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Edward of Costa Mesa, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Advanta allowed my ex to open a business account for her business using my personal info. As was her MO, she ran the card to the max and then never sent another payment. I was completely unaware of the account until it appeared on my credit reports. They began repeatedly calling me at work. The ex managed to get herself killed in a car accident. Advanta refused to supply me with any substantiation that the debt was mine because they couldn't. All charges were on a card in her name, all payments made were from her account, the bills were sent to her home. Then they folded. The Credit Bureaus refuse to remove the accounts from my reports and there is no one to sue. What can I do other than wait the seven years for it to drop off?

Judy of Westminster, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

FDIC wants all Business Owners to keep to the original credit card contracts that were agreed upon by Advanta Credit Corporation and the Cardholder. I have been robbed every month for over 3 years by paying an inflated interest rate that was not the interest rate that I agreed to pay according to my original contract. I deserve 7.99% back on 36 months of payments made. That is equivalent to my remaining balance. Not including the months that I was Gouged at 34% and 29% interest depending on what Advanta Bank Corp wanted to charge in trying to restore their Stock Holders and Bonds Integrity. After The FDIC wins this lawsuit with these Filthy Rich thieves will all cardholders be rewarded back what was stolen? No probably not. Will my Credit Rating be ruined if I default? Yes most likely.

Corruption pays and once again the Taxpayers will pay by Funding TARP and the Credit Card Holders will pay twice. I am a taxpayer and a card holder. I have been robbed and still am being robbed along with thousands of other cardholders. Where is my refund? Where is the Justice? It is the Cardholders that have have been Victimized for Advanta's unethical practices and price fixing when the National Reserves had not raised Interest Rates! I don't feel sorry for the ramifications these White Collar Thieves will suffer. Advanta offered me a $134.00 check for their usury fees that they had stolen from me as a settlement and I mailed it back to them. What an insult. I did not agree with their minuscule figures on overcharged % rates. These greedy people deserve to be homeless but they will be given a place to stay and food to eat, in their prison cells at the Taxpayers' expense.

Paul of Peoria, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

We were given a "special promotional rate" to write some checks and then pay them back at a 6.25% rate. Once the checks were cashed, we made payments on time for several years. All of a sudden, our interest rate jumped to a usurious rate of 36.99% because we were late on a payment. Actually, we were early on the payments but they posted it late and raised our rate and charged us a $39 late fee. When we called, I went up the food chain to a high manager and everyone I spoke to gave me the standard textbook answer, "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do to lower your rate." I continually show electronic fund transfers on or before the due date and I still incur late charges if they can get away with it. They take at least 3-4 days to post an electronic fund transfer and every time they do this they charge a late fee.

Is there no place the general public can go to get this operation closed down? This bank is a scam and the people you talk to are arrogant and rude. They are no help and once your interest rate is raised there is no recourse to get it lowered especially since they post your payment late at least every 3-4 months. When you ask for a rate reduction the answer is, "I wish we could but I show several late payments on your account". What a scam. Someone should do something. Where is the attorney general in this state? Do something about this rip off scam!

Dale of Scottsdale, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Scam artists - Advanta Bank Corp raised our interest rate from 7.97% to 33.97% overnight for absolutely no reason. We have never been late on a payment and have always paid much more than the minimum required, our credit scores are impeccable and never in my life have I felt so violated. To all consumers, please write to the FDIC to stop these people.

Beth of Muskegon, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

Advanta Credit Card needs to be sued! I've been faithfully paying off my balance transfer for three years. Last month when I went to pay online, it showed I had a zero balance. Then, I called to find out what was going on with my account and was told my account # was changed (without them informing me). They were trying to charge me a late fee, etc; then they took $67 out of my account. Usually, I pay $18 per month. This is the 3rd time they have pulled some kind of dishonesty trick on me. I wish someone could do something about them.

