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I've had very positive experiences with ChargeSmart. If you don't make a lot of changes (I've been paying three sets of bills for 3-4 years now), then you won't run into problems. When we started, they had a glitch which caused us to miss a payment. They were really good on the phone, even offered to pay the late charges and accrued interest. I can't imagine it being handled better.

I have made over 100 payments now, so I have a bit of experience with ChargeSmart. Their site has encountered many errors over the past few years, and they still haven't fixed the major bugs. I give them 1 star because they offer a service that I like. I give them another star because most of my payments have gone through, and I get enough rewards on my credit cards to cover the fees. But I have to subtract a star because of the bugs on the website. Also the website goes down at least once a month. Also have to detract another star because they have messed up 2 of my payments over the past year.

On 3/06/2015, I made a payment to Waste Management (I thought), but it was through Charge Smart. They charged me a fee of $3.99 to pay the bill. The next day 3/07/2015, they sent me an email saying there was an error with my account number with WM and it didn't go through. The same day, I got logged on to WM site directly, and paid my bill. I got my check statement the other day, and Charge Smart did go ahead and charge my account for $57.71, that included the $3.99 service fee. I logged into my WM account this morning (4/20/2015), and they had me with a balance instead of a credit. I called WM and they never received a payment from Charge Smart, just the payment I had made online directly on their site. DO NOT HAVE CHARGE SMART TO PAY A BILL. IT WILL NOT GET PAID AND YOU ARE STILL OUT THE MONEY.

Kohl's is charging me a $29 late fee because my bill wasn't paid on time. This is unacceptable, please take me off your bill pay. I tried to call but no answer, only voicemail.

$4.99 as a service fee is way too high and they do not make it obvious how much you will be paying as a fee. There is also no way to cancel your account online or auto pay online. Avoid this company at all cost.

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I needed to make 3 different payments to Ford Credit via credit card since I did not have the cash. I searched the internet and came across Charge Smart. When I reviewed Charge Smart, many people posted negative things. So I made 1 of the 3 payments to see how it works. It works exactly like it is stated on their website. They make it pretty clear what everything is and you see what you are going to pay for using the credit card. I have since made the other 2 payments. The charges I did were over $1000 each and cost me around $30 to $40 for each transaction.

I made 1 payment with them for my car. Gave them no authority to make any other payments off of my account in the future. As to their rates, the charge are much too high. I figured I would just start mailing my payment in, they hit my checking account this month with no permission from me. Mow I have to cancel my debit card attached to my checking account. I have tried to reach them by phone with no success. I don't understand what makes these companies think they can just do whatever the hell they want!! And as the consumer we just have to pay for it literally. DON'T DO IT!!!

On the bank statement, I was getting charged for $6.95. I called Kohl's 3 times and they told me they were not charging that fee. They kept telling me that it was the bank. I visited Wells Fargo with their statement and bank statement. They said that no way was it them. They told me it was a third party. Kohl's said no. Well, I changed my debit card so when it was payment time, it didn't go through. I got an email from ChargeSmart. Okay, now I know, but they said I had to cancel online. Nowhere on their web could I find how to cancel. I emailed them and also took off my debit card number (it wasn't working). The lady on the phone was very rude. This place is such a rip off.

I cancelled my account with Charge Smart two months ago due to the high fees. They skipped last month's charge, which was appropriate as my account was cancelled, but went ahead and charged me this month. When I called their customer service department, they told me that the transaction didn't show on their end, but certainly was deducted from my CC. I was told that I will be contacted tomorrow by a representative. I will not hold my breath. I would not recommend using this service and I will be cancelling this CC just so they don't have an active CC with my name on it.

ChargeSmart website is a total rip-off. The fees they charge are very high and percentage of the total bill, the higher the bill to be paid, the higher the fee. They offer “no fee” service if paid with Discover card. However, it is not clearly mentioned when the promotion ends and they don’t clearly state that it does not apply to automatic payments. This is a totally useless site with very high fees. You are much better of using your bank’s e-bill payment service which is offered free in most banks. I do not recommend this service at all.

I made a payment to the Department of Education. They sent it to someone else. I have no clue whom money was sent to or how to get a refund. They have no call back number. This is a government loan. I hope they investigate. Tear their butts up. ChargeSmart is a huge ripoff. It's a huge disappointment.

These people are horrible. I didn't have any money at the time and my gas bill was due, so I had to find a way to use my credit card, which I thought I did. I paid on the 15th and they said that the payment would be posted on the 17th. After a few days I checked my CNG account but saw no payment but I saw that the money was taken off of my credit card so I emailed CS & asked for a refund since it was after my billing date anyway. They said that they couldn't issue a refund since the money was taken by CNG. So after a few more days, I checked again but still no payment so I emailed again to ask what the payment would show up as. They told me what it would be and I checked again and still saw no payment.

I called and the woman who answered sounded like a cartoon barbie - so fake! I was like **, but I told her my issue and she told me that someone would call me back regarding the issue when they opened; I never got a call so I emailed again and explained the situation and they told me to get them a fax number for CNG so they can fax the payment receipt to them. But CNG said they never received such a thing. Now it has been exactly a month and I decided to file a claim with my credit card and if that doesn't work, I'll report their asses to BBB. Whatever you do, do not use ChargeSmart!

