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UPside Visa Prepaid Card

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Last updated: May 2, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2017

The UPside debit card was discontinued in March. On March 17, 2017 I called to get a refund of my balance. I was told I would get it in 7-10 business days. It is now May 2 and I have not received my refund. They tried to sell me on getting another card with them. Based on my experience with this, that will not happen.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

I was recently informed today 3/1 (that the direct deposit for upside prepaid cards is discontinued effective 3/15/17. Unfortunately, I receive direct deposit on this card and was NEVER informed of this service being discontinued!!! Direct deposit was the reasoning behind opening the account in the guest place. My direct deposit was sent out and supposed to be received on the date in question. Since I did not see the money hit my account on the-5th I called customer service to find out what was going on. I was infringed by a rude (and for no reason) customer service agent that there will be no direct deposit after 2/28/17. There was NO NOTICE sent to my home. After speaking with my employer, I now have to wait until the funds are returned and then can be reissued. I DO NOT KNOW WHEN I WILL receive my PAYCHECK!!! This card company in very fraudulent and shady!!! BAD BUSINESS.

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Original review: July 13, 2016

I have been dealing with UPside for at least 6 years. Why is it that you have to go through crap to get your account in order after fraudulent activity but they will allow crazy transactions to be made on your account. I just made a charge or charges using my card on 7/3/16 and I live in New Jersey. There were 2 charges made on on 7/4/16 in Arcadia California... SMH. I had a courtesy call about this activity on 7/5/16 and I immediately took action. My account was put on fraudulent status and my disputes were filed.

I have been through this in 2014 around the same time where once again charges were made in California somewhere for a lot more that time... Why is this service so unprofessional to say the least when it comes to something going wrong with your account under no fault of your own. My bills are due and I have no access to monies that I have and will receive in my account. I been through the trying to change my address and fax coming in dark crap for almost 6 months now and all of a sudden this happens and I have to change my address on file going through a lot of unnecessary crappie to get things situated.

I just want my monies owed and have my address changed and my new card sent to my correct address. Every review I have read has the spitting image of complaints that I have. From talking to customer service, supervisor not calling back in a timely fashion, rudeness, unprofessionalism, stupid policies, uninformative operators and funds that are mine not being available to me when this happens. Something has to be done about this. This is no way to run a banking business that keeps your customers happy. There has been no reviews such I have read that were good... Once again SMDH!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2016

Fraudulent activity. A $142 purchase from China, they accepted, THEN contacted me and put hold on my account. Have had to call 3 times to talk to a human - and I always use website to avoid extra fees. Already pay a $4.95 monthly fee for years so what does that cover. Apparently nothing. Have spoken to 3 reps - almost $10 alone in phone fees - and they all give very inconsistent info. Thus making me need to call more often and rack more fees. Then found out the scum that stole my card number was continuing to try to make many transactions. Have to fax in a dispute form tomorrow - more $$ for me to do that - and I guess mail in too as reading about they are picky about the fax copies they get and give you a runaround. So they were going to send me a new card - which I still have not received, but all this happened on 4/22/16 anyway.

And rep found out the scum who stole my card number also had my NEW number, and trying to make big gambling transactions etc. Of course denied as I keep a low balance on this card intentionally for the very reasons others described above. Thank goodness all denied now, but had to close that card too. They waived my $9.95 fee for new card as it was stolen and not my fault. I was perplexed as how did someone get my new number already and card not even here in my hands or activated. Thought a lot about it, was shocked, and figure it has to be an inside job and someone at UPside is the "scum" trying to disrupt my life and cause trauma of identity theft. A supervisor was supposed to call me back, no call yet, and I want to know how my NEW card was being fraudulently used already. Yeah, like I bet they will answer that question.

So instead of a supervisor calling me back to explain as ask what I wanted to do, they jumped ahead and ordered me a second new card, and of course a $9.95 FEE with that. Enough. I want my $142 back, and will fight and bug them to death as well as report to authorities. I have already closed my account, another $12 FEE, and want nothing more to do with UPside. Cancelled my employee deposits and need to take Netflix off too before next auto payment due. So I have to ask for a dispute, AFTER the charge clears, which it should have by midnight today/72 hrs, and wait 6-8 weeks on a refund check. Geez, get $142 back on my account minus about $40 in FEES. A big rip. Not my fault, I am not the criminal here, but have to pay to get resolved. Very substandard and insane customer service.

