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About Discover it Secured Credit Card

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Discover It Secured cardholders have access to benefits that most secured credit cards don’t offer, like Social Security monitoring through Discover Identity Alerts and free monthly FICO credit score updates. Plus, Discover It Secured cards earn 1–2% cash rewards on purchases. Refundable security deposits range from $200–$2,500, and there’s no annual fee or minimum credit score required for approval.

Pros & Cons


  • Refundable deposit
  • Earn cash back
  • No annual fee


  • Payment verification times vary
  • Deposit doesn’t earn interest

Bottom Line

Discover It Secured offers several benefits without an annual fee. Deposits don’t earn interest, but cardholders earn rewards on their purchases and get automatic credit reviews after 8 months.

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Punctuality & Speed

Reviewed March 1, 2022

Bunch of THIEVES! Requested a lower interest rate during the Pandemic and they lowered it for six months. After the six months expired, they CLOSED MY ACCOUNT and I was not allowed to use my card. THE AUDACITY! I never missed a payment, I was NEVER late and they do such a disgusting, horrible thing? Worst, despicable company I have ever dealt with in my life-time. YOU STINK DISCOVER!!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2022

I purchased an item using Discover Card. The item purchased was basically a piece of junk. The seller refused to take the item back and issue a refund. I appealed to Discover as they claim to back their customers if they are victimized. Discover issued a temporary credit and contacted the seller. The seller stated that the item worked as designed. Discover removed the temporary credit. They took the word of a 30 year customer over that of a crook. So much for backing your customers. I will pay off my balance and never use Discover again.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Jan. 16, 2022

I wouldn't recommend it. Too much trouble to get your own money off this card. They advertise how you can just go get cashback if you need it but they don't tell you that most major stores don't do cashback with Discover. The list of stores that do accept Discover I have never heard of other than Kroger. My biggest issue is how they did me last week. Sent my security deposit back and then they raised my limit from $200 to $500 THEN closed my account totally for "too many returned payments" when I had been pretty good at making my payments then I have a few returned payments one time and they give me the sack. My biggest thing was they made it seem like I had finally gotten a big break (the whole reason I got the same secured card was so I could eventually get approved for a real credit card) where I could finally stop playing with my own money under Discover cards banner.

I called customer service and they couldn't even tell me why this was done only that it was "a business decision made at the corporate level." Well if that doesn't sound like they don't give rats ** about the customer. I would not recommend because the way they handled my situation is my bad Business. Crazy thing is I still have balance with this company even after the $300 credit line increase. Now I have to try and find another credit card company

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 16, 2021

I got a secured credit card with Discover to help build my credit. I put $1000 into my account and everything was going good. My credit score went up as I was hoping it would. Had the card about 6 months fully making all payments. Went to Florida on vacation and somehow lost my debit card. I was relieved that I still had my Discover card with me with the full $1000 available balance on it that I put on my card. So I cancel my debit card until I could get a new one when I got back home from vacation. I go out to eat and tried to use my Discover card to pay and it's declined.

I go to the Discover app on my phone to make sure everything's okay. It shows I still have my full $1000 balance available. So I called Discover's customer service only to be told that my account was frozen until they received my last two years of tax returns information. I thought it was a joke, why in the world would a credit card company All of a sudden want my last two years of tax return information. First of all it's none of their business. I wasn't even a customer there's at the time. Second maybe they should have thought about asking that before I got the card or when filling out the application. Not 6 months down the road.

So there wasn't Florida with no money. The rude lady from Discover from customer service said there's nothing she could do until sent my tax information to them. And then it would be about a week until they process it through. Oh and I forgot she said I had two days to get it sent in or they were canceling my card and that's what they did. They left me in Florida with no access to the money I put in on my card. Not only that it took them over a month to send me a check for my $1,000 they had sitting there on my card after they canceled it. Also my credit score went down after they canceled it more than my score was before I applied for this ** company. Discover is an absolute joke. After a little research I found out that they have done this to thousands of people. And even canceling people's cards after they send them their tax returns. So good luck with your new Discover card.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2021

You get approved then need to get forms notarized just to get denied if it isn't accepted in that time frame. Mind you they just so happen to get every form except for 1 and I sent them together and the missing form 7 different times. I think they just like to accept your deposit and keep it for 2 months, deny you, flip it and give it back. Such a waste. Citi and Capital One are easier to get and less of a headache.

