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I researched them. They took over my card in 2008 from Providian. Found out many people send in payments and 2 days after the bill was due, get a call to pay over the phone and it costs $15 plus the already charged late fee $35. DO NOT PAY BY PHONE. Also the checks were cashed right after one person paid over the phone. File, file, file a complaint (IMMEDIATELY) with the ftc.org. Tell the whole story. Or consumerfinance.gov. Tell them exactly what happened and they are practicing bad business.

Emerge people have been calling my 92-year old mother on a daily basis for over a year. I have called them and also alerted the police about this situation. The police have called with no satisfaction to stop the calls. She has no credit card debt. The calls need to stop.

After being with the Compant for over 7 years. I missed a payment or was late by hours. My rate went to 29.99% six months later. Tried to get it reduced with no results. Stated "We don't reduce rates." They don't offer a paydown option. Don't get trapped. Avoid getting this card! My payment only pays half of balance. Therefore, like others, I use my money to pay this interest instead of using the money to stimulate the economy.

Okay, get this one. When I originally obtained my account it was through Providian and I was shortly thereafter dumped off to Emerge. I have been with Emerge since 1996 and less than a handful of times in that period have I been late on a payment to them and as such I have a substantial credit line with them. My interest rate has varied over the years from about 9 to 12 percent, nothing that I ever minded to pay as I am gainfully employed and willing to pay for the convenience of making large purchases with a card. I recently received the “opt in/opt out” information in the mail. I didn't opt out and instead allowed my interest rate to increase to 29.99 percent. I didn't like it but considered it a necessary evil that one would have to put up with to have a credit card.

On or around May 9th of this year I made a payment to Emerge as I always do on line. Apparently due to one glitch or another, the payment did not get completed even though I had every indication that it had been completed. Ten days after my payment was due I received a call on my cell phone from Emerge telling me I was late with my payment. The connection was terrible and at first I thought it was my cell phone, but subsequent calls from the same location have been crystal clear, so I suspect the problem was really on their end.

Anyway, I was very clear with the person on the other end of the phone that I did not want to make a payment by phone. I indicated I was sure I had made the payment and that if they did not receive it I would make it again after checking my records. Within an hour or so of receiving the call I did in fact check my records. I keep a spread sheet of my accounts and in fact the spread sheet was marked with an indication of payment, but when I checked my bank account I found the payment had never been processed. As a result of this I immediately logged on to my online account and made the payment again.

After several days had passed I attempted to use my card for a purchase and it was declined. After paying for the purchase with different tender I contacted Emerge customer service who curtly informed me that my account was closed as a result of being past due and that it could not be reopened under any circumstance after it was closed.

A few days after this I received a letter in the mail indicating that based on my oral authorization an ACH payment was deducted from my account for the amount of the past due statement. I checked my bank account and in fact the ACH payment had been deducted without my oral authorization which resulted in a double payment for the month. Now, personally, I feel this act is nothing less than fraud and since it was committed using wire services, it should be at minimum a local crime if not a federal one. I did not authorize an ACH payment. I was very clear that I did not want to pay by phone and the call was disconnected before an authorization could have even been given. After contacting customer service again to no avail, there is no doubt in my mind this is an apparent standard operating procedure for Emerge to take advantage of its customers to legally or illegally afford them with the opportunity to steal 15% plus on account balances they are owed above and beyond the terms to which they were originally agreed to.

My damages are as follows:

1.) Deduction of funds from my bank without my authorization is no less than out and out theft, even if I in the end received benefit of it. Deduction from my account under the pretense of being an authorized transaction is no less than out and out fraud.

2.) Since the opt out period has passed, my current balance is locked into a higher interest rate than I would have incurred if I closed my account.

3.) My account was closed due to trickery and fraud, to which the credit card benefits from substantially.

4.) My credit report and credit score will be damaged by the loss of total available credit and the percentage increase for amount of used credit, which will result in possibly one to two years of my efforts to attain full recovery from.

5.) Decrease in my standard of life for one to two years due to decreased amount of available credit. If this is not illegal it certainly should be.