I would not recommend UPside to anyone. Above reviews quite eye opening as well. How do you report UPside as the criminals - literally stealing how much $$ from how many consumers since an inside scam and operation? I would like to make them pay me back ALL my funds, and consider FRAUD and victims of fraud/identity theft as exceptions to the rule and waive the zillions of FEES. Figure do not hold my breath, just glad a low balance already on card, <$200, thank goodness or I would really be in a bigger mess. Why did they even approve that transaction from China, when I live and stay in USA/GA. They are usually nitpicky and hold your card for stupid things, but let the weird atypical transaction go thru. Well I guess they really wanted whatever they ordered from Taizhou CN. That's why. To benefit them and steal from me. Totally unacceptable!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2016

Been trying to get my address changed. But keep getting the runaround about the documentation sent. I have sent info numerous times to no avail. I have been working with UPside card since last Monday 02/15/16 because my card is due to expire next Monday and I needed to change my address for the new card. Only to find out they had already mailed the new card to my old address. So I requested information on how to correctly expedite an address change since I had moved. They told me that they could not change my address without me faxing them a current utility bill, Social Security Card, Valid State ID and a copy of my Upside card.

I faxed the documents needed that evening. On 02/18/16 I called the UPside Card and talked to customer service to find out that they received my information but could not use the utility bill sent. On 02/20/16 I faxed another utility bill to them. I waited a few hours and called to verify it had been received. They stated they had but the fax was blank and asked me to resend it. I said OK and hung up. I again sent the documents as requested on 02/20/16. On 02/22/16 I called Customer service again asking them if they received my fax. They stated yes, but now all previous documents were missing and needed to be refaxed. At this time I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was informed they do not accept incoming calls or complaints they have to call me back. I was not happy but, said OK and right after I got off the phone I faxed the paperwork again.

On 02/23/16 Supervisor Della called to inform me the documents received were too dark to read and I needed to send it again. I told her this was ridiculous to do an address change. I since faxed all the same information to myself, and all was clear and legible on my fax. During all of this back and forth they locked my account as "POTENTIALLY FRAUDULENT". I just needed a reissue of the new card and an address change. I asked them why all of this was necessary, they said its company policy. On 02/12/16 $***.00 cash was deposited to my account. To date I have only been able to access $***.00 before they locked my account. I called them to transfer my money out of my reserve/rainy day account and place it on the card so I could pay my Household Bills. I was told no because my card was locked due to "FRAUDULENT" activity.

I got quite frustrated and informed them I would be filing a complaint and possibly a lawsuit against their FRAUDULENT practices. When I suggested they close my account and send the money in my account I was informed there was a fee to do that and I still had to resend all documents again. All I asked for was a change of address and a reissue of the new card. All of this could have been avoided. If this doesn't get resolved I will follow through filing a lawsuit against this company. This morning I have contacted the Sioux Falls Police Department and the head of Metabank Card Services (Connie), to notify them of my intention to file a case for Theft and Illegal practices.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2015

I ordered a Visa prepaid credit card in August for a trip to Italy. I informed them of where I would be traveling and the dates. I planned to use this as my primary source of spending money. Throughout my entire time in Europe, they denied my card any time I tried to use it. DID NOT GET TO USE IT ONE TIME!!! I called them while in Italy, which took a long time and was an expensive call as I did not have a call plan. Still they denied ALL CHARGES while I was in Italy!!! I called when I returned to find out what happened and was put on hold, and put on hold, and was put on hold. I finally asked them to figure out the problem and call me back. I was informed that they couldn't do that. I was able to use in USA. In November, I was notified that someone was allowed to use the card for MULTIPLE CHARGES. I was also using in Chattanooga.

When I contacted them, they said "We denied it once" and then approved it multiple times. They were never notified that I would be in Italy again. When I asked how I was never able to use it and someone unauthorized was allowed to use it freely, they could not answer it. I filed a fraud report and asked them to send me a full statement of all charges to this account. They did not send this. I did get letter saying they would do nothing about it and I am just out SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. They took NO RESPONSIBILITY!!! I would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!!