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Reviewed July 24, 2021

I cannot believe Discover Card is still in business. I had a Discover Card years ago and I got rid of it because it is not accepted at many Point of Sale locations. I decided to give them another chance and I am still having the same problem. I like using one card primarily but I cannot do that with Discover Card.

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Online & App

Reviewed July 20, 2021

The app uses the least secure face id to unlock, the card has an 8 day hold when making payments, and the support system never actually works. Seriously, save yourself a headache and get a different card.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 11, 2021

I had a Dispute with a company, Because of a Huge purchase I've made with the company (Carid The company Name)...I paid 9,865.41.. paid in Full with My Discover credit card, I had that payment down to a 1,000 in 5 months, I Realize the company I paid all that money to Still have Not shipped me My purchase yet 5 months later, So I call my Discover card & had to Dispute my case about the company never sent me my purchase yet & I was about to pay the Bill off, I let them know what was Going on & Thank God Discover took over. I sent them all my documents & they took over the case, They investigated my case about 4months, They did credit my account with full Refund, But it was on a freeze until the case was resolved, is called a provisional credit which means you can't spend it until the case is over,

I am Very Happy to Say On this Date, Discover investigators Lift my provisional credit to permanent credit. I won my dispute. Discover got all my money back, I am VERY appreciative of what they did. They work for me and they got the job done. I wouldn't recommend this car to anybody because they treat you right. They do the right thing and they take customers first. I am a living witness to this. I appreciate what they done for me. I really really do.. because what this company done to me what they tried to do to me discover investigated it and did not let that happen, I Thank Discover for taking care of my situation in a professional manner. They put me first. I am the customer and that's the way they treated me a very important customer. You don't get that nowhere else.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2021

This is the second card I have opened with Discover for their customer service. After a horrible experience with Citibank waiting months to get a resolution on a fraud alert I opened a new Discover card in minutes...with a human being...on the phone...with whom I actually had a delightful conversation about career paths! The agents are always effective and helpful. It is always easy to get stuff done. Fraud alerts are quickly resolved. And if I ever have an issue I know I can speak with someone almost immediately who knows what they're doing and can take care of the problem.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2021

Customer service is an afterthought because everybody else has it. They'll never call you back. Are chat rooms even worse than talking to a representative. You need to go some place else for a credit card.

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

What a disappointment. I was scammed by a vendor. Discover Card did not help me. I had picture proof and that didn’t even help. Their policy is they have to have written proof. The scam artists in China did not provide me a written confession. I am closing my account due to this.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2020

I have been a Discover It card holder since 2013. They have great customer service Lingo, a decent cashback program as well as a lower APR in comparison to some of the other cards out there. They were great until I needed them most, and they fall short. I am a small business owner (photography) and I was in need of a new light for a campaign shoot that I was hired for with a 48 hour notice. During Covid, buying a new light was the best option. The light arrived damaged, broken beyond repair, FedEx refused to ship it back, and the merchant wouldn't do what was necessary to get an insurance claim.

I contacted Discover to advise them of the situation and they stated to file a dispute as they were confident this could be resolved. So, in August, I did just that. All photographic images and EXIF data are not sufficient evidence. So I sent telephone records, email correspondence etc to verify that I did not violate the Merchant's TOS. I contacted the dispute manager and spent almost 2 hours while they combed through my information and found that yes, I indeed contacted properly within guidelines. I was informed to not worry, this will be sent back through and all will be well.

Fast forward to six weeks later and it was denied for the same thing, and now there is zero proof as to whether the product was damaged by me or the shipper. Keep in mind, all photographic evidence is null and void so there is nothing the consumer can do at this point. They have since informed me they exhausted all avenues and are so sorry that this is the resolution. The $2,992 charge is mine and they apologize for any inconvenience of not being able to pause or hold the interest charges while I speak with an attorney and try to resolve this.

