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When I signed up for this service, I was charged 81.93 for six months. I was not advised that I could not receive nor send e-mails or winks for that price. Now I have been advised that I would be able to do this for an additional charge or 19 per month.

This service is of no use if you can not talk or mail any person that has shown an interest. So I asked them to cancel my subscription. I was advised I would not be able to get a refund. I was only on the service less than a week.


My profile/subscription was closed/cancelled without my knowledge. They said "We are sorry but our fraud department performed a review of your account and the decision made was to close it. We were not given the details on why this decision was made." They are obscenely incorrect. I am not a fraud. I am not a scam artist. I am a middle-aged woman who wanted to meet a middle-aged man. They have defamed me & judged me on grounds they will not disclose. I did nothing to provoke this treatment. If they shut my profile down, a subscription that I paid in full, then I expect & want my money back. Company Profile

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