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After having this card for 10 years I finally had enough. I had a hotel charge my card after I had already paid online and this bank (the 1st call) said that the merchant had 15 days to claim the funds. So on the 17th day (I'm giving them time to process things) I was told it's 60 days and now it's so old that the hotel no longer has the information that they are requesting via fax. I've spent hours on the phone and got nothing accomplished. The saddest part is that I can't close it until it's refunded. This card is 'foolishness'. Just go to a reputable bank who can handle things instantly especially if you need your money like most Americans!

Someone got my card number and authorization information and went to town with it at Time Warner Cable. I understand that these things can happen. In the past, Wired Plastic (Metabank) used to be all over the fraudulent use of their customers' cards. They used to be the first to call you for any kind of an unusual or out of state use. No more!

Someone used my card to order services from Time Warner Cable - twice! TWC won't return the money, and Wired Plastic has done nothing to get it back into my account. That was my rent money. They immediately froze my account so that I have to make do with whatever cash was in my wallet when I called them. There's a lesson to be learned there. Never call your credit card company about a fraudulent billings until after you visit an ATM and extract as much cash as you can. Very dissatisfied with Wired Plastic's service these days.

A company called Wired Plastic send me a text every morning claiming I have a 0.00 balance on their card, and I am sure that is true since I do not have an account with them. I can't call and talk to them because their phone service is set up to keep non-customers away from customer service. I really want these text messages to stop.

As of 10 days ago, I have a new cell phone number which is also my only phone number. I have been getting several calls for someone named AMY. Alerts@WiredPlastic.com has sent me a text every morning at 5:58 am for the last 4-5 days telling me the balance is $0.00.. The last one today was from #1 **. I am not Amy. I am not up at 5:58. I do not have a prepaid card with you, and I want these messages discontinued from my phone number which I just registered with. If I am not awakened by your text in the morning, I will thank you very much.

I have had over $600 in direct deposits put into my wired plastic account in the last year. I have lost my card. I have provided them with multiple forms of ID proving to them who I am. They refuse to issue me a new card or give me back my $600.

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I made a mistake, posting a payment to my utility company decimal point error. The transaction was received and taken out of my account right away. I realized my mistake and contacted the utility. They voided the transaction immediately. I should of seen the money back in my account right away but they want to hold your money for 15 days, unless they receive a fax on company letterhead with merch # and all describing the transaction then you can get your money back in 2 or 3 days. By that time my other bills are due. Spent hours on the phone to no avail. I even called Visa to see if they could help - he called their practices suspect!!!

I am a widow on Social security. Need MY Money to be available to me at all times. Call customer service and you’re charged .95 - just to straighten out their problems and they charge you. Save some time and stay away from this company. Find a different company to go with. I did and I'm very happy. Contacted the BBB at the request of Visa and financial institution in the operating state of Utah where Wired Plastic operates and the issuing bank of Bancorp... Stay away from this company if you really need your money!!! I now have ace cash express and can go in and really talk with a person who knows me and will help with any problems. They are corrected promptly. I feel safe now. Stay away from WP at all costs.

On 3/31/15 I needed to access my $1,800 I have on my card. My funds were not accessible due to them 'Updating their system'. It's 10 am. This is a poor business model and reflects poorly on management. This is something that should have been done in the middle of the night. I have a critical doctors appt. Now I have to cancel! I'm fed up!

I have had Wired Plastic for over 5 years and I have NEVER experienced any issues from them until today. On January 5th, I sent a message to them via their website and asked... ONLY ASKED how do I dispute a charge. I never received a response from them and I had not used my card for anything in the mean time. On Friday January 16th I received my direct deposit from work and attempted to get gas. My card declined and kept declining and I had to call them at 5 am.

When I spoke with the 1st rep., she advised me that they had cancelled my card because I reported unauthorized charges to my card. I became livid because never once did I say that in the email. She then told me that they responded to me 6 days later after my card had been cancelled. Who cancels a card without following up with the owner first? Here I am on payday with many obligations and I am being told that I cannot access my money until I obtain a new replacement card. So my cell phone will be cut off, my rent will be late and I won't be able to feed my kids.

