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Applied Bank (formerly Cross Country Bank)

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115 Applied Bank (formerly Cross Country Bank) Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2018 I open this account almost 5 month ago, they give me credit $500. I never late the payment but one day I have the balance $470.00, the minimum payment is $73.

I paid by checking account. After the next day, they cannot take money from my checking acc. They charge me $38.00. I’m ok for that, but after 2 more day they try take money again from my checking acc without my permission until 3 time, they charge almost 3 time $38, until now my balance from $470 going to $940 they charge fee almost time, late fee $38 again and over limit fee from $500. I recommend don’t used Applied Bank credit card. They want kill you for fee, I try to resolve to the customer service to reverse my fee. They say cannot. I must send paperwork to dispute center. I send the paperwork nobody resolve this problem, this very very bad customer service and bad bank I have, don’t thinking used this card guy. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

I have had a business charge account through Applied Bank for many years. My business has declined and is no longer in existence, so I am having a very hard time paying my bills. I contacted Applied Bank to see if there was some way we could salvage my account. I was informed by a manager that Applied DOES NOT offer their clients any type of plan to accommodate in times of strife. Their online site is almost impossible to access and their fees are insane. I feel totally trapped and wish I had an option with this company to help myself. I am on disability now and this has made me extremely depressed that they will not work with me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2015

Tried to make a payment arrangement with Applied Bank but they sent me to collections because I was a day late in contacting the person I was supposed to speak with. Person on the phone was very rude about it too. Being harassed by the collection department. Tried to make payment arrangements with this person and he denied my arrangement because said it was too low and would take too long to pay off ($25 per month). Told him it's better than nothing and I will pay it off. Still denied it and started bullying me so I hung up on him and told him I would contact him when I could do better.

He did not like this response and started babbling on and that's when I cut him off. It's pathetic when a collection agency refuses to work with you when you have a charged off account and they refuse to take $25 a month and would prefer nothing! I told him I would review this account with him next month if he would just accept the $25 this month and he refused!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2015

This company needs to be shut down. I have paid on time, missed one payment. I have had the card over two years. They add fees all the time. I started paying $30.00 weekly to try and pay the card off. My payment was 35 a month. Higher credit limit, it went to $45. Still if I'm paying $30 a week how is the balance going down through the month? I have available credit, nothing owed yet on the statement day with only a 9.95 fee and interest 21.99. Do I wind up over limit and a fee of $35 because of it? If balance owing/payment for the month is paid before it's due and on the day before the new statement coming out I owe nothing, $0. I have 36 in available credit after paying 120 during the month. Only to wake up and get an email saying my account is over limit yet again??? Then I owe 80. Due on the 11th of next month.

I have paid and paid. I get ahead every month only to have them say the payments aren't enough. If I am paying almost double or triple what is due how am I not paid off? This is the worst place to deal with ever. Even one service rep I talked to said he could not figure it out. But the company would review it and credit me. Bull crap. They did nothing. The next rep when I called was rude, told me to pay on time??? Really??? I missed one payment, paid it the over limit fee they charged and an extra 49. Still wound up with the same problem next month. It's due once a month. I pay weekly. $30 which is way more than my monthly payment. How can a company give you a statement with your monthly payment amount due only to say with the monthly fees it's not enough to pay the amount they tell you to pay? That's what a different rep told me. So that's when I began paying weekly which brought my total paying each month to 120.

Yet I am still owing the complete balance of the credit limit. I went to bed last night with 36 credit available, no payment due of course because it was paid before it was due yet again. I wake up this morning to find out I am over limit again. I didn't use the card so how??? I'm done. I got this card to help my credit which at first it did just by getting approved. It has been on my credit report in good standing I might add so how could I be over limit all the time, etc. Wouldn't they report that and the supposed late payment??? They haven't. Well I'm done.

The card is actually hurting me now because I am at the credit limit no matter what I do to try and pay it off. Which shows as high balance all the time. Makes a negative impact on my credit. I'm wasting money trying to pay them and my time trying reason with them. I have other cards in good standing so I'm gonna take the hit and not pay this card. I am going to dispute it on my credit report and contact every agency out there to try and get help with this and remove Applied Bank from my life. Good luck fellow haters of Applied Bank, you're gonna need it.

