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They interviewed me and promised to provide 2-7 matches a month after I sent $997 dollars. They provided me with one match and I could not reach them again when it became apparent to me that they had taken my money and were not providing the service they promised. I left countless emails and phone messages but to no avail.

It took me 2 years to raise $997 as I am a single mother. I was out of my hard earned money. I also felt exploited.

I joined Executive African-American Dating, similar to the other "Executive Dating" sites. I paid $1350 on February 15, 2010 and received 2 matches. I complained after the first match, and I immediately received a second one. I complained again after the Easter holiday and my emails continue to get returned, unable to deliver. In addition, the intranet site is no longer active. I read a notice on your site today that as of March 31, 2010, all these related companies are being investigated for fraud. I paid $1350 and will either sue them in Small Claims Court or join a class action law suit. If one is underway, do let me know.

Beware! Currently, as of March 31, 2010, this company (companies) under a guise of different names are being investigated for fraud. Like so many others, no one is getting any services for the $1000 they sent in or gave on a credit card over the phone. It is a scam and the federal court is on them!

Similar to the other complaint letters, I spoke with "Robin", who made the same 2-7 matches per month promise, with a personal evaluation of my matches. Once my $997.00 check was cashed, I could never get anyone to return my calls or emails, nor did they send 2-7 matches per month. I have been notified by the US DOJ that I am now considered a victim, in a federal case against Executive Dating. $997 was spent on unfulfilled contract. I am interested in discussing becoming a participant in a class action lawsuit.

After seeing this website and the numerous complaints about Executive Dating, I emailed and asked for a refund on March 9, 2010. This occurred the day after my electronic check for $947 was cashed. Robin phoned me a couple of days later and asked if I had some concerns. I said in light of these complaints, I wanted a refund. She stated that she needed to consult her manager. There has been no response since her call. I realized that the "in-depth" interview was not even as thorough as EHarmony's profile.

I also received an email introduction first on the 9th and emailed Robin that it was not clear what I was supposed to do with this. During her call, I repeated that I needed some instructions about what to do with this introduction. I have not emailed this "match" nor has he attempted to contact me. It looked bogus at the time and this seems to confirm that. I have contacted the Attorney General's office in Washington State. They have contacted Executive Dating Seattle, but I don't know the status of their investigation.

Further, I filed a complaint with Executive Dating Seattle's listing of Internet Business Standards Assn. I got the message that its domain is missing from the web server configuration and says that the Web does not recognize this domain name as a valid web site. More smoke and mirrors? I paid out $947 for a dubious service that does not seem professional, sophisticated or honest. I feel wounded.

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Like many of the other people on this site, I spoke for 90 minutes with a woman named "Robin" who assured me that I would meet men between 2 and 7 a month who made $150K plus a year and that they were screened for marital status and income, etc. After I submitted my online check for a 6-month membership, it was increasingly difficult to get her on the phone or to get a response from the elusive customer service email address.

They sent me one match and I did some research and googled him and found that this man had the exact same listing up on a dating site for LA, even though I live in Philadelphia and was very specific about wanting to date someone who lived in my city. The LA part of the description had obviously been edited out. It appears that they are simply copying out profiles from other, unrelated websites and passing them off as paying members. This is a terrible fraud and needs to be addressed in a class action. It resulted to loss of $1000, emotional distress, and frustration.

I paid a $997 fee upfront. I completed a profile and have had little contact. The check was cleared immediately - no services delivered.

I too have been scammed by the people at Executive Dating: this one is ExecutiveSeniorDating: same story of promising 2-7 introductions per month, first introduction was not available because he was just starting a relationship with another person, next intro did not know anything about the service. I am now very suspicious of sharing info via the internet.

Executive Vegetarian Dating, this company or its affiliates or franchisees operate under a number of names, including Executive Dating New Jersey, San Antonio, Ontario, etc. Others which may or may not be related use ethnic and religious tags to lure customers.

