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I just want to say a huge thank you to Nordstrom credit customer service. I have received a call from them to check if I made a purchase. Turned out my card info was stolen. I had no idea. Thanks so much to Nordstrom for being on top of things and calling me before my bank ever did.

Nordstrom listed my credit score as 706. Per Equifax my score is 759.

Nordstrom Bank changed the terms of their card member agreement, increasing interest rates by 3%. When I called to opt out/decline the changes, I was told that I could not do that because the bank is in Arizona. Since when is Arizona different than the rest of the nation? I have never had a bank tell me I couldn't reject the new terms of the agreement. This all sounds fishy to me. Do yourself a favor and never ever get a Nordstrom Visa or store card because they will **.

They hiked my interest from 11.38 percent or so to 18.00 something percent with less than a 30 day notice and for no reason. I called and talked to some rude customer seervice rep who said that thats just what we are doing now because of the economy and to call back in February to see if I could get it lowered. I had been paying everything with them on time for the last six months which allowed me to get a lowered interest rate in the first place, I told this to the rep who was quite cavalier and unaccomadating. He said well, there is nothing he can do to help me. Nordstrum is usually known for good customer service, but obviously they have changed their tune. This person also said well some people have been raised to 27% and I should consider myself fortunate that I only to 18%.

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