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Original review: July 14, 2015

This is the most horrible bank/credit card company I've EVER had to deal with. I have been with them for 8 years..... I opened 2 non-secured accounts in the beginning of 2006. The only reason I opened the accounts was to build my credit. I've NEVER been late on either accounts; they were both on auto pay. I have had perfect payment history. Last month I signed online to check my accounts and I found a charge for 42.50. I look over the account trying to find out where the charge was coming from. I FIND A RETURNED CHECK CHARGE. I called the representative. He tells me the payment was returned by my bank. When I asked for the bank account # he tells me it ends in 0000. My response was "Where did that # come from". I've had auto pay with the same bank account # since the first payment. Look at my history.

I ask for proof of the return payment. Oh, they can't provide it. So a $5.00 monthly charge was costing me $42.00 on each account. I then told the representative I was closing both accounts. His response was "That's your choice." They could care less about customer service. Today I closed both accounts as I just don't have the energy to worry about the accounts and them destroying my credit. I feel like I got screwed over by this company. All I can say is they come close to Comcast with bad customer service!!!!!! Stay away from this company. They can destroy you!! Anybody who is thinking of rebuilding their credit here, stay away!!!!

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5 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2015

I have had the Applied Bank gold card with a $250 secured card since 2009. I see all the 68 months of payments on my credit score with a 100% perfect payments made going on 6 years. I have been charge the $50 yearly fee every year. I have called in many times to ask for a unsecured increase and I get the letter in the mail saying I can not get a increase. When I first got the card, they said based on payment history, you will get unsecured increases. Almost 6 years have passed with no increases and a perfect payment record. I have the 3 credit scores average around 695-705. I decided to apply for a Capital One Platinum card and was approved for $2,300 credit line. All payments have been made paid in full every month since last September 2014 and Next month, June 2015, I was told I will get at least another $500 increase.

Applied Bank is the worst, but I can't close the account because I have a 68 month perfect payment record. Now my Applied bank account was compromised with the Home depot hacking. Applied Bank closed my account and sent me a new card with a new number and account. The only thing I'm pissed off about is the closed account with Applied Bank shows it was closed and a new account was opened in my credit report. My score went down 10 points due to closing the account I never closed. The new account shows and also shows never a late payment. Applied Bank can go ** themselves.

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Original review: May 3, 2015

Garnishments and abrasive collection tactics that victimize unsuspecting people who never applied or used their credit cards.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2014

I do not know this company or have ever had a card with them. But today, out of the blue, I received a letter from Convergent, who per my attorney, is nothing more than a scam company. Do not fall for this company in paying them any money and verify what the statute of limitations are for your state for credit contracts. My attorney also recommends to document all letters and phone calls from Convergent. Also you should respond in writing within their 30 days demanding proof that the debt is actually owed by you and when the debt was created. Send your mailing certified with the slip that you get back once someone signs for the letter. The more you have documented the better should you need to go to court or hire a lawyer to go after Convergent. With the known security breaches of some major brand retailers, I'm wondering if someone is using my information and opening credit accounts. I'm going to be really really pissed if that's the case.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2013

I do not remember having this card. Now all of a sudden, they sent a letter from collection place to a different address of a family member wanting a very large amount of money they say I owe. Now I have to call back this family person back. Even if I had this card, it was years ago, more than 18 years ago.

8 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 25, 2013

I have been receiving these annoying calls from a debit collection company saying they are trying to collect a debt from Cross Country credit card. I told the rude lady that I don't even remember having a Cross Country credit card and she said it goes back to the early 1990's. I said what?! Now she is threatening to send me a 1099 so I have to claim it as income or she will go after my husband's money! I wasn't even married when I supposedly opened this account, as she asked for me by my maiden name. Is this for real? I need some advice.

9 people found this review helpful
Original review: June 8, 2012

I paid off my delinquent account around February of this year. Now, a few months later, I received a letter from a collection agency wanting to collect the money. I paid in full. Is this a scam by the bank and this collection agency to get money? I believe this is a scam and they are in it together.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 21, 2012

They contacted me after 11 years for $756 on $250 credit limit.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2012

I was given promise after promise until after I did everything asked (which included paying off three-four credit cards which wasn't an easy task just before Christmas) to be told they hit a bump in the road. Something they didn't notice on the credit report before? Now after I asked for a copy of the credit report, I was told they couldn't give it to me. It's my report!

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2011

I did have two credit cards with Cross Country Bank that I used for my trucking company. My company went down and I filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and these cards were included with the filing. So I thought the matter was settled. But now I have received a letter from the IRS saying that I did not claim a cancellation of debt on my last year income tax (2010) from a company I had no knowledge of. The company is ECAST Settlement Corp. This was a debt that was supposed to be taken care of in the bankruptcy. I was married to someone else at the time of the bankruptcy. We were divorced in 2002 and then he died two years later. I am now remarried to another man and this has been carried over to his taxes. He is being blamed for something he had nothing to do with. The debt should have been covered with the bankruptcy.

