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Discover It Secured cardholders have access to benefits that most secured credit cards don’t offer, like Social Security monitoring through Discover Identity Alerts and free monthly FICO credit score updates. Plus, Discover It Secured cards earn 1–2% cash rewards on purchases. Refundable security deposits range from $200–$2,500, and there’s no annual fee or minimum credit score required for approval.

Pros & Cons

  • Refundable deposit
  • Earn cash back
  • No annual fee
  • Payment verification times vary
  • Deposit doesn’t earn interest

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Discover it Secured Credit Card?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Sept. 28, 2022

    I have been loyal to Discover credit cards and always recommending DISCOVER PRODUCTS to friends and families but they recently reduce my line of credit. I have always paid my minimum or little more never miss a payment. I will not be their customer anymore. I canceled all my cards. Used to be very good but not anymore sadly.

    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2022

    During the month of August of this year placed several calls wanting to speak to a manager after finding out that Discover credit card lifted a stop-payment to a merchant who I initiated a dispute against and each time their customer service dept. just simply clicked off on my calls time after time. I work in a commercial cargo boat and it’s very difficult for me to have communications with the external world which made me miss the period of time I had to submit proper documentation to support my dispute but when finally got back to land discovered that Discover credit card sided with merchant just beecause merchant provided a signed contract which had nothing to do with my cry for help against merchant whose name is U-haul moving and storage co. and my complaint was trying to get credit for all the months U-haul kept me locked out out of my own storage space since January till present supposedly for non-payments.

    Therefore my dispute was put in place because obviously I’m signed up for auto-payments and month after month, Discover credit card kept making these payments, so when I got back of course went furious and kept asking to Discover credit card to stop making these payments and reinstate my dispute against U-haul.

    Let me tell you how inhumane these people are: “after gathering all my evidence putting together their own statements month after month (with payments being deducted from my account to U-haul), with pictures of U-haul’s locks being put on top of my Lock to avoid entrance to my storage unit, with records and pictures of my access card being rejected to enter their premises, each time pleading and pleading for them to stop allowing U-haul from taking payments because of course my balance kept increasing month after month and Discover credit card just simply told me that dispute was over with and the matter was settled.

    This merchant’s benefit and my evidence was not valid even though U-haul’s argument for keeping me locked out of my storage is non-payment and Discover credit card is the entity making these payments to them month after month; can anybody explain to me if this makes any sense? I’m calling this simply discriminatory behavior from Discover credit card towards me as simple as that…. It’s my desire to cancel this account and refinance debt with a different entity but my score has gone so low beacuse of course when they gave credit back to merchant and kept making payments to them my balance when pass the limit and is been impossible to get approved so simply Discover credit card has ruined my reputation as credit holder with them being 200% wrong on their part. Shame on this corporation and please stay away from doing business with this rip-off company.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2022

    They said they returned my security deposit 3 times. It never arrived. Then last week I called again. They said the 3rd or 4th check was already sent out. That was at least 10 days ago. No check. I called again for 4th or 5th time and now they want to put it directly into my account which will take 10 days. Obviously they don’t care about their customers or in my case ex customers. I’m canceling them because they can’t be trusted. DO NOT TRUST DISCOVER CARD!

    Customer ServiceReliability

    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2022

    I can never log in. Discover always says my information is wrong and it takes 20 minutes and a PHD to be able to recover the data that SHOULD be there. And when I ask for help I get hung up on, or if I try to message, the Discover individual doesn't bother to answer. I tried to CLOSE my Discover card through messaging. Individual on the other end, just ignored my requests. Get another card. The garbage this company puts a member through is unfriendly and humiliating.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2022

    I’ve had Discover for a while. I was always on time with my payments until Covid. I didn’t have work. They didn’t care. I got behind but I still made payments as I should. I owed them the money. I finally got work. I paid off the credit card and they shut it off. I called to complain. They said keep making payments on time and the card will be turned back on. I said I can’t make payments because I paid it off. I can’t use it so how do I make payments. She said not my problem. So I waited a couple months for them to turn it back on. They never did. So I called today and closed the account t. I’ll never be back with them. They don’t deserve my money and they don’t deserve yours.

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2022

    I have filed 2 Disputes after buying collectible items, spending money to have them authenticated and having them both fail as fakes. Discover card tells me as long as the fakes were delivered to me there is nothing they will do. Horrible for a company that says they have our backs. They support sellers who sell fake items.