Long story short, there are much better cards out there. Discover has zero consumer protection, zero purchase protection and aren't really willing to work with you. Any small business or consumer looking to make a big purchase, don't. Choose a card like Chase. Granted, this is the perfect storm that has almost a near zero probability of happening, or I would have used my Chase card to protect myself, alas it did happen.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2020

Sorry Discover I didn’t understand how credit work.. but you guys help me by giving me a second chance. I now have Discover secure credit card. Thanks. I was very excited to get my card and now I can start building my credit.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2020

I have the Discover It card and it has been wonderful. I had to leave my career, a career that I enjoyed very much due to a neurological diagnosis that ended in me being declared disabled. Discover was the only of the credit card companies that I had that waived the late fees for me and even paid one month and issued me a $100 check, that cover the remaining months for the year. They were completely understanding and worked with me. This is a great card and I am glad that I have it.

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2020

This is the worst business practice that I have seen in 15 years. So…. Discover it card approved my application and took my money all in about 5 minutes. Then I received an email stating that they needed to review my IRS taxes for the past few years. Until this review was performed I could use my card but I would have to return the money if I did not pass the review. At that time I told the representative to cancel the card because I didn’t want the IRS all in my affairs. They transferred me to another representative that stated they would NOT be asking for-- or looking at-- my financial information and that they were only doing an address verification.

The next email I received stated that I did not pass the tax review. I spoke to another rep that said, "Sorry for the mixed communication but we do review the taxes for financial information. However, I can’t tell you what criteria was used. You are welcome to apply again at anytime but this case could not be escalated." So I asked when do I get my $500 back? She said 2-3 months. WHAT!!!! This is a sham. Discover should not be taking money until one is 100% approved for the card. Then they should not be holding money for months. This should be illegal as it is unethical and a highway robbery.

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2020

First I bought some books online and Discover refused to let me use buyer protection. But they put a false credit on my statement months later to make it appear they credited it back a year prior when it happened! They make issues with points all the time and will put a balance on your card for it. They closed my account today for my credit usage on other cards going up. They are idiots and for 3 years have been a complete nightmare. This company will actually affect your whole life. I don't recommend.

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2020

I applied and received the "it" card... Have received 2 credit increases, never missed a payment, never late, in fact paying 100/month on a $28 payment. Rona hit and they reduced my credit line 2k!! Whoa! What?? So I called, was told I have derogatory remarks on my credit so they decided to reduce my credit line!! The same stuff that was on there when you approved it? The same stuff that was on there when you increased my credit? Kiss my behind! It'll Get paid off and sit dormant in my wallet... No more interest from me Discover! Lost a cardholder for life over Rona!! Discover is letting Rona kill the business!

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2020

Worst Dispute Department!!!! I disputed a purchase 3 times but as of now, still not resolve. The company initially agreed to refund the charge and they sent me an email confirmation. I waited for 3 months but I did not get the refund so I disputed it via Discover. They told me I have to prove that I did not get the refund. How am I suppose to prove that? The refund should have been reverse in my credit card so why are they asking me. I email the company and they are not responding to may email anymore. Shouldn't Discover ask the company for proof of refund/payment? I've done chargeback before and I know that the merchant is responsible in providing the proof of payment and not the customer. I will dispute again for the 4 time. Worst experience ever.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2020

I received bill in June and called as I hadnt used my card. They said they would look into it. Again in July. Now they say I incurred $120 in late fees. For a BJS charge in March. No record of call convenient. Said today I may have called the wrong place.

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Reviewed July 9, 2020

They took my deposit then sent card a month ago. Let me use the card for a few small purchases Then let me sign up online for Mobile use. Next night I get a email Account closed. Never called. Said that they didn’t see my name on the account info that was sent in to verify identity. Again didn’t call. I could of sent it to them. Now 2 more months before they return my money. Only took 48 hours to take it from the account they could not verify.

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Reviewed June 1, 2020

I missed an auto payment on my credit card due to switching bank accounts. I picked an adjusted repayment plan that Discover offered. Discover still reported that I did not make payments to the credit bureaus because the repayment plan that they offered was below what was owed. I was unaware of this and thought everything was fine because I was making monthly payments that Discover set. My credit went down over 200 points in a 3 month period. It does not make sense to offer a repayment plan then stills report to the credit bureaus that I was not making payments.

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Reviewed April 25, 2020

I had a secured Discover credit card. My balance was over the limit and I had missed a few payments. My account however was not closed and I was still allowed to make payments on the balance. Discover locked me out of my online account and said I need to contact something like a fraud department or identification verification line. I then received an email asking me to verify my identity though Equifax via the IRS. I then opened the email link and it asked for a transcript of my tax return. I called Discover to see what this was all about being it no longer looked like they just wanted to verify my Identity but also have a look at my financials. They women told me they just want to look at your address and name and social. I asked her, "Will you be able to see my income." She replied, "I cant promise we wont be able to." I told them no and they stated they would have to close the account. I said ok close it and they did.