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2015

Called to change address, was told what info I needed to fax, driver's license, SS card, debit card and my payroll check, which I did. This was in August, my old card expired in September, they would say my info was too dark to read. I would re-fax my info again, and again and again, which I also faxed to myself and spouse, and clearly it was never too dark to read. This has been going on for three months now, this is clearly fraudulent behavior. I have called so many times and begged them to unlock my account and send me my money, this is a pre-load card!! Something needs to be done about THEIR FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR!!!

Original review: Aug. 10, 2015

Upside is a rip off... let's start there. As of 2015 I have received 4 different upside cards because they say that international charges have been made, and now they using this excuse again, only this time they have taken my money. The other times I had taken all monies off the card so they could only freeze a card with 0 balance. So I went to get my kids movies from the Redbox and my card was denied so I called to check the balance cause I know that there should be money on the card cause I left money on the card. The balance says 0. Wtf, nah... so I called customers service to find out what's going on and again they tell about fraudulent charges made in Italy. Now let's be clear, the charges that's supposedly made in Italy was not swiped cause I have the only card and this is what I tell the customer service rep.

The rep begins to tell me the I have to put in a dispute claim in order to get my money back and that they would have to send out another card since I was disputing the charges so I said ok, of course after cursing them out because like I said this is the fourth card this year... so I waited. Meanwhile I'm still calling about the charges made to my card. They tell me I have to fill out some paperwork so they verified my address. So the day come when the card should be in the mail. Mind you it's the day before payday so now I'm very worried because I haven't received the card but I did receive a letter stating that they have agreed with my dispute and have put the money back. There was no paperwork to fill out, but the card had not come, so I called very upset and angry only for them to tell me that the address was not verified.

** they verify all information before they even talk to you about your account. So I tell the csr to send my card express since it's been two weeks. She says, "Oh there is a thirty dollars fee for that." Well I'm not paying no 30 dollars for y'all ** up. She say, "Well I have to get that approved and that will take another 24 hours," so I tell the ** just take the 30 out my account and send me my card. She says, "Ok." So I requested for a supervisor to call me. I have made several request for a supervisor with no luck. I finally get a supervisor to call me on a Saturday morning and I made the request on a Thursday morning but they say a sup will give you a call in 24 hours... but she is no help. She is nasty and rude and she hung the phone up. I call Monday morning to see if the card has been sent out only to find out that it still has not been sent out.

I called the FDIC only for them to tell me that they cannot help me, that it's a problem for consumer financial. Call them and they say they will put the complaint in but I would not hear anything for at least two weeks. So they have my whole paycheck. Put money from my last pay check. CSRs are rude disrespectful. So since no one will help I will be harassing the ** out of anyone who answer those phones until I get every penny that is owed to me. Upside is running a scam. I want the new media to do a investigation and let the people know just what this off brand company is doing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2015

They took my money that was being deposit from the IRS cause it was a large amount and put my card as potentially fraudulent. They froze everything, even money already on my card. I went and got gas. I couldn't pay cause my account was frozen. It was so embarrassing. I don't own credit cards. I have no money or any way to access my money. I have bills I have to pay and can't because of this. The outcome -- absolutely nothing. I was told I had to fax over my ID my tax papers and social and a utility bill. When i told them I don't have a utility, live at home with my father, I was told then I don't get my money then. That my father needs to put me on one of his utility bills. Seriously.