    Reviewed July 29, 2022

    I was enjoying the benefits of getting cash back, it wasn't much but it was a reward? Then they decided to refuse to pay for a website! I switched to my bank card for the moment, until another card I applied for arrive? This card earned me about $300.00 in one month!!! I am glad Discover refused to pay, I made a lot more cash back with another card!!! Thank you Discover for making me choose a better business deal!!!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 26, 2022

    I thought it was a legit company and that they would have their stuff together. Oh I was wrong. Opened an account with them and I couldn't use it to make a simple purchase. Decided to go with a different company. I was bounced around from department to department and no one could tell me why it didn't work. They just kept telling me, "You're good to go." I finally got so frustrated at the amount of hours I spent on the phone with their customer service and I asked to just close the account. Idk what's wrong with this company. Lack of training or is this their way of saying, "We don't want your business?" I am disappointed because I was excited about the cash-back offers and the chance to build a credit history.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 26, 2022

    On June 14, 2022, I set up a final payment arrangement with Discover Card. I made the payments on time via U.S. Postal Money Order. I sent my payments via Certificate First Class receipt. (Always send Discover Card their final payments via Certified, Registered, Receipt or with a tracking number.) BEWARE OF DISCOVER CARD'S FRAUDULENT PRACTICES. RECORD ALL PHONE CALLS WITH DISCOVER CARD!

    After receiving my final payment which posted on 7/4/22, (apparently their payment center was open) I contacted them on 7/5/22 to learn the good news. I was promised a Close Out letter. As of July 25, 2022, their Customer Service staff and Executive Office staff at 1-302-328-3300 have not sent me a CLOSE-OUT letter. Instead, I received another bill and a $1.01 check for my overpayment. FILE YOUR COMPLAINT online to: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before taking them to your local court. They helped me resolve another dispute I had with them previously.

    Reviewed July 16, 2022

    I had a credit score of 831, paid off mortgage and vehicle and I have NO debt & stupidly applied for a Discover card! Got approved & int rate was 24%. Now my score decreased by 29 points! Wtf? This is ridiculous!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 14, 2022

    I entered a single number on my bank account incorrectly and am charged 29$ and they refuse to reverse it or issue a credit. What type of customer service is this? Spent an hour chasing down 29$ and am now motivated to write reviews to warn you. A lender or creditor should always help a customer who made an honest mistake, especially if it's the first instance.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 5, 2022

    All I can say is wow, to a normal consumer, this is pretty sketchy. Let's explain. Didn't need the card, got it as a test product. So as a "credit card" no, it's a prepaid debit card, with fees, that will destroy your credit rating in less than 30 days. We tested it for use as a fuel card, and even called twice to verify that 1. It couldn't be overdrawn and 2. It would replenish via account and bank's routing # the recorded answer was a firm "no it cannot be overdrawn" and yes" no worries it will auto replenish". So less than 10 transactions and less than 2 months into it.... A 99 point drop to Transunion and a 88 point drop to Equifax, explanation from them, lack of payment and overdraft, so after many MANY calls, come groovy elevator music, a few great operators and a few unknowledgeable or rude operators, let's throw in some supervisors with limited knowledge or skill as to what to do....

    No friends, at this point I'm supposed to call them back in 4 days as they see the error was theirs, yet are unable to undo or fix the credit agency scores.... Just go get a bank checking account and a debit card with a visa or master card logo, save the headache and fees of this utter scam, rent some furniture from a rental store that reports, even just a cheap lamp and you will DISCOVER that I just saved you a discovery on your own from this Discover card.

    Reviewed July 4, 2022

    Don't try to use Discover Credit Card, I got mine revoked because I used my card in a website and then threatened me to notary myself to keep the account which I did not do. And then they keep calling saying I have to pay the bill like I know that I have to pay the bill.

    Reviewed June 16, 2022

    I received an email stating my account would be closed after almost 7 years. Their reason was unable to verify personal information on the account. I find that very suspicious after being with them for nearly 7 years. I would also like to mention this is the oldest credit card on my credit profile as well, and no one bothered to contact me about needing additional information for any reason. I wouldn't waste my time with them as this seems to be a frequent pattern. I spent years building my credit and ensuring this account remained in good standing.

