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I saw an ad for this dating service. I met with a representative who charged $5000 and represented at least ten dates with compatible and acceptable men. Dates were to be paid for by gentleman. Pictures and profiles were to be supplied, reviewed and approved. Four dates were arranged. None were acceptable or within promised parameters. There was no follow-up and the company closed without notice or refund. Damage: $5000 fee to join where promises of contract were not met.


I signed up and paid $2500 for this dating service.The dates I was sent on did not match my specifications at all and I felt that they were set up as "escorts" for a single dinner out. I felt as though the men were paid to do this one time service.The men were unprofessional and none followed through except for one who got drunk and was totally inappropriate. I would like to recover my $2500 at this time as I see that I was correct in thinking that Gary ** was scamming us all, thanks to a recent article in the Journal News.


I joined when this business opened in 2006 and Gary was very personable and encouraging, and he told me that I was just the right kind of person for Great Date and that I would find the love of my life very quickly. I asked for someone who was professional, divorced or widowed, with older children. I hung in for two years, met a man with small kids, one who was never married and drove a limo part time, and two who I think were personal friends/partners of Gary and doing him a favor. After two years and four dates, he told me I lived in the wrong county and that I should move so he could find a suitable partner for me. My county was never a problem when he charged me $2,000. I found out that it is illegal for a dating service to charge over $1,000.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau and wrote Gary a letter advising him of this. He agreed to reimburse me for $400. I told him I would sue him if I did not get all my money back and I am one of the lucky ones who were totally reimbursed. My advice: Start doing something you love and that’s the way you will find the person you are looking for. I did. If you can find Gary, send him a copy of the $1,000 law and I hope he refunds your money. This is not a case of someone who doesn’t know how to run a business, he is just into stealing money from people who are putting their trust in him.


I fear for the well being of the elderly, as I just read on another complaint board that Gary *, the scam artist who ripped all of us off with his dating service, is now the owner of a homecare aide agency in CT, Assisting Hands. Let's see how long it takes for him to rip his new employees and clients off!


I first joined when it was Great Date Now when I turned 30 years old. I was to get 10 dates, but I only used 3 or 4 dates. I was in contact with Nancy quite often, setting up these dates and clarifying what I was looking for. It was about $2000.00. Then I was called in when the company changed over to Meet Over Drinks. Dawn told me that I could start again at 10 dates with this new company. It also included an online exchange of photos. Both parties had to say yes in order for a date to take place. I went on one date in July 09.

I was sent another match, yet I chose not to meet with this person. I then started dating someone and did not contact the company until today, March 29, 2010. This is when I found out the numbers and site have been disconnected. First, the money was taken and the services sold have not been provided. I really want to know when the company went bad. Great Date Now always fulfilled my inquiry for a date, when did it become a scam or was it always? Overall, they took about $3000.00 and can no longer provide services.

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I was promised a service that was not given to me. When I first joined they were open to what i wanted to date and promised that they would follow the way the website states. I was then fixed up on 3 dates that ABSOLUTELY did not meet my requirements, they gave out my personal cell phone # and expressed that I needed to set up my own dates...what did I pay $3500 for? As things were being discussed the matchmaker Dawn would not take my calls and then her assistant wouldn't take my calls I had to tell my issues to a RECEPTIONIST - UNACCEPTABLE! Since I have put in 2 claims to my Amex and lost both times they have shut down GREAT DATE NOW and have become MEET OVER DRINKS. BEWARE they promise you the world and make you feel very confident that they will match you then they send you on a date that is completely the opposite of what you are looking for just so they can use up your dates.


Meet Over Drinks buys HUNDREDS if not thousands of URLs, e.g.,


westchestersingles, fifthavenuesingles, etc. (they even use the same pictures) and puts signs that say "Single? Single in __________ etc. on public and private property in NY, CT, NJ, and PA.

They do NOT give their name. ONLY if you fill out the form do you find out that Meet Over Drinks is the "parent company" - as in, they paid $10 for the local-sounding URL, so they can try to HIDE from anyone who is upset at their ILLEGAL SIGNS.

They will NOT tell you who their "marketing company" is because it is a Panamanian company, NuStar Solutions, that owns THOUSANDS of URLs and puts HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of these ILLEGAL, UGLY, HAZARDOUS SIGNS UP NATIONWIDE.


