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First National Bank of Marin

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55 First National Bank of Marin Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

Lo and behold I get a letter in the mail from Portfolio Recovery today so I searched the name of this company. I never had a credit card with them ever and no way I'd ever get a card with a 300.00 limit and by time card gets to me only have 50.00 on it as I had read in reviews here and people saying how the collections was trying to sue them years and decades later. They gave me few options. I laughed at that. Not mine. Not paying. Option 1 was 1 payment for 664.61 or 6 payments of 110.76 or 12 payments of 55.38. 2 side option says 1 payment 199.38 save 465.23 or pay 38.77 for 6 consecutive months save 431.99 or pay 22.15 for 12 months and save 398.81. As said not mine. Never had it. Not paying so I read further and see in small print.

The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it and we will not report it to credit reporting agency. Well they try to claim it's mine even though it's not. You waste $ postage and some of the tree (paper) and ink and my time. I don't need more stress. I'm disabled. I have enough along with all the pain I'm in. It is just a big pain with them stress me out because I know I never had that card and to say I owe $$ they are off their rocker. Someone lawyer come down hard on them for all the harassment. It's not fair at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2015

Today I received a call from a Jackson Ray and Associates. They claimed that there was going to be a lawsuit against me from First National Bank of Marin for a old debt. They claimed that I had a credit with them and that I never paid off the card and that with interest and fees I now owed over 2,000 dollars. She said I opened the account in 1995. I do not remember anything about this card company. I asked this lady why have I never received any collections notices from this company? Why have they waited 20 years to do this? She had no answers. She kept saying, "I am only a claim agent." She did not have any info. I told her, "This is ridiculous that I can be sued by people who never sent me anything. If you are a law firm why did I not receive anything from you telling me about this??" She claimed that they sent me something in the mail. I told her I never received anything from them - this is the first I am hearing anything about this.

She could tell me however all about what could happen if I went to court and lost. And all the things that would come out of reaching a settlement. I am curious to know how these people knew my phone number, my social, and my address?? I asked her if she could send me everything that she had in an email so I could see the information myself. She said yes and took down my email. I have yet to receive that email.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2014

This company has called me several times. One time I was told that I owed $9000.00 and the last time I was told I owed $2000.00. They wanted me to tell them when I would be home so they could serve papers for me to appear in court. They also told me if I paid $650.00 the debt would be considered paid, but could only use a credit or debit card to pay it. When I told the man I wasn't giving my debit/credit card number to anyone he said that I was uncooperative and they would pursue further legal action.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2014

A levy was placed on my bank account since I was sued by a collection agency in 2009 called Asset Acceptance LLC that was collecting a debt for First National Bank of Marin. First off, I never received a summons to appear in court. They are seeking to collect a debt I supposedly owe of 1000+ dollars. I never ever used this credit card. I vaguely remember receiving a secured credit card from First National Bank of Marin in the mail when I was about 18 maybe even 17, now I am 32. I believe I was supposed to pay $300 to open a credit line. I never did and I never used this card at all instead I cut it up and discarded it. It made me feel uneasy being that I never solicited this card in the first place.

Now years later an attorney representing FNBM is trying to collect a so-called debt I never accrued in the first place. I called the attorney and requested to be furnished with itemized statements that clearly stated all, if any, charges that were supposedly made to this credit card. He didn't seem to want to give me the time of day and quickly hung up. He told me he would mail me whatever was in the file. Now WTF does that mean? I am also waiting to be reimbursed my kids child support funds and I sent bank statements to prove this because under federal laws it is illegal to take child support funds especially if I can prove that they indeed were child support funds. I am livid, this is on my credit report now limiting me to opening credit in the future.

