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It's Just Lunch!

About It's Just Lunch!

It's Just Lunch is a personalized matchmaking service that caters to busy professionals looking for meaningful relationships in more than 110 U.S. cities as well as cities in Canada, the UK, Ireland and Australia. Matchmakers get to know members and use their dating preferences and relationship history to select matches. It's Just Lunch makes all the arrangements for comfortable and safe face-to-face dates, including the time and place. All members have to do is show up ready to meet their match. Potential pairs meet over lunch or after work for drinks.

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  • Guaranteed face-to-face dates
  • Free onboarding interview
  • Customized membership plans
  • Fully confidential


  • Lengthy process
  • Can be pricey

Bottom Line

It’s Just Lunch offers an alternative to online dating apps with its personalized matchmaking services. You work one-on-one with a matchmaker who finds potential matches for you and sets up the date.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2007

I joined in September 2006 and paid $1,500. Shortly thereafter, without notice to me, the person with whom I met left the company. As a result, the personal service that is advertised no longer existed. This was a gross misrepresentation upon which I relied to my detriment. Thereafter, I was routinely sent on dates that were nowhere close to the type of man I was interested in or to whom I was attracted.

I took time out of my day to go back and meet with Leslie in early 2007. The matches were marginally better, but still not the caliber of men I am interested in dating. I asked that they refrain from sending me on dates that were not suitable, as I would rather wait for the right person --each time I was told that this was a good match. I think I was just sent as a front person so these guys had their quota of dates.

This service wasted my time with over 16 dates in 6-7 months. Each poor match resulted in the obvious emotional distress of forced conversation, not to mention that I work on commission so I lost money due to the blatant misrepresentations made by representatives of It's Just Lunch. I want a refund of my $1,500.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2007

I contacted It's Just Lunch because I had heard good things. Unfortunately, I didn't speak with anybody that actually used the service themselves.

I've been on 6 dates so far and one is worse than the next. I'm not even a little bit compatible with my set-ups. They continually set me up with weird, awkward introverts. One guy was describe as blonde with blue eyes who has a variety of interests. I showed up and he was balding with gray hair. And outside of his lacking in looks, his personality was lacking and the conversation was painful.

I was promised that I would meet some really great people. So far I haven't met anybody I would ever want to date again. I don't even want to use the rest of my dates. I wasted $1,500 and 6 evenings with the lead cast of Revenge of the Nerds.

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Rated with 2 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2007

IJL has left Baltimore. All calls are forwarded to Miami office. When I demanded a refund, I was told I would have someone call me back. I was given another date and complained once again because there were absolutely no similarities. Again, I called and voiced my opinion that if IJL was not taking on new members in Baltimore, and I had a very new membership, that they could not possibly provide a date. They stated they had plenty of dates and would put me on the active list. Three weeks later I still had not heard from anyone.

I filed with the BBB and sent a certified letter with my complaint and demand for a refund. The date the certified mail was signed for, I received phone calls from someone who wanted to make a date as well as Diane who said she was sorry she hadn't gotten back to me about my complaint. Needless to say, I have neither received a letter or a refund. My next step is to take them to small claims court.

This was a very expensive proposition, $1500 and one in which IJL cannot come through on their end of the contract. Going to ITJ after my husband died was a difficult decision; one in which I didn't have a ton of money to throw around. I have asked repeatedly for a refund. I am not interested in their pool of potentials. I just want my money back since they have failed to keep their end of the contract.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2007

I joined IJL in Newport Beach, CA on June 6, 2005. When I completed my application I emphasized how important it was to me that I met someone who was a professional (like me), and an active ocean person who loves to sail, scuba dive and ski, and had the time and money to travel internationally. Most important, I wanted to date another Christian. In the interview I asked whether they had enough male members who would be compatible. Before I signed the contract with them, they assured me that they had enough men in their database to fulfill what I was looking for and quickly ran my credit card. I paid them $1300 in advance for 14 dates, based on their promises to provide compatible partners for me.

They require that you phone them to report in within 24 hours of your date. They told me that this was so they could get a better idea of what you did or did not like about the guy, and they could apply this to find you a more compatible date the next time. It all sounded like a great idea.

The truth was, they did not have nearly as many people in their system as they had told me.