So they let me close the account over the phone even though they supposedly want to verify my ID. So why would they let me close it over the phone if they weren't sure I was the owner of the account. Strange. I understand My balance and none payment may have had something to do with it but they told me they were going to start doing this with a lot of accounts for ID purposes lol. Strange practice for sure. Watch out people.

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Reviewed April 13, 2020

I have had my Discover card going on Four years! I started with Credit limit of around 1,000. After years of having card and NEVER missing a payment they gave me credit increases. My credit limit was 3,500.. When I ran into hard times due to this covid I had to use more of my credit ... (on other cards to). Since I’ve use the credit given to me Discover lowered my credit limit (cause now I’m considered high risk). They took the $500 I had for available credit which now looks like I maxed my card!

If you know anything about credit when you have maxed cards your score drops dramatically!! I just built my credit for the past 5 years for Discover and another card to ruin it! I will never understand why give a credit limit then when you use it they punish you and take it back! I can see if I’ve missed a payment or something to give you a reason to believe I would not pay but after almost 4 years of never missing or being late on payments to lower my limit and RUIN my credit history is beyond me!

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Reviewed April 4, 2020

I honestly cannot stress enough how wonderful Discover is. I am a Discover It credit card holder & have been so impressed with them. Years ago when I first applied I was young, had very little if any credit history. Discover was willing to give me a shot where most others wouldn't. So our relationship began, I believe I had a $2000 credit limit which at the time seemed like a lot. Fast forward to a few years later, I moved to another state with my kids & husband & our moving expenses were more than we realized they would be. I called Discover & asked for more credit, explained the situation & even though it was months before I could officially request a credit increase they again took a chance, made an exception & helped me. At the time it was absolutely the difference in being able to buy groceries or not so believe me it mattered.

Fast forward several years later to today. Covid19 is upon us & my family has lost all of our income (temporarily). Once again I called Discover to see about a payment arrangement & within minutes a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I also want to make it clear I have an account with another MAJOR credit card company & they could have cared less what we were going through. It's like night & day dealing with Discover vs my other credit card company. Discover has been there for me to help with every major crisis my family has had money wise. If you pay your bill on time & make an effort they will go to great lengths to help you & they do it in a responsible manner, they don't just give you a huge credit line then throw you to the wolves when you go through hard times. Discover is in my opinion the best credit card company out there. I've been with them for many years & I plan to stay with them.

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Reviewed March 30, 2020

I received a letter in the mail from Discover. That an account was opened in my name and was closed pending verification. I have never dealt with Discover. Thankfully there was no monetary loss. I wouldn't use their services as they don't value privacy. Plus I don't want my credit score affected.

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Reviewed March 5, 2020

Do not expect to receive any protection from this company with your purchases. We used this card to make a very substantial equipment purchase for our new small business opening and were completely scammed and did not receive any equipment order. We disputed the transaction with Discover and supplied numerous documents and backup as well as very detailed explanations of what occurred and they ruled in the scam artist favor saying that they needed a document from the merchant stating we were due a refund to our card.

Why would a scammer tell them they scammed you and you should be refunded?! If that was the case they would just refund us and there would be no need for a dispute. Spoke to multiple supervisors and was essentially told If you sign an invoice it really doesn't matter if you receive the good. The merchant can say you did and their word is better than any proof you supply. BE AWARE. DISCOVER DOES NOT PROTECT THESE CUSTOMERS.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2020

I orginally got Discover It credit card to build my credit. It's got one draw back. The internet rate is so high it makes it difficult to pay balance off. I still have 1100.00 to pay off. You literally have to pay entire balance off in order to pay it down.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2019

I've never owned a credit card. I am 50 years old and my credit has improved 100 points in the last year. Credit Karma suggested that I apply for Capital One and Discover it. I applied today and was approved for Capital One unsecured credit card but denied for a secured credit card with Discover it. I called and asked why. Was told too many hard inquiries. Asked how many. One being one year ago and two today. I would have never applied for Discover it if I would have known this. I figured that I had the deposit. Why would I be denied. No I am not happy about this. I will accept this and continue to work on my credit. However will never apply with them again!!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

