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I paid off the account in the first part of Dec. I sent a letter with a check to close the account. I did not hear from them. Finally, I got a statement saying $361.65 credit. I sent Beneficial a certified letter to close the account & to please return the $361.65. Beneficial sent a statement that the account was closed and that there was a credit of $361.65. I sent a certified letter asking for the $361.65. Beneficial has not returned the $361.65. I would like the $361.65.


My story is very similar to the one I read at your internet site - Kara at East Jordan, MI. The only difference is that I have one more child I am doing my best to support than she does and the way I believe I lost my money to them. I have yet to find out how much money exactly was charged to my account for NSF fees ($18+ per attempt) for a charge I resent my authorization for and in fact, was called by a customer service agent to verify bank information two days after my call cancelling the whole (or)deal. I then informed the CS agent of this fact and he assured me, and assured me right out of my money. No, they were never able to get the fee all at once but I, along with my bank's help, believe they put that request through a great deal of times, when they didn't even have permission to access my account in any way.

At $18 per submission, I believe was misinformed, mishandled, mistreated, misguided, not to leave out, flat out lied to, screamed at, denied information, hung up on, left on hold for over 45 minutes at a time only to hear someone finally returning to attend to my call and laughing in the background just before the dial tone.


I was called by a representative who said that I had been preapproved for a Visa or Mastercard and that all I would have to do is give the $199 and they would mail me a packet to sign and return to them and I would receive my card. After 4 weeks, I called them back and asked about my packet and I was told I have to wait 30 days. After a month and a half, I finally received my packet and it did not have anything close to a Visa card in it. There was only information on how to manage credit and where to get credit cards. Angry, I called them back and told them what I received in the mail and they told me that I had misunderstood that they do not offer credit cards, only credit card information. Why would I pay $200 for credit card information? The one question I have is where do they get their listing of people to call and what can I do to stop this. I wish I knew where the office was. I would drive or fly there and give them a piece of my mind.


I, like everyone else, it appears was duped by First Beneficial. They called, told me I could get a credit card of 2500. It would cost me $199.99 and then I would receive my packet in the mail. I had to file bankruptcy two years ago, because of my daughter's medical bills, so of course, I thought it was a good deal. I have never been taken before, and am very cautious, but told "Angela" that I had filed bankruptcy, and asked her if this would affect getting a credit card.

She said no, it would not, that they had been successful in similar situations, and that I could get my money back if they couldn't get me a card. It sounded good to me. I got a contract number (**) a pin number (**) and gave her my checking account number for the withdrawal. I started calling everyday, after about three weeks of receiving nothing. I left messages, and even threatened to get a lawyer. Finally about eight weeks after the initial phone call, I received a package. It consisted of a pamphlet on how to rebuild your credit, including a list of companies who give less than pure credit cards, and a membership to some company called Quota-phone. I never received anything else, never got an answer when I called, and never got a call back.


On November 2, 2001, I had received a phone call from First Beneficial Credit Services. The man that I spoke to was Kelvin **. This man had told me that I was approved, not preapproved, but actually approved for a Visa or Mastercard with a limit of $2500. He also told that this card had a 10% APR and has no annual fees or monthly fees and has no services charges. He then asked me for my checking account number and the bank that I used. Needless to say, after giving him all the information he requested, he told me that $199 was going to be withdrawn from my account. After he told me that I had to pay $199, I told him that I didn't want to accept the offer of the Visa or Mastercard. Kelvin then told me that if I refused the acceptance of their credit services that the $199 will not be withdrawn from my checking account.

In January, my checking account was damaged because First Beneficial Credit Services withdrew $199. By doing so, my account was overdrawn and additional feed were also charged to my checking account. In addition to this situation, a few checks that I have written out had been returned and additional fees were also charged to my account.

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I had received a phone call regarding a credit card that was supposedly available to me. The man I had spoken with had stated to me that I was able to receive a credit card with a $2500 credit line. He had stated that all I needed to do was pay a one-time fee of $199 for the special membership that had come along with the services of their credit card. He had persuaded me into thinking that it was a great offer to help restore my credit. He told me that once they had received the payment, 30 days following that transaction, I would receive my credit card.

