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Capital One Secured credit cards are best for rebuilding credit after a few financial missteps. Depending on your credit history, you could qualify for a partially secured credit card — Capital One Secured credit lines start at $200, but minimum security deposits can be as low as $49 for some applicants. If approved, you can choose your payment due date to be at the beginning, middle or end of the month, and select your preferred payment method.

Pros & Cons


  • Flexible payments
  • Refundable deposits
  • No annual fee
  • Automatic credit review


  • Longer approval process
  • No rewards

Bottom Line

A Capital One Secured credit card is a great low-cost way to rebuild credit. Cardholders won’t earn rewards, but they can increase their credit lines in as few as 5 months.

Capital One Secured Credit Card Reviews

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 21, 2023

I applied for credit card a month ago, and I was asked through the link to provide some documents for verifications, which I did submitted online the next couple of days. I haven't heard from them the whole month, due to the employee's negligence and not even looking at the application. They did hard credit check and affected my credit score. I just called now. She said, "Oh it could be the image you have sent were not clear!" What??? You could have notified me. I've had credit card and car loan from them in the past. The images were clear as water.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 20, 2023

I have had my Capital One card for two years. Been paying on time and asked for a credit increase was denied for payment being too low. PAYMENT was set by Capital One and IS NOT ONE OF THEIR CONDITIONS FOR LIMIT INCREASE WHICH ARE AS FOLLOWS ACCOUNT 6 MONTHS AND PAY ON TIME by their website. Customer service is useless when you call them. Claim they do not have access to the info and one rep suggested paying it off; if I could do that I wouldn't need a limit increase. Don't deal with them. Very horrible experience. They don't even deserve a half a star and have yet to make an acceptable offer to me.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 17, 2023

Title: Capital One's Customer Support: Shockingly Incompetent in Resolving Disputes and Protecting Customers. Review: I am utterly dismayed by the abysmal level of customer support and service provided by Capital One. My vehicle was significantly damaged by a merchant, resulting in a broken wheel sensor. Despite my best efforts and providing Capital One with all the necessary requirements, evidence, and proofs outlining the entire problem and my attempts to resolve the issue, their disputing managers proved completely inept at assisting me. I strongly urge everyone to reconsider applying for a credit card with Capital One, as they are likely to encounter the same nightmarish experience.

Throughout my attempts to seek resolution, Capital One's disputing managers demonstrated an alarming inability to provide any meaningful assistance. Despite presenting them with a detailed account of the situation, including the merchant's evasive tactics and the promises made by the business owner to address the damages, I was left feeling utterly abandoned and helpless.

The merchant, fully aware of their responsibility, callously avoided paying for the damages they inflicted on my vehicle. Capital One's inability to hold them accountable and protect their customers' rights is deeply concerning. Their lack of effective communication and failure to take appropriate action left me frustrated and betrayed.

It is disheartening to witness such an appalling level of incompetence from a financial institution that customers are meant to trust. Capital One's disputing managers failed to fulfill their obligations in resolving disputes and safeguarding their customers' interests. The absence of a satisfactory resolution or even meaningful support throughout this ordeal has irreparably damaged my perception of Capital One's customer service. Based on my harrowing experience, I wholeheartedly discourage anyone from applying for a credit card with Capital One. Their customer support and service in the realm of dispute resolution are severely lacking, leaving customers vulnerable and unsupported when they need assistance the most.

In conclusion, my encounter with Capital One's customer support and service in disputing charges and seeking reimbursement for the damages caused to my vehicle was nothing short of a nightmare. Their disputing managers demonstrated an astonishing level of incompetence, leaving me to suffer the consequences of the merchant's wrongdoing. I strongly advise against applying for a credit card with Capital One, as their customer support and service will likely result in a similarly distressing experience.

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed June 21, 2023

I started out with Capital One Secured Credit Card to build my Credit Score. I had one credit line increase from $500 to $1100. # YRS later I ask for a credit increase because 25% of $1100 is only $275. What can you buy for $275 these days. I pay my bill in FULL each month to avoid paying interest since 2019 now 2023 they declined my request for a credit line increase, reason, "recent use of this account's existing credit line has been too low". I called their "Overseas" customer service asking what does this mean, answer, "I don't know". Manager, "I don't know but if you will look on the letter it will tell you what it means". This reason is not listed on the letter FQ&A. SO what is the reason for their customer service if they are unexperienced to assist customers? What good is Capital One Silver Card if I can only make a purchase of $275, that's not even groceries.