Regarding Emerge credit cards, this lousy company cancelled my credit card via postcard and I cannot get anyone on the phone except some outsourced collection person wanting a check by phone before he can transfer me to a customer service rep. I have never missed a payment. They said I missed a payment last month. I mailed it out with all the others in plenty of time. After 6 years, they cancelled me over $18.00. Save yourself some trouble and deal with some other company. These people don't care. Good riddance.

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This is my follow-up to my March posting here. I just called and cancelled my card. There was no way I was going to pay the 30% they want to charge, so I do feel relieved about that. Any time you cancel an account, it shows up negatively on your credit report. Bottom line, no matter how good of a customer I may have been with this company, now my credit report will be marred because I chose not to pay an outrageous interest rate. This just doesn't seem right to me.

I am another Emerge customer who received one of their infamous letters letting us know they are going to raise our rates unless we opt-out by 4/20/09. The original rate for my cards is 12.24% and will be going to 29.99%. My original rate was not an introductory offer and I have chosen to repay at the rate higher than the minimum requested, no late payments and not in default. This seems to be happening all over. I know of several people who are going through the same thing. If you choose not to opt-out, Americans are facing astronomical increases. The credit card companies learned their lesson well from the bailout for the banks. The banks raised the minimum payments for mortgage holders causing massive defaults and economic crisis. The government stepped in to buy the toxic debt from the banks.

The credit card companies seeing this are following suit. They are raising their rates to create their own toxic debt for bailout. This is wrong. It's a triple whammy for the American public because if you choose to keep the credit cards, you will pay the higher interest rate. If you chose to opt-out, you're immediately at your credit limit which could adversely affect your credit score and finally through income tax payments to cover the repayment of the toxic debt bail out. Why in the world during these economic times would banks choose to more than double current interest rates on credit cards? The answer is simple: greed. Isn't there something that can be done to help people now?

I have received the Notice of Change of Terms mailed 03/17/09. I have until 04/20/09 to agree and pay 29.9 % as opposed to my current interest rate of 9.9. According to Samuel this is a across the board management decision and not geared to any individual card holders. I asked Samuel what was Emerge's scheme? Why do they want to have customer's default on their card or close their card due to this decision. Samuel would not explain. My take on this is that the card is going to be sold again and if they can get customers to default on the terms they will earn more interest, also they will get rid of the customers who will pay their accounts in full each month which is free money.

I will have to close the card out and pay my payments with my 9.9 interest rate. As I told Samuel who tried to tell me the change would not be that great I told him you are begging people to fail so that you may increase the interest rate. People wake up this is what is wrong with our current financial situation. The housing market is one part but when you applied for your card and you were shown the terms you agreed because the payment would fit in your budget. However who would suspect or expect a change of more than 20.9% increase, when you know you have not been late on your payment and you try to pay more than the minimum payment.

As all the finacial experts have adviced cut up our cards and use cash. Maybe if we as a country rose up and went to D.Cc and protested these credit card companies and demanded the companies stick to the original terms people will be able to make their payments and their house payments and we will not need to have financial bailouts. Ask your self why have the credit card companies not been addressed? Anyone interested in a Protest march against credit cards?

If I do not sign this change of terms annd close the card I will not be able to make the payment.

Yesterday in the mail I received a Change of Terms to my Visa Account. They say they are going to take my 8.9% interest rate and jack it up to 29.99%, effective April 20, 2009! While I am very angry about this as I am a good customer and always pay on time and more than the minimum, from all my research on this issue has lead me to believe I am one of the lucky ones as I ACTUALLY got a notice before they actually did it! I believe this to be terrible and it should be illegal. I can understand an increase of a pecentage or 2, but over 20% !? This is crazy to me. They do say that if I cancel before the date of April 20, 2009, I can continue to pay at my current rate, so I will either do that or just pay it off, as I have seen where some people have been told the same thing only to be charged thier balance at the 29.99% anyway, and then they have a even harder time resolving this issue.