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Debra of Pendleton, or on
Satisfaction Rating

I have never been late. When Advanta was shut down, they raised my rate from 7.99% to 26.99%. That was the only change. They go under and I pay? It is not right. Isn't there some regulation against that?

Donald of Slippery Rock, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Advanta received and processed payment of $500 on September 17, 2011 before the due date of September 19. They are claiming payment was not received despite the proof of cancelled check sent several times from myself and my bank. My bank representative called on my behalf to rectify with no success. Interest rate has gone from 7.99% to 33.99% with late fees. Advanta will not recognize the issue and is demanding an immediate payment. This is absolutely absurd! I have never missed a payment or have been late with this company.

Carol of Margaretville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Advanta is at it again! Beware! I am on automatic recurring payments so that Advanta can't take Advantage of me. But they found two ways: first, the "computer" took the payment 3 days past the due date and forced my account into late land. Then, the next month, they took out the "past due one " and the current payment. They now had three payments for two months and I was charged late fees. Wait, it gets better. So, I called them. They only saw two payments made. I argued with them and I noted that my bank shows three payments. They said that I can contest the debit of the two payments. But I told them I owe a part of that. Well, they then stated that I would get debited again for the missed payment. So, I did what they had suggested with my bank. Then, the collection agency called. Advanta charged me another late fee and a returned check fee, plus raised my rate from 7.99% to 32.99%! I did clear it up, Thank God. But just when I thought I was safe, they did it again a month later.

Here is the second way they messed with me: they canceled my auto payment for that month. Their excuse is that I did it. Yes, I want terrible credit and a 32.99%. My bank account had been erased from the computer. When I called in the account number in again, the rep said the computer couldn't take that number. The rep said, "I've never seen this in a thousand years." Yeah right! I tried to input my bank account information in the computer. It said it was a "negative" account. What the heck does that mean? The computer tech had no idea. So, I wound up giving them a different account number for the recurring payments. Why was my account erased from the system? Maybe so that I would have to start writing checks and they would claim they never got the payments and raise my rate. Well, they did raise my rate. Today I found out that Advanta scheduled next month's payment. It shows two months payment due, late fees, and the increase interest being taken out of the rejected account. That means they didn't log the other payment. Plus, they didn't get the memo on the new bank number. If I had not checked my account, I would have had another mysterious cancellation of my automatic recurring payments. This is now snowballing! The wild thing is that we are victims of Irene and the Attorney General, and it is adamant about anyone scamming the victims of hurricane Irene. It's just another fight.

Conrad of Port Charlotte, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I received a promotional material from Advanta, which says that I could get an establish credit in my company's name. I filled out and received credit. Later, I was forced to close the company and Advanta is showing me personally liable, and they show it as a charge off. It was not what they have promised at all. My personal credit score is down to 642, because I have this "Charge Off" from Advanta.

Nick of St. Pauls, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Advanta takes up to two weeks to post our payment. In the meantime, we incur late fees. We paid them off on 7-7-2011 zero balance. I then checked again a week later and they charged us 6.73 for cashing our check. We sent them 6.73 in pennies priority mail track number 9101 9690 1038 3334 6484 37. Payment arrived 7-20-2011 but as of 8-02, they still have not posted payment.

Russell of Remus, MI on

Advanta Credit Cards are crooks, plain and simple. I have read dozens of complaints from consumers and I as well want one filed and would like to be part of any class action being pursued. I have never missed a payment to anyone, but Advanta has on more than one occasion processed my payment one day after the due date and then charged me a $39 late fee. Each time, this has been done on weekends. This last time claiming they received my payment on Sunday? The mail does not deliver on Sunday so they received the payment earlier than that, claimed one day late, $39 late fee. I called and talked to an Advanta supervisor who basically said too bad and slipped, and told me that they should have shown the payment as posted on the following Monday, not Sunday. Anybody going to do something about these **?

