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I am getting a summons for court from a Faber and Brand, LLC in Montana saying I owe to an original creditor of CompuCredit/Tribute Card. I have looked on my credit report and there is none listed on there. I have no idea who this is or why they are contacting me. When I asked for verification they come back with "This is the name of the place and you owe $863.86." They are located in Atlanta. Well, I asked for and wanted to see the original paperwork because I have no idea what year this was and if it is even me since I don't recall having a credit card in that name. Everybody is out for your money and I'm about sick to death of these things.

I am writing in my complaint against that bogus company. First of all I did have a credit card with them, and always did pay it on time. But for no reason at all they kept adding charges to my account, and that stupid maintenance fee, what the heck is that for? They simply take advantage of consumers. So one day I was simply done with them. Then they sent my account to a collection agency. I was haunted by them day and night, threatened by them. So I just paid them, the collection agency in four payments of 75.00 each. That stupid card was only for 300.00 and they were even trying to get even more, but did not. They got what was due and still put derogatory remark on my credit report that it was not paid and to this day it is still there showing unpaid. The name of that collection agency is NAR 2275 Huntington Drive STE # 778, San Marino, CA 91108 1-888-836-7526.

As of this moment I have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. I also will be contacting all three credit Bureau's on this matter, Equifax, Experian and Transunion, about this matter, about that collection agency and that credit card company. As far as I'm concerned they were paid. I want that remark taken off my report that it was not paid. I have all my receipts that were paid to the sleaze balls. I will say this though, once a collection agency gets a hold on your account, they in turn keep selling it to other collection agencies so it's like never over. Also, watch for the red flags with some of those credit card companies; not all though, some are really good. Just watch out for the ones that want all kinds of fees. That is a red flag, and it's also called taking advantage of consumers. Big rip offs, and if they are out of business? Good, it serves them right.

I applied for and was approved for a $300 Tribute card in 2007. I used the card exactly one time to fill up my gas tank and was told my $35 purchase was going to cost me over $100 fifteen days later. I immediately paid the full balance and asked to close out my account. They did an exit interview asking why I was closing my account and everything. Now 6 years later, I have a hit on my credit for $800! They list no number on my credit report, only an address to send mail.

I tried to call the numbers found through search engines, but no one can give me any answers. I have seriously considered filing a police report for identity theft, but I am not positive what to even do at this point. I considered paying the balance again, but I am not sure it will do any good. I hate to give these con artists money, only for them to keep wrecking my otherwise perfect credit score!

This company is a scam. They are constantly ripping people off. They are charging interest as much as they want. They are constantly calling me on my job. I paid them back the three hundred, but they wanted more money after 2007. There has to be something done with this company. Can there be a civil suit against this company?

I had the worst experience with Tribute MasterCard for me to just be trying to establish my credit for the first time. They gave me a credit line of $180. Every time I would take money off the card, they would tell me that I would have to pay more than what I took off. And every time I would make my monthly payment, they would somehow come up with an excuse of how they didn’t receive it. Then their company closed and now I have them on my credit stating that I owe them 1,000 dollars. And at first it was $500, and then it went to $800, and now $1,000. And they call me every day and it doesn’t matter what time of the day, morning, or night it is. These people are a scam, and I wish I would have never got my first credit card from them because now my credit is bad. And they say it’s because I was a participating customer - that’s the reason I'm still getting charged. And I don’t think it’s right!

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They cancelled the card, not me. I was told the maintenance fee was for mailing the statement and that they would continue to charge the maintenance fee after it is paid off? I cannot believe they can get away with this.

I had to put money down in order to get the credit card. My line of credit was only $160. When I used money off the card, I would have to pay the $40 that I used and so on and send money in by moneygram at Wal-Mart. I had emergency surgery so I had to send my payment in by mail and then a week later, I received a call stating that the address on envelope was not right and not to send in money using that. Well, it was too late. They gave me a late fee when that was their mistake and I fought with them that I was not paying a late fee. So now I closed my account and shortly thereafter, their company closed. And now on my credit shows that I owed them $605 and now $711. I just found out their collection company says I owed them over $900. This company is a scam. I paid them in full and was supposed to get a statement that showed that and they never sent me one.