I am no longer invested or a customer of this company, the latter was not voluntary. I had 2 lines open with Discover and like many other reviews my account was cancelled after paying off my card. These guys were my largest credit lines so my credit utilization ratio is over 50 percent compared to the 6 percent before, and available credit dropped. This has impacted my credit score and for no reason other than they decided to drop a load of their customers after an Equifax review. I never missed a payment in 5 years. This is bad business and they are going downhill. Steer clear.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2019

This is by far the worst credit card ever. I had this credit card since 2017 and never been late once. Had a 1900$ line of credit then one day I found out that it was reduced by 700$ and my new credit limit was 1200$. I called and was told that during a review they determine they needed to reduce my limit and they didn’t care if they hurting your credit or not. After a few months they increased it to 1700$ and today I was surprised again to see that they reduced it to 1000$. This company is a joke. Now my usage on this credit card. Is 98% instead of 40%. I decided to pay it off and close the account. I know it will hurt my credit but the way they treated me I cannot keep them. This is a trash credit card. I don’t want trash in my wallet. I have 2 cards from Chase and 1 from Bank of America. They are the best. Never had any issue with them except with a Discover. I will keep writing this review over and over until everyone knows who they really are.

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Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

Terrible, inconsistent, unknowledgeable customer service for disputes. Unable to provide information & clearly reading from a script. Drawn out process, taking more than 8 months - abundant documentation to support my case. Clearly case managers don’t actually read all documentation. Perhaps, they don’t understand the English language.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2019

I loved Discover credit card, but from now on, I will close my account. Because they are so helpless. They don’t help me with my dispute at all. Just keep saying the store is not responsible for that. I placed 3 orders from a Dillard’s store in KS. I gave them my credit card information. My card was charged by the store. They just ship 2 of them to me. They don’t even have tracking information for my order. That’s why I wanna dispute this payment. It has been several months. I have talked to discover several times. I repeat the details of the case every time and I have them all the chatting information and any evidence I have which is very sufficient. Because in the chatting record, they could tell I have 3 orders from them. But they only provided two tracking number. This is very easy to tell who is responsible for this missing order. They just don’t help. Just keep saying they are not responsible.

The store only provided 2 tracking number to Discover. They don’t even ask the store to provide further information. They just want to close this case. The last customer representative told me this order was in-store order. I asked him if this is a in-store order why they ship the other two orders to me. In my opinion, they don’t even talked to Dillard’s once. They don’t care my proof. They just stand with the store, not Discover’s customer. I am so sad. I have been using this card about 2 years. This was my first credit card. I would learn from this. Never use a bank which is not responsible. If you wanna use Discover credit card, please look at my review before applying it. Thanks.

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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2019

Customer service is horrible, Don’t waste your time applying for this card. Worst credit limits available out there, 813 credit score and was told 2700 credit limit. That’s not worth the inquiry for God Sake. Smh.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2019

In March 2018 I applied for a discover it secured credit card with a $200 security deposit. Around 6 months later, because of my perfect payment history, Discover increased my credit limit from $200 to $1800 and returned my security deposit. I made every payment on time and paid the balance in full every month except for one in February 2019 because I changed employers to help with hurricane relief in Florida. Unfortunately I was not made aware that I would have to wait a month for my first paycheck, so I unfortunately missed one payment. However, I quickly got caught up and continued to pay my balances in full every month.

Despite having an almost perfect relationship with Discover, they took it upon themselves without notifying me to lower my credit limit from $1800 to $500 in August of 2019 which in turn harmed my credit score. What's even more bizarre is the fact that I used my card much less than normal the month prior, which would denote an even lower risk to Discover. When I called to ask why my limit was lowered, the only answer I could get was that it may be due to something being negative on my credit report. Question: WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MY ALMOST PERFECT RELATIONSHIP WITH DISCOVER? I immediately cancelled the card and am seeking legal recourse because Discover had no concrete reason with evidence to interrupt my credit line and harm my ability to get credit. I am also working on a discrimination lawsuit and talking to the media.