My aunt was trying to pay her Maurices card payment via the internet because she was on the road when it came due. She was directed to ChargeSmart and found that she could only pay with Discover or MasterCard. Because she had neither, I told her to use mine and just repay me. She entered all info and pressed submit. When I later checked the site, I realized that it looked fraudulent and tried to stop payment immediately. I closed my card and was terrified! It is now 2 weeks later and ChargeSmart did end up charging my debit card and a payment has never posted to my aunt's Maurices card. I think this site is a scam!

I have a Pottery Barn account. I went to PB store to pay bill but I can't pay there. I called to pay my bill and there is a $15 fee, then I was told that I could pay the bill on-line for free. So, I spent time trying to navigate that bill-pay and learned that I had a $3.75 fee for that. And, that the bill would not be paid until later than it was due. I had to pay it that way because there was no other way. I had to pay with Discover or MC, not Visa. So I had to charge my payment instead of having it taken from my checking account.

I am closing my account with Pottery Barn. I will try to contact PB to tell them but who knows, they may be an illusive as the ChargeSmart people. They have absolute worse bill pay system. It must be owned by Bank of America!

I used Charge Smart to pay my mortgage on September 13, 2011. I noticed on their website it says that it usually takes 2-3 business days to process a payment, and sometimes, up to 5 full days. Well today is that fifth day, and my mortgage company has not seen my payment yet! I spoke with Eddie (customer service representative) who tells me that charge Smart tried to get in touch with me concerning my payment. My payment was a large amount, so Eddie's words were, "We tried to call you twice and we emailed you," so we cancelled the payment on the 15th of September. My response to Eddie was, 'Why didn't you leave a message!" He then proceeds to rattle off my telephone number which is correct the first time he recited it.

Two minutes into the conversation and after questioning him about not leaving a message, he recites my phone number back to me again, but this time, with the last digit incorrect! (What am I, an idiot Eddie?) Oh, wait it gets better. He then lets me know that a refund has been processed back to me (refund date was September 15). As I am writing this review, the date is September 20. I have spoken to my credit card company and they informed me that nor refund has been sent from Charge Smart!

So, let's see; no refund, plus my mortgage is late, and Charge Smart's reason for not paying the amount was, "The payment was red flagged for security purposes." Well, who takes money out of an account if it throws up a red flag? If you ask me, Charge Smart had no intentions of paying me back and the nerve of them to charge me a convenience fee! So, I have a late fee with my mortgage, I'm out $1,002, and I still owe my mortgage company. I will never recommend this company to anyone! If I could give the company negative stars, there still would not be enough! Thanks for nothing!

My auto loan provider, Chrysler Corporation, recently sold it's loans to TD Auto Finance of Roanoke, TX. When I attempted to go online to pay my bill, as usual, I was directed to a ChargeSmart site. I filled out all my personal information, believing that this was necessary because the loan had been switched but there was possibly no permanent damage done as I never pushed submit.

So what is my complaint? ChargeSmart is running a scam. I don't want them to have my personal information; there is no number to call them. If I had clicked submit, they would have taken $10.00 out of my checking account. They could be cleaning it out as I type. They tried to trick me into paying my bill using their service and then they provide no phone number so I can discuss this with someone. No consequences that I am aware of. I do not need an attorney. I am an unlicensed attorney.

ChargeSmart accepts credit card payments for many organizations which do not sign up with them and many have their own/less expensive credit card payment providers. One ChargeSmart staff member told a municipality which wanted to be disconnected from their service, "They pay for these directories and are not in favor of relinquishing any opportunity to recoup their investment.” Customers pay too much for credit card payments through ChargeSmart when authorized alternatives exist.

This is a response to Lauren's complaint against ChargeSmart, filed on 5/27/2010. ChargeSmart advises customers to allow for as many as 5 business days for payments to complete, and further clarifies that: "In most cases, payments will be received in 2-3 business days."

On the "Payment Review" page, before the card is charged or the payment is submitted, a delivery date is presented. This gives our customers a clear range in which to expect the payment to be posted. In this case, the payment delivery date appeared as May 17 - May 20 (the actual delivery date was May 19). Additionally, a payment confirmation email was sent to Lauren at the time her payment was completed that again stated, "Please allow 2-3 business days for your payment to post." The payment posted on the 3rd business day.

Lauren's payment was submitted on 5/16 (a Sunday) and her payment was sent to and accepted by her water company on 5/19, within three business days, and within the expected timeframe listed on the payment review screen. If a payment is not posted within a reasonable amount of time, or an expectation set for delivery date does not much the actual delivery, ChargeSmart may provide a partial refund as a courtesy. However, since a review of this payment showed all reasonable expectations were met in this instance, no refund was provided.

I used ChargeSmart to pay my water bill. They deducted the money on May 16 and claimed it takes 2-3 days to be posted to my account. On the 3rd my water was disconnected and then it was not posted until the 4th day. As a result I incurred $75.24 charge from the water company. I have contacted them to reimburse me for the differences and it was a round and round story as to why they cannot. I have the bill from Pennsylvania American water showing when the payment was posted. I need help to resolve this issue.

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