Anyhow I sent over paperwork and my Verizon wireless bill. A supervisor received it and looked at it but still won't release my money. They need more paperwork. Like seriously wtf. I am fuming and so pissed off right now, I see nothing but red. One of the last employees I spoke to which Name was Dillan and his badge number was **...he was a very rude and ignorant worker. As I was talking he would rudely speak and yell over me. I told them I was letting everyone know how this company sucks. Also now I get paid tomorrow which is Friday and I won't be able to receive my pay check now either.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2015

My husband was suppose to have a direct deposit on his UPcard this past Friday, it never appeared. The direct deposit has been sitting there since Wednesday, now they have asked for the trace number and exact amount, which we gave them and they still do not have answers for us. We are now going through the process of contacting all state and federal agencies filing theft and fraud charges. They have no customer service abilities or training, they are lazy and rude.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2015

This company is the most corrupt company I have ever had a prepaid card from. Because of them holding my check and not depositing it on my card when they were suppose to, I lost my place to live. Me and my wife, and 18-month-old son have to live in our vehicles. Because this company would rather screw you around with your paycheck then put it on your card. I recommend to everyone don't go through this company. They will screw you all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2014

I have been using upside prepaid for about a year. I have always had a problem. Before it was releasing back hotel deposit fees but I checked my transactions and find supposedly *Google has been stealing a lot of money from me. But my Google wallet transaction history has NO record of any of those transactions. Now Upside is making me to through unnecessary loops to get my money back.. Upside was only prepaid I have that accepts green moneypak reload. I am furious .. it won't allow me to upload images but I can surely send anyone my transaction history from my Upside prepaid card and my Google wallet.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2014

I called to speak to someone and all I got was the runaround. They couldn't even explain what happened to 20 dollars of the fifty dollars that I had just loaded ten minutes prior to calling them. This prepaid card is a total ripoff and they need to have a class action lawsuit on their **. Excuse my french. They have no intention on delivering any kind of customer service whatsoever. They act like it's their money they are handling. P R E - P A I D!!! HELLO?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2014

My experiences with UPside have not been resolved. My account was flagged and frozen in march as potentially fraudulent. They never gave me an actual reason for this and after several phone calls and faxing my info twice, they unfroze it. Six weeks later and my account gets frozen again with absolutely no explanation and every call/email has been met with zero help or information or even any kind of solution. I am now late on my car payment, cannot buy groceries, pay rent or diapers for my 6-month old boy. When I call and talk to the customer service reps, they treat me like I'm inconveniencing them for trying to get my account unlocked.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2014

When I first got this card and began depositing and purchasing things, they put a fraudulent block on it. I was pissed. I had to verify my identity by giving the last few transactions to get it activated. They put another fraudulent block on my card after I put in another application to get another UPside card under my name. I then had to fax over some stuff and it took 3 days for them to activate my account again. When my card was getting ready to expire, I got a little eerie that my new card was not mailed out yet. Therefore I emailed them (which is free) and didn't get a response after 3 tries. So I reluctantly called (they charge $.99 to go through the IVR and $2.00 to speak to someone). They said their computers were down and customer weren't getting their card. They then waived the $2.00 free to speak to someone (but not the IVR fee). But my card did not come. So therefore I had to call back AGAIN paying the IVR free, this time refused to waive the fee to speak to someone even though none of this is my fault and they ignored all my emails. I found out later in the agreement being that I am a Premium customer I shouldn't get charged the $2.00 agent fee anyway, but then I would have to call back risking more fees. After that, I knew it was time to cancel my UPside Card.

Original review: Nov. 26, 2013

My card has been blocked for over a month now and has 1000USD in it which I can't access till I provide them with something from gov. like leases and what not and since I just moved, I don't have any of the required documents they are asking for. I finally got the risk dept. phone and fax number from a csr after a month and a half of harassing them and I share it here for all so you don't have to deal with lousy csr's that are just forwarding the faxes you send to them. Upside fraud dept. fax: 1-800-214-5212 fraud dept. phone: 1-877-396-2850. Do not use Upside, it is terrible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2013

`I lost my UPSIDE debit card and when I called in to request a new one, I also added that I moved and here is my new address. CS. said, "Well now that I know you moved, you'll have to show proof of your new address by faxing lease/PG&E/water/garbage." I said I have my name in ONLY the cable. He begins to say, "Well, I'm sorry. I can't issue another card until you show proof." I said, "Then send it back to my old address, it's my dad's house." "Sorry I can't send you another card knowing you moved." I said, "Well what are/can you gonna do for me then? How am I going to access my money? My direct deposit goes in the card as well as other bills that are electronically debited." He says, "Well you only have 9 dollars in there, really?" And so what? That's my 9 dollars.