I also dealt with a lady who then took over the processing information for further assistance. I gave her all my information in which the conversation was being recorded about my address, bank account routing #, and full spelling of my name to be placed on the credit card to be shipped out to me 30 days after the payment was processed. It has been over thirty days and all that I had received was a packet of credit information of where I could obtain a credit card and explained what services they provide. The conversation that had been taken never mentioned that I would have to go and request for a credit card from companies. They had left me to believe that it was they who provided the credit card that was being offered to me. I am furious and upset at the fact that they have not even met their end of the bargain.


I was contacted by telephone by First Beneficial Credit about an unsecured, guaranteed credit card either Mastercard or Visa; I could choose. But I had to give them a postdated check for $199 in order to open a savings account with interest I believe? The $199 was paid with my Bankcard right out of my checking account and was sent through before the date, causing other checks and drafts to be returned insufficient funds causing additional charges from not only my bank but the other business. Then First Beneficial credit re-deposited a second time, being paid, but causing more insufficient checks, which has just ballooned out of proportion. It is causing great distrust among my husband and myself.

I just don't know where to turn to because I cannot find the information that I wrote down, such as the name of both the first person and his employee #; also his supervisor that confirmed the application. But I am sure I will find the paper, but in the meantime, I would like to somehow file a major complaint, and look forward to speaking with anyone of your attorneys or whomever. So please contact me. In the meantime, I will find the necessary papers, and forward them to you. Thank you all so very much for any and all anticipated help in this situation.


I was contacted by phone about a credit card, but needed to pay $199 to be withdrawn from my account. When I later spoke to my husband, he said he didn't want it and to cancel it. I called the company and when I tried to cancel it, I was told, "we do not cancel and you are stuck with paying the money." I have changed the dates to have the money withdrawn from the account several times and now, I am told I can't have the dates changed and I will have to live with the NSF charges.


I was told that I would receive a credit card with a limit of $2500 if I would agree to a one-time fee of $199. I then gave all of my bank information to them and it has been withdrawn from my account for over three weeks. I have called for over a week and the only thing I get is an answering machine on the other end. I have not spoken to a person at the company since they scammed me.


As stated in the other letters that you have posted, I received a call for a credit card valued at $2,500 to be issued with The Bank of New York backing. I was to receive a package of information on 11/30 and a withdrawal from my checking account would occur on 12/3. But I was assured that a withdrawal would not take place without my phone call confirming my acceptance of the card. Well, nothing was ever received but the withdrawal was made. My bank is working on correcting this headache but I am not confident. I've had to close that account and re-open a new one to stop them from any future withdrawals. The number that was given to me is listed to and answered by Title West Mortgage. I keep leaving a name and number but no return call. Help if you can please.


A person called offering a credit card worth $2500 if you pay them $199 processing fee. My ID# they gave me was ** and they said they would send out info to receive the card and wanted bank info to debit my savings account via an "ACH" withdrawal. At first, I thought it was a card ordered by my wife for me, but then I checked your site and found others scammed by the same company. I will make sure my bank does not process any transactions to that service.


Last night, I received a phone call from David ** stating that my credit card application was accepted. I asked him what credit card and he said MasterCard. I asked him from where and he said from First Beneficial Credit Services. Also, he said that I applied with them before and they turned me down and now they accepted me under a special program. I was approved for $2,500 and they were going to do a bank withdrawal from my Credit Union of $199 from my checking account. Not really thinking I gave them all of my information to get the money from my account on Dec. 3rd, I talked to my husband about it and he said that it sounded funny to him. He was wondering why I would have to give them $199 for a credit card with 8% interest, which at the time sounded good to me because I was looking forward to consolidate two of my credit cards anyway. Is there any way I can get this resolved before they take out any money off my account?


I, too, was taken advantage of by First Beneficial Credit Services. They told me everything that they told others who have recently been deceived by this company. I didn't find this website until after I had given them my checking account number. Needless to say, I am going to the bank first thing in the morning to close my account, and I am going to pursue this matter and put these people out of business!

They had a way of making me believe them! They first told me that the reason they were sending out the benefits package was in case I lost one of my cards, they would issue another faster with my signature on file. The amount was for $199! These people must be stopped. Just think of the elderly out there who are being taken advantage of and those single mothers, etc. I am not "well to do" and will suffer if this amount is taken out of my account. I was thinking, okay, this will be good. I can just replace the money I used for the application fee with a cash advance from the credit card! How stupid I feel! I will never ever be a victim again. From now on, if someone wants to give me a credit card, they do it for free or not at all!