I kept this one credit card for times I didn't have actual cash in hand, my medications, doctor visits, or if I was on the road traveling.....just in case, it was nice to know it was there if I needed it. And now with work slowing down in my family, I personally will be missing out on my medications and healthcare I need. I already have a great deal of stress because of the way things are....now it is worse!

I originally had a Providian card. Unfortunatly I was late on some payments and they raised my interest to 29.97%. I was told my account would be reviewed in 12 months and if my payments were made on time my interest would go back down to I beleive 14%. Then my account was sold to Emerge. I called them and the will not honor the agreement with Providian to lower my interest. They said my account would be reviewed every 12 months and interest could be adjusted. I live in Wa state. Is it even legal for them to charge me 29.97% for interest?

I am never going to get my bill paid. I owe 3533.00 and with the 106.00 minimum payment that is due, only 9.30 goes to my pricipal.

It started with a credit card from Providian. I had gotten a notice, under separate cover from my bill, regarding the interest rate change. When I realized that my interest rate had already gone up I called them. I was told that, I didn't opt-out when info was sent to me with my bill the first time & this was for something else. I tried to fight it with the comptroller of finances (I got their address from BBB), but they just forwarded my letter to Providian & I got copies of ALL my monthly statements.

I gave up! Next thing I know Emerge took over Providian. On May 30,2003, I received my bill with a notice about a change. I called & spoke to Shwete, but couldn't understand what was being said. I was so confused & upset that I told them I was sending full payment of $815.08. I wanted the account closed & a letter stating that payment was received & the account was closed. June 2, 2003, I got a letter stating a zero balance. June 5, 2003 I received another letter stating a zero balance. On June 9, 2003, I called the automated service & could still get info on my account. I called back & spoke to Vasu, a supervisor, who assured me the account was closed.

Today, June 20, 2003, I received a bill for $0.63. I was furious & spoke to Vasu again. He tried to tell me it was daily accumulation charges on a cash advance. We argued, I told him I had spoken to him before & that I'm documenting all this information. He said he'd remove the charge & close the account. When I asked who his supervisor is & how do I contact him, he said M-a-n-u & they'd be glad to transfer me to him whenever I wanted. I asked for him right then & was told he's in a meeting. I told them to have him call me back. Vasu said they don't have call-out capabilities on their phones & hung up on me.

I called back about 15 minutes later & spoke to Susarrat. She left the line, saying she didn't know if Manu was available, but if not would I speak to another supervisor. She came back on line to say he wasn't available & neither were any other supervisors & proceeded to ask if this call was regarding the $0.63. She said she'd close the account & send me a letter confirming that.

I knew that I was paying a high interest rate in the beginning, but that was the price I had to pay, hoping to redeem my credit rating. I already suffer from severe depression so this has just torn me apart! I've been taken advantage of time & time again & am afraid this is not the end of it. I don't know where to turn if something else comes up. They are using people & the system doesn't seem to care.

My Providian Visa Account was sold to Emerge without notice and without my approval. The first time I heard of this transfer was when I received a late notice from Emerge. I had not received a normal monthly statement yet. My rate was greatly increased and there was a late charge. I also had a yearly service charge added.

The Late Notice did not even have an Emerge phone number to call. I had to search the Internet to find their number.

I had a balance of about $3000.

When I did call, I was told that they would reverse the late charge and the yearly service charge. I told them to close the account and I would pay it off.

The next day I sent $2000.

A month later (when my first statement finally arrived), I sent in the balance of $997.44. This was the correct balance if they were to credit me properly for the late charge and the yearly service charge. The reversal did not show up, but they said it might take a month or two.

I have just received my latest statement and it does not show the reversals and it also has new late charges.

When I call to dispute this, the system will not let me talk to customer service, it sends you directly to collections. Collections tell me that they cannot transfer me over to CS until the account is current.

They suggest that I pay the amount due in order to talk to CS and then maybe CS will fix everything and I would get my money back. The word maybe scares me.

This sounds like extortion. I need to pay money I do not owe in order to speak to the person that made the mistake.

Every time I talk to collections, they do not have a record of my previous call. So I am sure nothing is being documented on their end.

The account balance should be zero and closed.

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