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Gina of Kunkletown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I started All About Singles over a year ago and spent a lot of money as the rest of you. I want to know how to get my money back! They are dishonest and poor communicators! They promise you the best matches and they are pictures of these men that are 20 years old. They try to make you pay for updated pictures professionally for an extra 500.00 dollars. They told me that I was too picky and I need to look past this. It has been humiliating and I got sucked into this because I was lonely. It just really hurts for a company to lie and get your hopes up and drop the ball and pop it in your face! I went through 3 contact people in 3 months, they keep employees. It is because they are fakes and love to prey on the hurt and heartbroken people. Please do not spend your money!!! I wish I would had saw this before I joined!!!!

Debra of Hoboken, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

They made promises that they have clientele in NJ and promised me I would have matches. I spent a good amount of money and haven't had a single date. They are frauds. Do not waste your money, not worth it. If I could give negative stars, I would.

Christina of Mountain Top, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Mind Before You Sign! On their website All About Singles (1065 Highway 315, Suite 403, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702) mentions word 'compatibility' many times in conjunction with selecting appropriate matches for you, which, in fact, translates to: we'll tell you everything you want to hear so that you will sign a contract and pay us a one-to-five thousand dollar membership fee, which otherwise would be unjustifiable: hence... the perfect match guaranteed becomes a most nearly compatible match in the contract becomes NO match, or any mismatch, in reality becomes scam - your loss. There's NO transparency whatsoever. All About Singles has a Code of Ethics for their members (clients) while they themselves follow none.

John of Bloomsburg, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Do not join this matchmaking service. They will charge you thousands of dollars and will do nothing for you. They laugh and say a sucker is born every minute. It's a big ripoff scam!

paul of Wilkes-Barre, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I paid well over 5,000 for this service and after the matching session you don't hear from them, the match maker, or the owner is sick or out of town all the time. It's a scam to get your money. And if you're lucky you may get one match or someone they match you up with. That you have nothing in common with. Just go somewhere else. Online dating might be the cheap way out and it's always the same people that are there for years and years.

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Michael of Freeland Ps , PA on
Satisfaction Rating

This so called dating site loves to add extra member benefits for of course... more money each time. I've spent close to 5300. And never got anything near the quality and attention I was promised. Don't waste your money. Join a online service - just take it slow to weed out the fake people. is not bad and I'm sure there is other sites that will work too. I've had so much more positive results online. This All About Singles just keeps stalling you with excuses. After a matching party it takes weeks to get you a match which is usually a few weeks or so, many girls they pass around to other members. They must not have too many claimed members. And you are the one who has to constantly chase them to get a match. Then they give you a same "girl" that other members I know got. Just save your money. Call if you'd like to know more. ** 7/6/15.

Victoria of Quakertown, PA on
Consumer Increased Rating!

After rereading this review I realize I may have been a little too harsh. This organization is not a fraud or a scam. I said those things out of emotional disappointment. My expectations had not been met based on the other dating service that I had joined. I joined All About Singles when they were new to the area and they had not yet had the opportunity to establish a client base. I am currently working with the company to find a common ground that will satisfy both of us.

Victoria of Quakertown, PA on

Original Review

This organization is a total frauds and a total ripoff. I joined two matchmaking services. One south of my location and All About Singles which was north of me. The matchmaker I joined towards the south of my location has been a wonderful experience and matched me with several very nice dates, and was a fraction of the cost of All About Singles.

All About Singles has been a nightmare. I had to attend two "matching parties" which were really just them wasting my time so that they could try to sell me upgraded and additional services. They matched me with three 'dates' in a 7 month period of time and two of those were obviously men who had no interest in a relationship since they had been single for 20 years in one case and never married in the other. I have called to express my concern and their response been one of annoyance with me. I have not received any satisfaction or concern from them. They are predators! This organization should be reported to the better business bureau and that is where I will be directing my next comments. I think a note to the Bureau of Consumer Affairs would also be in order. They are a scam.

Jean of Wilkes Barre, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I don't know how they got my name. Perhaps when my husband died, for it was highly publicized. He was a renowned police officer here in PA. They hit me on being alone for the rest of my life. I was still in mourning. I joined once. I got highly unmatchable people. Then, they offered to give me a life program with one of the best matchers they had, the owner. I don't even know what she looks like. I am a highly respectable woman and I can't believe what has happened in the past 8 yrs. with this dating service. Do not, do not spend or waste your hard earned money. Everything is about money. The results are horrible. I myself am reporting to the Better Business Bureau and with the help of local newspapers that will tell my story. The State of PA Attorney General's Office is getting my letter also. I'm not angry because of who I am. I know I am a good person wishing for companionship and some joy again, but this set up is ridiculous. A psychologist I ran into at work asked me what I have been trying and he himself said this is a major scam.