I had received a phone call from First Beneficial Credit Services telling me that I have been approved to receive a credit card that had a $3,000 limit. The card would be $199 and it would be taken out of my savings account. I just turned 18 years old and I need a credit card so when I got this phone call, I was sort of excited. They wanted my account number from the bank I was with. They made me go through a recording and in the middle of the recording, I started asking questions. I felt I was being rushed and I told the representative that I needed to speak with my mother first because we have a joint account together.

The lady told me that I could talk to my mother and then call this telephone number to tell them if my mom approves also. Well she wanted me to do the recording again and I said "yes" and "okay" to everything she said, thinking it was okay to call the number she had given me to change things if I wanted them to. After talking with my mom, I decided to give them a call and tell them to cancel everything.

Well, I spoke to a man and he told me that during the recording, the lady should have told me that there is no cancellation. I told him that I didn't recall her saying that, so he played the recording for me to hear. When I was listening to myself and the lady, she did say that there was no cancellation, but she said it quick and mumbled it really fast. I told the man that I wasn't ready for them to take $199 from my account. So, he extended the date to October 19, 2001.

First Beneficial Credit Services did take $199 away from my account. I wanted to call them up and ask when I'm going to receive the credit card. But my notebook with the phone number was stolen from me at school, so I called my bank. They had told me that First Beneficial did take the money and that they had no information about them, no phone number, and no nothing. They gave me an 800 toll free number to call and try to find a number but they didn't help me either.

The next thing I did was go online and tried to see if they had a web page I can contact them. But instead, I got to this website and have read stories from others who have been scammed. I think I have been scammed also. And I feel really stupid because I just started college and I'm already broke as it is and I'm really upset about my thoughtless action. When I was talking to my bank, they had told me that I had to be careful on whom I speak with and that my bank would not have charged me $199 for a credit card.

My mother does not know that my account has been touched by First Beneficial and that I had spoken to them and had agreed for them to take $199 for a credit card. She will really yell at me and even though I'm 18 years old, I still live with my parents and I still get grounded and punished when I get into trouble. I had to save $200 just for the stupid card and I felt I was so rushed. I'm really broke and I couldn't afford losing money, not knowing who First Beneficial is. It is now November 2001 and I haven't received any mail from them.


I was promised a credit card for a 200 dollar fee which was automatically withdrawn from my account. I tried to stop it when I found out it was a fraud but it was too late. The money had been transferred. I received a packet in the mail from them 30 days later with a bunch of paperwork, lists of banks, but no credit card. I was supposed to get a credit card with $4000 credit limit on it.


In late September, 2001, I received a telephone call from this company stating that I would receive a credit card with a $3,500 credit limit at 4.5 % interest with no monthly or annual charges or fees and no security deposit. They wanted to withdraw $199 from my bank account to pay for the "services" associated with this credit card which were non-refundable and non-cancelable. I specifically asked and said I do not do business with anyone who states absolutes like "never". No one can predict the future and I will not be subjected to such terms. I was told the "services" associated with the card and not the card itself were non-cancelable. The "services" mentioned were insurances and other benefits, not the card itself.

With great reluctance I said I would examine the documents and would then say I would or would not accept the membership. A few days later, on October 1st, this was the note I found in my bank account history: 10/01/01- First Beneficial ID ** (866) 845-8888 - ** - $199. Since that time, I have not received a single document or any information whatsoever from this company. I have tried to call their customer service number to complain and cancel this service and I keep getting a message that says their voice mail box is full and then I get a hang up. I am furious to say the least. I will not accept any offers from this company and want to know how I can go about getting my money back from them. Please advise. Thank you.


I was contacted by First Beneficial Credit Services via phone informing me that I was pre-approved for a Visa credit card with a limit of $2500. The first time they called, I went halfway through the information process and stopped when asked for my checking account information. I told the guy that I did not have my check book with me and to call me back the next day. He did and we proceeded with the information gathering process. Something kept telling me that there was something not quite right with this and I kept going back and forth with the guy, asking him questions and so on, until I finally decided that I did not want to go through with the transaction.