    Reviewed June 11, 2022

    My 87 year old dad had a dispute with Discover, it was pretty evident with the evidence we sent he should of won, but they sided with the merchant instead. We both canceled our cards after 25 years with this company.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 26, 2022

    I opened up a secured credit card account for $200. They sent me a card, activated. It showed a balance in the app. I went to use card. Card would not work. It was frozen account. Call Discover customer service. They were closed. Their 24 hour number connected me to a recording, said I had to do business during business hours, no card support, put me in a bad situation doing business trying to use card. They are very misleading when they say open up secured credit card. They take your money out of your debit card, hold on to your money for a month, give you a card, activate it. They freeze it then tell you they need more information. Can't access in credit line, can't access my $200 cash deposit, keep getting runaround from customer service. Has been the worst experience have ever been through with a credit card company. Business ethics lacking.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 16, 2022

    I used to be able to close a dispute myself and now you always have to call, But the problem is you never get through to them. It's always busy busy. That is ridiculous. Also they told me that the merchant has 90 days to respond after the 30 days. That's quite a digger list too.

    Reviewed May 3, 2022

    Discover claims to do the right thing as well as excellent with fraud. This is not true and you will be held liable. No one in the company cares. It's all about the bottom line and how consumers can carry the burden.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 12, 2022

    Please stay away from this company, they provide you with a good line of credit then their system is designed to lower your credit balance to the last dollar on your balance if you don’t pay it all off making it look like you still have your card maxed out to 100%, destroying your credit. And if you try to call them to ask if they can please fix it because of all the damage they are doing to your credit they will not bother to even try to fix it, they flat out will tell you they will not do anything about it that what the system does goes. I will never trust or recommend this company to anyone.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed March 1, 2022

    Bunch of THIEVES! Requested a lower interest rate during the Pandemic and they lowered it for six months. After the six months expired, they CLOSED MY ACCOUNT and I was not allowed to use my card. THE AUDACITY! I never missed a payment, I was NEVER late and they do such a disgusting, horrible thing? Worst, despicable company I have ever dealt with in my life-time. YOU STINK DISCOVER!!!!


    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2022

    I purchased an item using Discover Card. The item purchased was basically a piece of junk. The seller refused to take the item back and issue a refund. I appealed to Discover as they claim to back their customers if they are victimized. Discover issued a temporary credit and contacted the seller. The seller stated that the item worked as designed. Discover removed the temporary credit. They took the word of a 30 year customer over that of a crook. So much for backing your customers. I will pay off my balance and never use Discover again.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend it. Too much trouble to get your own money off this card. They advertise how you can just go get cashback if you need it but they don't tell you that most major stores don't do cashback with Discover. The list of stores that do accept Discover I have never heard of other than Kroger. My biggest issue is how they did me last week. Sent my security deposit back and then they raised my limit from $200 to $500 THEN closed my account totally for "too many returned payments" when I had been pretty good at making my payments then I have a few returned payments one time and they give me the sack. My biggest thing was they made it seem like I had finally gotten a big break (the whole reason I got the same secured card was so I could eventually get approved for a real credit card) where I could finally stop playing with my own money under Discover cards banner.

    I called customer service and they couldn't even tell me why this was done only that it was "a business decision made at the corporate level." Well if that doesn't sound like they don't give rats ** about the customer. I would not recommend because the way they handled my situation is my bad Business. Crazy thing is I still have balance with this company even after the $300 credit line increase. Now I have to try and find another credit card company

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2021

    I got a secured credit card with Discover to help build my credit. I put $1000 into my account and everything was going good. My credit score went up as I was hoping it would. Had the card about 6 months fully making all payments. Went to Florida on vacation and somehow lost my debit card. I was relieved that I still had my Discover card with me with the full $1000 available balance on it that I put on my card. So I cancel my debit card until I could get a new one when I got back home from vacation. I go out to eat and tried to use my Discover card to pay and it's declined.

    I go to the Discover app on my phone to make sure everything's okay. It shows I still have my full $1000 balance available. So I called Discover's customer service only to be told that my account was frozen until they received my last two years of tax returns information. I thought it was a joke, why in the world would a credit card company All of a sudden want my last two years of tax return information. First of all it's none of their business. I wasn't even a customer there's at the time. Second maybe they should have thought about asking that before I got the card or when filling out the application. Not 6 months down the road.

    So there wasn't Florida with no money. The rude lady from Discover from customer service said there's nothing she could do until sent my tax information to them. And then it would be about a week until they process it through. Oh and I forgot she said I had two days to get it sent in or they were canceling my card and that's what they did. They left me in Florida with no access to the money I put in on my card. Not only that it took them over a month to send me a check for my $1,000 they had sitting there on my card after they canceled it. Also my credit score went down after they canceled it more than my score was before I applied for this ** company. Discover is an absolute joke. After a little research I found out that they have done this to thousands of people. And even canceling people's cards after they send them their tax returns. So good luck with your new Discover card.

