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Neither my wife nor I have ever had a credit card serviced through Monogram Credit. However, my wife was called on 05/15/2013 by Monogram Credit saying that she was in default and that they were going to pursue legal action against her. They wouldn't give her any information as to where the statements were sent or the account balance. They actually didn't give her any information at all, except the case number. This seems like a PHISHING scam. Is this even a legitimate business?


I have an Exxon gas card that I have had since 1999. My wife went to use the card on January the 4th of this year and it was denied. I called Exxon to find out what the problem was and learned that my account had been closed. According to the rep I spoke with, Monogram Bank of Georgia had reviewed my credit and decided to close my account. I am a business owner of a trucking company. My bill has always been paid. I can't understand why they would do this after 5 years of being an Exxon cardholder.

My wife used this gas card to travel back and forth to her job. They gave us no forewarning that they were going to close the account and at this time I have gotten no written response from the company stating that they have closed my account, why they closed it or anything. The Exxon rep told me that I would be receiving a certified letter in the mail. What if I had been out of state and needed to use my gas card?

Bought a product with 90-day no-finance charge special. Did not receive timely statements, making the payments late and have been charged finance charges. Called customer Service, told me point blank there was nothing that would be done. Did not even want to give any info about others I could talk with. No info on internet about their company. No way to locate. We were tricked and are unhappy as the finance charge covers the whole amount instead of what was left on the 3rd statement.

The promotion was the ONLY reason we used that company and we will never again. Frustration because we were tricked and have to pay much higher interest than we would on our regular credit caard.

My wife and I purchased several new kitchen appliances from a local (Jax, FL) appliance store (Florida Home Appliances). We were willing and prepared to pay cash, but were (unfortunately) persuaded to accept "12 months same as cash" financing. The agreement we signed clearly and succinctly stated "No interest/No payments for 12 months". We didn't know at the time that we would automatically get a "Florida Home Appliances" credit card issued by CC Monogram Bank.
Two weeks later we started receiving statements from CC Monogram stating that we owed a monthly payment. After a couple of telephone calls to the appliance company, we were assured that the problem was taken care of. Two months later we received two phone calls (within 15 minutes of each other), from CC Monogram, berating us for "being two months behind in our payments" and threatening to impose late fees unless a checking account number was given that night. Unfortunately my wife relented and gave our checking account number. I took the second call and was similarly badgered, harassed and berated by "Bob" (who was calling from India).
I subsequently told "Bob", in no uncertain terms, my feelings toward CC Monogram Bank. The next day I called the appliance company once again, and their credit person was able to convince CC Monogram that they had made a mistake in keying in certain details of our account (something which CC Monogram would never admit to in subsequent conversations). My experience with Monogram has been nothing but totally negative. They refuse to admit that they made a mistake and, had it not been for the intervention of Florida Home Appliance, they would have done nothing to rectify their error.

No economic damage to this point. I am watching activity on my checking account on a daily basis to make sure that CC Monogram doesn't try and ACH my account.

My husband and I obtained credit when purchasing flooring for our first house. The carpet/flooring store (Crystal Carpets in Wilmington, NC) advertised no payments, no interest for 12 months through Monogram. We were accepted for credit only after having my father cosign for the credit.
We immediately began receiving bills that were expecting payment and charging interest. After months dealing with the local company, who claimed they had stopped using Monogram because they had such problems with them, my account was changed to reflect the special promo deal. Now that we are into repayment and just dealing with Monogram, every payment I have mailed to them has incurred a late payment fee, regardless of how early I mail it.
I began phoning in payment to avoid the charge, but they're onto me and now charge $10.00 per phone pay, but they conveniently put that on my account! And they are charging 24% interest.

Not only has our credit been damaged as a result, my father who is in a prominent position has also felt the repercussions. I HATE this company and would love nothing better than to see their usury type interest rates, and holding people's payments until they can charge a late fee, result in some sort of legal action. But what can one person do? My father is a former attorney and that serves as no help.

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For the last 2 years I have purchased nothing but Exxon/Mobil gas because they participate in UPromise. So when I received acredit card offer from Exxon/Mobil 4-5 montha ago,I went ahead and applied for the card. We have been using it frequently due to a cross country move we are currently in the middle of. Despite my balance (always less than $500) I pay anywhere from 2x's to 5x's my required payment, and always on time. I consider myself to be an excellent customer.

Recently I received a letter from Monogram Credit Card Bank stating that they had reviewed my account and had decided to close it. When I asked why, and cited my good history with Exxon/Mobil, they stated unfortunately they didn't base their decision on my history with their company, they based it with my history with every other account I have. Granted, we have been using our visa card a lot lately due to having to buy plane tickets because of our upcoming move. However, we pay on our visa card the same way we do Exxon/Mobil - 2-5x's the amount due and on time!

I believe Monogram's action is unfair, unwarranted and a breech of our privacy. Why is it any of their business how much we put on our visa card, so long as we make the payments and the visa company is happy.


This incident revolves around my Mobil Credit Card, and the transfer of the account from MCFC National Bank to Monogram CC Bank. I carried the Mobil card for years and religiously paid the full balance due each month. In fact, because I use my computer to track my finances, I often paid more than the amount due because I knew that I had not yet been billed for some of the recent charges.