This company or its affiliates or franchisees operate under a number of names, including Executive Dating New Jersey, San Antonio, Ontario, etc. Others which may or may not be related use ethnic and religious tags to lure customers. They are a complete fraud, with no database of actual members.

I really wish I read these reports before I shelled out almost $900 to this scam of a company. My story is almost identical to those listed here. Robin was my counselor. The first match she sent me looked like a J-Crew model named Michael. He was already dating one of his previous introductions. The next one, which I had to beg and plead for, was not part of Executive Dating, so he had no idea what I was talking about. This makes me furious and I really want my money back. However, no one will contact me anymore. Who is this Robin and how can she live with herself? Do not use this company if you haven't been sucked in by their "executive" website yet.

I paid $1272 to Executive New Jersey dating for a one year membership. They promised 2-7 matches per month and personal match making services. As soon as they received my money they stopped returning my emails and phone calls. Finally, after numerous emails and phone calls I received one match and he had stated he was already dating someone from a previous match the service had given him. I sent that feedback to the service and have yet to hear anything back from them, and it has been over a month of calls and emails without any new responses. I have now contacted my attorney who has encouraged me to file a small claims complaint. The one this that has not stopped these people is that they have numerous companies under several names such as Executive Singles Dating, Executive Atlanta Dating, etc. All of the websites are identical, So BEWARE! I had done some research prior to signing up with them, but apparently it was not enough.

I signed up for Executive Vegetarian Dating service two months ago and realized it was a scam. They took $1447.00 fee upfront for 12 months for guaranteed matches of 2 to 7 per month. I was initially matched with someone named Andrew who was already involved, and my second match had no idea who I was, and was not a paid member, nor a vegetarian. The first match was also part of the scam. Once I was suspicious, I called and emailed Robin several times. Robin was supposed to be my personal contact. She stopped responding to me once I got suspicious. Do not be fooled by their sophisticated website. This is a scam! This company also operates other websites beside executivevegetariandating website. There are many more websites that they operate. It's easy to determine by typing in a different word between executive and dating. All the websites look the same, except for some of the pictures that are different.

I signed up for Executive Dating service one month ago and realized it was a scam. They took $947 fee upfront for 6 months for guaranteed matches of 2 to 7 a month. I was initially matched with someone, who was already involved; and my second match had no idea who I was and was not a paid member. I wonder if the first match was also phony, because when I asked him to share his experience with Executive Dating, he got very defensive and offended. I wish I did my research before signing up with them. I was trying to reach Robin, who was supposed to be my personal contact. She stopped responding to me once I got suspicious. Do not be fooled by their sophisticated website. This is a scam!

I paid $897 for 6 months and signed up for the service. They stated I would have a counselor to work with and I would also get 2-7 introductions per month. I received an introduction within the first week. But when I tried to email her, the email was kicked back as undeliverable. When you call, you always go directly to voice mail. I sent quite a few emails and left some voice mails. One time, they followed up a voicemail with an email saying they were working on finding more introductions. I haven't heard from them since. They have not responded to calls or emails. Given my experience, this can't be a legitimate business.

They offered a dating service to meet professionals (2 - 7 matches per month) and a personal counselor. I paid $947 for 6 months. They sent one match who did not want to meet and a 2nd who did not respond. Also, the counselors refused to call back. It is a scam.

First, the address has provided for this company on the website has changed. It used to be in North Carolina. I called into the service and was told they screen all their candidates and make sure they are legitimate. I was interviewed by Robin for 90 minutes and was offered a 6-months membership at $997. I was offered one on one service and was told that after each match, I should contact my counselor to give feedback. I paid for a 6-months membership in March and received one match immediately. After that, I was unable to reach anyone by phone or email.

My next match said he knew nothing about this service and had not paid for this membership. I learned, after discussing with my next two matches that they were on other websites but have never been interviewed by a counselor and have never applied for a membership with Executive African American Dating.