Upon doing my own research I came across many trusted websites like this one where many consumers claim to have gone through exactly what I am going through! This is not a coincidence and I also came across enforcement actions placed by the United States OCC against this company, apparently they have a record of illegal and fraudulent activity against innocent consumers! I definitely want to pursue legal action against this company and any other party involved trying to take advantage of people like me and extort me for money I do not have!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2012

Today, I received a phone call from 312-470-6196, and they left a voice mail. A man left the number of 866-421-4920 as a return number to call with the disclaimer at the end that it was an attempt to collect a debt. They did not say a name whom the call was for. So having had my number for only one year (and the cell is not listed in my own name, it is solely in my business partner's name. No idea how he found me at the number), initially, I figured it had to be for someone else (previous cell # owner). My intent was to call them back to find out the scoop - if it was for someone else. I wanted to inform them that they are no longer using my number.

When calling, it's evident that my phone number upon their pick-up is connected to the account they are trying to collect on. And it was my name he addressed me by. I did not have to give them my info. They knew my full name and the last 4 of my social. They told me that my account was opened with the Bank of Marin in 2001 and that I owe them $1100. Bank of Marin did not ring a bell and I asked if they were ever known as another company. He said they were bought by Capital One - I believe it's the company he said. I told him back then that I only had a couple of pre-paid Visas and my own debit card from my bank and that for certain, I know that I closed out the accounts on my pre-paid Visas. I have not received anything from these people - ever - since closing my pre-paids out. I only had them for two years max, and I'm positive that Bank of Marin is not one of the two that I ever held.

He wanted to give me a settlement of $700-something, if I paid in full today. I told him that I do not have the funds to make that possible. I was not combative with him in the least. I did tell him I have in interest in settling this, as he went on to tell me that some C-110 (or whatever the number was he mentioned) is attached to the debt and went on to explain to me how it will need to be paid and it will increase my credit score if I do. In addition, he told me that they are the 3rd company trying to collect.

I asked him to please send me the hard copy information on this account, and I was told that they do not do that. That was very weird to me - my red flags went up right there. He told me that he had my Experian report in front of him, and he named off a very small account on it that I have in collection from last year. That felt very invasive and just did not seem right to me. I asked him what sort of payment program he had to offer. He told me by doing payments, I would be bypassing the settlement offer and that I would be able to pay in 2 payments by electronic check next month - and all he would need to get started with that is for me to grab my checkbook. He seemed too eager. I asked him if I can have payment coupons sent to me or if I could call in the payment myself on the agreed-upon dates. He said no and that they must have the info now and then they will process it on said dates.

That is when I very politely told him that I will need to check my own credit report so I can see what he is seeing, along with my husband, a Police Officer. Oddly, he seemed to really cool it down a few degrees when he learned that my husband is a Law Enforcement Officer. Explained to him that I am suspicious of the call with so many scams going around and that my husband would completely freak out on me if I gave anyone my banking information without concrete proof of a valid debt. I explained to him that if what he says it is indeed valid, I am more than happy to call him back to take care of it.

I kept my own demeanor very calm with him and only stated facts, kindly. He went on to say that it is unlikely that I will be able to get my Experian report quickly to see what he was looking at. I told him that if that is so, I have a friend who owns a car dealership and I will make a visit to it so that I may have said friend pull up my 3 credit reports so I can verify. Then, I told him, if valid, I will return the call to him tomorrow. He said alright and that he will place a 24-hour hold on my account while he waits. I responded that it's already been over a decade and that this account obviously has no real urgency - and thanked him.

My 3 credit reports show nothing of "Bank of Marin" or any "Marin" at all. After reading what I have from others here, this agency is just as I suspected while I talked to the man. This is not a valid debt. Whoever gets a call on behalf of this "Bank of Marin," do not run for your checkbook - check its validity first.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2012

Why are you trying to collect after 12 years? I got First National Bank of Marin secure card around 1999 and made a deposit. In 2000, I lost my job and I had a family member who was dying of cancer. Why did they decide after 12 years, no record of this credit card on my credit report. Now they sent my a letter from a law firm stating that I owe $1883.71. This is past, the status of limitation and I am disputing the entire amount owe.