Craig of Leroy, MI on

I have a business credit card account. I was never late or missed payment. They have ridiculous interest rates and they're holding checks until the day they are due. Just the same complaints you hear every day about these crooks. FDIC says their trying to help but Advanta just ignores them. Advanta needs to pay back all the people they've cheated and balances need to be wiped clean. How can a company have so many complaints and nothing be done?

Randy of Colorado Springs, CO on

I had to leave town due to my father-in-law's illness, and missed a payment, because my wife and I were so involved with the situation. As it turned out, my father-in-law passed away after 10 days in hospice care. I returned home the day after the funeral, and got a message on my answering machine about the missed payment.

When I contacted Advanta, they informed me they raised my interest rate from 7.99% to 29.99%, even though I never missed a payment in the three years I had the account. The only way for them to lower the interest rate was for me to pay $2178.00. No matter who I talked to, they did not care. I am at a loss, how a company can be so mean to someone, who had to deal with so much, and took immediate action to resolve the situation, especially since I have an outstanding payment record with Advanta.

James of Berkeley, CA on

I was three days late to make a payment, so I called Advanta to see if they were going to raise my interest rate. The person I spoke with, a rep in India who answered the Advanta phone number, said no. On my next statement they had raised my interest rate from 3.99% to 24.99%, a difference that month, of over $200. Luckily, I had other resources and was able to pay off the principal, plus late fee, plus interest at the original rate, but not including the interest differential.

Since then they've been dunning me, charging me $39 monthly late fees, and interest at 32.99%. Because I refuse to pay, they've inserted a negative report in my credit file with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. But so what? A credit score is just some computer's best guess, based on the information it was fed with. Intelligent creditors will consider the source, and as more and more creditors realize that they don't have to pay something just because Advanta has lied or manipulated the system, the credibility of this failed bank will continue to diminish.

C. of Jamaica, NY on

Today at 10:45 AM (EST), I spoke with customer service representative Amy, making her aware that effective immediately I will no longer tender payments to Advanta Bank Corp.

During 2010, by way of several letters, I attempted to have the onerous interest rate modified downward to no avail. My concerns merely fell on deaf ears. After reviewing the December statement, the interest I paid for the year was over $2,000. Given Advanta's unreasonable stance, I've decided to channel what resources I have to paying down the obligations of creditors who have opted to be of service and help rather than a financial drain and hindrance.

As I stated to Amy, any and all follow-up Advanta inquiries attendant to this matter should be done so in writing (letter or e-mail), absolutely no phone calls.

Rick of Minneapolis, MN on

On May 30, 2009, Advanta canceled all Advanta Business Credit Cards. So I make much larger than minimum payments to get my account paid off through online monthly payments.

In late November, I received a notice that I missed my November 2010 payment. I went into my account online and saw that it was scheduled on November 12, and had never been taken. Now I incur late fees because the payment was not made. I called to open a ticket on the matter, and several days later the late fee disappeared. I also scheduled an online payment in twice the amount as normal to cover both the Novemeber 2010 and December 2010 payments. Several days later, I noticed that the payment has not been taken out. So I canceled that online payment, and on December 2, I sent a check for the payment.

On December 14, I received by mail a notice that I am 2 months in arrears. I went to my online banking account and I saw the check sent on December 2 came back through my bank, paid on December 2010. I called Advanta and told Zuri, who couldn't care less about Advanta's errors, that I paid and all she could do is give me a fax number to send my cashed check to to resolve, which I did, after she could not get me to a live manager. She just wanted to stick me in voice mail like the last guy did in November - but the voicemail was full and could not accept any more messages.

So I called back and he stuck me into another voicemail who never returned the call. My question is, isn't there any attorney firm doing a class action on these guys yet? If so contact me! I want in, I have never seen such a bs outfit dealing with my credit ratings and fees.