I asked them" why wasn't a replacement card already sent if you are just going to cancel my card" and was told that I had to verify my address before it can be shipped. I have had the same address for 15 years and I told them that. And to add insult to injury, I was told I had to pay $19.95 for an expedited card to come in 3-5 days. How is this expedited and why do I have to pay for it!! 3 reps I spoke to gave me all different information and the Supervisor hung up on me! No one speaks English well and they all have attitudes. This is a wake up call for me and I will never have another dime go into this account. DO NOT USE THIS CARD!!

In my wired plastic account it gives me the option to utilize my points by purchasing at mobile or other wireless providers. I purchased the card through my account and $2,000 were taken. HOW DO I GET the card or apply the credit to my mobile?

To me, the things Wired Plastic does should be completely illegal. Only because I am in a situation where I just switched banks, I needed to go pay a fee to cash a check and put all my cash on my Wired Plastic card. Later, I saw some iTunes charges I did not recognize and I inquired about them. Without responding to me or giving any details at all, they simply cancelled my card. I now have no way to access any of my own cash until snail mail gets here with a new card. This is MY hard earned CASH, not theirs. They provide no way for me to get my OWN money, and as a result my child could not get his medication tonight. This is not the first time this company has pulled something like this, keeping my hard-earned cash hostage, but I can promise, it is the very last. I am done with this company once and for all. Be very, very careful. They have also "held" hundreds of dollars more than I authorized for things in the past. This tactic is common among banks that want to earn interest on your hard-earned cash while you can't get to it. BEWARE!

Among other things right now I am having trouble getting a new card. My card is due to expire in a few days. I called over a month ago and have yet to receive my new card and the first of the month is coming very soon. They charge you for everything… Customer service costs you 95 cent and no 2 people will tell you the same thing even though they look at the same computer screen. My new card was returned to them for some reason on the 9th and I called them on the 10th. It took them till the 17th to even issue a new card. It’s now the 24 and still haven't received it. I am a widow on social security who doesn't drive. Have my money go on this was to make my life easier. I can pay my bills online - not have to stand in line at the bank, but recently the customer service has gone to **. I once tried their bill pay and the check never went to the folks I was trying to pay. Don't use this card. It will mess your life up.

I had a large amount in the negative. An error that Wired Plastic made. No fault of my own. They called it a mix match of balance. They promised to fix on a certain date. When I called on that date because it was not fixed as promised, they're still giving me the run around. I am pissed!! I have been a consumer for years. If any knows who else I can contact, I would appreciate any information.

I have been a card user of wired plastic for over 6 years and this is Third time I have had problems with this company. On 06/28/14 my card was charged 67.49 for a hotel named motel 6, for which I never went to or made a reservation to. I notice the charge that next morning. I called, spoke to a supervisor who was so rude to me and told me he would have to concept card. I still had money on the card and could not believe what he was telling me. He said that they could not stop the auth or transaction. I was so heated, I called that Monday. Got another supervisor who was not rude, but advised me there was nothing they could do. I now have a lawyer to fight this fraudulent charge for me. I will never use wired plastic again.

I loaded my card through Western Union as I have done numerous time on Sunday, May 18, 2014. Went home to make my car payment and it was declined. I called Wired Plastic and was told my account had been disabled to make international transactions, whatever that mean. Then she said Western Union was having problems with them. Called back to Wired Plastic on Monday. They reactivated my card three time and I still could not use my card. My money is on my card. They charged me for my declined fees but I'm not able to use my card??? I called them all day Monday. They told me to call Western Union. I did. It was nothing they could do for me because Wired Plastic already had the money.