My monthly purchases has been over $600 which I have been paying in full before the statement date to avoid being reported to the credit bureau. Although I make over $600 a month purchases, my monthly statement has ALWAYS been 0.00 yet I was declined a credit line increase and they can't tell me why. Well Capital I'm going to tell you why I don't need your card anymore, it does me no justice while I'm trying to reach my goal of a $850 or higher credit score, a credit line increase will add to my available credit. I hate to apply for another credit card because that will affect me credit so I will request a credit line increase from my other cards and leave Capital One Silver in my wallet to tarnish until they close it for non-use.

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profile pic of the author

Reviewed June 20, 2023

I paid $110.00 for my credit card. They won't give it to me. I sent my ID about 7 times. It's blurry. They say it was taken at Mtr vehicles. I can't change it. They have my SS. They do not need my ID as I had BJ's for 25 years. No other credit card co has put me through this. It is not blurry. No one at the fax thought it was blurry. They are insane. I can't use my card. It is restricted. I will not put my ID on the computer for them, they have more than enough proof. No one there speaks English very well, horrible bank. At 84 years old I have to go through this nonsense. They are sick.

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Customer Service

Reviewed May 9, 2023

I have used Capital One for over 20 years. I have excellent credit and pay my bill in full every month. For the third time already this year, I have been notified of suspicious activity and have had my card shut down. I have called whenever I've received an "alert" and no amount of explanation that it was a legitimate error by a vendor saves me from, "we are shutting your card down." Now, once again, I have to wait 10 days to get a new card and then get the privilege of going to all automated payment accounts with an updated card number. I've begged them not to shut down my card because of a vendor error like the wrong billing address but they won't stop despite my long term customer loyalty nor the fact that the card is actually in my hand. My other credit card vendors don't behave this way so I am moving on.

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Reviewed March 31, 2023

I have had my Capital One credit card for years and have traveled all over the world with no issues. Over a year ago I got a card for my Daughter to use while she traveled throughout Europe and Asia. The card is constantly getting declined, I receive the conf code to accept the charge and it still gets declined. I have called many times to try and find out why and how we can fix it. I'm told there is nothing wrong with the card, no restrictions and there is plenty of available balance. It just handed again, she is in Bali and tried to get a $12 Uber and we tried several times and still the card was declined.

I called Customer Service again, talked to 3 different people and all they can tell me is it was declined due to policy. I asked all 3 of them multiple times what is the policy so we can fix it for next time. I was told they cannot tell me that? I'm just trying to figure out how Capital One can leave my daughter stranded for $12? Every time the card is declined the charges have been for less than $100 and most times for less than $50. Why do they send me a verification code if that will not resolve the issue?

Since all of this I have switched my main credit card to Chase and I have had no issues. Next time my Daughter is in the States I will get her a Chase card so we can avoid the lack of customer care from Capital One. If you plan on traveling out of the country I would avoid this credit card company. Unfortunately I had to rate them a 1 star since there wasn't a lower option available.

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Reviewed March 29, 2023

I could not get in touch with this company no live agent to chat with in regards to my account. I was wrongfully billed. Inaccurate information and now I have to go ahead and file a fraud on my account. Due to this issue I have a 0 balance but it shows I owe which isn't reporting the right info on my credit report or on my billing statement which I have bank records to show I paid in full. Horrible service. Do not ever get this card. They will not report accurate information on your credit report and cheat you out of money.

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Carrie increased rating by 1 star.
After a positive interaction with Capital One Secured Credit Card, Carrie increased their star rating.