About two years ago, I suffered a heart attack. The following year I suffered a mini stroke. The hospital bills, meds, etc., began mounting. Because I was not capable of handling my finances, I asked my daughter to help me. First, I instructed her to notify Tribute (by the way, this account has been closed for years) in writing that I wouldn't be able to pay the minimum per month (this has only been going on for the last four months). However, I would be able to pay $25 per month until I could pay more. But I assume this wasn't acceptable to them. So the phone calls began--at least 4 times a day. After repeating my story over and over to these reps, I've finally had enough. Not only do they call me but now they are calling my daughter. Look, I am making the effort to pay monthly. What can be done? What I don't understand is the balance never seems to go down. No matter what you pay, you still seem to have the same balance.

I received a tribute card, and paid them on time every month. They gave me an increase, after about one year, for paying on time, then without notice, they cancelled my card, but they still are charging me for maintenance each month, as if i am still using the card. I don't think this is right. A lot of people are angry over the same problem.

This company cancelled my credit card and has never sent me a statement so I can see what is owed. They are taking money from my account in autopay. I tried to cancel that and they are still charging me a monthly fee for participating, even though there is no participation. There's something that needs to be done about this company ripping everyone off.

I had financial problems and asked that account be closed! All the while, they continue to rack up fees for a closed account. I'll guess that it will never get paid off! How can they get away with this in the state of Alabama? I would appreciate a little update on AL laws governing this! Can I get all these fees back eventually if a lawsuit is filed?

Tribute closed all accounts and is still charging high fees which I think are illegal. I just filed a report with better business if any one else has had issues. It would be great if we all filed so they can be exposed. File with the bb they use alias compu credit, corp 5, concorse, pkwy Ne ste 400 Atlanta ga 30328 (tribute credit card). If we all stick together, we might get some of our fees refunded. Thank you.

I had an Imagine account for about 3 years until I got a letter from Tribute saying that they bought my account and closed it because they don't offer the program, which was a secure credit card. Well, needless to say that I have been paying them every month and my account is being charged a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee for a closed account, I'm not sure but I suspect that it's not legal.

I just received a phone call saying that I've had a credit card with Tribute since 2007. I've never had a credit card in my whole life, so we need to get this figured out. It sounds like it is identity theft. Please contact me at **.

I opened a tribute master card account around two years ago. I've paid all my payments every month on the 1st. First they cancelled my account for no reason and when I called to see why, they gave a run around and I still don't know why I been cancelled. They're charging me a 9.95 monthly maintenance fee. Now they are calling me 8-9 times a day saying I owe them a late fee plus a payment. The payment is due on the 14th of the month, my bank said the check was cashed on the 8th. I have gotten on the internet and just typed in tribute master card scam, and found out I'm not alone. They are doing this to people all over. Someone has to check in to these people. They're a total rip off, and getting by with it.

My debt was discharged in November 28, Clark County NV bankruptcy court but Tribute continued to auto draft my checking account for 11 months after being notified of the discharge. At this point, Tribute owes me in excess of $850.00 for monies paid that were not owed due to debt discharged through court. Despite repeated telephone call, fax and emails result in empty promises and no return on monies as well. They have recently started contacting me and are harassing me with continuous calls from China stating that I now owe them since they have now been disallowed from auto drafting my checking account. They continue to ignore my demand for payment of monies paid that should not have been due to discharge of debt.

They closed my account twice, the first time was an accident, they apologized and sent me a new card. The second time, I was told that due to a management decision my account was cancelled and that my maintenance fees would still be applied yearly and monthly. I set up automatic payments, so I would not be charged a late fee, and set a minimum payment of $100.00/month to be taken out on the 28th of every month. That's when everything started changing.

My payment due date fluctuates between the 28th of one month to the 6th of the next, it takes an additional week to process that payment, and if I make an additional payment it cancels out the automatic one and then I am charged a late fee. I have spoken with customer service reps and made it beyond clear that I am making additional payments and that for no reason ever. Should I not have my automatic payment taken out.

Then, I received a letter stating that my automatic payment amount was going to changed to %15 of my total balance and went from $100/month to under $30.00 which is not 15% of my balance, it's not even 5%. I can see how they continue to charge me a monthly and yearly fee can fall on this side of legal, but how can they change my payment amount and payment dates without my approval?

Also, why does my credit report say that the card was closed at the consumer's request when I did not do that? There isn't a cancellation reason in a credit report stating that the business closed and doesn't have anything to do with the consumer? I would have overpaid my monthly amounts but didn't want to incur their late fee when it didn't process on time or went in too early and they didn't take my automatic payment out.