In December of 2000, I received a statement indicating that I had a credit balance. This puzzled me because I knew I had been charging on the card, so I made another payment to cover these charges. In January 2001 I receive a notice that the account has been transferred to Monogram and that I owe them $335.44. I contacted MCFC National bank immediately and they told me I had a credit balance with them of $254.65. I requested that the funds be transferred to the new account, and was told that this would be accomplished in 10 working days (actually it took 14 working days).

I also wrote my first letter to Monogram, explaining what had transpired and disputing, in advance, the finance charge that they might impose if the MCFC funds were not transferred by the due date. I enclosed a payment to Monogram to cover the difference between the funds to be transferred and the balance due. Sure enough, Monogram hit me with a finance charge of $8.42. I cancelled the account and paid off the entire balance due, and sent in another letter to dispute the finance charge.

Monogram's only response went like this: "We have completed a review of your Mobil Card Services account. Our investigation resulted in the amount of $254.65 being credited to your account. If we may be of additional assistance..."

Someone owes me $8.42 and I believe it is Monogram. For this small amount I don't expect you folks to put in a lot of effort, but one or two quick lines of advice would be nice. If nothing else, add me to your list of dissatisfied (former) customers of Monogram.

Since Monogram imposes an arbitration clause on its customers, sympathy is all we can offer, sorry to say.


I did not apply for a credit card. I am a stay-at-home mother and have no need for a credit card. If someone used my name to apply for this I would like to know because my SSN was on the rejection letter. When I tried to get a hold of Monogram I could find no number for the company.


I received a invoice for purchases made to my Mobil Credit Card which seeks to charge me $8 for an electronic payment which cleared my account on 1/03/01. I was never notified that the owner of this credit card had changed, nor was I notified to send payments to a new address. More, when I tried to reach the Monogram Credit Card Bank of GA, I was trapped in an electronic phone loop that made no provision for verifying timely electronic payments. Hel-lo-o. It's the Internet, stupid. I have asked Wells Fargo to verify the payment made on time and will write pursue an appropriate credit; but this smacks of unscrupulous plunder of the many thousands of marginally literate, elderly fearful and socially timid. It is completely unacceptable.

It robs me of peace of mind, time and credit standing. In addition, it adds to the weight of a financial burden made difficult by my involuntary layoff due to a reorganization of the high tech company for which I worked. I am highly distraught and p***** off.


I applied for and received an Exxon credit card. I received one statement and paid it. I have in the last two months received no further statements. I have called asking about my statements, none are forthcoming. I now am getting collection calls saying my card is overlimit and when am I going to pay. I have not made any further purchases as the card was cut off after about $165.00 worth of use. I have a $250.00 limit.


On 8/1/1999 I called your Customer Service Department to report my EXXON MasterCard stolen.

My purse was taken out of my shopping cart at BJ's Wholesale, so I knew immediately that my card was gone.

I called your number first, because my EXXON card is my biggest liability. When I was connected to your toll free number, I pressed "3" to "report my card lost or stolen" as instructed by your message.

I then sat on hold for 1 hour and 49 minutes -- listening to a woman's voice tell me every 30 seconds that all your representatives are busy, and to continue to hold for the next available representative.

I wonder if you can imagine the level of stress that caused me -- knowing that if I hung up I'd be bumped out of the queue, and maybe have to wait hours more!?

I finally hung up and called back without going through your automated system. The representative who answered my call (Karen) glibly informed me that, "that department isn't in on weekends." I could have sat on hold all night listening to your message tell me to hold for the next available representative!

I reported that my card was stolen. Karen supposedly closed the account. I then asked to speak with a supervisor.

First Karen said she would "note it in the supervisors' log." (What good was that supposed to do?) She seemed to have no concept of how asinine and potentially dangerous your system is. After I insisted on speaking with a supervisor, she transferred me to "Patty."

Patty showed no more interest or concern than Karen had, and refused to give me the name of any individual in the company to whom I could write. She was more interested in informing me that GECS would not be responsible for any charges made on my other cards while I sat needlessly listening to your message. Her insistence on arguing the point with an (understandably) upset customer demonstrates a pitiful lack of customer service skills. And this is your supervisor??

I have been waiting for two weeks for a replacement card. I received all my other cards, but not EXXON.

Today I received a statement from EXXON, dated August 8, 1999, under the old account number.

It appears that neither Karen nor Patty ever recorded the card as stolen!

When I called to verify, and to make sure the account was closed, "Elizabeth" reported that your systems were down. I asked to speak with a supervisor. After insisting repeatedly that none were available (a trend with your representatives) she finally transferred me to "Michelle."

I understand that they could not access my account. I have worked in customer service, and I am a developer. I understand systems. However, a conscientious employee, particularly a customer service supervisor, should have offered to take my account information and call me back first thing tomorrow morning. Instead I head the same idiotic monotone, "there is nothing we can do, call back tomorrow."

It certainly appears that EXXON/GECS could not care less about stolen cards!

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