I stopped receiving matches and began to email my counselor and leave messages. For $200 per month, I should at least have better customer service than this. I was not contacted until I emailed the general manager, Bill **. He wouldn't call me but my counselor Robin ** emailed me and said they would send me more matches. The company never responded to my questions about where they were getting these matches from. They told me I would receive 2-7 matches per month and I have yet to see this obligation fulfilled without me emailing the manager first. The matches are nothing near Executive and most have not heard anything about this service nor are they paid members. The address keeps changing. The counselors do not have specific email addresses, so I don't know if Robin ** is even a person or if everyone who sends me a match is using this alias. They have scammed me out of my hard earned money and will continue.

They wouldn't take a credit card, only a computerized check, which means I can not call Visa and stop payment due to lack of promised goods and services. When I ask to cancel my membership and have the fees prorated, no one responded. I have not spoken to one match over the phone because they have not heard of the service and are not aware of what this is all about. It is not fair that I am out of $997 and the matches they send have paid nothing.

I am a pastor in Los Angeles, and in the past three years, have married two couples who had met through Executive Dating. One of my congregations told me they were considering joining Executive Dating, but found complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com. I went to the website to check it out, read the complaints, then spoke to a manager at Executive Dating, Mike **. He was happy to hear that two of their marriages were done at my church. He explained that all dating and introduction services have complaints; it is the nature of the business. He suggested checking Cruise Lines, they have a huge number of complaints because anyone can post anything on the Internet with no verification. That is the way it is. The complaints for Executive Dating are small compared to other introduction services and even the best companies have complaints on the Internet because nothing is verified. I felt that I did my research and that he is right, and based on my experience of having done two weddings for Executive Dating. I just wanted you to know my experience.

Executive Dating Sacramento, first match he was dating someone, totally unfit matches. My question is...does anyone have a headquarters address and corporation name? The obvious shock of being scammed and $1300 later, realizing that while I DID my research, I did get burned.

This is a dating service. Within one month, it became clear that they were a fraudulent service. Once I sent in a check for nearly $1,000, I could not reach them by phone or email.

I paid $1,000 for six months of service. I subsequently cancelled my membership and requested a confirmation but received none.

I joined this service and spoke with this man. He told me there were over 200 men in the Seattle area who were educated at the college level or beyond and enrolled in their service. I payed over 1400 dollars for a year membership with a written gaurantee that there would be between 2-6 introductions per month and personal interactions between myself and a counselor. I received one match who was involved, and since then less than a match a month, none of who answer their emails and likely do not exist. The counselor doesnt return my phone calls and nor does this R. Simpson guy, the perpetrator of this fraud.

Lost over 1400 dollars. Id sue this [man] just to put him out of business or make a point. Fraud is fraud.

I recommended this service to a friend of mine who did some checking because she is also savvy with her money during these times. She found this site and informed me about the complaints. I am an active member of Executive Conneticut Dating and I like to think that most Americans in todays technological world would investigate any services available through the internet. While I can appreciate some people having bad experiences I did more own investigating prior to joining and found that if you check out other dating and match making services they have pages upon pages of complaints.

I think when you are discussing matters of the heart and personal expectations you are going to find complaints. I spoke with my counselor about my findings and about my friend. My counselor was more then honest with me and explained that they can't please all the people all the time. Some people's expectations are unrealistic. This is a fact of life that I myself have learned. While I have had a few misses during my quest for love I find that Executive Connecticut Dating has fulfilled and surpassed my expectations and continue to send me appropriate introductions.

Maybe some people don't understand the full process. My counsellor was very informative from the start. She did not harass me by email or telephone while waiting for me to decide if I wanted to use their services. As with anything in my life I find that it is what you make of it! I read the fine print that was supplied. I carefully weighed the options of their services versus some other services out there and feel like I have made a sensible and safe decision by choosing them. I will let you know how it turns out!

Found site on line as a professional match maker and they called. Paid $1,000 for 6 mos service in which was promised 2-6 quality matches per month matches made, they said, after my counselor consulted with the gentlemans counselor First match? Was already dating someone. Next couple matches? One the email address was incorrect and the picture looked like some thing you see in a magazine. One match was from another service, which you could tell from the man's picture as it had the name of the service typed on the edge. The last? He had never signed up for the service, did not know where they got his picture, and said the about me section was not written by him! Needless to say the company will not return my emails, they blocked me from entering the website, and the so-called money back promise does not exist. They clearly cruise the 'net for matches to send, matches that never signed up for the service.