The only thing I can think of to do for now is to pay the minimum fee, and save until I have enough to pay the whole thing off and then pray that what happens to the other few dozen people I heard about doesn't happen to me. True their closing my card didn't affect my credit via them, but it was the only credit card I had as I was trying to restore my credit. In applying for a new card that I could receive the hard inquiries into my credit dropped it a lot. All the work I did in order to fix my credit and life has been lost because the company didn't know what it was doing. Why should I pay for their incompetence?

This company closed my credit card without any notice despite the fact that I was always on time with my payments. I went to use my card one day and it wouldn't work. I called them and they told me that it wasn't any reflection on me that they just had to close the account. This has in turn affected my credit. They also have not been sending me any invoices. I have been continuing to pay them but they are still charging me an annual fee as well as monthly fees and a seriously large interest rate.

They refuse to work with me. I recently went to make a payment and could not even get into their website and the fact they don't send me invoices (which I can't get them to do) they are now charging me an astronomical late fee and will only allow me to make payments over the phone. I don't even know if the information they are giving me is accurate.

In January of 2008, I received a letter from Tribute MasterCard informing me that in May 2008, they would begin charging a ten dollar monthly fee. They included an 800 number for customers who chose to opt out. I called this number and spoke to a company rep who barely spoke English and told him that I wanted to cancel my account. He told me that the account was closed and that I should destroy the card. I cut the card up and threw it away.

In May 2008, I got a bill from Tribute MasterCard for ten dollars. I called the company and told them I had cancelled the card in January. The person I spoke to said there was no record of my cancellation, but that he would close the account. In June 2008, I received a bill from Tribute MasterCard for the ten dollar monthly maintenance fee plus a late fee for not paying the previous charge. I called the company again and was told to contact the dispute resolution rep. I sent a letter and received no response, so I called the company again.

I told the customer service person that I was not responsible for the incompetence of their employees and that I wasn't going to pay the bill. He said they would take me to court. I told him I was going to file a complaint with the Attorney General. A few months ago, I got a letter from a collection agency. They want almost 300 dollars to settle the account. I sent them a certified letter explaining the situation and that I would never pay Tribute MasterCard or them a dime. They trashed my credit rating.

The "delinquent account" was reported to credit agencies and my credit rating was lowered. My credit card at Home Depot was cancelled because of the report even though I have never made a late payment on any of my other cards.

This card is no good. My account has been closed. I have been a really good customer and decided to call them and ask them to lower my interest rate. They will not work with me at all. I was very upset and disappointed. I do not recommend this card to anyone. They rip you off with the high interest rates and if you are good customer meaning you pay on time, they won't help you out. I even spoke with a supervisor, which by the way could hardly understand. I have this card and a couple others and this card is by far the worst card ever. I'm paying way too much in interest seeing hardly a dent in my payments that I make.

I was charged with high interest, plus monthly fees. I’ve never been late once on my account. They suspended my account yet they still charge $9.95 account fee plus interest. I think charging $120.00 a year, maintenance fee on a suspended account is nothing but another rip-off by this credit card company.

I started off with this card and everything was just fine. One day I sent my payment off and about 2 weeks later, a rep called me and rudely told me I wasn't paying my bill, in those exact words. I told her, "as a matter of fact, I do and maybe you should pull up your account history before you make accusations of the such." She did and come to find out my payment was lost in the mail. Thank God for the Western Union control number! So,after that I was told to make the minimum payment plus the late fee the next month, they would credit my bill the late fee. So I did that. So the next month I get a statement saying that my account was closed due to non payment!?

So I called them again and spoke to a supervisor who corrected it and said they would send me a letter stating my account was closed because the Tribute Mastercard program was "over"? My account is still closed to this day and I'm still making payments. Why are they still advertising if Tribute is no longer? Now,today I get a bill with another late fee! I sent in my payment 7 days before it was due on Feb.15. They processed it on the 18th, in turn charging me a late fee. I used to work for the postal service. I know for a fact it does not take a payment sent on the 9th of Feb. to get from MD to MO which is where they process payments, 10 days! I could have drive the payment there and back 3 times in the amount of time it takes them to process a payment.

As of today, Feb. 28, 2010, I wrote my last check to them paying off the balance. I have also never received the letter stating my account was closed in good standing like I was supposed to. So in my mind, my credit report probably still has closed due to non-payment because I have not been able to check it yet. This Tribute is a scam where they give you a nice chunk of credit, let you spend, close the account, then double your minimum payments! They also take the maximum number of days to process your payment so they can stick you with a late fee. If you read this, do not sign up for anything Tribute! This company needs to be exposed now!