Reviewed March 28, 2023

Oh gosh. Horrible customer service, low APR to start then increases to a whopping 30 apr, no easy access to get cash back. My account paid in full - but I still get incorrect payment statements due. Will never use again.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2023

I ordered a service, which was a scam. Capital One initially refunded my money and then recharged it to pay the scammers without telling me. Their system for dispute is awful, I sent in tons of documents when the system would work and they review and don't tell me anything. They closed my case without notice. I have proof this Indian and Australian company is a scam. Proof Proof Proof. Capital One will not protect its clients. It will make it extremely difficult to dispute. I will be out of there shortly and never use them or their affiliates again. I was a good client for 15 years and have multiple cards in our companies. But over a 377.88 bill, I will be gone. Never Never Never use this company. It's only a matter of time before you have the same kinds of problems. Oh, their dispute people speak such broken English, that it is hard to get anything done.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2023

I needed to dispute a service that wasn’t provided by a merchant. Capital One told me the only way to go through with the dispute would be to fax over a bunch of information. The information requested was time intensive and complex. One of the things they requested, was “A second opinion on company letterhead from another merchant in the same field that states how the service was defective or did not match the description of your sales invoice.”

It's things like this that make me hate Capital One. They make it nearly impossible to dispute a charge. On top of that, they kept rejecting my claim because they said I didn’t include items like a sales receipt, which I did include. Another time they rejected it because I didn’t put the case number on a document, which is insane because you have to log into Capital One and respond to that case. Their customer support is difficult to understand and didn’t give good guidance fighting my dispute. After this awful experience, it’s obvious Capital One doesn’t want to stand behind their customers and I will never use my card with them ever again.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2023

I have used Capital One for over a decade and have two credit cards with them as well as a car loan that is now paid off. To say I am disgusted and appalled at the way they are doing business now is an understatement. I am posting this review wherever I can so people know what they're getting in for. I started with a smaller card and then added the Venture card and worked really hard to get my credit scores all past 800, and have added other cards that aren't Capital One. I contacted them once about their interest being so high and asked if it could be lowered based on credit rating and they lowered it for a year then jacked it back up. I worked really hard to fix my credit and get it in a great position, and I keep my card usage low and pay them off quickly. I started using my Chase & Discover cards more because the interest rates are almost 10 points lower, but I did use my Capital One for smaller purchases.

Recently, Capital One started sending, well basically, extortion emails telling me that if I didn't use the credit limit they gave me, they would lower it. I was stunned! Especially in this day and age, trying to twist their customer's arms into putting themselves in debt is not only bad service, it's just asinine. A couple of days ago, they did lower my limit by 5000, tanking my credit score 30 THIRTY points in the process. There should be laws that stop companies from doing this sort of thing! Strong arming people into using their high interest cards to force debt on consumers is not just questionable business practices, it is flat out extortion by use of psychological pressure and practices like this should be looked into and stopped.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2023

We've have had a Capital One Credit Card for 14 years. In those 14 years I paid the balance due the majority of the time in full. I was late (24 hours) twice in that period. We maintain a 840 credit score with zero personal debt. We recently were out to dinner with two other couples. They paid their bill with their credit cards as we did ours ($65.00). The only difference? Our Capital One credit card was denied, twice!! As soon as we returned home I contacted Capital One. I was informed they had received our payment ($7,500.00) but they would not credit our account until Monday and our unpaid charge was made over the week-end.

I expected to be charged a late fee for my 24 hour shortcoming but not to have my card cancelled and not to pay my bill. Unlike many people complaining I'm not expecting any "favors" from Capital One. I'm not even expecting a (deserved apology). I'm only hoping those that are considering a different credit card company think about how I was treated. Is this what you'd expect from a business you have been loyal to for 14 years and a company that has made thousands of dollars from your purchases? Today customer service is becoming unique....Being rude & greedy is still offensive.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2023

I just recently reached out to Capital One to lower the interest rate for my Quicksilver Credit card. They informed me that, "You cannot request to have your interest rate lowered." They stated they do periodic reviews of people's accounts to see if a reduction is appropriate. My credit rating is 826 and I have been with them for years. I think they are under the impression that the consumer works for them when actually they work for us, so I fired them and I would recommend that if you have a high interest rate (28.9%) you do the same because they are not going to lower it. There are no perks or cash back that can justify that rate, especially if you have excellent credit.

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Reviewed Jan. 31, 2023

Our family was on vacation last August in Aruba. We were approached by a cosmetic sales rep outside the restaurant where we had dinner. She wanted to give us a free demo of a new piece of equipment that would remove age spots, roseaca and fine lines. We went along with the pitch, and the ultra-violet light from the item seemed to work well. We made a purchase (dumb move) based on the promise the merchandise would be shipped to us from Miami, FL (Home Office) to our home. She would be notified by the shipper when it had arrived, and she would set up a Zoom meeting with us to show us how to do the procedure at home. The box arrived, no call from her.