He proceeded to tell me that I had wasted his time and tried to still convince me that I needed to take advantage of this one time offer. I finally told him to delete my information and that I was not interested any longer. He said fine and we hung up. I then got on the internet and found this when I pulled up their name. I immediately called my bank because I knew that even though I told him to cancel my information and not to process it that they probably would go ahead and do it anyway just to steal my money under the pretense that I gave them permission.


I received 3 phone calls in one day from First Beneficial. I told them I was on social security and couldn’t afford it at the time. John told me they would only be looking to see if I had $199 in my account and not take it. I said no. He called me back and promised me there would be no withdrawal but that I should agree with whatever the manager said. I called my bank and they said First Beneficial had removed that money from my account. I asked them about them and they said they were a major credit corporation. No one answers my calls or returns my messages. I can’t afford to be robbed like this. Please help, I am on social security and my utilities are going to be shut off because I don’t have that money now. I don’t know what I'm going to do this month.


I received a phone call while on the road on my cellular. I was solicited for a credit card offer and a processing fee of $199.00 for a purported credit amount of $5,000.00. I was told I would get a credit card, guaranteed, and I would get the paperwork in the mail within 2 weeks. It has now been 5 weeks since that transaction occurred and I still have not received anything in the mail. At this point, I am unemployed and in need of the $199.00 that was debited from my account on July 25, 2001. I cannot afford to waste money like this for a "list" of banks, if this is true, based on others' stories on this website. I will be short of money this coming month due to this transaction. If it is a fraudulent case, I would appreciate any corrective action you can take on my behalf.


I was called regarding a credit card to help rebuild my credit. I was told that First Beneficial would deposit $199.00 into my checking account a couple of days later then would in turn withdraw the monies ($199.00) on the 15th or so of August to go through the process of issuing me a credit card. I asked over and over if they would not be simply taking the money out of my account because I didn't have it there to take. They assured me it would be of no cost to me and they would still send me the credit card.

Well, they took the $199.00 out of my account and never deposited their $199.00. I am now overdrawn with my bank at this time and I have never been overdrawn in the last 1 1/2 years I've been with them. I called the 800 number they gave me and it is some mortgage company and I called the 800 info line and they don't have a listing for these people. On the debit statement for my bank, there is no number to call either. I am stuck.

I am a single mom who works and is going to school to be a nurse. What balance I had in my checking is now wiped out along with overdraft charges and I don't get paid for another week. I am completely freaked out and flipping mad. Finances are hard enough to deal with without being ripped off like this!


I received a call from First Beneficial a week and 1/2 ago about getting a credit card with a limit of $2500 for a one-time fee of $199. We had set up the payment for August the 13th to be automatically withdrawn from my bank account. Because of a family medical emergency, we were not going to have the funds available on that specific date, so I called the number supplied to me by the customer service rep. After two days of trying, I finally got in touch with someone and was able to (or so I thought) get the contract date changed to the 24th. I had initially asked if I could cancel the contract, and they said that was not an option (keeping in mind that at no time did anyone ever tell me that I could cancel this transaction from the original conversation).

When I went to check my bank balance today, I found that they had attempted to take out the funds on the 14th, therefore assessing my account a $22 over limit fee because the funds were not available (which I explained earlier why they would not be!) After repeated calls today, I finally got in touch with an actual person. (I, too, went through the voice mail and hold routines explained by earlier complaints listed here). This person (Gertrude) explained to me that they are allowed to attempt to take out the funds from my account any time after the original date of the contract, that being the 13th!

I told her that I was not told this by the person that I spoke with on Friday, the 10th; otherwise, I would have made other arrangements with my banking account to have to funds available. I asked to speak with a supervisor to explain my situation and ask for options or a reasonable explanation of why they would not honor the rescheduled payment arrangements. She told me to call back between 1 pm and 4 pm to speak with Jonathan **. I called 4 times within that time frame and was told each time (when I actually got a person to answer the phone!) that Jonathan was not "in yet but expected any time". The last time I called, they told me they close at 5:30 and I could call back at 5 pm, he may be in then.

So, I decided to look up this company on the internet. I am concerned about the reports that I have read so far. I, too, was promised the credit card for $2500 and automatic approval with no denials. I, too, was told that I would receive a credit card. My concern is that I have had such an awful experience before my payment is even taken that I do not want to follow through with the payment at all. I am thinking about calling my bank and having them stop payment to this company.