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Reviewed May 8, 2019

I was first approved by Discover for a secured credit card 2 weeks ago. Paid my deposit directly from my bank account then 3 days later told I needed to file an IRS form so they could get my income from the IRS. My banker said he would give me a secured card at US Bank. No problem. That's the reason for a security deposit. I've just been approved for a Capital One semi-secured card. They add an extra hundred dollars to whatever amount paid as deposit so it's a better deal anyways. Stay away from Discover Cards, as a merchant I WILL NEVER ACCEPT Discover card for their having played this game for 2 weeks now. Worse they sent me an email yesterday saying that they would determine if I was owed any funds back from my $300 deposit in 4 four months! Can you imagine waiting an additional 4 months? Fortunately, my US Bank is good at allowing filing of disputes even for account debits. I'll file a dispute today right away.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2018

Approximately a month and a half ago I applied for a Discover It card. I was immediately approved for a $8,000 credit limit. I used the card once to purchase a rental car. I paid more than double the minimum payment before payment was due. I moved shortly after. I called and gave a change of address. I was directed to the fraud department where I was asked several questions to prove my identity. I answered them correctly. Without explanation, my card was suspended. I was told to fax my social security card, ID, and a utility bill. I expressed my concerns about sending my entire identity over a fax machine. They didn’t care.

I didn’t have time to do it right then because I was in the middle of a move. I called a week or two later and spoke with a representative to get a fax number and see how to resolve the issue. He told me that he had taken care of the issue and that it was okay to use the card. I didn’t use the card again but got a notice today saying that my account has been closed. I called to talk to a representative. She told me to write them. She refused to give me any other information or explanation. Getting a Discover card was a big mistake and it was a scam. They approve you to help their numbers and then kick you out for no reason. They don’t actually want your business. This is going to negatively affect my credit and I didn’t do anything wrong.

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Reviewed July 27, 2018

I had the Discover IT card for 14 years, and didn't use it for 4 years. Then suddenly they decided they are going to INACTIVATE me and I find out the interest is the highest they have while I have 2 other credit cards with interest rates LOWER than theirs. I tell them this and have to send a letter and get reduced but I guess I still had the date of inactivate hanging over me so I call up to ask some questions as I am thinking of using it and guess what, they INACTIVATED me and when I talked to a supervisor I was basically told I could REAPPLY for their card. As you can see the commercials are BULL, they do not offer competitive interest rates, and there is nothing and I mean nothing exceptional about their card. In other words, they suck. Go to Bank of America or CITIBANK or anywhere but with them!

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Reviewed May 17, 2018

I did the secured credit card to get a higher credit card, using my own money and Discover kept lying. They send me my card and so I called Discover and said I Didn't get my credit card and this white that answered the phone said she will send me another card and all was looking ok. But when I still didnt get my card, I called Discover again and another ** answered the phone and said the last rep. said, no card was never sent to me in the first place and offered to send me a card again and I said "no, no thanks, just give my deposit of 200.00 back to me". And she said it would take up to 2 months to get my money back and I refused waiting that long. And finally Discover send me my deposit back within 2 weeks instead cause I said no, I'm not waiting that long. And so Discover is a bunch of liars, to keep consumers from getting our credit builted up but advertise they do secured credit cards, Discover is just up to doing no good..

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Reviewed April 29, 2018

I have a secured card. I use it specifically to build credit. I make a full payment before a week before the reporting date. They quickly take the money out my account but it is not available to me for 10 days. How is this even acceptable??? It’s my money that I’m loaning from myself. And it clearly says, "Your payment was successful," but then my funds aren’t available. How do you explain this. I called and they say they're verifying the payment. It doesn’t take 10 days to verify every payment I make from a legitimate bank. Never had a returned payment. Soon as Monday morning comes I will be cancelling my account. I really had high hopes too.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2018

I have a secured credit card (WITH MY OWN MONEY). I use the card. I make payments in full to pay off the balance. Discover Card holds the payment for over ten 10 days and declines all transactions. I am still waiting for the release of my payment. HORRIBLE WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT WITH THIS COMPANY. CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2017

I opened a Discover secured credit card account approximately two years ago. Approximately a year after I opened the account, Discover sent my security deposit back and converted my account to an unsecured account. They also raised my credit limit. I always paid my payments on time and kept my balance low, if not zero. One morning, I was checking my emails and saw that Discover sent me an email saying that my account was being closed. I knew it had to be a mistake because my credit and score had improved since opening the account and there was no common-sense reason that a company would push a stellar customer away. I called the department I was referred to regarding this situation and was told that during periodic review there were some derogatory marks on my credit report.