We now have to pay additional taxes and fees for something I did not know anything about. We will pay the taxes but I really think this was not a fair action taken by the company. They should have at least sent me a notice that I owed them and that they were sending the IRS this info. They did not give me the chance to know what was happening. How can you claim this on your taxes if you have no idea that this happened? My husband is very upset about having to pay for something he never had anything to do with.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2011

I have been trying to get Cross Country to stop demanding money from me for almost 12 years or more. There was a card sent to me years ago, but I cut it up. I didn't ask for it and it was not used at all. Then a year later, I was told that I owed them $200.00, and I needed to make a payment. I told them I had not used the card. So, how could I owe them? I was not sending them a penny. This went on for years and then it was on my credit report. I have been trying to get it removed for years now with no success. Yesterday, 10/3/11, I received a phone call from another collections department, demanding money. I told the man that I was not paying a debt I didn't owe. At one point, a few years back, I was so tired of the calls. I asked, whomever it was, what I could do to stop all of this. I was told to send them $100.00, and it would all be cleared up and off of my credit report. I did send the money, but nothing was ever done to stop this. My bill with them is now over $600.00 for a card that was never used. What the heck do I have to do to stop all of this?

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2010

How would you deal with a mortgage company that misrepresented itself, constantly changes its reasoning, and has caused problems with a refinance? My husband and I signed a good faith estimate with Andrew ** of Cross Country Mortgage at 6850 Miller Road, Brecksville, Ohio 44141 who said that he could get us 4.25% for a Fannie Mae Refi Plus. At the time that we signed (November 3rd), we were told that the rate could be locked but he wanted to wait a few more days to see if the rate would go down some more.

That night, I called another company who we had been talking with and told them that we were going with someone else. The other company told me that they could now give me 4%. I wanted to check with the company we had signed with before doing anything. I emailed Andrew and he replied that they would be able to get me the 4% as well, so I stayed with them. The rate did go down to 4%.

A few days later, we were told that we were approved for the loan, no appraisal was needed, but there was some title work that needed to be done. Nothing was said about not locking the rate so I believed that it had been locked at the lowest rate. Andrew told me that he did not want to tell me not to make my monthly mortgage payment but that we should close before month's end and in doing so, he would have to request another payoff amount and the paperwork would have to be redone (the first request charged a $10.00 fee to my mortgage).

Since this was mid November, I went with what he said and did not make the payment. On November 23, he called my home and left me a message to call him. On November 24th, while on my way to Tennessee for the holiday, I called him. He told me that the title work was finally done but due to the holiday and our being out of town, I should make the payment. He also stated that he should be able to close the week after the holiday. We texted back and forth on Monday, 11/29/10, and set a meeting for Wednesday, December 1st, at 6:00 pm to close.

Again, nothing was said about the rate lock. I felt that since he was supposed to be working for me, it had been done when the rates were at the lowest. On Wednesday, December 1st, Andrew called me three hours before we were supposed to meet and told me that he had not locked in the rate previously and when he went to check them on Monday, they had gone up to 4.75%. I asked him why the rate had not been locked when it was at the low 4% and was told that he had wanted to wait until the title work was done. I asked him why and he could not give me a legitimate reason.

This is something I have never heard of. Since this was not what we had agreed on, he cancelled the meeting to see if the rates would go down again. They haven't. He then promised to call me every other day to let me know where we stood. I did not hear from him for almost a week even after I had called and left messages at all of the numbers I had for him. At one time, I texted him and asked when he was going to get things taken care of and that I wanted the rate that he had promised. He simply answered that he was working on it.

Finally on December 9th, after several attempts on my own to reach him, he called my home number (even though he had my cell number and knew that was the best way to reach me), spoke with my husband (who has not been handling this--I have) and told him that he would be willing to work something out to keep our loan. He was willing to "eat" some of the cost. He told my husband that he would call back on Friday before 5:00 pm. We waited and the call never came in.

On Monday, December 13th, I attempted to call both his office and cell phones, leaving messages at both numbers. (I have done this before and have gotten no response). This time, he called me back around 5:30 and basically told me that it was their company policy not to lock the rate until closing because you never know what could happen. I told him that after speaking with several other mortgage brokers and loan officers, a closing should not take longer than 30 days and a 30 day rate lock should have been applied. He then changed his story by saying that his company only offered 15 rate locks without cost and we would have gone past that.

