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I attempted to secure a "payday" or other short-term loan online. I received a call on 12/22/10 approximately 2:28PM EST from a man, maybe by the name of Jason with Sterling Trust. He was mumbling excessively, indicating I was pre-approved for a $9000.00 credit line. I immediately told him I was not interested in a credit line, he told me I applied online yesterday for a credit line. I told him I applied, attempted to apply for a cash advance and I was not interested in any "credit lines". He basically tried to make me take the credit line, told me my credit score was not high enough, asked me why would I apply for credit and on and on. I told him those sites that search for matching lenders matched me with things I did not want and I did not want a credit line. He became ruder and ruder so I hung up on him, he called right back and would not say anything. I feel that he is going to make a credit line for me with this company and I will have to fight this from my credit report.


This Company took over credit card I had for 4 years with Sterling Bank & Trust. Started charging me 200% interest rate,Yes Two Hundred Percent Rate on Cash Advances! Then, mailed payment two weeks ago, due date October 3rd. They still have not posted this payment! I have never missed a payment in 4 years!

They charged me a 50.00 Finance Charge for a 175.00 cash advance, one months charge! Aside from the money, they are attempting to ruin my credit.


This account is a fraudulent account and I have never received a credit card from this organization. I have contacted these people to find out who ordered this and when.....I have a negative aspect on my credit reports from these scum bags.....I have contacted the man mentioned above (which by the way is NO gentlemen)only to be told a few years ago that its my name and its my debt when in fact I have never done business with this company......

I have tried to talk to the head of the credit card division to only be subjected to further stress and unprofessionalism on both of their parts.....This bank said that my account was secured by a CD and that they needed me to write them a letter requesting information on Long hand rather than type written, my social security number, a copy of my drivers license, and my mothers maiden name.....Why in the world would I do that if I have ID Theft Alert on my account as it is.....Something isn't all correct in MOTOWN these least by the actions of this institution and its personnel


I entered the military on July 31, 2000 and sent a letter to Sterling Bank and Trust regarding my rights under the Soldier and Sailors Relief Act. The interest rate on my account was to be reduced to 6% on any balance at time of entry. I am still fighting with Sterling Bank and Trust to recognize the federal law regarding SSCRA, but they still fail to do so. This company is the only one of my credit cards that has been unwilling to honor the SSCRA. Capital One Bank, Household Bank and First Premier Bank have honored the SSCRA. When I'm in the field due to my Military obligations I notify Sterling Bank and Trust and also when I move I notify them, but they always say the records in the system have not been updated. I moved in March of 2003 and notified them, but they didn't change my address until I called back in April of 2003 asking where my statement is at since they don't have online access.

I was later charged $25 for an overlimit fee caused by my $78 annual membership fee in April 2003, and in May 2003 I was charged $29 for an overlimit fee again and a $29 late fee because I only made my normal $40 payment thru my automatic Online Bank of America payment option that I've been doing for about a year and a half while I was deployed to Kosovo. This company does anything to get an extra buck from consumers.


My monthly payments are made through my online bank. Two payments were made to Sterling Bank on December 17, 2002. However my monthly statement only recorded one payment. I contacted Sterling and reported the situation. I was told that my bank should forward the information to Sterling. That was done. My February statement still didn't indicate the December payment but by this time I had a copy of the payment check from my online bank. It showed that the payment was made in December and that Sterling had endorsed and deposited the check. I again called Sterling and finally discovered that they had credited my payment to another person's account.

This information came as a result of a heated discussion with customer service representative who accused me of giving him an improper account number. All I had done was read to him the information contained on the endorsement stamp.

My two encounters with their customer service reps makes me believe that Sterling only hires crass functional illiterates.

Try another bank and only go with Sterling under duress.

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This in an old account. I answered their ad to build up my credit history in June 1995. I mailed them a money order for $250.00 for a secured account, and was told by the bank if I wanted to close my account I could apply my monies from my secured account to my credit card account to pay off the balance. I got my card in July 1995 and was able to use it. In Sept.I mailed my payment in, when my payment was credited to my account, I tried to use my card and was declined.

I called the bank and was told it was their policy to not release the credit to the account for 11 days after receiving it. At that point told customer service that I am no longer interested in their services and I want my account closed. She told me I had to request the closing of my account in writing. I wrote Sterling Bank and Trust and told them to close and freeze my account and since this was a secured account transfer the money to pay off my credit card balance.

Oct, Nov and Dec. came and went. Each month I would call Sterling bank only to be told to write another letter. In Dec I demanded to speak to a supervisor who said his name is Ron. He said that my money for my secured account is not at this bank but at another bank in another state. He gave me the address and told me to write to them, which I did for another 3 months. In March I spoke with Ron again who said that my money was applied to my balance but it did not pay off the entire amount since I had late fees being applied to my account the months I spent writing letters telling them to close and freeze my account.


My credit was not very good. So, I got a secured credit card from Sterling Bank & Trust. I opened up a savings account for $200. I used the card for awhile and then made one payment late. They cut off access to my card. I called and complained and told them I wanted to close my account. They informed me that they would not close the account until I sent them a letter and the cut up credit card. When I sent in the credit card (cut up) and the letter they then told me I owed them $4.81. They said I had to pay it before they would close the account. (They already had my card)

I disagreed with them and told them that the only reason I owed $4.81 is because they took too long to close the account and added on late charges. Otherwise they would have owed me a refund. Needless to say, it has been almost 5 months and they have continued to add late fees on a nonexistant balance and now say I owe them $397.47. I have bought nothing. I don't even have the credit card. They continue to pile on charges every month. HELP!!!


Answered a credit card offer targeted for people with credit problems or no credit. The ad stated " problems or no credit history... want your own Visa, Mastercard... just open your own ... savings account with Sterling. You will recieve a credit line of 120% of your savings account ... its not a fee."

I mailed $500 thinking it would earn credit of $600 or $1100 credit line. I received the card later that month and got a cash advance of $600 with no problem. I was then contacted by Sterling bank saying I was over the limit? I was instructed to mail $51.00 to bring my account current; I complied. Now I learn I am being charged $39 and $19 for processing and membership fee. In total I paid $109.00 for a savings account?

It caused my checking account to be overdrawn and fee charged. It caused me to become behind in my other bills as I was going to use the master card to consolidate other credit card bills. The advertising is misleading.

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