13 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 13, 2012

Dealing with another agency that Marin threw my old, old, old debt into the debt pool. Once again, I have prevailed against these people and in gaining further knowledge about my situation have learned more to 'fight' my war with. My 'debt' will go back into the 'debt pool' unless the recent company can help pull me out. In the meantime, I expect another agency to pick it up.

Through conversations and research, I have found complaints can be filed with higher authority. Please read through the complaints on this site. One person gave an avenue of remedy. Once this site address is given to the appropriate party(ies), perhaps the tables will be turned. Until then, I fully expect to start hearing from another agency once the current one has closed its file on me. Knowledge is very powerful so do your research.

Turn these issues over to people who are truly equipped to deal with it and maybe bottomfeeders like Marin will start shying away from unsavory practices such as the recurring $300 (where you might initially only have $50 available to you because of all the fees they impose upon users) I keep seeing here under the guise of rebuilding your credit. Good luck to all and fight the good fight beyond this site!

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2012

In 2006 FNB of Marin sent me a credit card with a $300 credit limit. When I received the card,it had $50 on it. I sent the card back and never made a purchase. I was told by FNB of Marin I would still be liable for the activation fee, annual fee totaling $250 and cancellation fee of $40 plus $3 service fee. I did not understand why I had to pay this if I never used the card and sent it back. However, FNB of Marin turned it in to a collection agency that placed a judgment on my credit report.

I called and after going back and forth with threats from Marin, I paid them $293.00. They never sent the information to Lyric Company LLC and the judgment was never lifted. I contacted the Lyric Company and was told I know owe $1093.00 since the account has incurred interest. I was informed unless I pay the judgment, it will remain on my credit account. I need to know what I can do legally to stop these loan sharks. How am I now responsible for $1093 and I paid $293 on a credit card that only had a $300 credit limit and I never used?

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2011

I am being harassed by 2 different collection agencies - 1)Portfolio Recovery and 2) I don't know the name of - but today was told I was going to be served with papers on situations that read basically the same as the other complaints. More than 10 years before the phone calls start; Portfolio has been calling me for at least four years which made it 11+ years past the date of last activity if there was any at all. The second company telling me that there is a payment from me in 2008. After this phone call - I called a lawyer to see what recourse I had because of the time frame. The only thing I really remember out of the three things is Bankruptcy which I refuse to do even if i could afford it.

I was glad to read from a former employee that these people prey on the disabled because that is what I am. I appreciate this person's honesty and they should not feel guilty about working for these people because they did not know how these people operated and I thank them for confirming what I already believed.

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Original review: May 11, 2011

I paid off all may credit cards in march of 2007. Have not use one since. Within the last 30 days, collection service has been calling 3 times a day. I have not heard from the credit card company in years. The amount is 125.03.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2010

I received an unsecured visa credit card through Bank of Marin approximately 11 years ago. The credit limit was only $250-$300. I had made my monthly payments and I am sure that I had it paid down under $100. Since then, I have remarried and moved to another state. I have always given a change of address when I have moved not trying to hide from anyone or any bills.

Bank of Marin has now, after 11 years, not hearing anything from them, now wants to try to collect over $900 from me and they will not send me a bill. Over a week ago when I heard from them, they wanted me to make two payments of over $500. I asked them to send me a bill for this so I can work it into my current bills but as of yet, I have not received one. They continue to harass me and my husband and only call on the weekends early in the morning. Since I have not heard from them in 11 years, due to their lack of sending me a bill or contacting me, I do not feel that I am responsible for this.

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2010

In 1999, I opened a prepaid credit card with First National Bank Of Marin. In order to open the account, you had to deposit with their bank $50. The contract states you will not pay a yearly activation fee and you're only allowed to use what you have on the card, i.e. if you only have $100 on the card, you will only be covered for $100. Well, after two years of having this card, I realized that my credit has not improved so I decided to stop using this card and called First National Bank of Marin to cancel the account. At the time, I still had $20 on my account. I didn't even care if they send my money or keep it.