Joined the service after being told that they had 114 men signed up for their service in Fresno. Paid $940 for 6 months, was to recieve 2 to 7 available profiles per month. Received one who was involved, the second one had never heard of the service. When I complained, they suspended me and refused to refund my money. Frustrated of the scam, Lost $940.

Scammed out of $900 for a dating service in which I was just informed by one of the matches that they have never heard of the dating service. They have a ton of legalize on their site (www.executivebostondating.com) and seem to have the ability to say that they are not breaking any rules... But this is ridiculous. They talk you into the program, have fake stories of matches, have all this other crap that says that they will give you the contacts and you will have a matchmaking type experience. Got a handful of email addresses from people who have absolutely no idea why I am contacting them. $900+ of my money, and there is an innate emotional damage caused by this type of service. You are putting yourself out there and are being scammed by people that essentially blame you that you are not making lasting connections.

I read the other complaints posted on this site. My experience is similar to the others. This company harrassed me via e-mail for a long period of time and I finally contacted them. They promised me that there were many available matches in my area. They were friendly and responsive until they got my money. The first match they sent informed me that he was not available. There was no response from the other two so-called matches sent.

When I complained they would not return calls or e-mails. They put my account on hold without explanation and I have not heard from them since. They are a fraudulent internet scam and I want to prevent others from becoming victims like myself.

I lost $946 which is a lot of money for me as a single mother. The stress caused by this scam and loss has affected all areas of my life. They need to be exposed and stopped.

In the interview they knew I was a single mom and a shift worker. I told them that I would not sign on with them unless I knew that there were eligible men in my area. They did a search and emailed me that there were hundreds of men in my area. Well....the men they tried to match me with were 2-3 HOURS away from my residence. I complained they told me that that they would not allow me to cancel the contact. Their advertisement and what they informed me of as far as bachelors were misleading. I advised them that the 900 dollars I invested was a rip off and that I would report it to the Chamber of Commerce in their area too.

900 dollars and no dates----- unless I am willing to drive 2-3 hours one way to meet the guy!

These people were all over my phone and e-mail until the check was handed over. First introduction made as promised, but he was dating someone else! Second took two more weeks, third was more than two weeks and was more than 4 hours outside the requested search area. No returned phone calls from my personal counselor ready to work with me at any time, no returned e-mails from various department heads no returned anything from anyone. Total, complete scam.

Loss of nearly $1500.

Three months ago, I paid Executive American Dating service $1997 for the following matchmaking services outlined on their website: 1. Our experienced counselors offer old-fashioned matchmaking while maintaining todays high standards of professional care. 2. You will have the same matchmaking counselor that works with you until you find your perfect match. 3. Making a joint effort, you and your matchmaking counselor work with each other towards finding the perfect partner. 4. You will receive between two and seven introductions per month on average. 5. All introductions are individually selected and are qualified individuals. 6. Our membership fees ensure that member are well-established, well-educated and serious professionals.

Outlined below are the facts regarding my experience with Executive American Dating since February 28, 2008: 1. My matchmaking counselor will not return my calls or emails. 2. No introductions in past 12 weeks; since mid-March 3. A total of two introductions received and NEITHER were qualified individuals. First was not available since already involved in a dating relationship Second was not well-established, well-educated or professional

I submitted payment to Executive American Dating in the amount of $1,997.00 to receive the matchmaking services explained to me verbally as well as those clearly described. I have not received these services. Therefore, as a consumer, I am entitled to a refund for services never rendered.

Same story as the rest: paid $1447 for a year of service. I have been unable to reach anyone at the firm, except for an email telling me a refund was not an option! How about some service then? DO NOT PAY THESE GUYS ANYTHING. I signed up for Executive Washington DC dating.

$1447 electronic check gone.

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