Call number 2 / day 2 #: I need to speak to the supervisor, CS says, "What can I help you with?" I said,"I've already went through this whole thing with someone else, can you put a supervisor on the phone please?" He asked if may know what the call is about, so I go on to say what happened and in the end do you know, he (CS) tells me, "Well, that's what my supervisor is going to tell you too, that we need a bill in your name." Really you're gonna tell me what your supervisor is gonna say? You mean she isn't going to provide customer service and work with the customer?

NOPE b/c when I spoke with the supervisor, she heard me out and in the end she said the same thing but added if I have a paycheck stub to show proof, oh sure I'll send that in right away who do I fax it to? Supervisor says fax it to Nicole, she manages the faxes. Okay, no problem. Send 2 faxes JUST in case. In between time I complained through email to UPSIDE's site hoping that someone with a vision to help out customers.

Day 3 has come and gone, no reply from anyone. Day 4, I get an email from MEGAN who requests the same information in order to get another card. I emailed her back, I faxed in my paycheck stub into you all already 2x, you mean you haven't received it. Her reply is, no. Wow, really? This is **. She says, "Please email me back with the documentation." I emailed her 2x and emailed her what I faxed over including the cover sheets and confirmation that the fax went through. Day 5, Megan replied confirming the fax # and that no, she hasn't' received my email or fax!! I am pissed that they've made it so difficult for me to get another card. I did what they asked and they in return has done or shown no compassion for a 2 yr customer. I've cancelled my direct deposit and all electronic debits. What comes around, goes around. Thanks Upside for all your great customer service. I hope each and every one of you well!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2013

I’m not happy the way you treat the consumer and change everything without letting you know. I have a password and when I am going to activate, it’s not recognizing my email address with the numbers in the debit card. Why? What you try to prove, sicks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2013

I lost my card and reported it. Anyway, I tried to get my new card sent to me. They had the wrong address. After 20 days, I never received it. I wanted to change the address, but they would not accept my new address because I did not have a bill or lease to prove my new address; and this was after I verified all the information they asked for. Well, I live with someone else. So, I would not have one. Now, in the meantime, my $1,000.00 is sitting in an account that I cannot use and my bills are not being paid. I had to borrow from people just to eat. I am about to be paid again and cannot get it. I am so mad, I want to sue. I am about to lose my storage that needs to be paid. This is a warning, get a bank debit card.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2013

This is one of the worst companies I have dealt with. My account has been frozen because they say it is a potential fraud account because I got a credit back from my wife's pharmacy for co-pay reimbursement. Because there is no debt that matches the refund, they say it is a potential fraud and need proof! For one, the money was paid for out of my HSA; for two, it is a collective refund from several months of payments so there would not be a debt in that amount! Instead of just flagging it or even putting a hold on the refund we received, they froze my entire account!

This is our primary banking account and all our money is in that account and now we have no way of getting to it until they decide to unlock it! Several calls to their so-called customer service got me nowhere and there is apparently no way to call or email their fraud department at all. They wanted the original receipts for the purchases of my wife's cancer medication just to even start looking at the account! Luckily, I called the hospital and they were very helpful and faxed not only the receipts but a letter stating what the refund was for directly to UPside (Meta Bank). I called UPside back and was told it would take 24 to 48 hours before anything was done, this is on a Friday! So now my family and I have to wait to buy food, gas, and medication for 4 days at the minimum because they won't talk to me or call me back!

It is unacceptable to withhold a person's entire account without even trying to resolve the issue in a timely manner knowing that this is a Friday and they don't work weekends and knowing this is all the money someone has. Basically, they left my family and I without any means of buying food or my wife's cancer medication and God forbid that we would have an emergency!