I was not happy with the account. Since then I moved, joined the military and I finally bought my home in 2009. I then received a call from DRS collections. They state that I have a balance owed to First national bank of Marin of $1,562.42 and they are collecting on this dept. Of ,course first reaction is a curse and some response motions. I then after calming down them I had a positive $20 in my account if anything they owe me for interest earn. I further told them why after 8 years they now try to contact me.

I question them, "Is it so that interest can be accrued making it more appealing to them to recover?" Let's face it, why go after someone if they only owe $20. "Let's wait then charge them later for lots more." At this point, DRS was upset and hung up on me. i called them back. Told them why I have not seen this account on my credit report for 8 years. they hanged up. I did research and realized it was not just me who had this problem with them so have plenty others who have read this article. It's 2010 and they have my address and I asked to see their paper trail and now I am waiting. This company is a fraud. I am waiting to see what our government is going to do to this company and those who are helping them collect. This is why I am reporting my troubles with them to the Consumer Affairs seeking help. Can you help?

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Original review: April 14, 2010

I have been fighting with Credit One Bank for 2 years now. They took me to court and lost. They consistently try to sell off this account to others, but when I verify their non-existence, they change the name to fictitious collectors. I called the noted phone number and sure enough, Marin Bank is Credit One, being covert and coy again. I have never had an account with these people, but they insist on reporting to the credit bureaus. Something has to be done. They are reducing my score to the 600's where usually it's over 800. Please help! If you are a consumer, beware and take notice. They have destroyed my credit and they make it impossible for me to get work now.

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Original review: April 9, 2010

I received a letter from this collection agency saying that I owe a balance of $1089.68 to FNB Marin and I stated to them that I have never had a credit card with this company and that I pay cash for purchases. They had 2 addresses on me which were wrong, and they also had me down working for the state of Oregon which I have never worked for the state they had my name wrong.

I was told that in 1999 or 2000 is when I had the credit card and that I made payments on it for a year and then stopped. I told them once again that I have never had a credit card from FNB. I don't know what they didn’t understand. I pulled all 3 of my credit reports and there was no finding of FNB of Marin on my credit reports. I don't know how they got information of my b-day or last 4 numbers of my SS# it is really awful that people steal other folk’s information and then run their scams, it is just crazy. I have never had a credit card from FNB of Marin. If I really wanted a credit card, I could have gotten one from my bank.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2010

Yesterday I did a credit report online with Experian. Marin was listed as an original creditor, turned over to a collector. I've never heard of this credit card, let alone ever used it! They are billing me for $945. I would like to get to the bottom of this; I don't even have a job. Between this and my husband taking out credit cards in my name and maxing them out, my credit is shot, and my health is shot from the stress of it.

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2009 Had a card SEcured through them many years ago. Closed the account and they sent me a bill on a secured card?? So Then I filed bankruptcy and they are STILL trying to collect on this. I called my lawyer. They are out of control. I didn't owe them anything. It was a secured card and I used it once ater I placed a deposit of $250 on it!
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Original review: Nov. 9, 2009 Several years ago (can't remember date) I received a credit card from Bank of Marin with a $300 credit limit I used the credit card a couple of times and paid the balance in full when I realized the interest and fees were too high. At that time I returned the credit card to Bank of Marin with full payment of balance due and told them I no longer wanted the credit card. To this date, they are still charging me interest and late charges and the balance due they say is over $1200. The credit card was returned over 5 years ago but they say I have to prove it. There is no way I can prove my case but I have not received a new credit card since I returned the original card so how can they keep charging me interest if an account no longer exists. At that time I was using my ex-wife's phone number as a call back number but since they have started calling regularly and harrassing her she has told them not to call anymore. When she told them not to call her number anymore they asked what I was doing at her house (Ihappened to be there at that time) and she told them it was none of their business. I refuse to pay any amount because I have paid everything I owe them and the fact that I have not received a new card from them should prove that I did return the original card to them.
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Original review: Sept. 16, 2009 I am being billed for past credit card debt. MCM is accusing me of oweing a bill for Bank of Marin . Which I had alreay paid off in April 2006. The account was closed after pyement. I have sent verification letters to them and the 3 credit unions. I get a new bil just yesterday so I call them to setl thi once and for all. They claim they bought the account from Alantic for Bank Of Marin card I never had or I paid already. I never har of Atlatic nevr recieved any bills or another ard or Atlanic nor was it evr on my credit reports. They claim it was a paid acount for another card. I only had one card and it was paid off..
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Original review: Sept. 2, 2009

