.00 ATM charges. It appears that the same sleazy Principals own both of these scam Web companies. Since we didn't furnish either site with my credit card #, this appears to be a case of outrageous credit card theft.


I cancelled my account in Feb. There were two more bills after that.


I cancelled my account in Feb. There were two more bills after that. The bill was on my ex-boyfriends card. I told him I cancelled it and there here are two more bills.


I never signed up for pay service at but they constantly send me emails that 13 people have been looking for me. I was really surprised when my credit card called me to see if I had authorized a $1.00 charge for and a $59.00 charge for I still wonder how they got my credit info because I sure didn't give it to them. These charges were posted at the same time as Lifelock tried to steal $99 from my credit card.

I appreciate that my credit card company was insightful enough to see a scam in process and stop it.

on sent an email to ask me to join (through) one of my relative's invitation. (later I found out that ) He did not join, but like me, went in and registered but did not pay for any due. (new name is programmed to steal my contact list/address book (without consent)to send an invitation to your friend . I tried their unsubscription link and it was just another trap to generate more email to both my email address and my friends'. One could never unsubscribe or delete the profile. There is no ethnic in this company.

Got more and more solicitation to my email address as well as my friends'. No way to delete profile or unsubscribe even I dont pay any due.


I had a membership during 2008. Their fine print says the membership will auto-renew unless they hear from you before your renewal date. However, you are supposed to get an e-mail 30 to 40 days before the renewal date so that you have a chance to cancel. They did not send me that e-mail but did charge my credit card for $60. I called immediately upon seeing the charge to tell them I did not wish to renew and was told they did not give refunds. Plus the fact that I claimed not to have received the e-mail was my problem. Their policies are not clearly stated and difficult to find on the website, and they obviously lie to keep your business.

After 3 different reps told me I couldn't get a refund the 4th one finally agreed to a refund of $48. Be careful of these unscrupulous people or any subscription service that refuses to refund any unused portion on your account.


What a scam!!! Disguised under another website as Search Public Records or Public Records Search... I don't recall. I paid my modest 3 month membership... THEN only found out that it was Reunion.Com... What a SCAM!!! Its a worthless social networking site... I thought all the time that I was going to be able to search historical records of my ancestors... until I paid my money and foudn out it was Reunion.COM. Those folks are deceptive thieves. Be aware that they cloak themselves in deception by using other frontend web pages.


I filled out my name and address information only and then decided to delete and not join this group though I had friends who said they knew me and did I know them- strange- I then discovered this organization had invaded my entire e-mail address book and sent my name to all those people. It appears to be a scam to get e-mail addresses and I don't like it. How do I get this organization off my back?

Other than being embarrasing to me that I got others inintentially involved, I do not know what else they can get from us. Please stop this racket!


The yahoo e~mail address is one I give to businesses and i have one person in that address book. That person is someone I don't know all that well and until I do I don't give out my personal email. She contacted me because contacted her and said I wanted her to join to connect with me. WHAT? They must have hacked into my yahoo address and got her from my address book. That is so upsetting to me. I am happy that I only had one person in that address book. Isn't that against the law?

Only mental damage. I am so upset about this!


I run a business online, I even run a newsletter. I've got terms of service on my site that are very clear about sending me unwanted emails. Their mailings have no unsubscribe link (unlike every other company online), by law ALL emails from any company trying to get your services or mailing list have to have a removal link. There are enough laws to catch them.

They are constantly sending me invites for the thousands of people who add me to their site. I've contacted them tons of times asking them to BAN (being a webmaster and a computer geek I KNOW they can.) It would take nothing more then a few minutes time for them to impliment this. I've asked them to pass my threats onto their legal dept, webmaster, owner, ceo, tech support, etc and STILL I get the mailings. I shouldn't have to impliment spam blockers on my end for a legal matter they are breaking. Both my terms of service as well as the laws about spam.

Loss of work each and everytime I've had to contact through email and phone, undue stress because I'm bipolar. I've had uncontolled outbursts of anger toward family and friends due to not being able to cope.


Here is my email to which states what happened to me I have already asked you to stop using my email address. I have asked you to stop referring people to me. I have asked you to stop using my email addresses and falsely contacting people with lies. I am collecting all messages received from you. Ths is an invasion of my property and a stealing of my property. You have used my email materials without my permission. You have harrassed my friends. I an consulting with other legal counsel on what steps can be taken against you for these thefts and invasions. Please have your lawyers contact me immediately.

I do not know. That is precisely the problem. They have access to all my email addressees and seemed to have used these to contact my friends. they have access to all my emails over the last five years. This is an invasion and a trespass. At the very least, an injunction should be available.