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Original review: March 23, 2013

I got my teens this card because they travel and need access to money. I wanted to make sure their access would not be cut off during a school trip to Italy this month. I sent an email, which was not answered, so I called. To continue with the call, you had to agree to a $0.99 fee. After agreeing, they only gave the card balance and said it would be another $2 to speak to a customer service representative. After waiting on hold for 5 minutes, I got through to someone who noted the travel but said there was no way around the fees because they only want you to use the website. I asked where I could find this information on the website and was told it was not on the website. In addition, the only way to change a pin is to call and pay $0.99. Should this be allowed?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2013

I can't access my funds from my debit card from Meta bank (Upside Visa). The card is the only way to get funds. The reason for this is they will not change my address on the account so I can get my new cards. Our cards expired at the end of Feb 2013. I have been trying to change the address since May 2012. We have sent them copies of our driver’s license, social security cards, and 3 utilities bills, and requesting this action in a letter. They were all requested and faxed to them 3 times. The first time they said in 48 hours cards will be sent. Nothing happened. The second time they were sent, it would be 30 days. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. Still no call from supervisor and cards have not been sent.

The third time I sent paperwork, they told me 90 days. They say the computer will do this and they can't override. We have $5,000.00 in this account that we can't access. When you call customer service, they really can't do anything but tell you they will have a supervisor call. I've made 20, requested a callback 20 times, and still no phone call or cards. We are very afraid that our money will never be available. I will mention at this point that we are late on rent and utilities. To top it off, my husband lost his job 2 weeks ago. I have looked up this bank and there are many people having the same problems. Thousands of dollars being held for no reason. Extremely frustrating and I'm sure illegal. So I really hope you can help.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2013

They marked my husband's card as potentially fraudulent right after money was deposited onto the card. They told him he needed to fax in all his personal info if he wanted his money, then gave him the runaround for about a week. He called back and asked what was going on. They said he needed to fax his ID in again. They didn't even have the courtesy to call him and let him know there was a problem. Then the same day we finally got the money released, we went to try and put gas in the car. My husband went to pay inside but for some reason they weren't taking it. He went to pay at the pump and it worked fine.

We had about $60 left on the card and used $20 for gas. When we checked the account, they took all of it, even though the gas station only took $1! I called them and let them know that we were about an hour and a half away from home and we weren't sure if we put enough gas to get home that night. The customer service representative said, "Well, then borrow some money from a friend." Is this a ** joke?!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2012

There were 4 fraudulent transactions made on my account. I called them to find out what happened. I was told I had to go talk to the vendors, all which were in the UK. In the meantime and between, I wanted to get what funds I had left off the card so that I would not be without money. I was told no. I was then told if they opened my card up for me to get the funds, they would not honor my dispute. They took over 700 dollars. I had to then pay $40 to get access to my money after 2 weeks! Rents were late, other bills were late and all they can say is it's not their problem. It was something that I did. Really! So if you must use a prepaid, use any one but this one. I am convinced that this is an inside job and I really wish I knew how to get the Feds to go take a detailed look at this company or an attorney because this is a class action lawsuit ready to go.

Original review: Aug. 9, 2012

Four weeks to get my money back? Really? I started this by personal CC and UPside is going to send me a check and not put this back on my personal CC? Really? $20+ for the cancellation, $8.00+ to cancel and $12.00+ to send me a check. It’s the worst CC parent student card ever. Fee based everything, no email support, and outsourced call center (Pakistan or India). They do not reply to emails. Moms and dads do not use this, it's a rip-off! Parents do your homework on this matter. Anything positive you read about this credit card company is from an employee promoting the company.

Original review: Aug. 7, 2012

If you learn only one thing about my review, let it be this: you have been warned. So do not use their card if you do not want to get ripped by a new one. There is no customer service number to talk to a live person for free. The only time you can speak to a person is with someone who, of course, is in India. It’s another reason why not to use them, I might add. My issue is that I cannot log into my account and I know the password is correct. Nevertheless, I hit the button "forgot password,” entered my email address the account is associated with and it said instructions would be sent to me to reset my password. 10 times since yesterday I have done that and not once have I gotten an email regarding this password problem. And yes, I checked my spam folder. So, I called the number listed for them in order to talk to someone. You are charged $.99 for the call and $2.00 to speak to a live person in “India."