I got a secured credit card about nine years ago. I put $50 on it and spent $21. I called them and told them to cancel it. The next thing I know, I get a bill for $373.49. I called them and they said that's what I owe. I had my grandmother write them a check and gave her the cash. Two years later, I'm getting a bill for $573. I called them and they said since I didn't cut it up and send it to them, I was still getting charged interest on a damn secure credit card. I have to put money in for criminals to hold up without a gun.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2009

They called me and accused me of having a credit card debt with this bank which I've never been with. I have my credit reports from all the way back to 2000 and they are not, on any of it, good or bad credit. We don't even deal with credit cards. We pay cash for everything and always have. You have the wrong person and for this account, # **. If anything, as for continuing to call and bothering me on this, I will take action myself with the law and file charges against your company. I have contacted our lawyer. He will be filing action against First National Bank of Marin. I do not like credit card, never had one and never will because companies like you give anybody a credit card even if it's not the right person. You let people steal identity from others. I did a little background check for myself on your company. You have the lowest rate of customer due to this kind of things happening.

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Original review: June 22, 2009

I had a credit card from this bank. I used the card one time for gas of $25 which I paid immediately. I just wanted to show I had some credit out there. All of a sudden, I get this bill saying I owe $150. I called them and they said it was a one-time fee which was not mentioned on any of their papers when they issued the credit card. Last year, May 20th, this Kevin called me and said that I now owed them $577.42. What the heck. I never used the card. In fact, after I received that first bill, I cut the card up. My fiance got on the phone with Kevin and came to an agreement to pay $350, which my fiance did right there and then over the phone. Kevin said it would be settled then. Then in August 2008, I received a letter from the bank that I still owed this amount. I called and talked to a female this time, gave her Kevin's name and payment we made. She said he never passed it through as paid. She would take care of it.

Now as of June 22, 2009, I just received a letter from a collection agency saying that this is still owed, the $577.42 to the Bank of Marin. I called them because the number we had for the bank is no longer in service. Imagine that. Now, I have to go through all this to fill out a dispute package and they're telling me that even a copy of my fiance's bank statement showing the payment may not be enough to clear this. So in the meantime, this bank is bringing my credit score down, so low that I can't even get another credit card from Wal-Mart which is where I work. My credit is shot. I never got another credit card after this issue because I can't, therefore, I can't get any loans to help my son for college. Nothing.

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Original review: June 4, 2009

I, too, fell for this secured card scam. It was in the late 90's, I think 1998. I got a secured credit card (think it was $400 limit). I didn't find out until after I used it one time. I didn't spend over $20. I was billed for over $400. I called and told them to cancel it which was a huge hassle. They insisted that I still owe them. So let me get this straight, I give them $400, they give me a secured credit card (secured with my money) and when I cancel it I still owe them? I told them to send me a bill for what I actually charged and the service fee. I would pay that but I'm not giving them the $400 to secure the credit card. I want it cancelled.

Here it is over 10 years later, I get a letter from Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC (if it's a legitimate company) saying I owe $1644.91. So basically, they say I owe $1644.91 for charging less that $20. What I find extremely interesting is that I just took care of a legit dept last week and this shows up. Yahoo is the only way to really contact me.