Genevieve of Daly City, CA on

I made payment online. The website set my payment for a year later. The payment just sat there. I called several times to inquire why it was not being deducted. I was advised that no one in the company had access to the website. My interest rate went from 7.99% to 29.99% as a result. This company has been bankrupt for over 2 years and my account has been closed. I was offered to pay a little over $900.00 to reduce the rate to 16.99%. I did so and they never changed it.

Mason of Reno, NV on

This company keeps calling my cellphone, looking for someone with Houston Smith Construction in Reno NV. I have given the number to Houston Smith Construction, but they persisted in calling me. I am not connected with this company, and I don't know how they got my number. It eats my airtime on my cellphone and is annoying.

James of Delray Beach, FL on

Advanta is intentionally not depositing our payment checks. The last two payments I sent to Advanta for October and November 2010 was sent on October 7th 2010; check was deposited by Advanta on October 22nd. Fortunately, I saw that the check wasn't going through and called and made an extra payment, making the payment three days late. They charged a late fee of $39.00 which they later removed. I was also charged $12.00 for the extra called-in payment that they wouldn't remove. The check sent on November 1st has still not been processed (it is now November 18th 2010).

After many calls, I got them to treat the original October payment that by the time they processed it, was the second payment for October as payment for November. Next payment will be sent out on December 1st with a return receipt.

I'll be interested to hear what they say when they find that they haven't received payment when I have proof in my hands. By the way, I checked a few months ago and my credit score was 750 and displayed no late payments. So far, I have not checked our credit history to see if this has affected our credit rating. To date, it appears that they have not increased the interest on a remaining 2K loan.

I think it is quite important, though, that anyone running into this issue, to advertise Advanta's (now FDIC) fraudulent practices. I would find it hard to believe that I am the only one running into this problem.

Sally of Wadmalaw Island, SC on

I keep getting phone calls from this company on my cell phone. I have called numerous times but cannot get any help. What can I do? This is costing me cell phone minutes.

Olmes of Jacksonville, FL on

Advanta Bank is a predatory bank. They are very slick. They are deceiving customers with their crafty devices, and they need to be put out of business. For many years, I have been paying my bills electronically through my bank. For the second month in a row, they are assessing a late payment fee even though I always send my electronic payment on time. I just found out today what their game is. The trick they are playing is that all of a sudden, they are not accepting electronic payments from the other banks, so this forces the banks to send the payments by mail. Since the banks have to mail them, the checks for payments, they have changed their payment mailing address without notifying the costumers. This causes the checks to arrive late every time. I wonder how many thousands of costumers are being taken to the cleaners by these thieves.

Robert of Lake Ariel, PA on

This company is a joke. They increased my APR from 7% to 27% overnight. This happened years ago. I was never late on a payment. The company sent me a check for $300.00 as a settlement. I never cashed the check. It was nowhere near what I feel they owe me. I was charged the 27% for over a year. I suggest everyone write to the President and complain. Who knows something might work. I cannot believe this company has not had the money taken from it to give back. It is legal stealing. Read from the thousands of people this happened to. The real story is that the new CEO raised the rates within his first week on the job then dumped the company. Where did the money go? I am still paying on this card. This is an absolute shame a company can do this and get away with it for so long.

Karen of Tenants Harbor, ME on

This company has been calling me for over 18 months. Each time they call I tell them I have never had an Advanta credit card. The Karen ** they are calling lives in NJ. I live in ME and have never lived in NJ. They have agreed that it is not my SS number and yet they keep calling me. Several people, including today, Zoe, have promised to take my number out of their system. They have automatically put my number in to be called early in the morning, mid-afternoon, and late in the evening. I am so disgusted and discouraged by this.

If it isn't, it should be against the law, I will add this letter to my file. I don't have much hope at this point of it ever stopping. It is harassment. Please help me stop it! They have agreed it’s not my state, not my SS number, and apparently there is a business involved. I am a real estate broker and work for a real estate company, no company of my own. Yet while readily acknowledging all these, they still continue calling me. I have absolutely had it! I work 2 jobs and don't have the time to deal with this, but am making it a priority to have them stop calling me.