I call DriveTime to see if I can make the payment over the phone. It was declined. Wired Plastic did not help me so I attempted to pay my car payment with my Wired Plastic routing and account number and that didn't even work. I'm so stressed out. Once I get this straightened out, I will never use Wired Plastic again. I'm calling my local news station to get to the bottom of this. I'm going on any media I can. This makes no sense. You load your money on their card and you can't use it. Not cool, bad business. I'm going to contact BBB.

I live in Thailand with my wife and child. I have had many problems with my Wired Plastic card here. I call the customer service center many time at my cost. My pension funds come into this account every month. I have a ill wife with cancer and I have to pay for her care here in Thailand. My wife needs surgery and I can't get to my funds. I hope someone reads this. I'm totally at their mercy... Please if you can help me get Wired Plastic to get my card working...

On 4/17/2014 I went to a gas station to get gas. I went to the window and paid for gas and walked back to my car to pump and when I started pumping, it told me to pay the cashier or swipe the card. I tried a few times and it kept saying it so I went to the cashier. She refunded my card and then re-ran the charge again only to find that something was wrong with the pump. At this point she gave me a receipt and refunded the money back to my card. I waited a week and called the gas station and they sent a fax to WP to advise that they had no intent on collecting the funds and for them to release them back to me. I waited a couple of days and called WP and they said well we have to wait until 15 day, not days, and it should show back up on May 3.

I asked him why and he did not seem to know but managed to spill out, "Hmm well you have to wait for 15 day on our audit period and then it will release." He instantly asked me if there was anything else. I felt he was dismissing me. I cannot wait to get another card so that I can leave them alone. I have worked for companies before and as long as the company could provide information showing that they have not intend to collect the debt, it was released within 24 to 48 hours. WP sucks and I cannot wait to move on.

On 4/1/2014 Wired Plastic authorized 4 transactions on my card that were all declined by the merchant I was dealing with which was a telephone company. I wanted to know how the merchant can decline all transactions yet the card processor for wired plastic can still authorize them. So I called Wired Plastic to inquire of them how this could be, the live agent informed me that even when the merchant declines the transaction they (Wired Plastic) can still authorize it as long as the merchant provides the correct name on the card, the correct number of the card, the correct expiration date, and the correct ccv code on the back of the card. I was told that I could get my money back in real time if the merchant, me and wired plastic all got on the phone and the merchant provided their merchant id, the transaction confirmation numbers, along with wired plastic verifying that who they were speaking to was authorized to decline payments that were authorized and held by wired plastic for such merchant.

The problem there is that the merchant never approved any transactions and thus has no record of a confirmation number for each of those transactions. They only had confirmation numbers for the attempted debits that were declined. Wired Plastic still would not release the funds in real time to me and said that it would take 15 calendars for the money to be returned.

Today 4/16/2014 I attempted to reach customer service and speak with a live agent in regards to why my funds still haven't been placed back to my account but each attempt to was thwarted by the automated service looping me back to re-entering my card number and then hanging up abruptly, wired plastic charges 95 cents or 1.00 dollar for each call made to customer service so after calling about 10 times and receiving the same result ...a click of the dial tone, I decided to try to go online and that to resulted in being 'logged out'' each time I tried to correspond to them via their email page. This isn't the first time shady things have happened to me with this card. They were doing great at one time but over the years it seems clear that Wired Plastic doesn't have its customers best interest in mind, in fact I get the feeling they look at us like we are jokes. Been with them since 2005 and they have definitely lost me as a customer.

I have been with them for 6 years. I recently stayed at a hotel and noticed after I had checked out that the hotel was still billing me for 4 nights, while the charges were in limbo, I call Wired Plastic and reported this. They marked my card as stolen and said it would be 15 days before funds were released. Called today to see where my funds are and was told it would be 60 days. I also have 300 on a secondary card that I cannot wire the money to another primary card to get it out of the bank. Here again had to mark that card as lost. Don’t use this company, you'll be speaking to someone in Cambodia or Pakistan when you need service.