Even after numerous complains during the next months, the matches they aligned me with became more and more incompatible and the dates kept getting worse and worse. They have not even come close to delivering what they promised.

Several times they sent me to one restaurant and my date to another. One of the dates never showed up at all. They gave me some lame excuse as to why he didn't show.

I expressed my concerns to them numerous times when giving my date feedback. They even offered to extend my membership to give me more dates. What good would that do? They couldn't deliver what they had already promised me.

Out of total frustration I put my membership on hold in October 2006.

In the middle of January I wrote them a letter outlining all their lies and demanded my money back in spite of a no refunds clause in their contract. I pointed out to them that I would contact an attorney and sue them for breach of contract if they did not refund my money, since they lied to me to get me to sign the agreement in the first place.

They send me back a letter telling me that they would refund my money in return for signing a non-disclosure that I would not go public with my story. I signed it, and waited for my refund. Now, almost four months later, still no refund. Additionally, they continue to promise to return my phone calls and never do.

This company is not qualified to be in the matchmaking business. The promises they make to the prospective members are for the purpose of putting money into their own pockets.

I am currently filing a claim in Orange County Small Claims Court asking for all my money back. I am also sending this report to the Better Business Bureau and any other place where I can get the word out. If I can keep one other busy professional from wasting their time and money with this company, then I feel it will have done some good.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 1, 2007

I have had very bad experiences with this company - not following through and setting me up on dates with the SPECIFICS I have asked not to be set up with. I have given them feedback each time and they have not listened. These examples are the basics - like where they live, if they have kids, etc. Horrible experience. The woman I originally met with is no longer with them, but they will not admit this to anyone and lie to all of us. I will be happy to provide examples.

Wasted money, wasted time. Most of the men I have gone out with through them have had the same complaints.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2006

I have let my membership with IJL lapse because it was just not worth the time and expense of the thoughtless set ups. I am a well educated professional woman who joined as a means to meet some potential friends without the bar scene, etc.. The staff was in a constant state of flux; no one seemed to last long. One particularly terrible match had a Circuit Court record including over 30 offenses! The staff said that was not recent and that he seemed OK to them. There are no better safeguards with this service than in random meetings. IJL is a shameful business. I was given the same lines reported from many others. I can think of 4 people RIGHT NOW that would be PERFECT! Icky doesn't begin to describe the experience. I could have gone on vacation, bought some shoes, and come out feeling better!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2006

After hearing radio advertisements for It's Just Lunch, I decided to contact the company for additional information. Despite repeated phone calls and e-mails, no one has contacted me. They do not answer their phones or respond to messages left on their answering machine. They also will not respond to e-mail inquires. I have tried to reach this business for over two weeks. This company continues to have radio advertisements and send advertisements via e-mail -- for services that apparently do not exist!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2006

I signed up for this dating service back in September 2006. They gave me a phone interview and charged my credit card, guaranteeing me a certain number of dates (6, I believe) within 6 months. I sent a signed contract back to their office in Lubbock, TX, because at that time there was no office in Amarillo, TX, where I live (they assured me they had plenty of clients in Amarillo). It has been over 2 months and I've not heard anything. I just tried to call their office number and got a recording that the number was disconnected. They also now advertise an Amarillo phone number, which was also disconnected. I called the company headquarters number for a direct connection to my area office and still got the disconnect recording. I called and left a message with the public releations dept at the company headquarters. I am a struggling single mom and I cannot afford to lose the kind of money I invested in this service. If they are no longer working in my area, I want my money back.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2006

I have just had another date set up by someone at IJL who has never met me. This is the 4th person I have dealt with since becoming a member.

I believe that this is a totally numbers-driven company. They send you out on as many dates as possible to use up your membership. They show no concern about if you would have anything in common with the person. I am not sure they even read your profile, since they have tried to send me on dates with married men and men with small children, both of which I stated I was not interested in. Now I seem to be sent on dates with "my father"!

This company has no interest in you or your profile - all they want is your money.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2006

This is a dating service that promises one thing to lure you into their expensive service and does not deliver. The matches were never close to what I was asking for. I tried numerous times to get a refund and they refuse to address your concerns and will only place your membership on hold. The services were falsely advertised and misleading.