    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2021

    You get approved then need to get forms notarized just to get denied if it isn't accepted in that time frame. Mind you they just so happen to get every form except for 1 and I sent them together and the missing form 7 different times. I think they just like to accept your deposit and keep it for 2 months, deny you, flip it and give it back. Such a waste. Citi and Capital One are easier to get and less of a headache.

    Reviewed July 24, 2021

    I cannot believe Discover Card is still in business. I had a Discover Card years ago and I got rid of it because it is not accepted at many Point of Sale locations. I decided to give them another chance and I am still having the same problem. I like using one card primarily but I cannot do that with Discover Card.

    Online & App

    Reviewed July 20, 2021

    The app uses the least secure face id to unlock, the card has an 8 day hold when making payments, and the support system never actually works. Seriously, save yourself a headache and get a different card.


    Reviewed July 11, 2021

    I had a Dispute with a company, Because of a Huge purchase I've made with the company (Carid The company Name)...I paid 9,865.41.. paid in Full with My Discover credit card, I had that payment down to a 1,000 in 5 months, I Realize the company I paid all that money to Still have Not shipped me My purchase yet 5 months later, So I call my Discover card & had to Dispute my case about the company never sent me my purchase yet & I was about to pay the Bill off, I let them know what was Going on & Thank God Discover took over. I sent them all my documents & they took over the case, They investigated my case about 4months, They did credit my account with full Refund, But it was on a freeze until the case was resolved, is called a provisional credit which means you can't spend it until the case is over,

    I am Very Happy to Say On this Date, Discover investigators Lift my provisional credit to permanent credit. I won my dispute. Discover got all my money back, I am VERY appreciative of what they did. They work for me and they got the job done. I wouldn't recommend this car to anybody because they treat you right. They do the right thing and they take customers first. I am a living witness to this. I appreciate what they done for me. I really really do.. because what this company done to me what they tried to do to me discover investigated it and did not let that happen, I Thank Discover for taking care of my situation in a professional manner. They put me first. I am the customer and that's the way they treated me a very important customer. You don't get that nowhere else.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2021

    This is the second card I have opened with Discover for their customer service. After a horrible experience with Citibank waiting months to get a resolution on a fraud alert I opened a new Discover card in minutes...with a human being...on the phone...with whom I actually had a delightful conversation about career paths! The agents are always effective and helpful. It is always easy to get stuff done. Fraud alerts are quickly resolved. And if I ever have an issue I know I can speak with someone almost immediately who knows what they're doing and can take care of the problem.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2021

    Customer service is an afterthought because everybody else has it. They'll never call you back. Are chat rooms even worse than talking to a representative. You need to go some place else for a credit card.

    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

    What a disappointment. I was scammed by a vendor. Discover Card did not help me. I had picture proof and that didn’t even help. Their policy is they have to have written proof. The scam artists in China did not provide me a written confession. I am closing my account due to this.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2020

    I have been a Discover It card holder since 2013. They have great customer service Lingo, a decent cashback program as well as a lower APR in comparison to some of the other cards out there. They were great until I needed them most, and they fall short. I am a small business owner (photography) and I was in need of a new light for a campaign shoot that I was hired for with a 48 hour notice. During Covid, buying a new light was the best option. The light arrived damaged, broken beyond repair, FedEx refused to ship it back, and the merchant wouldn't do what was necessary to get an insurance claim.

    I contacted Discover to advise them of the situation and they stated to file a dispute as they were confident this could be resolved. So, in August, I did just that. All photographic images and EXIF data are not sufficient evidence. So I sent telephone records, email correspondence etc to verify that I did not violate the Merchant's TOS. I contacted the dispute manager and spent almost 2 hours while they combed through my information and found that yes, I indeed contacted properly within guidelines. I was informed to not worry, this will be sent back through and all will be well.

    Fast forward to six weeks later and it was denied for the same thing, and now there is zero proof as to whether the product was damaged by me or the shipper. Keep in mind, all photographic evidence is null and void so there is nothing the consumer can do at this point. They have since informed me they exhausted all avenues and are so sorry that this is the resolution. The $2,992 charge is mine and they apologize for any inconvenience of not being able to pause or hold the interest charges while I speak with an attorney and try to resolve this.

    Long story short, there are much better cards out there. Discover has zero consumer protection, zero purchase protection and aren't really willing to work with you. Any small business or consumer looking to make a big purchase, don't. Choose a card like Chase. Granted, this is the perfect storm that has almost a near zero probability of happening, or I would have used my Chase card to protect myself, alas it did happen.

    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2020

    Sorry Discover I didn’t understand how credit work.. but you guys help me by giving me a second chance. I now have Discover secure credit card. Thanks. I was very excited to get my card and now I can start building my credit.