I reiterated that we signed on 11/3 and were supposed to close on 12/1 which would have been within the 30 days of a normal rate lock and should not have been a problem. If he had locked it when it went to 4%, that would have put the end of the rate lock at 12/6 at least giving us even more time. Again, the story as to why he did not lock the rate changed. I was very upset.

On December 14th, I called to speak with his manager, Mike **. I had to leave a message. He was not able to give me any better explanation as to why they did not lock the rate. At one time, he even tried to tell me, "What if we had locked the rate, and then it went down to 3.95%? You would have been upset that you did not get that." I told him that I would have been happy with the 4.25% and I would have understood that the rate lock was in place.

He then told me that the best he could do was to take $1,000.00 off of the closing costs which would in effect save me about $40.00 a month for the next two years. This would not lower my rate for the 28 years after that. I don't understand why no rate lock was in place! The call did not go well. I am writing this in order to make sure that others know what I went through with Cross Country Mortgage. I want to make sure that they know to ask repeatedly if the rate was locked.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2010

In reference to our conversation today regarding your Cross Country Bank account, ARA Inc. has agreed to the following agreement: Upon receiving your check by phone payment for $977.88 by September 23, 2010 and when this payment clears as paid, your account will be paid in full and satisfied. Additionally, ARA Inc. will not report any derogatory information to the credit bureaus. If for any reason this agreement is not met, this offer becomes null and void and the full balance of $977.88 will become past due.

After numerous calls and messages Mrs. ** finally got on the phone and confirmed receipt of my request for information and she said she submitted the paperwork to Cross Country on 9/23 and by law must allow 60 days to receive back requested docs. Well, I've been trying to get a hold of Mrs. ** for one week now since 12/6/10 to finally close this case out. She doesn't return calls, therefore I ask ARA to find someone who is willing to help me and got Don at ext **. He said I owe this money and yes they received the documents from Cross Country but can't send them to me but can be provided to me in court when they file a judgment against me! What! Finally after going through this story with Don from the beginning, he said they will close this case because I have been very diligent and on top of this. I requested Don provide me with a letter in writing that this case is closed and he said no nothing can be sent to me but if I want to pay the balance he'll gladly take it. Please help!

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2010

For those people that go back more than 5 years, depending on the state you live in. For a credit card, the statue of limitations is no more than 5 years. It is 3 in Florida where I live. So when they call you, just tell them politely that the statute of limitation is up, if applicable.

7 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 12, 2010

I attempted to apply for a credit card online for those with not so great credit. Applied was one that came up. I had entered my information and at the end before submitting it, I had read the statement about fees and I had decided not to continue the process and I thought that was a crazy offer. Well, two days later, there is a withdrawal from my bank account. By this being taken out of my account it had put my account in jeopardy of becoming overdrawn. I am on a fixed income so being ripped off financially is not something I enjoy. I want my money returned.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2010

I applied for the credit card and received a $300 limit in which they took out fees right off the top. I got behind on payments because of all the fees and couldn't pay my card. In January 2004, I noticed that I had a judgment on my credit report for $1200.00. I tried to settle with them and they wanted some crazy amount and told me they would not work with me on breaking up the payments. Now, it's 2010 and they sent a judgment out to garnish my wages every paycheck. They are asking for $3500.00 now. I feel like they are ripping me off. My credit has been messed up from the judgment for almost 6 years. What can I do about this? I can't believe that $300.00 has now turned into $3500.00!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2010 I can't remember the guy who called me from a collection agency on behalf of Cross County bank. I don't recall having a credit card from them. When I told this to the guy he said that it is not his problem. Then after if told him that I thought I had been a victim of identity theft, he agreed that I should contact the bank.

He was very rude and was demanding that I agree to make a payment that I owed them $1900 from 2000 for a credit card I never had. I don't really know what to do? He threatened that they were going to seize my bank account. Please if anyone has any advise for me? I appreciated it.

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Original review: July 21, 2010

I was just reading up on this company because I received in the mail from applied bank, stating that they are a debt collector collecting a debt for Cross Country bank. I called to find out who or what this is about and they claim I had a credit card in 2001. I haven't had a credit card in a long time so I googled Cross Country bank and the first thing I start reading is how they are being sued for $9 million in New York for many different charges. So before I pursued this, I was looking for some advise on how I should handle this. Any advise would help! I never had a credit card through these people nor have I ever received a bill or any literature for that matter. They are wanting to discount my total bill amount of $686.85 by 60% and have me pay five installments of $54.95 but they must start within 30 days of receiving my letter. Please help with some advise! Thank you.