Great Date Now/Meet Over Drinks is a questionable company. GDN has been sued in small claims court in Connecticut several times. They seem to charge different clients with different rates at will. There is no actual matchmaking. Rather, they send you out on dates just to fulfill the contract. Your hopes, dreams, desires, and wishes are irrelevant to them. Their follow up and lack of communication is astonishing. From failing to follow up on dates and confirmations, to changing times of dates within an hour or less of the date time, to substituting dates at the 11th hour, I have experienced it all. Currently, I am on hold with GDN because I do not feel safe or comfortable with their service. I was contacted by them again recently to tell me about their "improvements" and to meet the new Connecticut matchmaker. I will not be following up because I have no confidence in their company.


I went to their place of business and was sold an upscale, professional dating service. They asked me for $3500. I sent the check and never heard back. After much upset, they agreed to refund 1/2 my money, $1750. They have now changed the name of the company with all the same employees and locations. I got a letter saying they now will not refund my money. I am a single parent trying to make a life for myself and my child. I feel taken and feel that someone needs to stop them from hurting other innocent people.


Scam alert! I had signed up with Meet Over Drinks and something about the atmosphere of the non-existent office made me feel that perhaps, something was a bit sketchy. But I felt comfortable with Luella ** and I signed up for the service for $1,800. As soon as I started to drive home, I began to wonder if in fact I had been taken. I went on to the Better Business Bureau site to hopefully alleviate my fears when I got home, but was instead floored by the number of complaints against Great Date Now, which is also called Meet Over Drinks (probably due to too many legal actions against it). I decided the very same night that I was going to cancel my contract. The contract states that one may only cancel or terminate their contract in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested within three business days, which is exactly what I did.

I even sent a follow up email to the company so that there was no confusion and that they could not say that they never received the letter. I did receive an email back stating that they were wondering why I had a change of heart. I was notified that Meet Over Drinks had in fact received my certified letter to terminate all services immediately and I was still charged. I disputed the charge with my bank, which then credited me the money back. Then, Meet Over Drinks provided the bank documentation that I had my signed contract and told the bank that yes, services had been rendered (when they never were, I mean nothing!). But the company neglected to inform my bank that I had canceled right in the very beginning.

The bank encouraged me to sue them in small claims court because I have a very strong case. I don't want to have to bother, but I will if they play these games. I paid 1,800 bucks and I got no services at all. Nothing. I told the company to never contact me again unless it is about getting my refund. In the meantime, I had this poor guy call me for a date and I told him I am not part of the service. I also got an email referral from them. I called the company yesterday and the secretary told me that I was still active in the computer after all that. I wrote them one last letter and if I do not get results, I am taking them to court with all of my documentation in hand, and I will be happy to do it! And if any of you are wondering, these two companies - Great Date Now and Meet Over Drinks - the same exact thing! Do not give them your money! It's the same owner named Gary Ferone, who was convicted of various things. Bad news! Just Google him, Gary Ferone.


In the year that I signed with this company, I was set up on three dates. I was promised 15 top, top-of-the-line dates. I was promised an "executive" service which would match me with the most suitable, and this was a complete scam. Great Date Now has turned itself into Meet Over Drinks because of the myriad of complaints. I shelled out an enormous amount, was promised top-of-the-line clients, with top-of-the-line service. This did not occur. Katherine ** was a fantastic saleswoman. And this is what it was about from the beginning. All this matchmaking service cares about is gaining your confidence and taking your money. The Match Making Institute who certifies them, is also at fault here, because they recommended Great Date Now. I believe both companies are scam artists.This is a heartbreaking business. Do not give them any amount.


I was sent on first of 3 matches. He showed up late and did not fit criteria that was set up in my profile. I did not request future matches. After reading other consumer complaints I request partial or full refund.

I feel they do not live up to standards portrayed by matchmaker.


I signed up with GDN on January 2007 when they were a smaller company and had different owners. It's amazing to read that not much has changed. I was promised 10 dates with super successful men that were looking for serious relationships, etc. They did not set me up with one person that fit any description we had discussed (personality, looks, success level, etc.) Each time I made attempts to speak to the match maker that I was working with, she always seemed to be busy and only would communicate with me via email.

For the thousands they take from their customers, that method of behavior is unacceptable. I only went on 6 dates and stopped contact with them after the last guy they set me up with got so drunk and tried groping me on our first meeting (I realize that was not GDN's fault). Almost 2 years later, they start calling me again. Three times they called with info on the perfect guy for me and for the hell of it, I agreed to go on a date. Each of these three times, GDN never got back to me to confirm dates. This service is good for individuals with low expectations that are just looking to meet people.