Social Security tells me a representative has track my check to Galileo Processing. I am submitting a fraud charge to the Chico Police January 29, 2014 against Galileo. A huge amount of negative publicity in the form of TV, Radio, Newspapers, and online Social Media will ruin the reputation of your corporation. I am also uniting Social Security recipients in this battle against fraudulent activities by Galileo Processing. I can be reached at ** anytime to resolve this matter. If I do not hear from your Fraud Department, January 29 2014, your Fraud Department will hear from the FBI, Chico Police, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency of California, and Attorney General of California and Attorney General of Utah. Thank you.

Me, my Mom and my partner have been customers for over 6 years, and in the past year something has drastically changed. The whole reason we are using this card is the reward points for Tracfone, but in the past year they have claimed to be "Out of Stock" on points. WTF??!! How the hell can you run out of stock with reward points???

Also, it used to be that I would get an actual human being in Utah when calling customer support, and any problem was fixed within a day.......NOW I get some Indian person I can't understand telling me that they're "working on it". SO done with this card after the 1st of the year. They had a great thing going, then sold out to Bank of America, and now I fear for my Mom's Social Security, and my Partner's paychecks disappearing into some scamming **'s account one of these days.

I have had this account for many years but in the last year and a half I have had extra money deducted from my account which I did not owe. Each event cost $100. The reason I know this is fraudulent is this has only happened in the recent past and my use of the card has never changed in all the years I have had it. When I use the card it is to send money to my partner when I am out of town, which is frequent. It is cheaper to send larger amounts to him than pay the fee for a regular money gram.

I send an average of 8 to 15 times a month. Each time I add $5 to the amount I send plus I pay the fee separately. This amounts to a monthly average of 40 to 75 dollars available in the account to cover the ATM fees, which never run more than $3. The transaction fee is $1 last I check, so the most it could cost is $4 to process the transaction. The remaining dollar, when multiplied by a factor of 8 minimum should cover the monthly fee of $5. There is no way I could be in deficit of $100, which they claim I am. I cannot get any response from them. They keep saying it is MoneyGram’s problem. However money gram does not take money out of my account... they put it in. I want to know if I can sue Wired Plastic.

I prepaid a hotel room online using my Wired Plastic account, stayed at the hotel, and the authorization is still holding 30 days later. I asked the hotel manager to fax a release to Wired Plastic in order for the authorization to be removed because I had "prepaid" the hotel stay and the transaction had already posted to my account.. The hotel did so and the bank still would not release the hold because they stated had to just in case the charge needed to be processed by the hotel. This did not make any sense because the transaction had already posted. After repeated calls ($1.00 charge to my account for these calls), even attempts by the hotel, Wired still would not release the authorization hold. Wired Plastic offers poor customer support and furthermore their policies are rigid and ridiculous. Choose another prepaid debit card and spare yourself the trouble of using a bank that chooses not to serve their customers.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I tried to pay a bill online using Wired Plastic. When I submitted the payment, the website froze up and the company did not get the payment. I asked the company that I was trying to pay and they said that the card had insufficient funds. The money was taken out and placed in pending by Wired Plastic. Thank God I had just put in the amount on it to pay the bill. This left me having to pay another payment to the company that I owed and Wired Plastic saying that the money was in pending and I could not get it until 15 days by 12:00 am. Well, 12:00 am is today and they closed early and still no funds are on my card. Wired Plastic is stealing from people and will be reported to authorities, Bankcorp, and Visa. I feel so sorry for the people that are depositing their whole check on this card. Please do not get this card. Also, if you are having problems report them to the Better Business Bureau as well.

I have been a customer for over six years, so now that I want to redeem my rewards points, I was unable to online. I called Customer (No Service) and had been put off for over two weeks, with no explanation as to why I can't redeem them, other than "We are working on it." I've talked to supervisors, managers, and a handful of reps, who ALL know absolutely nothing about what's going on. Everyone who said they will call back NEVER DID. So I have made my last call to them and will no longer be a customer as of NOW.