A few days later, I tried to call the shop in Aruba and found it had been closed down. I called the Miami, FL phone number on the shipping label but got nowhere. The person who answered didn't know my rep, and said all sales were final, no returns/refunds allowed. This purchase was over $2800! When we contacted Capital One to dispute the charge, they asked for documentation which we provided. The sales rep lied, saying she tried to call us more than once, but the documentation she provided showed an incorrect cell number for me. Bottom line: We received the merchandise (useless unless you know how to use it), so Capital One denied our dispute. WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER CAPITAL ONE CARD OR PRODUCT AGAIN.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2023

I closed my Capital One Secured Credit card on January 24th over the phone with an employee named Steven. Steven informed me that following the account closure, the security deposit would be refunded and it would first apply to any outstanding balance and the remaining security deposit would be sent to me via check. Regardless of how many attempts I make to contact Capital One secured Credit card or any department, they refuse to honor this agreement and Steven's word of issuing a full refund for my security deposit.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2023

I had credit card fraud done through the Apple website. Reported to Capital one credit card who stated credit would be given, but never was given. New card was issued. Months later noted not given then told to too late to dispute, but already even received my new card and was in their system. Told contact Apple who said call Capital one Visa and they need to open dispute and all would be taken care of. Capital one refused. Due to amount over $2500 in fraud now will move onto small claims court. Note: Capital one did state definite fraud on my account, but no credit given and now over year so will change credit card to another company and pay to have this filed in small claims court.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2022

Once I get this credit card paid off which btw isn’t hard I just like showing utilization, I’m closing it out for good. Dropped my credit score almost 50 points simply because my utilization went up around 20-30%. It was maybe 10% so almost half utilization, still isn’t bad. At least not almost 50 points. Never again will I use this cc again.

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2022

Accidentally hit wrong entry when booking. They refused to make any changes. Would not recommend using this travel company. Capital One credit card did not assist at all with trying to correct the error.

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Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

Reviewed Sept. 15, 2022

After reading several other reviews I am now aware that I am not the only one that Capital One has perpetrated this fraud upon. Like the other reviewer I too had my cards restricted after earning the 200.00 reward. I have had to send my Drivers License (front & back) 3 times now, I have had to send a bill with my name & address 2 times and I sent them 3 months of bank statements, and now they tell me that my bank has a high call volume and they can't contact them to verify my address! I see now that this is just a scam and that they won't be unrestricting my cards just as the other reviewer stated they did to him. Hopefully I can find an Attorney willing to start a class action suit against these crooks!!

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Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

Reviewed Aug. 29, 2022

I been a customer of Capital one world elite (black card) for over 10 years and easily have spent over 6 figures. They are terrible at disputing charges and dealing with fraud. And on top of that running their own fraud scheme since their agents have 0 accountability when the voice is recorded! I called in 3 weeks before my annual fee was up to verify there wouldn't be an annual fee of $120. The agent was very confused on whether or not there would be a fee but after problem solving and speaking with his supervisor he advised there would NOT be a fee. I told him if there is a fee, I would cancel the card now so I don't get charged the fee because there are MUCH MUCH better reward cards out there and better customer service and it's not worth the annual fee since there are no bonuses or any other perks offered for this card anymore.

He advised if I did get charged a fee, I can call back and get re-imbursed since he made a note on my file and there's an audio recording! Well no surprise, new agent and the note stated that he advised me that my card is different than the other no fee card. I explained to the new agent, to pull up the audio recording instead because he assured me many times what I explained. Is there no accountability at all in this company? Isn't it the duty of the customer service/professionalism to know their products and know that I would NOT get an annual fee? Why would that be on me, when I'm calling in to ask what their policy is.

I still cancelled the card after getting charged 120$, it's crazy Capital One would nickel and dime a customer of over 10 years, they rather get your $120 instead of getting thousands of fees from me swiping their credit card. Avoid like the plague, you can easily google many other rewards cards with no fees or lower fees with 10x the rewards and perks!