Kate of Huntington Beach, CA on

I thought it was important to make readers, inquiring about Advanta, aware that Avanta does not require a signature in order to open a credit card. They allowed a business card to opened in my mother's name with a credit line of $16,000. The individual who opened the card maxed out the card over a year's time and then the creditors started calling my mother. The reason my other did not see it beforehand is because a business card is not shown on a credit report. They harassed my mother for months, not believing her and like a typical corporation, they pass it off to collection agencies that are even further removed from the situation. It is 3 years later and they are still calling. What I would like to say to Advanta is you deserve every penny lost Advanta, for not checking a signature and for not even cross-checking the address where the individual lived. The IP address of where the card was opened was in MI. My mother lives in CA. Get a clue!

Gary of Irvine, CA on

Even though I have made payments on time, the interest rate is 29.99%. In these times, it if very hard to get ahead with almost 30% interest.

Douglas of B radford, ma on

I was late on 2 payments and my interest rate went from 3% to 34.99%. They also hit me for a late fee of $39.00 and they count that as an cash advance and are charging me another $13.57 dollars which is unheard of. When you call and try to talk to them, they just say pay the bill and if you refuse, they will ruin your credit. This is not right and should have the government do something about these people!

Thomas of Vienna, OH on

These are the people that our government should be going after! They actually scammed me out of the blue with an interest rate of 34.9% and just hand the accounts over to ** in India who just are told to give smart ** comments and can't do anything. I gave them warning to repair or I am not paying another dime. We will see who wins in the end. We must take a stand here or this will continue to be the trend.

Ilse of Lake Oswego, OR on

I mailed my check on December 21st 2009 with a payment due date of December 29th 2009. Advanta did not post my check until January 7th. I didn't know the check had not been posted and on January 8th, Billy called from Advanta to tell me that my payment wasn't received. I authorized an immediate electronic payment. Billy said that he would reverse the $39.00 late fee, and when I asked if there would be any adverse effects to my account, he said that there wouldn't be. The $39.00 late fee was credited back but my interest was increased from 7.99% to 24.99% without notification.

I have tried for months to work with consumer service (just outsourced Indian workers with no authority to do anything). I sent Advanta a copy of my check dated December 21st, and they said that it is not sufficient to change my interest rate. Why is it that Advanta can just claim that they didn't receive my check until eighteen days after I mailed it, in order to jack up my interest rate with no accountability at all?

I have a perfect payment record on this and every other loan that I have ever had--and I am 55 years old. Does Advanta really have this kind of arbitrary power? Also, every month, the dollar amount charged for interest varies by as much as ten dollars; sometimes going up, even though I am paying my account (less than $4,000) down by $200 a month? This is flagrant exploitation and it has been impossible to talk with anyone who can correct these practices. I am just now sending letters to FDIC, FTC, Utah BBB and Utah Department of Commerce.

I feel that I am being held up and robbed every month. This will have possible impact on credit rating with associated lost dollar value in future loans. Approximately 100 hours was spent fighting this and the cost was around $400 in interest thus far.

Nick of San Jose, CA on

Do not use this bank ever, poorly run bank, rude 'supervisors', and they won't care about you at all; same experience as others with their late charges. They won't give their full names then will hang up on you. They all seem to be from India, too. What a horrible bank!

Rhonda of Londonderry, nh on

As a small business owner, I was originally thrilled with Advanta's low interest rate. That was "yesterday". Today, I am saddled with an interest rate of 29.99% which the Advanta rep claims cannot be adjusted because this is an inactive account (their doing, not mine) and I note that they bill me every twenty-six days, giving them fourteen times per year to calculate that outrageous interest rate. How the hell does this continue? Is this even legal?

I am unable to lower my bill due to the economic hardship my business is suffering. Advanta, in the meantime, is gouging me every twenty-six days. I welcome any input from an attorney on this issue. I'll happily join any class action available.

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