    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2020

    I have the Discover It card and it has been wonderful. I had to leave my career, a career that I enjoyed very much due to a neurological diagnosis that ended in me being declared disabled. Discover was the only of the credit card companies that I had that waived the late fees for me and even paid one month and issued me a $100 check, that cover the remaining months for the year. They were completely understanding and worked with me. This is a great card and I am glad that I have it.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2020

    This is the worst business practice that I have seen in 15 years. So…. Discover it card approved my application and took my money all in about 5 minutes. Then I received an email stating that they needed to review my IRS taxes for the past few years. Until this review was performed I could use my card but I would have to return the money if I did not pass the review. At that time I told the representative to cancel the card because I didn’t want the IRS all in my affairs. They transferred me to another representative that stated they would NOT be asking for-- or looking at-- my financial information and that they were only doing an address verification.

    The next email I received stated that I did not pass the tax review. I spoke to another rep that said, "Sorry for the mixed communication but we do review the taxes for financial information. However, I can’t tell you what criteria was used. You are welcome to apply again at anytime but this case could not be escalated." So I asked when do I get my $500 back? She said 2-3 months. WHAT!!!! This is a sham. Discover should not be taking money until one is 100% approved for the card. Then they should not be holding money for months. This should be illegal as it is unethical and a highway robbery.


    Reviewed Oct. 8, 2020

    First I bought some books online and Discover refused to let me use buyer protection. But they put a false credit on my statement months later to make it appear they credited it back a year prior when it happened! They make issues with points all the time and will put a balance on your card for it. They closed my account today for my credit usage on other cards going up. They are idiots and for 3 years have been a complete nightmare. This company will actually affect your whole life. I don't recommend.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2020

    I applied and received the "it" card... Have received 2 credit increases, never missed a payment, never late, in fact paying 100/month on a $28 payment. Rona hit and they reduced my credit line 2k!! Whoa! What?? So I called, was told I have derogatory remarks on my credit so they decided to reduce my credit line!! The same stuff that was on there when you approved it? The same stuff that was on there when you increased my credit? Kiss my behind! It'll Get paid off and sit dormant in my wallet... No more interest from me Discover! Lost a cardholder for life over Rona!! Discover is letting Rona kill the business!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2020

    Worst Dispute Department!!!! I disputed a purchase 3 times but as of now, still not resolve. The company initially agreed to refund the charge and they sent me an email confirmation. I waited for 3 months but I did not get the refund so I disputed it via Discover. They told me I have to prove that I did not get the refund. How am I suppose to prove that? The refund should have been reverse in my credit card so why are they asking me. I email the company and they are not responding to may email anymore. Shouldn't Discover ask the company for proof of refund/payment? I've done chargeback before and I know that the merchant is responsible in providing the proof of payment and not the customer. I will dispute again for the 4 time. Worst experience ever.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2020

    I received bill in June and called as I hadnt used my card. They said they would look into it. Again in July. Now they say I incurred $120 in late fees. For a BJS charge in March. No record of call convenient. Said today I may have called the wrong place.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 9, 2020

    They took my deposit then sent card a month ago. Let me use the card for a few small purchases Then let me sign up online for Mobile use. Next night I get a email Account closed. Never called. Said that they didn’t see my name on the account info that was sent in to verify identity. Again didn’t call. I could of sent it to them. Now 2 more months before they return my money. Only took 48 hours to take it from the account they could not verify.

    Reviewed June 1, 2020

    I missed an auto payment on my credit card due to switching bank accounts. I picked an adjusted repayment plan that Discover offered. Discover still reported that I did not make payments to the credit bureaus because the repayment plan that they offered was below what was owed. I was unaware of this and thought everything was fine because I was making monthly payments that Discover set. My credit went down over 200 points in a 3 month period. It does not make sense to offer a repayment plan then stills report to the credit bureaus that I was not making payments.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 25, 2020

    I had a secured Discover credit card. My balance was over the limit and I had missed a few payments. My account however was not closed and I was still allowed to make payments on the balance. Discover locked me out of my online account and said I need to contact something like a fraud department or identification verification line. I then received an email asking me to verify my identity though Equifax via the IRS. I then opened the email link and it asked for a transcript of my tax return. I called Discover to see what this was all about being it no longer looked like they just wanted to verify my Identity but also have a look at my financials. They women told me they just want to look at your address and name and social. I asked her, "Will you be able to see my income." She replied, "I cant promise we wont be able to." I told them no and they stated they would have to close the account. I said ok close it and they did.