If you are successful, emotionally stable and serious about developing a relationship with someone, this may be a waste of money. It's purely a numbers game...similar to using a headhunter for job searches. They only call you when they need you and are never available if you want to discuss things. I also question their stable of eligible men and women. When I had my checkbook out, they had over 20 guys that were great for me. Once the contract was signed, I went for months without hearing a word.

No damage. I just want to save someone from making the same mistake.


I want everyone to know. I'm happy to say that I have just come back from my 2 1/2 week honeymoon in France. We had an unbelievable time, great wedding, My new wife and I are so happy i was showing my new single brother in law Great Date Now's website and saw a few complaints. I thought i would let people know that i had a great experience with them and Im now happily married. I went out on six dates with good people. Some better then others. I met my wife 1/2 way through the process. I think that people just need to be positive about the experience. It does work, and was worth the money. Thanks


I have been a member of the service for several months now and extremely angry with my matches. I've only been on 2 dates and I cannot believe who my Matchmaker set me up with. I truly believe this is a total scam and everyone beware.

I went in the NYC office and met with the sales woman by the name of Catherine G. I signed up with her and paid over $10,000.00 to meet the upscale executives that she had promised she would introduce me to. During my meeting she spoke to me as if I needed help in every aspect of my life. She spoke down to me and tried to make me feel horrible about my dress attire as if I am NOT Worthy, not to mention her preaching Tony Robbins and how he could change my life! If I wanted to know those things, I would have asked! How dare she, she should look at herself in the mirror as poor representation for ANY company. She has fabricated and made up stories to make herself feel better, calls herself the only Executive Matchmaker for Great Date Now but on the website she is NOT even certified.

What do you see in her as a company? You need to know what you employ and would never deal with such an unprofessional. She has also spoken poorly, leaving out names, of other colleagues she works with and claims herself to be part owner! I would advise ALL not to trust and just stay away from the Executive Matchmaker Cathrine G., for she will rip you off like I was.


I disagree. I have been in a great relationship for 11 months now. Suzie was the third person that they introduced me to. I met two women from Westchester, one from NYC and one from Connecticut. I have no complaints about the service or the people I was fixed up with. I just think that if you are a real person looking for a realistic match it's a good service. If you can't meet someone on your own or you are looking for someone who doesn't exist, stay single. The problem in this world is that two many men are only looking for the runway supermodel and women are only looking for the millionaire. Just be realistic and just maybe you will fall in love. If you want to know about the service you can email me **.


I joined GDN in July 2008 and paid $3500 for 9 matches which I was told would be personalized matches selected by the person who interviewed me based on my criteria and that this person would meet all the people personally that she would present to or work closely with other colleagues in sister offices to share information and collaborate if the potential 'match' was a member from a different GDN location.

Since I joined GDN in July 2008, I have been on 3 very disappointing dates that in no way reflected the 'upscale professionals' (last match was a corrections officer, formerly a letter carrier) GDN claims to represent in their advertising, or the personalized one to one matchmaker relationship they verbally commit to during the interview when they are trying to get you to purchase their services. This deceit and disappointment all comes at an extremely high price (approximately 90 x that of traditional online match sites).My repeated requests to have my concerns addressed lead me to believe that GDN seeks to target and defraud upscale professional single women , especially as it appears there are far more female members than there are male members, and is thus not only committing consumer fraud but discrimination, practicing unfair and deceptive marketing and more.

Add to this the fact I was advised when I joined that male and female members pay the same and all three men I dated revealed that they paid considerably less for their memberships.

The turnover (I have had to deal with a total of 4 different 'Matchmaker and Assistant Matchmakers' since I joined in JULY due to turnover), the non existent complaint resolution, the lack of personalized service, the misleading or incorrect information, the membership fee disparity between male and female members and the misinformation during the recruiting effort on this item, the difficulty in reaching someone on the phone and the reluctance of anyone at GDN to date to disclose the names and contact information for the owner(s) all adds up to a considerably large violation of consumer trust and I feel at the least constitutes unfair and deceptive marketing and business practices.


I signed on with this company in February 2008 at a price of $5,000+ with a promise of 18 introductions. Since then I have been introduced to one person. Calls to the company go unreturned and when I called to complain about the lack of service I had received I was told that they have a staffing change and that they were just overwhelmed. After several more calls that went unreturned, I went to their offices in person where I was told by the Matchmaker, that she understood how frustrated I was and that I should call the director of operations, Collette and speak with her about it.