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Original review: April 29, 2010

In year 2005, my bank account became frozen due to Judgment against me. I had no idea what that was about, since I have never received any court notices. In order for my personal bank account to be released from Judgment, I was told by my bank officer to authorize the payment of $838.37 payable to Law Offices of Cohen and Slamowitz, LLP. I needed access to my personal bank account, therefore I promptly authorized the payment without. At that point, I still had no idea, and no knowledge, who and why got Judgment against me. A year later I realized, this same Judgment appeared on all my credit reports.

My credit ratings plunged and destroyed with such negative item as Judgment being reported. I was denied credit everywhere I went, I was financially destroyed. It took me many years to untangle this mystery. When I contacted the Law Offices Of Cohen and Slamowitz in 2010, they informed me they were collecting from me for Cross Country Bank Visa Card, and they were representing MRC REC CORP.

I believe I am the victim of Unlawful Collection Tactics, and Predatory Lending of Cross Country Bank and MRC REC. CORP. I have successfully removed this Negative Judgment Entry from my Experian and Transunion credit reports at first request in 2010, but Equifax is refusing to remove this item, even though I made several requests. I would like to seek damages from these violators,- Cross Country Bank, MRC REC CORP, and Equifax. Negative Judgment Entry on my Credit reports ruined my credit ratings. For at least 5 years, from 2005 till 2010, I could not apply for any credit. I would not qualify for apartment rental, so I would be forced to live in bad neighborhoods.

I wouldn't qualify to any credit card nor would I qualify for any loan or student loan. This Negative Judgment Entry on my Credit Report on behalf of Cross Country Bank and MRC REC CORP, set my life years back. I was destroyed emotionally, financially, and physically. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Original review: March 20, 2010

I received a letter stating that I owed $1,800 on a credit card account that I did not open. I want the harassing phone calls to stop.

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Original review: March 20, 2010

I am a victim of identity theft. I got 4 harassing calls in one day, from a company saying I opened an account with them in 5/2000, that is discharged. I informed them to send me info to take to police, as this was not me. They call 3-4 times a day. I do not want to be harassed, while I am finding out who is responsible. I consider it harassment, and have told them to stop. It is frustrating enough to be the victim of identity fraud without being harassed by a second party collection company on Cross Country's behalf.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2010

FNCB,Inc. sent me a settlement for Cross Country Bank. It was 3 payments over 90 days. After my second payment, I received a "Pay Card" which showed the first 2 payments and then has a new balance and more scheduled payments. This is not what was supposed to happen. I should be able to make one more payment and be settled. What do I do? Do I make the last payment according to the first letter? Help!

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2009

I received a credit card from CCB. Although I made my payments on time for over a yr, my credit available never seemed to go down. Eventually, I went over the limit. What started out as a $400.00 limit escalated to $1800.00. I was enrolled in their credit protection program, and when I was eligible to use it (which Igable for they've never used before), they sent me a form and I mailed it back. They replied that I'd mailed the form back too late and was responsible for any late and overages and was now ineligible for Credit Protect. Knowing now what I was dealing with, I became depressed and disgusted and refused to send them another nickle no matter how many threats they made to screw up my credit report.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2009 paid payments on time actualy overpaid 80 dollars on account they cancelled my card finally got them to pay me with interest no money ever came after a couple of years a rep from ccb called said she was trying to get every thing straight thats been almost 2 years ago
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Original review: Oct. 15, 2009 I had never opened the account the were calling about.I was a victim of identity theft by my father.And because I cant find him i couldnt sue to put in his name.I spoke to people their several times with no resolve so when I noticed it on my credit report I disputed it.I realyed this information to Rusell who called I called On 10/15/2009..Beacsue the person named Lisa Cambell called and left messages with my family members I dont even live with..
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Original review: July 23, 2009

I applied for a card, credit line $350.00. I received the card and statement, minimum due $70.00, past due $30.00 and new balance $187.50. I have "never" activated the card, let alone used it and had already received a past due notice. The company refused to talk or negotiate. Always telling me that I applied for it, and received the card and even if I had activated it, I'm still responsible for making payments. Granted I'm responsible had I used it, but it’s never been used. Though this card was applied for January 2002, it still reflects a charge off of $350.00 on credit report even though the card has never been activated.

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