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In October of 2000 I began dealing with a dispute on my Aria Visa for $98. I followed all instructions and kept records and to this day I still have not received the credit on my account. I have consistently called and spoken with many people and they tell me that the company I was referring to went out of business and they are still waiting for an answer from their bank. I thought they had 45 days to answer. Aria still refuses to credit my account and for my troubles they had increased my credit line $500 and waived an annual fee. Just what I need. What a joke.


I applied for the Aria Visa over the internet one night on a whim. I should have done some research prior to accepting that thing, it has been nothing but trouble since then.

My first bill was 10 days past due when I recieved it. It was only $20 so I thought to myself .. no problem, I'll double it up on my next bill, which was also late.

When I recieved my second bill, it had a $119 charge on it for something called "Price Pro." I called the customer service number and asked about this charge and was told that it was a "membership" buying club. I told the customer service rep that I didn't need or desire this service and I wanted it taken off my bill.

This charge was taken off my bill the next month (but I relized later that I had paid interest on the $119!) and the $20 payment from the first bill had now cost me $49 a $29 late charge had been added!)

In the months since I have had this card my $1,000 credit limit has been over the limit, between their interest rates and for some reason, my payments never seem to get posted on time (even when I send the check in the same day I receive the bill!) I started making my payments via their web site, and now even those are not going through!

Last week I checked my account and saw that my payment due was $62. I made a $100 payment online; not 30 minutes after I made the payment one of their "collection" people called me about my bill, I told her that I had just made a payment of $100 via their web site, she then informed me that my payment due was $182! I still can't figure that one out.

A few days later when the money hadn't come out of my checking account I went back to their web site to check my account and sure enough, my $100 hadn't been posted (my due date is on the 22nd) and hasn't been posted yet. I'm afraid to try and make another payment because if they try to send two $100 payments through it will cause my checking account to overdraw. I have been paying on this account for several months now, and my balance is growing even though I'm not using the card (how can I when I'm over my limit???)


I got an ARIA credit card a year ago in Sept. On February 14, 2000 I paid this credit card off completely with a check for $1,002.29 and marked it paid in full. Yesterday 4/13/00 I received a "reminder notice" in the mail from Providian Bank stating that I was to send $30.00 immediately to bring my account current. It states my current balance is $69.95.

I've tried several times to reach someone by phone received this "late notice" of payment, but got no one on the phone at all. The automated message asks you to punch in the last four digits of your account number, so I do this, then the automated message person says "this account cannot be found in our records" and to please put in your 16 digit account number, I do this, and get transferred to another number and the phone just rings and rings and rings, no one ever answers the phone. The automated message does say for information regarding this account to dail 1/888-822-8000 I get another automated message telling me to hold for a customer service reprepresentative....the phone just rings and rings and rings, no one ever answers the phone yet again.

I try the phone number once again, and finally after 22 rings, I get a guy on the phone, and I explain that I have paid this account off back in February and that I have my cancelled check to prove it. I told him I did NOT owe this $69.95...and that I was currently looking at a site on the internet where complaints were being filed against this company. He immediately stated, "oh I see where you paid this, and your account is fine..."

He then asked me if I was pleased with his "customer service"? I told him "yes it was ok considering it had taken me over an hour to get in touch with someone".

Thanks for this website, it sure helped in my bill problem.


Aria offered a debt consolidation -- 0% interest for 3 months, and then 7.99. The actual interest was 21.99%. Paid this interest for 4 months before I caught it.

Is there anything I can do? I have already transferred all moneys to another card. Interest monthly was $ 350.00, couldn't understand why the bill wasn't going down, kept sending them $1000.00, and not making a dent. I had transferred $22,000.00 in debt. Did I ever learn a lesson.

Is there some way to complain about this??

We need to see some documentation. Stephen (and others) can fax us their statements and the letters that promised the lower rate. The number is 1-800 779-0816.