I tried to pay this card off for two months. After four phone calls and I'm finally going through my bank to send payment to get it paid off. They charged me two $38 late fee charges because one of their people does not know how to key in an account number correctly. Lady hung up on me. They don't care because if you don't pay, your credit is the one that suffers for it. I hope these people get caught scamming and someone does something about it. And they have three different phone numbers. What legitimate company has three phone numbers to make life miserable for their customers?

I have 11 credit cards, and by far, Tribute is the worst. If you have this card, I am sure you know what I am saying and should write your local congress person and file a complaint. They change the agreement without notice and at any time. Additionally, they will charge you $9.95 to pay electronically. If you have any sense at all, please do not allow yourself to be taken by this card company. You will pay a huge cost to do business with these **.

On January 19, 2010, Tribute Gold MasterCard issued an "Annual Fee Pro-Rate" credit to my account, after speaking with a supervisor. Helpful information: Check your account balance online at or call (877) 888-0084. If your "Annual Fee Pro-Rate" credit hasn't posted to your account, call (866) 290-2831 and ask to speak with a supervisor. Once you reach a supervisor, tell that person that you are going to contact your (State) Attorney General's Office, Federal Trade Commission, and the Better Business Bureau regarding this matter. Trust me, Tribute MasterCard doesn't want any more problems from the above people.

I kept up with my payments. Account was closed for no reason. When asked why, I was given no reason and charged with a late fee even after arranging to pay double because I stopped my payment once after being cut off. Then rates, fees, minimum payment, etc. went up. Annual fees were not refunded. No one could tell me what was going on. My credit rating was affected and I can’t get a new card with anyone. Plus all the people I talked with were rude and clueless. This resulted to bad credit and loss of annual fees.

I was issued this card, without my soliciting it, several years ago. My initial credit was $1,000; after 6 months, it was raised to $1,500. I had never once been late on a payment, and I usually doubled up on the required amount. Then, without warning, before I was up to my limit, my card was canceled with no explanation. My minimum payment has been around $55-56 per month, which my bank pays to Tribute before the due date.

In November, Tribute waited a week past my due date to post my payment, thereby putting me in a "late" status and charging me a $35.00 late fee. I called them and was told they would waive it one time, because I had never been late in the past. When my December statement arrived, my minimum payment was listed at $55.69, which my bank paid on 12/24/09, 5 days before it was due.

Today, I received a call from Tribute saying I was past due $90.69. I asked them how that happened and was told I did not pay a late fee of $35 for November. I explained to them what I've explained to you, but they kept demanding the $35. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who very arrogantly told me that now my payment is $90.69 a month and "If I don't make this $35 payment today, it will be up to $125 a month."

When I kept trying to explain about the late fee, he just kept yelling over me. I told him I haven't even received my January statement yet, which isn't even due for payment until January 29. Well, I went ahead and had my bank pay this $35 today. However, something needs to be done about this company and the money scam they have going. I wonder how much they'll gouge me for in February. I can't keep paying escalating payments that have no basis in reality!

They closed my account in Sept. without a reason. I continued to make payments based on my account information. I made sure I paid on time. I have now been accessed a $35 late fee. Also they continue to charge monthly maintenance fee and also has since increased the rate since Sept. for no reason. I have also started getting calls at home and in the office even when my payment is not due. My minimum payment due in Sept. when my account was closed was $49.00 and with no activity on the account except my monthly payment, which mostly is higher than the minimum, they are asking me to pay $115.00 a month. The person who called could not even explain how this amount was determined. She even hanged up on me. They are not even brave enough to leave a message. I feel cheated financially for the monthly fees and increase in rate. Also, the phone calls should stop.

sorry cant think of there address but my problem is with Tribute MasterCard they closed my account with out telling me and then they trying to get me to keep paying the bill with high interest rate and fees i pay the bill on time each month but balance never go down they never help at all i dont think it right to be charge fee if i cant use the card anymore the company is a scam i really need help i dont know what to do i just want to pay off the account and they want help

Card issuer closed all consumer accounts suddenly. Company has NOT refunded annual fees paid, which I was told they would by Oct 2009. Account is listed as closed but they continue to charge accountholders "monthly maintenance fees" to increase the balance due & accumulate interest on. Credit score has dropped due to closure. Monthly fees are being added to a closed account, making the balance higher & interest charges increase.

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