I told the representative, that anything that is derogatory on my credit report was on there when I first opened the account hence the reason I started off with a secured account. I also explained that if anything my credit report has improved, they stuck with that same story that makes no sense. I told that lady to remove me from all advertisements, don't send me any emails or offers. If Discover is so arrogant and treat their customers like crap, I want nothing to do with them.

This was such a shock to me because performance on that account was perfect, as well as all other open accounts on my credit report that were present when I first opened the Discover account. There are too many companies to do business with than to tolerate the arrogance and total disregard for customers. I thought to myself "What if I was on vacation and planned to use this card only during that vacation?" I would have been screwed. This company is garbage no matter how many commercials saturate the TV.

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Reviewed July 14, 2017

I wish I had put more effort into seeing this before wasting my time with these people. I was denied a secured credit card because of something that was 7 years old. This company promotes rebuilding credit, but all they do is make it worse. The guy on the phone had no clue what he was saying, but he did say he was sorry an awful lot. I could say that he seemed confused as to why I was denied, but to protect his useless job, he could not tell me that. When I asked for someone to look at this with a human factor, he said they can't. The computer is the final say. I left a crappy secured credit card for this, but what a mistake! Do NOT try Discover!!! They are not worth your points or time. Wells Fargo sounds good now! Oh, and they won't help other than telling you "Too Bad, Sorry"!

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Reviewed March 1, 2017

Discover-it Card. I would stay away from this credit card. Without notice, they decide to decrease the credit limit by over 50%. I've never had a late payment on the card and always paid way more than the minimum balance. My credit score is over 700. Customer Service is not very helpful. Stay away from this card. It's not worth the hassle.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2017

Discover-it Card. Very bad card. Once you decide to pay off all of it or significantly reduce your balance, they decide to decrease the credit limit by 50% or more. They have decreased my credit by as much as $800 even though credit score and overall report have significantly improved since the initial account opening. I would never recommend this lender to anyone! Stay away from Discover! Customer Service is not very helpful, they cannot explain properly why the system chooses to decrease credit lines. They offer for you to speak to management, but at the same time, say that account manager cannot change anything. My credit line went down by a total of 50% within 10 months from account opening. No late payments ever, paid off the card completely twice.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2015

Applied for a Discover It card and was approved. Months go by and I do mean months as is 9, I go to purchase my wedding dress knowing I had a $0 Bal on this card and guess what??? It DECLINED!! Talk about mortified! Still decide to play it nice and call customer service, after all it has to be an error right?...wrong! The representative tells me "Your account has been closed" to which I respond "What? Why?" Apparently I had my account open and had never used it so they saw fit to cancel/close my account. How do you even make that decision without notifying your consumer? I mean a call or letter would have been nice to save me the embarrassment in dress shopping day. Well and you guessed it. According to the rep they did send a letter. Guess that was a magical disappearing letter because I never got it. My credit score dropped because they closed it too. Done with Discover.

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Reviewed April 27, 2015

I have been a Discover It customer for over 2 years. I can honestly say at first when they started this program I was excited. But now their service sucks. January 14, 16 of 2015 they were supposed to ACH deposit into my banking account. They did that but they went back and charged my account as a balance transfer 308.91 over my credit limit... I've been dealing with this for over 3 weeks and have been transferred to every department that Discover It has. I refuse to pay 308.91. AND THEIR 0 LIABILITY IS CRAP SINCE THEY'RE MAKING ME PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE.

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Reviewed Feb. 2, 2015

So when I signed up for my DiscoverIT Card, there was a "Spend $750 in the first 3 months, get $150 back" promotion. Nowhere on the website did I see a "0% interest until **-**-**** date" promotion. I assumed I was signing up for the $150. Instead, they sent me an application with the 0% interest promotion in the fine print. Now they won't honor any promotions they had during that time and customer service won't do anything about it. Some customer care there.

Just be extremely careful with what you are doing with Discover! They'll draw you in with one thing and give you another just so they can save a few bucks. Wish I had never signed up with them.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2013

I received my Discover It card a couple of weeks ago. First of all, they are very stingy with the starting lines. And they took forever to complete my balance transfer. And get this; you can't pay them more than once in three days, even with cash. Don't bother. My Bank of America card is much better. Boo, to the Discover It card.

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