Jean of Wilkes Barre
Every referral that comes in has requested our company to contact them for information on our service. No one is contacted unless they request to be contacted. Or has called in because they have seen our commercial or heard us on the radio.
After reviewing your file, your experience with All About Singles was with good compatible matches. In fact you were on a happy hold with one of our members Joe and was seeing him for 3 years. Unfortunately he passed away.

All About Singles matches members with compatibilities such as simular interests, hobbies, religious attitudes and personality traits. We also offer great social events and seminars to attend to meet good quality singles. With over 9000 members enrolled sense being established we have thousands of success stories of which one was you.

Lisa of West Pittston, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I paid a lot of money, several thousands, and they never have anyone who fits what I'm looking for! I am a professional woman with a lot to offer which is why I went to them! They claim to be a high quality service. Well, I know otherwise! Ladies, if you want a decent guy, All About Singles is not the place to go! I was also called over and over to upgrade my program, always asking for more money. Money, money, money. What? My current program was not good enough? I have to pay more and more to get good guys? Do they have a secret stash if you pay more? Then I was offered this text program. First, I received several bad matches. They asked about the text program? Did they give me bad guys on purpose so I'd want to see photos? Scam!

John of Wilkes barre, pa on
Satisfaction Rating

I joined around a year ago and paid $3,500 for a 2-year program that supposedly was the best! I was told I would only work with one matcher on that plan. After a year, I only met 4 girls and they were not even compatible with me. A few months ago, I was asked about joining on something called a briefcase program to work with one matcher. Well, that’s what they told me about the 2-year plan! They always come up with something to ask for more money. Beware of the "today only" scam! I was offered over and over for different prices. It’s funny, too, and it’s always late at night. It must be when they didn't make any money that day! Haha. They also have another longer plan that they tried to get me to do for another $1,000 - money, money, money and no matches! I have met better girls at the bar! Stay away, guys!

Linda of Hawley , PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I joined in December 2011. I was overwhelmed with who wants to meet you. I got a lot of phone calls and met 3 men, but I have to say not really my type except for one who lived 2 hours away. I met someone on my own in February and asked to be put on hold since I will not be using their service. They did put me on hold but continue to take money out of my checking account. I am so upset about this. I will not be using them again and the truth is this wasn't for me. I asked to be removed a month ago. I went into my checking account today and they took out my payment. I think that is so messed up.

Linda of Hawley
After using our service for a short time Linda met someone outside the service and decided to see where it went. She made the decision to discountinue this avenue of meeting quality singles. Per our contract she is still obligated to pay her monthly dues as she agreed. We are only able to make deductions to a persons account when given their authorization.

While Linda was a member of All About Singles she was a great member with lots of potential. Although she found someone on her own I'm sure we would have had no problem matching her with compatible matches. We wish her the best of luck with the gentleman she found.

Tom of Mt Top, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

They are so interested in the money, rather than the clients. It has been six months since they have contacted me. It is very sad. They should be called "Taking Advantage of Singles". They took my money without providing results. They just do not seem to care.

Tom of Mountain Top

Tom has been a member with All About Singles for several years prior to the frame in question. During this period of time, Tom was dating one of our members who happened to be an employee. Our records indicate that Tom didn't contact our office either. Some responsibility rest with him as well.

Carolyn of Clinton, NJ on

I joined Perfect Partners which is a dating service to find a safe date. I was previously dating online and informed Christine ** that I had only met married men and there were untruths written on their profiles. When I asked Christine, on August 10th 2010, what the $1840 fee was for, she informed me that Perfect Partners conducted background checks on its members, made sure they didn't owe all types of child support and didn't have any restraining orders on the members that they acquire. She said the fee also provided for events like parties.

In September 2010, I was hospitalized with a serious illness and was out of work for a time. I have been in and out of the hospital since September and have had another surgery recently and Chrissie was kind enough to give me six months computation on the dating service which would extend my membership to October 2012 which was fair. I was just matched with a convicted felon who had served time in jail for breaking into his x-girlfriends home and assaulting her friend. I just want to be sure that this does not happen to anyone else. This put myself and my son in harm's way.

This business practice is totally unacceptable and clearly a breach of their own statements on their website "For your peace of mind, we perform stringent background checks and make sure potential clients are truly serious about seeking a relationship. No game players here!" The only background check they perform is that your credit card is good for the membership fee.

I do want to be contacted before my name is published anywhere. I also reported them to the BBB. My family and I were put in a potentially dangerous situation and Christine knew about this man's conviction. I would be happy to give the man's name so you can google him and see the newspaper articles about his conviction and the appeal he lost.

Carolyn of Clinton, NJ

This is not one of our members from the Wilkes Barre office. Carolyn was a member of the Allentown office which is not our company and is under different ownership.