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Original review: May 30, 2009 If I recall correctly I acquired this credit card offer in 2000? I believe. Any I never charged anything; then I ended you owing money. At the time my ex settled with FNBM and paid them off for me. Several years later with the account being sold/transfered over and over still looking to collect on this debt. Just recently, I recieved an offer in the mail from GFS? Genesis Fincial Services to "start over to fincial freedom" that if I agree to make an initial payment of my total balance due of $441.23; they will report the account as paid in full and I'm pre-approved for a new line of credit? If I read the offer correctly they are offering a clean slate, and I'm right back in debt with this new credit card? As much as I wnat to be back in good standing with all my debtors and get my credit score out of the "red" to a desent less embarassing score. I don't see how this would help.
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Original review: May 29, 2009 Settled accout with them years ago.
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Original review: May 29, 2009 Lately I have been receiving calls from collectors who say that I owe Bank of Marin 792.90 but will settle the account if I can paya 475.74 right away. I asked the collector what she was talking about and that I never had an account with Bank of Marin. She told me that because my SSI number matched the account...I was responsible to pay the account. I told her that I was NOT going to pay for something that I have NEVER used before and asked her to sent me a Statement or something. She became very angry and told me that they sent me a letter and if I didn't agreee with the amount, why didnt I write a dispute letter. I told her not to even start with me and that I was NOT going to pay for an account that I did not open nor ever used. One collector told me that this amount was interest starting from 1998. I couldn't believe what he was telling me...Here it is now 2009 and they are NOW just calling me? I told him, so what you are trying to tell me is that you are trying to EXTORT money from me??? They couldn't even tell me purchases that I would have made if I had that account. There must be something that I can do, because I told the rude collector that called me this morning "NOT" to call my number again! Can they do this? From what I am reading, this company does not even exsist any more and that they were bought out by someone else....I REFUSE to pay for something that I did not have, use or purchased!
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Original review: May 22, 2009 At age 21 [9 years ago] I received a secured credit card from FNBM for $200.00 - even though after all the fees they tacked on, there was less than $30 left to charge on the card. I kept it and made payments for a year before I fell behind.
I tried to make arrangements with them to cancel the card and simply make payments until the account was paid in full - but everytime i tried to do anything except make a payment I ran into a brick wall.
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Original review: May 6, 2009 years ago bank of marin had sent me a credit card,i never trused the card cause a family member had sued them for a false bill and won.i just received a phone call from some woman saying they won a judgment against me for a card i never used if my father who has the same name did so he has done such things before. this card i barly even remember i thik it was in 2000 im not sure but am sure they never mailed me any info besides the card so if someone could contact me for this mistack i would highly apreciate it i have been workin on my credit score somethin like this is illegle
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Original review: May 4, 2009 we had a secured card with first bank of marin. we paid our bills on time every month. when we wanted to cancel our card, our limit was under the secured deposit we gave them and they said no until we paid the whole amount and then they would give us our deposit back. we paid. still did not get our deposit back. we kept getting bills saying we owed money. still under the deposit we gave them. since then we had filed bankruptcy and never have received any of our money back. this was about 7 years ago now.
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Original review: April 22, 2009

I made a settlement of my accounts with this company several years ago. It was cleared through them to Equifax and other creditors. Now, all these years later, I can't find my receipts. Another company is coming after me harassing me. They allowed me to pay $250 on each account to close them out. The new company is Arrow Financial Service, 1 866 593 3883 ext **. They are saying, "Produce a receipt." I am waiting on Equifax to send my credit report. For the first account, they are asking $1,032 which is way more than what the card was for. The second account, they are asking $1,153.40. Please give me a call in response to what I can do.

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Original review: April 11, 2009

I had a credit card with Bank of Marin back in 2005. I started getting frustrated with the constant changing balances I would receive and closed the account. (I would pay and my balance would be the same or higher.) I paid off the final balance and I thought that was it. I got a letter recently stating I still owed them $300. I never received a paid in full notice.

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