I received an email saying that someone in the neighborhood had joined Reunion and recommended it. This is a lie. They get into your email addresses if you sign up for supposidly $5.00 a month and charge your account $60.00, which you find is not refundable after the fact. There is no agreement to read and approve. They have all you account info and some personal info, depending on what you give. They also say they will automatically renew you membership every year without your permission.

Once in, your email contacts are all sent the same email as I oringinally received only with your name on it. Fortunatley, most of my friends are smarter than I and delete the mail. However, they keep coming back to haunt you with constant email. I was curious as I received mail saying three people had visited my profile so I thought I would sign up for a month, having used Classmates in the past, which is a good site, thinking this would be like it. Wrong!

I did phone the company and talked to a Myesha. She said she would refund $48.00, and charge me $12 for a monthe. I don't even want a months memebership now. I have to go change all my info at my Credit Union, I was so stressed out over my friends being bothered in my name, and worried about identity theft


They are buying huge amounts of data from 3rd parties, and offering on their websight to entice other members to join. They then assign a user profile to all the data that they buy, this means you, even though that person has never registered for their service. They also list family members and places lived on the search results as if they had been really supplied by the user. Attempts to remove your name from this list is not possible. If you follow their opt out policy, you must either submit MORE personal information about yourself to their website, which does not make sense if the purpose is to DELETE unauthorized personal information in the first place, or the only other choice is to send a notarized form via snail mail to the address provided.

This is what I did, first via fax, then mail then certified mail. After doing all this they do not respond. I then filed a complaint with TrustE, which is a seal that they proudly display on their web sight. After much contact back and forth, did NOT delete my name, but now the search results states USER PROFILE not available I am not and have never been a user. Also, on the initial search screen my name is still listed with places lived, family members, etc. Nothing here has changed. I am still complaining through TrustE but so far their response has been just to rubber stamp any thing says.

1. Time and money faxing, mailing, and certified mail expenses. 2. Aggravation from at least 30 Emails to and from reunion and truste with no results. 3. My personal information is still available for anyone, including relatives that might include mother's maiden name information! A serious identity theft risk.


We discovered that our personal information and that of many of our friends and family has been usurped without our knowledge or permission and published on and apparently on websites. We were enraged and amazed that these sleazy dataminers would stoop to this and the other unethical practices so well documented here and elsewhere online.

We spent DAYS, seeking contact information for their sleazy business, and calling them and demanding our information be removed. We got a LOT of run-arounds and misinformation, but apparently using magical words like LEGAL CONSEQUENCES and ATTORNEY, etc., will make them see the light and remove your information.

Want to encourage EVERYONE who resents having their privacy violated to contact these people by phone or mail (don't bother emailing them; they'll just harvest more info on you and won't act swiftly to remove your information from their nasty database), and DEMAND that their info be removed immediately. It is, after all, OUR INFORMATION, not theirs. And is it NOT PUBLIC INFORMATION or PUBLIC DOMAIN data! Much of what they have is PRIVATE and they have basically STOLEN IT, through what they call a private third party data broker whom they REFUSE to name. Good luck.

Economic damage: An entire day's long-distance phone calls tring to resolve this matter that was dumped on us by arrogant business practices of

Physical/emotional damage: Lost sleep, stress, high blood pressure, and other health problems caused by the stress of having our private information divulged in a worldwide venue and the anxiety of having our security/boundaries violated.

We still do not know if the UNAUTHORIZED PLUNDERING of our private info has been exacerbated by multiple search engines and other databases exponentially disseminating our information. We also do not know how long this information has been floating around out there, or who all has accessed it. claims they cannot provide that information. They deliberately stonewall the innocent victim's attempts to gather specific details about the extent of the DAMAGES their unlawful use of our information has caused us. They should be SUED.

We strongly URGE all victims of and similar dataminers to BAND TOGETHER and get CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS UNDERWAY, to put a stop to this wholesale raping of our privacy in America. Also recommend they all should contact their State Attorney General and register loud complaints over this abuse of their private information.

Thank you.


I had received several e-mails in the past saying someone was looking for me. I finally decided to pay the subscription price of $60 to find out whom it may be. When the info went through, I was directed to see who was looking for me. The page I received said Sorry no searches were found.Please check back often to see who could be looking for you! I tried calling them to dispute and to try and refund my money, but I was just left on hold. I called my credit card company and after getting irate to 2 people for not cancelling this order, they finally transferred me to someone that helped me cancel my credit card, just so they wouldn't actually bill me. This business is disgusting and I don't understand why they are getting away with their deceitful practices, especially when the money is non-refundable.