Scott of Tunkhannock, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

After being heavily pressured to sign a contract and pay in full up front, I became a customer of All About Singles in July of 2009. One important question for me that I had asked before joining was whether or not I would be able to view a photo of a potential match before I decided to meet them. I was told by Lynette that she or other matchers would text message me a photo if I requested one. This was a deciding factor for me to join because I live about 30 miles from the office and do not have the time or can afford to drive such a distance to look at a photo. After approximately 3 months, matchers at All About Singles started giving me a hard time about sending me a photo and now they will not send me a photo at all. This to me is a breach of a verbal contract and I will be requesting a refund.

Scott of Tunkhannock

Scott didn't have the texting/emailing feature in his program when signing up for his membership. However, as every other member, has the option of coming in to view a photo or adding this feature to there membership. Once this report came to our knowledge we agreed to text photos and add the feature complimentary in the spirit of making our member happy.

Nancy of Dallas, PA on

In response the previous complaint posting, please post this response: The issue was taken to a magistrate and an agreement reached which should be executed this week. (This posting is part of the agreement, please post on website.)

Anonymous of Schuylkill Haven, PA on

Okay, so my experience was also negative and I feel that every individual experience is different. It seems, like the other stories I read, that my preferences in what I wanted in a match was overlooked as well. I asked to date men who didn't live at home with mom or dad and were independent. I only met two nice gentlemen and after that they didn't meet the criteria I asked for. When I complained they increased my membership to six months. I didn't hear from them, but only one time. So, my advice is to make sure you let them know what you want and make sure you are matched with what you want and don't give in to the their words, I think this match is for you, he or she is nice, I think you'll like this person. Ask questions and keep on them until they match you with someone that you asked for. When I went in for my interview I did feel pressured to make a purchase and I feel it was a mistake.

I learned that agencies like this want money and all those tests you take in the beginning and all that time it took during the interview was a waste. Finding someone to spend your life with is important and a professional company like this should value your preferences and not overlook what you ask for. Don't get me wrong, the people I spoke with were kind and took the time to talk to me if I had a complaint, but the money is gone and I can't go back.

We are unable to respond accordingly to an anonymous complaint without knowing who the person is.

Katherine of Lake Harmony, PA on

I went into All About Singles and was high pressured into signing a contract. I did not want to do it; she promised me that I would be matched with men who would met my equal. When she told me how much I needed to become a member, I told her I could not afford it. She then presented me with several offers. Still I said I could not afford it. She then stated to me that she could present me with an affordable payment plan that did not report my credit if I missed a payment--that it was not a problem. She did not want me to miss the opportunity of finding the right person. And she was going to put me on the platinum plan so I could get the best opportunities of meeting people. I kept refusing until I finally signed.

I was matched with men who were either not healthy or not financially stable. They were not around my age group, and most of them had jobs that were below me. I did not hear much from them after I told them that I did not want to be a caregiver; I wanted someone to be a equal with.

I was unable to make the payments, and Fair Finance reported on my credit report because I am late. They put me in a bad situation. They didn't do what they promised. They made my credit worse; now my credit is ruined because of them. Here is a service that promises a service and gets you into a worse situation, preys on your vulnerability, and causes you more distress. They Rip you off!

Katherine enrolled in our service on 12-20-06. All the men she met she herself selected or they chose her and she approved. Her feedback regarding her dates are as follows:

John - she liked him but she was not sure he felt the same,

Jack - he was nice & she would like to see him again,

William - it went pretty good and she would like to see him again, Rob - they went for lunch and they had nothing in common.

Several othe men called her but she never bothered to call them back. Katherine stated she had been too busy with the chridtmas holiday and also had a medical issue. Then, she stopped using her membership and did not return any of our calls. She was place on an inactive status and aletter was sent to her. She also stopped making her payments.

To this date she has an outstanding balance. It should be noted our billing company, Fair Finance, did not report her debt to the credit bureau. So her statement that they did is untrue.

Chrissy of Allentown, PA on

This is in response to the complaint made by Carrie of Nazareth. Since the complaint was issued Carrie has returned to All About Singles. She came in 2 times for Matching parties and has taken phone numbers of prospective matches but as not returned phone calls from the matches nor has she returned phone calls from us. She also agreed to rescind her complaint about All About Singles and has not done that either. If we were so bad she would not have come back. She needs to work with the program in order to be successsful and we did our part.

Matt of Stroudsburg, PA on

I joined the thing in about December of 2004. I never really met any cool women to go out with, where a relationship formed. They were all shoulder-padded, 401K-building, money-grubbers. It's like, I'm looking for a job in my major, but it's not my life. C'mon, seriously. I decided it's just better to be young and meet girls at the bar.

None really, it was kind of lame and a waste of time

Robert of Tunkhannock, PA on

They have refused to give me my refund of $1,971.00 as I have requested after I stopped using their dating services.

I was left homeless.

The company responds:

Robert was more interested in dating one of our employee's than the women he selected. Robert is an attorney and his letterhead states he has offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong. His comment that he was left homeless is outrageous.

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