I called Collette several times without a return call, I then sent her an e-mail which she responded to. Several more calls to the office went unreturned - she called once when I was at the office and unable to speak with her - and then subsequent calls were fielded by Kyla who would not put my call through to Collette and abruptly said we have a non-refund policy so good luck to you and have a great day. I spoke to Collette after that and she assured me that the company was working hard to get back on the right track. It is now almost one year since I signed on with the company and they have not fulfilled any part of the contract I signed with them. I feel that their practices are fraudulent and that they should be investigated, be obligated to refund monies to persons such as myself, and have their license taken away.

$5,500.00 in fees paid for no services rendered.


I don't even know where to begin. Great Date Now promises to set you up with upscale attractive people. However, this is not the case. They give you people who make no money and are very unattractive. I tried to dispute this with Amex and GDN claims beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am binded by a contract. I also know I paid more money than the fellow I met. They tried to set me up with another individual and I cancelled because I found them on the internet and he was not upscale and attractive. I have been in touch with both men and we are all very unhappy and looking for our money back.


They misrepresented their clientel. THey told me ALL their clients are high profile and that is the reason why they do not share pictures, to protect their clients. My first match didn't speak English and did not even know he had a date until a half hour after our scheduled meet. After my discussion with the GDN team, they laughed a t the fact that he didn't speak English.

My second date went well however he was 6 inches shorter than I had requested and a different Religion from what I was told. I was told my third date had a specific job, after our meet I found out his position required traveling, a position that I did not want to get involved in as well as being overweight even though I had expressed to them that a healthy partner is a must!

My fourth date didn't know we had dinner reservation because GDN never told him. I was also told by Dawn that the reason why I never recieve a phone call backl from GDN is because they are too busy. GDN sends you on dates regardless of what you are looking for, they just want to complete your matches in the least amount of time and effort to make the most money. THey just can't even be bothered with me know..

I feel betrayed and humiliated. They made me believe that they would find me my perfect match all I found is heartache!


I also paid $2500 and was told that I would be set up with successful men fro their large database. The first guy was not available, the second date was set up and allegedly the guy called to cancel at the last minute and I have not heard from my matchmaker since then. They are dishonest please read this and do not support this company. I too have filed a complaint with my credit card company and will take legal action againt Gary if need be.


I signed a contract with Great Date Now, a matchmaking service in Manhattan, on July 15 for $3,500 and subsequently learned that the business lied about its practice and clientele. The facts are: Great Date Now fired a sales manager for misleading clients after the sales manager in question sold me a package service. I was sold a dating package by ** and then 4 weeks later told by ** (the new office manager) that ** was let go for misleading clients. The false claims by ** include the number of clients that Great Date Now had in Manhattan. I was told by ** that Great Date Now had more than 800 clients in Manhattan. ** and ** of the Manhattan GDN office both told me they were just building the Manhattan base, that Joe was let go for misleading clients and they could at present match me with anyone in Manhattan.

** also told me that both men and women paid an equal fee as part of the fundamental philosophy of the business. My first and only date from Great Date Now paid a fraction of what I did. The new team at Great Date Now also lied. When they set me up with my first date, I was told the person lived 20 minutes from Manhattan and was a lawyer. The person was actually a police office, 5 years away from his pension, who moonlighted as a lawyer if he could find the work. He also lived 1.5 hours from Manhattan, not 20 minutes. I have filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and am seeking resolution through my credit card. I would appreciate any assistance with resolution.


On April 14, I visited Great Date Match-making services at their Manhattan Office. I initially intended to do business with the company. However attempts to bill my credit card was denied. At that point, I clearly stated that I would be back at a later date. On April 24, 2008, I received in the mail a credit slip requesting me to sign and return. I did not. I called on April 28, 2008 to inform/remind her that I had told her not to use my credit card. I clearly told the receptionist as Ms. ** did not come to the telephone. I also e-mailed with the same. However my credit card was billed against my wishes for the sum of $3100.00 and the company is being dishonest stating that they had conducted further business with me, which is not true. I have not authorized them to bill my credit card. The only thing I am guilty of is failing to get my information back which they used to their advantage.


I contracted with the dating service in January of 2008 and paid the $2,500 fee. Was promised 10 introductions to women I had requested that fit my profile. As of August 1, 2008 there has been 2 introductions that were in no way what I was looking for. They clearly do not have the people they say they do.

I have since found out that there are numerous personnel issues and the manager of the office has been fired. Through blogging I have found many other people that were taken by this company. I have requested a refund of my money but have been refused.

I would like a partial refund of my money. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me with any further questions.

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