I would like a full refund in the amount of $1500 which is what I paid for when I joined in February 2005. I have been in a Hold mode since September of 2005.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2005

My story is exactly the same as the other complaints that I have read by
other customers. After going into painstaking detail about what I was
looking for I asked the director, "Are you SURE you have clients that meet
these requirements?" She assured me she did. I realize now this was just a

way to get my money.

My first two dates were nothing like what I had told IJL I was looking for.
I called to voice my concern and was treated rather rudely and told to
"relax and have fun". Two more dates that were worse than the first and I
called again to complain and request a refund. This time I talked with the
franchise owner who rudely told me "No refunds, you signed a contract" and


I decided to give it one more try. This time I sat in a restaurant for 1
hour and 15 minutes and my date never showed up. I called the next day to
cancel my account and request a refund. The next week I received a letter

that stated: "As per your request, we have placed your account on hold."

is NOT what I requested. After reading the testimonials of others it is
clear to me this a pattern. I believe this company preys on the hopes of the lonely to get their money

and then ignores their wishes.

Damages: $1300 and untold hours of my time trying to get a response

to my complaints.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2004

After having tried the ?It?s Just Lunch? matchmaking service in Denver for the past year, I have to say that I?m very disappointed. At the introductory interview, I was told by the director that IJL would set me up on a minimum of 12 dates with ?quality? people. After the first several IJL match dates, it became obvious that a lot of IJL's clientele are extremely busy professionals who put in 60-70 hours a week. I made very clear to IJL that I am not interested in dating workaholics, as they don?t appear to have much time for dating or anything else outside of work.

IJL is supposed to take the feedback that you provide after each date and fine tune the process so that the next date is a closer match. In reality, the people that IJL consistently matched me up with were not my type and had little in common with my interests and goals. IJL even sent me out on a dinner date with someone from Telluride, who lives over 300 miles away from where I live in Denver. IJL should have told me upfront that they were matching me up with someone who lived 300 miles away. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my dinner date lived 300 miles away?in addition to us having very little in common.

Although I asked repeatedly for a pro-rated refund, I was told that IJL doesn?t give refunds. One of the directors said that she would give me a one-month extension on my 1-year contract. However, she did not write this down in my folder so there was no record of the conversation. This director is no longer with IJL. When my one-year membership was up, I asked about the one-month extension. This new director didn?t know what I was talking about, as there was no written record of the conversation. She said she would honor the one-month extension anyway. However, IJL never sent me out on any additional dates under the one-month extension.

Damage Resulting: I'm out $1500 for the one-year membership.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2004

I joined Just Lunch in July of 2003 and have been extremely disappointed. Its a joke. I received a sales pitch from Jennifer, the "director" who told me that she could not wait to send me out on dates and to introduce me to all the appropriate and great gentlemen who were in my community and were listed with her. She even dropped some names. However, when I called her after my first date to give her feedback she said I shall not call her, her job was done by signing me up and interviewing me. Now it is up to the assistants.

Well they did not interview me or had any idea what I am looking for. The dates were completely incompatible. Each time I tried to talk to the matchmaker, I was hustled off the phone as quickly as possible. I wanted to leave and was happy to receive just 50% of my money back; however I was told I couldn't get a refund, and they kept reminding me I had signed a contract. Their contract however states that if they can't provide me with 16 dates based on my criteria, I should get a refund. But there is no time limit - it is one and a half years later and they could only just come up with 6 dates. They absolutely do not have men for me . I have met a lot more and very nice men on E Harmony. Much cheaper and well worth the money!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2004

This is a dating service that supposedly does in-person interviews of your prospective matches. In my case, it turns out that no one currently working in the office had ever met my date. (She told me so!) If they ever had, it would be obvious that this lady was on heavy meds with some serious life issues -- not even remotely the sort of woman that I specified!

After 3 days elapsed since my "interview", 1 date -- and 13 more "promised" dates, I politely ask for pro-rata refund of the $1400 (check, no credit card, thank you) that I had just shelled out. "It's our policy not to give refunds", says Stephanie (a high-pressure salesperson under beaucoup de makeup). Amazing, from unbelievable promises of more than 800 GREAT singles to choose from to "what did you expect?"