Placed an order online for membership and was charged the higher membership fee, without options for the lower fee.

I feel thta they my be phishing people with false pretence that someone is looking to get in contact with you.

I am out of $60 and still have not been in contact with the so call missing friend looking for me. I believe that the information that they provided me was the same information that I had posted to find this person


I am just a regular member of Reunion I have, in the past, signed up for 3 months to see who was searching for me. That lapsed several months ago and I left it that way because the people who were supposedly searching for me were just curious or had the same name as me etc.

Now lately I have been getting these messages from saying someone is looking for you, see how many. Sign up for 3 months or a year and become a premium member. I signed up again for the three months @ a special price. I clicked the 3 month button. I put in my Visa # and hit submit. When that page came up it said, you are now a 1 year premimum member and took out $60.00! I was expecting $15 the special price. I wrote 3 letters to them explaining what happened and I wanted my bank account credited $45. They also said they would respond within 24 hours, It has been a week! My first letter was written Oct. 17th All I want is a $45 credit to my account. Thank you,


I have a dial up computer service. I called reunion company and told them I did not request their service. I was just looking at the website some how they got my bank card number and I was charged $60.00 for a service I did not subscribe to. I have an overdraft charge on my bank account. Now I have to deal with the fraud unit for a new atm card. I cannot use my old card. I was told by the bank to destroy my old card.


I am not a member of I never visited the website until I found my maiden name as a link at the bottom of a search results page ( does not have my name listed at its site). I clicked on the link, and it took me to a page where my personal information is posted, including my mother's and sister's names in the Family and Friends section (There is another name, James ** of South Lake Tahoe, that I know nothing of - creepy) and all the cities I have lived in.

What's just as disturbing is's Public Profiles FAQs. In order to have my page removed by the company/web site, I would have to claim my page by registering/joining - which I do not want to do. Not only that, but the company wants a credit card number as well. If a person does not have a credit card, then s/he would have to fax/mail a form and provide more personal information and have it signed by a notary. This is information mining. My mother is still dealing with identity theft issues. And anyone can go to my page at to mine information for identity theft. I want my page removed, but I do not trust this company/web site to do so in an ethical manner - let alone to do it at all.


They are sending out e-mails saying that one of our friends is looking for us. They are NOT! Are they just looking to get into our address book?


I received an e-mail from telling me that a friend had sent me this e-mail requesting that I sign up at this website. I later learned that this was not true. My friend did not send any e-mail but evidently the website tricks people into thinking that the e-mail was sent from a friend asking them to sign up. My friend was also caught in the scam of signing up and all his e-mail contacts on his computer were then downloaded to the Reunion website and those contacts were sent invitations with his name and now my name and contacts as well and without our permission. I never sent invitations to my friends to sign up on this website and now my friends have received the following e-mail requesting them to sign up.

This is the notice that my friend received soon after I mistakenly signed up to this website. If you don't respond it will keep sending you reminders until you sign up: "Please connect with me :) I looked for you on, but you weren't there. Please connect with me so we can keep in touch. Do you know Mary ** is? Yes No Tell us, and see who's searching for you! - Find Everyone from Your Past. You have received this email because a Member sent an invitation to this email address." (This is a lie!!!!)


I joined as a free service to get in touch with friends,etc.The Comp. then said they had a special dealto become a (Premium Member) @ $5.00 a mo. to also help find add. and phone #'s,etc. Then after you fill out your info they say they are going to charge a 59.00 plus a 1.00 fee for the entire year instead of the $5.00 a mo. initially stated. Then they say if you opt out or cancel they issue no refunds...

I have written numerous e-mails to,and they say they will answer within 24hrs. it has been over 3 weeks and no answer. I have requested a pro rated refund, no reply. Just how much money are they making off customers who fall for this bogus deal. You can find the same info in the white pages. Please help!!

I feel cheated out of money. How can they not give any kind of a refund if you decide to cancel early cause it seems like a scam.


On May 28th, 2008 I signed up for a premium membership and gave all my bank information, which I have proof it was paid It was for three months untilAugust 28th. As of this date, they have ignored, outside of me extended to Nov. 28th still listing as a free member.

i e-mailed on 7-17-08, and again on 7-25-08, no responsecalled 7-26-08 spoke to somebodu sounding like Korny, reception very poor. Said I would be extended to Nov.-28th-08, still getting free instead of premium She gave me a user name and a password Plan 3 mos. amount $36.00 My charge ends in 3771. Date poste 5-28=08 I wrote to there help last week and still no reply. I am 84 yrs. of age and feel it I am being ripped off. I would appreciate any help Thank You Company Profile

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