On Jan. 8, 2013, I had a text telling me I had a charge for $394. I called the bank and told them to stop the charge. They said I couldn't because it was an authorization. I had to wait to dispute the charge once it finalized. The charge finalized so I called and filed a dispute. I was told it would take a couple of days to get it. I was told over a week later I would have my money back on Jan. 24th. Well, they keep telling me I will be getting my money but they don't know when. Every time I call, they charge $0.95. I have complained several times. They have returned some of it to me.

Now, I am waiting on a call from some sort of supervisor to return my call. I am trying to find out how to file fraud charges against them. I forgot to mention that this company that charged my card was in Eastern Europe. When I brought this to their attention and that alone screamed scam, they refused to stop the charge. I really loved this card. I had this account for about 7 years. This is the first time I have had a problem with them.

The Worst Company Ever to work with; Poor service - I reported my card lost on December 13th and noticed transactions still being processed on a lost card. I called on December 29th to see what was happening and according to another service rep, the report for my lost card did not go through. They (Wired Plastic) decided to go ahead and cancel the card and put in the system as lost. I have another card from Wired Plastic and was told I can transfer funds to the other card. Now they are saying I cannot transfer funds to the other card of the same company and not even do an ACH payment.

This was my travel money. Now I am stuck with the inconvenience of having my dog in the kennel for several days until they can mail a new one along with other important issues. I cannot understand how they operate. One person will tell you one thing and then another. I am writing Visa, Bancorp and Bank of America. I am also adding them into my ad word category for the worst prepaid card ever and sticking with American Express. I am going to contact an attorney, as this is a big inconvenience.

Unfortunately, I lost my billfold about a week ago (which can happen to the best of us), so I had to go through the painful task of calling all of my card holders and report my cards lost/stolen. The same day, I reported the card lost or stolen. I ordered a new card; I even paid $19.95 for Express mail (3-5 days). I get this card and it is not even connected to my account. I have had the same card for about 4 years and never opened a new account. Why would I want a new account? I only wanted a replacement card. I even paid for it to come faster, out of my account!

I called in, the customer service is very uncaring. They are basically telling me they sent me another card yesterday, literally (11/13/12) and I have to wait an additional 7-10 days for a new card. This is "apparently" attached to my account where my funds are. Once I get my card(s), I’m depleting that account and I have already scheduled my next direct deposit to go elsewhere. I do not believe this. The fees are ridiculous anyway. I would prefer to just deal with a brick and mortar bank where I can go and see someone face to face when I have an issue versus playing phone tag. They just lost a loyal customer!

October 8, 2012 I made a transaction of $200.00. It was cancelled by the company I used to purchase a product. I was informed by Wired Plastic the information from the company so they can refund my money. The company did fax Wired Plastic twice the information to release my $200.00. I spoke with a customer service rep named Andrew and a manager named Dee, who was very sarcastic and rude. The representative did not help and they told me I have to wait 15 days. Well 15 days had passed and still no $200.00.

This company continues to send text message spam to my phone. I have been unable to access their customer service department because I do not have an account with the company.

My father recently passed away. He has had his social security and Sears payments direct-deposited to Wired Plastic for years. I tried to call them after going online to access his account (for which I have done for 3 1/2 years since his stroke), because the card was cancelled. I was trying to find out why the card was cancelled. Lucky for me, I transferred his money into my account, so that I could continue to pay his bills. The customer service supervisor was rude, to put it nicely. While I understand that she was just doing her job, she could have shown a little compassion.

I just wanted to know why the card was cancelled without us being made aware of it, as there is still 1 more deposit that will be going to that card. She told me that I needed to send a certified or notarized copy of death certificate, a letter stating why I need access to the account, and copies of my IDs. Notarized copies are $33 each, and I am not sending you my ID. I really just wanted to get the Wired rewards points for a TracFone. I already called the company where the deposit is coming from, and they will send check directly to me. I just wanted it for my dad's headstone. Thanks, Wired Plastic, for making an already difficult time even more difficult.

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