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2004

I just got off the phone with H. in the Chicago office who tried to set me up with someone I wasn't interested in. I turned him down and she kept saying that the "advisors" matched us for a reason. I told her that I know myself better than someone who only spoke to me for one hour and I won't go out with this guy. She then told me that because I missed giving feedback on my last date that it was my fault that the "advisors" weren't matching me correctly. I told her then why haven't they used the feedback I gave them from the previous 6 dates?

I asked for a re-evaluation meeting and she gave me "we'll get back to you". I was told that after 5 dates you are brought back in so that you can see if you're on the same page. I don't think they'll see that as something they can do. They really need some training on customer service. They forget that I paid them so I get a lot of say in who I will or will not be matched to. I believe once they have your $1500 they don't give a **** about you.

Their matching capabilities are really bad because I've been out with men that don't match what I told them at all. They don't give the full disclosure on a person either. I'm not interested in someone with kids and told them that. So what happens...they set me up with a man who works constantly and whatever time he has left he spends with his kids out in the suburbs. This same man told me that he could go out with someone every week but for women they just set them up with whatever man walks through the door because there are more women than men. So true.

I bet if you talked to the women that belong the number of unhappy people would be much higher than happy. They really run a shoddy organization. I'm in sales and if my team ever talked to the customers like they do I'd fire them.

I paid $1500 for what I thought were going to be quality dates and haven't been set up with anyone yet who's worth it. What makes me mad is their customer service or lack thereof. They don't listen to what the customer wants or needs and then argues with them when the customer pushes back.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2004

I am an academic who has held teaching positions in Houston and DC. I joined IJL in Houston and reactivated the membership in DC, having been assured in Houston that reciprocity would be honored. In DC Ms. Reid encouraged me to come in for a new "intake interview" which would make it easier to match me more accurately. For this service she charged an extra $200.

The matches I received in DC were unsuitable in several ways, and crucial information about the women's lifestyle were witheld from me. Also I have similar complaints to others on the DC IJL about appointments set up in parts of the DC area that were very far from where I lived or worked. Since I was new to DC area, I had no idea about distance and difficulty of travel. There was also delay after delay in setting up meetings.

I put my membership on hold until I returned to Atlanta, my permanent home, and I am finding that in Atlanta IJL has the same problem of being very slow to set up meetings (one in a month of membership here). Houston IJL was able to set up about 10 dates for me over four months. Many of the women I met there, however, were considerably older than me or held incompatible values (e.g. extremely conservative whereas I am very liberal--something I made clear to the Houston office).

Furthermore, I am 56 and a triathlete in exceptionably good shape. I requested matches that were in as good shape as I am, whatever their age, and although the Houston IJL director assured me that she could meet my needs, she actually could not.

My feeling is that the client base is too narrow to fulfill the promises they make. None of the offices reveal how many subscribers they have--I have asked and been told the numbers are "proprietary information." The delays and long waits are probably due to the unwillingness to use computers or email to do the matching and set up the appointments. Often there are several rounds of phone calls which the staff has to handle (since they must assure anonymity) before a convenient time and place can be established.

I think these older, non-internet services are suffering from the competition of and other online matching services. Why pay $1000-$1500 for a service that offers far less choice than one for under $100 per year? So the client base of the expensive "handmade" matching services is probably shrinking and that is a source of much of their difficulty and the cause of much of the client frustration.

Unfortunately for IJL and even more expensive services such as Great Expectations, the downward sprial seems inescapable. The sharp tactics ... may be desperate efforts to halt the erosion of a business with a shrinking market which has become technologically obsolete. As for Atlanta IJL, I'm reserving judgment, but my initial impression is that they have the same underlying problem as elsewhere in the franchise.

I spent $1500 and feel the claims IJL franchise directors made were deceptive. At the very least they played on my naivete. If they were required to reveal the size of their client base, broken down by age and other categories, the consumer/ client would be able to make a more objective assessment of his/her chances. But I imagine the figures would be so disconcerting that few would pay the fee. In Houston, the director admitted to a 60-40 ratio of women to men, but I have the feeling the disproportion is great than that. Even with the ratio in my favor, the results were disappointing so I can imagine the frustration of women clients.

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