I have a Visa card from Aria, Providian Bank. I never get statements until I am already late with the payment. I try to call them but it is always busy. I can't get in touch with them. I feel they are doing this on purpose. I think they are a blemish on us with bad credit and need to be stopped. I must pay around three times what I should pay a month and it only counts as a minimum payment.

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On December 5, 1999, I applied online for a Visa card through Aria Bank. I completed the online form, which stated that an application fee of $25 would be taken out of my checking account, if I were approved. A week later, I received notice that my application was rejected for "insufficient credit history".

I thought nothing more of it, and threw away the notice. The following week, I deposited the money for my car payment in my checking account. A few days following that, I received notice from my finance company that the bank had returned my car payment check, stating that I had insufficient funds in my account.

When I went to the bank to see about this, I found out that Aria had attached my account for the $25 payment, even though my application was denied. Because my bank account charges came through at the same time, the bank would not honor Aria's draft, and returned it, charging an overdraft fee to my account as well.

The following day, Aria attempted again to attach my account for $25, and again my bank rejected it. This time the bank telephoned me. Meanwhile, the money I had deposited for my car payment had dwindled because of these charges. The bank advised me to close my account, to prevent this matter from getting worse.

I ended up with over $60 in charges from my bank because of Aria's attempt to withdraw the application fee from my checking account. My car payment was late, and the finance company threatened me with reposession, even though I have never made a late payment. I ended up having to take a day off of work to straighten this mess out, and had to send a money order via registered mail to my finance company.

I had to close my bank account, and then reopen another, which caused a lot of added aggravation. Meanwhile, the bank has investigated this, but has told me they cannot take further action.

We advised Janet to sue Aria in Small Claims Court. If enough consumers begin to take direct action, it may begin to have an effect.


A couple months ago, I called up the 800 number to activate my card and pay the deposit over the phone with my check card. And the person on the phone said it would take a couple weeks to process it. So I told them I wanted a refund. (being they told me after the fact how long it would take to process) Then they told me that it would take a couple of weeks for my refund to be processed.

Well I waited it never came so I called back and they have no idea what I am talking about. They say they never recived any of my money. And well I paid for it over the phone with a check card. I am very unhappy and don't know what to do. I lost $89.00.

We don't quite follow all of this but Joshua needs to write a letter clearly explaining what happened and send it to Aria with a firm but polite request that he be reimbursed within 30 days. If he isn't, he can sue them in Small Claims Court or complaint to the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Trade Commission.


We recently applied for and recieved the Aria card from Providan national Bank. We did not request any balance transfers or credit protection programs when we signed up. However, a letter came weeks later confirming our balance transfer.

At that time my wife called because we had not authorized the trasnfer, and she discovered on the call that there was credit protection on the account. She told the representative to cancel both and the rep said OK.

Today a statement came and there was a transfer of $100 indicated. My wife called again and was told there was no record of the request to cancel the transfer. We were escalated to a supervisor and he told us he could not reverse the transfer and our options were to keep the balance we had and either pay it in full or pay the minimum balance.


I just wanted to let people know who are having problems with Providian Bank to stay away from its sister bank Aria. They are the same. I found out the hard way. I had applied for an Aria account, was approved and $79.00 was charged to my MBNA account. MBNA put a hold on the money until they could contact me the next day. I told them that it was ok and they released the money. I got my card from aria in about a week. My credit limint was $500. I called to activate the card. No problem. Then a few days later I tried to use the card, it was refused and I was confused. So I went on line to check my account. Everything looked fine, my credit limit was still $500.00 no payment due and open amount to buy was $500.00 so I called.

The person said that my card was fine and to try and use it again. Instead of using it at a store I tried to buy something on line, again declined. I called again only to be told that my card was no good because my check for the $89.00 was returned by the bank, but when I told them that it I used a credit card for that transaction they said that the credit card I used was over the limit and that was why I was declined.

Wrong, my credit card was not over the limit but that they were begin careful and checking with me that I had authorized this transaction, but all Aria said was sorry thats the way it was. I ask if I could reapply and send in a money order, they said no, once you are declined by Aria you are declined for life.

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