I was contacted by Mike **, a representative of First Beneficial Credit Services, and offered a credit card. He told me that they would take the fee of $199 out of my fiance's bank account (which they verified with my fiance) and that I was guaranteed a credit card with a 2500 dollar limit and an interest rate of 8% for the life of the card. I was told that I would receive a package with 25 banks to choose from, but that they had already all approved me for this card and all I had to do was pick which bank I wanted and send that to them and I would have the card within two days of their receiving my form.

I specifically asked him was this a list of banks to "apply" to and he said no, that I was already approved at all of them and I just had to choose, no applying. I quoted back to him what he said and he confirmed that I understood correctly. He then had to speak to my fiance and tell him the terms. He told him the same exact things he told me and my fiance also quoted it back to him and was confirmed to be correct. He said we would have the package in 7 to10 days.

When two weeks went by and we had not received it, we called back and spoke with Robert **. He said it would actually take thirty days from when the fee cleared the bank. At this time, I asked him if he could verify the information Mike had told us. He told me that there were no guarantees and that it was just a list of banks to apply to. I got him to agree to give us a refund in 7 to10 days. He said it would be credited back to our account.

Two weeks later, I have not received a refund, so I called him back today and he was on a ten-minute break. The girl took my name and told me to call back in ten minutes. I did and was told that he decided to take a long lunch. When we finally got in touch with him about half an hour later, he didn't remember me, but said that "if" he had put a refund through, it would already be credited back. I said it wasn't and he said wait until Friday, and if I still didn't have it, to call back. In other words, he blew me off again. After this, my fiance filed a dispute with his bank and they are looking into it. We have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they already have an unsatisfactory record.


I received a call from a representative by the name of Michelle from First Beneficial Credit Services. She then began to tell me that I had been approved for two cards. I told her I did not need the two cards, one perhaps for emergencies, but not both. She then informed me that a one-time fee would be deducted from my account for the two cards. The starting amount of them would be $2500 each and then, if I paid in a timely manner, they would go to $5,000. I told her I was still leery of this and she then said that they could not take the money out of my account unless they sent me the credit cards.

I finally agreed and was transferred to another representative who asked a few questions regarding residence and such. I was told that I would get my information in the mail and I would just need to fill it out and send it back. I finally received the information over a month later (I was told it would be 15 to 20 days) but there were no forms or anything to fill out. Confused, I called again and talked to a Robert ** (manager) who told me he's not sure why Michelle told me that the deduction would be for the booklet.

I then notified him that I, along with two others, heard her over the speaker phone. She said it and that I needed a better response then 'Oh well'. He told me he wasn't concerned if I contacted the BBB or any other company for that matter because he knew they had very few complaints. I then requested that he send me to someone higher in the company. I was told he was the only person available that could do that and that he needed to pick up his son so he was going to hang up. I abruptly stopped him and told him how hard it was to get a hold of anyone in his customer service department. I had called and left three messages earlier and never received a call back and would patiently wait for him to find someone to get this issue resolved. He told me to hold on for a minute and then hung up. I waited ten minutes and called back and talked to another representative who gave me the address and Mr. **'s superior (Mr. John **). After that, I began to type this information to you. I'm sure others have been told a similar story but found it not to be true.


On July 16 I discovered that I had an authorized withdrawal from my account for $199. I proceeded to call my bank about this incident to find out that First Beneficial Credit Services was the culprit. My bank was quite helpful in the matter, giving me the phone number to First Beneficial, and also putting in a return payment so I could possibly receive my money back.

Not knowing the true nature of First Beneficial, or the lack of customer service that the company is known for, I called and spoke with a customer service rep named Veronica, who was quite helpful in the matter, she played what she said was the recording of my contract with them. Both she and I were a bit alarmed to hear that the name on the recording was not mine, but someone else's. Veronica played the recording again, actually played it a total of 4 times, and still the name addressed was NOT mine.

I was then disconnected mysteriously from the conversation. I called back, asked to speak to Veronica, and was connected, but not without a bit of attitude from the associate which answered the phone. Melissa was her name. Veronica then asked me to hold while she played the recording again. Once again, the recording was NOT my voice, and was not addressed to me. She then asked me to "hold". She returned with her associate, Philip Jackson, who began screaming at me that he had spoken with me on the phone just the other day about me not receiving my package. I expressed to him that I had NOT called in the past, and that this was indeed the first time that I had called. Mr Jackson then proceeded to scream at me calling me a liar, and other various names. He also threatened me with fraud.