I spoke to the rep and told her my problem and told her I would not be paying the $3.00 for that call. I informed her I know their scam - make people have trouble with their password so they have to call in and, thus, they get paid. Then she told me, "You would have to email an UPside card to reset your password. I could not do it.” So, I asked her, “Am I being charged $2.99 for this call?” The rep said, "Yes, you will be." I said, "No the ** - I wouldn’t. Why the hell are you charging me for something you could not help me with?” She said there is nothing she can do. I said, "You best not charge me for this call. If you do, I’ll report UPside card to VISA and the banking regulatory division of the FTC." She said they will waive this fee as a one-time courtesy.

This proves they will rip you off. Over time, they will find ways to jinx your account so you will be forced to call in to their department and they can make $3.00 on one phone call where they do not intend to help you with. I’m still going to report them to the FTC and VISA. I have $200 in the account, yet I cannot access it via the online account. I will be going to an ATM shortly and withdraw every last dollar and then continue to spread the word as I hope others will do.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2012

I had my paychecks direct deposited. The day after my check was deposited, I went and pumped some gas and my card was declined. I called the customer service because I knew my money should have been in there. A foreign person told me that they had blocked my card due to suspect fraud charges to Austria! Those charges were pending and I was told that after 4 days if the charges had not gone through, it would go back in my account on the fifth day. Well the fifth day came around and it appeared the money went back in my account. A couple of days later, I notice when I pulled up my account online that my account was negative $50, due to one of those fraud charges being allowed to go through!

The other fraud charge for $293 had rolled off. So I thought. I was told to close that card and have another one issued (mind you I had to pay 9.99 for that new one). I was told that I was safe now and those charges would not be able to show up. Well now my second direct deposit goes in my account, in my new debit card and now the charge that rolled off $293 was sent back through in my new debit card. I am now negative $102! I can never get ahead! My bills are backing up. I don't have a penny to my name because it was all in my account. When I asked what would I do, they said to send in the dispute form and they have no set time limit on investigating those charges! I have been ill from this. I have no way to get to work, eat, or live on. It seems like something should be able to help me fix this problem. They are not safe and secure choice like they advertise.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2012

They are holding all 7,000 of my money and they are going to take a month to process my fund to release them in check form. It is crazy they are a rip off.

Original review: Nov. 7, 2011

I decided to go with this card due to all the so called A++ reviews that are floating around the internet. I now believe these reviews were done by paid spokespeople and not actual card users.

This company "nickles and dimes" their customers to death. I went to purchase a $1500 money order and never had any problem doing so before using a prepaid card. It was declined. I had almost $2k on the card at the time. So I get out of line, call Customer Service and they charged me $0.99 for just calling the number. An additional $1.99 was charged for talking with one of the reps from India who could only recite back the terms and conditions on the card holder agreements. I found out the following:

You can only use $1K a day on purchases. $530 per day ATM withdrawals but you have to do it in 2 withdrawals! Yep, that's what I was told. So they are gouging you for every single cent they can!

They also took away the capability to use your card at a gas pump which is ridiculous! I have never had a problem with using a prepaid card at a gas pump. Now I have to walk inside every time I want to use it.

Stay away from this card! I had for 2 months now and I am going back to Capital One prepaid which I now realize is the best card out there.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2009

UPside Visa Prepaid Card expert review by Barbara Friedberg

Designed with teens in mind, the UPside Visa Prepaid Card is accepted at any location that takes a Visa debit card. The Upside prepaid card is operated by Plastyc Inc., a New York company. The card is issued by Metabank in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Visa UPside card is designed for 13 to 25 year olds and their parents.

  • Safer than an allowance: The UPside visa prepaid card is marketed to parents as a tool to help their children learn money management. The card provides an opportunity for children to learn to budget their money.

  • 3 Cards Available: Upside offers three different plans; Upside Clear, Upside Access and UPside Edge.

  • Card fees: The cards range from no fee to $29.95 (refundable based upon card activity) membership fees.

  • Earn cash back: The UPside Edge card offers one percent cash back on all funds loaded. There is no limit on the amount of cash back the consumer can earn.

  • Flexible maximum balances: Maximum balances begin at $1,000 and go up to $5,000, depending upon the card.

  • ATM access available: Parents decide whether or not to allow their teen to withdraw cash from an ATM. Two of the three card options offer ATM and check writing access.

  • Best for: Young adults and teens.

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Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.

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