I retorted with the statement "Look, it is YOU that has defrauded ME, and I want my money back!" Mr Jackson then claimed while yelling, that I "Must be an actress." His yelling went on for about 2 minutes. I then attempted to calm the conversation by addressing him as "Mr. Jackson" ... and expressed to him that he needed to understand my frustration in the situation, as I had heard what was supposedly my recording of the contract, and if it were indeed mine, well why was it not addressed to me, but to this other person, and then WHY would the company, First Beneficial, allow someone who is not the account holder to authorize money to be deducted from another person's account?

I expressed to him after he insisted on calling me more names that it was NOT helping the situation any, and that he really needed to calm down. I ASKED to speak to his supervisor, and he screamed at me again that he was THE supervisor. I said that I didn't believe that he was the supervisor, only to be verbally abused again by him. Mr Jackson then told me to call back in an hour so he could find my contract recording. Upon calling back, I was given the runaround about how there were thousands of recordings that they would have to listen to to find mine.

I asked Mr Jackson what was going to happen when they did NOT find my recording, and he claimed that I would get my refund. I asked Mr Jackson if First Beneficial would be contacting me about this matter, and he said "No". I then asked him if I needed to call back and a good date to do such. His response was "If I were you I would call back everyday." I then wished him a good day and hung up. I have called back four days in a row now, and have had NO positive response on the subject.

If Camelott doesn't get a refund, she should contact the state Attorney General's office.


I received a phone call from a representative of First Beneficial Credit Services about a credit card. And like the lady on your site described, they guarantee you a $2500 credit limit, my fee was $199.00. I was en route to the bank to make the deposit when my wife suggested investigating it on the internet. That is when I found your site. Everything she said was almost by quotes, with the exception they got no money from me, thanks to her posting her complaint. I too am the single income for my family and agree that would have set me so far back. I can only express my gratitude to her and your website.


In the beginning of April of this year I received a phone call about obtaining a credit card through Beneficial Credit Services. Having horrible credit I asked specific questions, like what type of card, is there a security deposit and so on. The girl I spoke with said that I would get something in the mail and I would check if I wanted a visa or mastercard and that I would have to sign it and then mail it back to them and within a week of them receiving it I would have my card. The catch was that I had to pay a $219 processing fee for the credit card which supposedly had a $2500 credit limit.

Well needless to say 3 Weeks went by and I had nothing in the mail. So I called the company back. Which is not an easy thing to do. I mainly just got an answering machine for 3 days before I actually got through. At that time I spoke with Julia who claimed she was a supervisor. I asked her why I haven't received my form/package yet with the credit card information. She said that they had a problem with the mail and if I didn't get it withing one more week she would send me a new one via federal express. I again asked her about the card. I asked if it was a guaranteed card and about the interest rate and everything. She assured me that after I mailed the form in that would be enclosed in the package I would have my credit card that it was guaranteed and that the interest rate was about 16%. So I said fine.

A week goes by and still nothing. I call back They sent me out a new one and a few days later I had it. But what they sent me was nothing even close to what I was told. I was basically sent a list of banks to call where I could apply for a credit card. So I call the company back and talk with Carol. She says that they changed their policy that past Friday and this was the way it was now. I was furious. I told her what I thought about it and then called their customer service number. And talked with a male and told him what I was told by the people I previously talked with. And that I didn't appreciate having paid $219 for a list of banks that I could have looked up in my phone book.

I told him what his representatives had said about the card that it was guaranteed and it was through their company "first beneficial credit services" and he took my name and number and the names of the people he talked with and said he would look into it and call me back. Well it has now been about a month since I had talked to him and haven't heard back.

I am a single mother of 3 kids. I couldn't afford to lose that $219 for nothing. I was expecting a credit card worth $2500 and instead received a booklet with names of banks. I didn't pay a couple of my bills and stuff so they could have there processing fee. I am still behind in those bills and I feel so stupid for being scammed like that. I should have known something was wrong in the amount of money they wanted. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured It would be fine. Through the lists of banks they gave me by the way I was denied credit. So I am out $219 and there is no way I can recover from that unless I get it back.

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