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2022

I had a credit card with Walmart for years, I have a great credit score and just because I didn't use the card for a while I tried to reopen and they denied it. What makes me so angry was that I never closed my account, my account was in good standing. I wanted to reactivate my card and I was denied for no good reason just because Capital One could!!!! Well Walmart lost a very good customer. Then the fraud department had me on hold for hours to verify my identity!!! I should of sent my DNA! Once they did a rep said "Sorry ma'am we can't reopen it". I will never have anything to do with Walmart or Capital One!! They are a bunch of clowns!!! Goodbye Walmart. Hello Target.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 28, 2022

I've always had great credit and payoff my Capital One Walmart card monthly and on time but they refuse to let me have a different Capital One credit card. When you call New Accounts to tell them, they don't care that you weren't approved and have no answers for you. That's pathetic service.

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 29, 2022

I have tried to close my Capital One credit card online; that is paid in full with an overpayment returning to me. I have been redirected to 5-6 different people since Tues. June 28, 2022 through Wed. June 29, 2022 @ 12:20 noon (ct). I have gotten the same response of "Why are you closing your account?" At this point in time I do not have to explain why I am closing my account. I want capital one to close my credit card today & for whatever reason they are not /will not close out my card. Not because I owe them any money. They actually owe me. Today is Wed. June 29, 2022 @ 12:26 noon (ct). Signed, RUTH

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 21, 2022

Date Credit card was open 04/27/2022. I made a purchase for $179.00 May 3, My first payment May 13/2022 I called and spoke with a representative, who I ask, what method of payment, the representative said bank information (PULL THE CALL). Capital One restored amount available back to $200.00. I made another purchase, this time $100.00. Received a letter Freedom Credit payment return on 03/16/2022 due to invalid account number. I have been established for 6 year with my bank. Never this problem. I could not understand why my bank information was invalid. I call my bank, the Teller said account show no electronic payment. I called capital one to receive some clarity and spoke to a Representative who couldn’t tell me no more than what I am telling her? (Pull the call) Account invalid. I told the representative that I want to clear the balance.

I use PNC PREPAID amount 339.66 on May 19-2022. THAT payment was return 05/23/2022. No transaction code. I spoke to a supervisor on May 24-2022, I ask her, "Can we do a conference call with PNC," (pull the call). She said yes so that’s how I found out that PNC Prepaid do not allow electronic payments. Supervisor looks up different location for capital one, café chestnut street made a payment of $ 50.00 that day. Payment due 06/15/2022. Capital one has me as fraternal after speaking to numerous representative and supervisor (no one care). STEAL, why would I call in trying to rectify my account. A representative took the wrong account number down and she caused my account to close.

No one will listen to me and try to assist. Capital, go by a script and do not go out of the box. Capital do not care about their customer Me. Capital one close my account on May 25-2022. 05/26/2022 place my account collection. Place on my credit report. Payment not due until 06/15/2022. I need my account Investigate And all calls pull.

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Customer Service

Reviewed May 18, 2022

Specifically Brandon (would not give last name) fraud manager in the United States made me (their customer) feel disgusted with his treatment of me. Furthermore, he stated that the call was being recorded, and I let him know I was recording as well, and he said he would not allow me to record the call, but he can record me? In fact, if I kept recording (totally legal in Wisconsin), he would have to end the call. So there is of course much more, but I will be cutting up my cards and cancelling service with them. Poor customer service and a waste of time.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed May 10, 2022

I booked an studio apartment in Hawaii. When I got there it was terrible, it was dirty, kitchen area was disgusting, and the furniture was dirty and old. I told the owners I could not stay there. They gave me back part of my money. I tried to dispute the rest with Capital One ($1000) and they would not honor my dispute. I had pictures and evidence. They said I needed to prove that I talked to the owner twice trying to get back the additional money. All I had was evidence of a call to her after I had left. They would not accept that. They wanted me to prove the negative, which is impossible. I appealed their decision, went through everything all over again and they still denied my dispute.

I moved out of the apartment, paid for another one and lost my money on this one. I had a great deal of documentation. Even the will from the booking agent who overcharged me. It was $500 more than the receipt that she sent to the owner of the studio apartment. It was a terrible situation. The booking agent was stealing from owner (a 80 year old woman) and overcharging me; and the studio was unlivable. Once I have my card paid off, I am canceling. I have been with this credit card company for over 15 years…I am leaving now. They need to stand behind their customers, especially their long term customers.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed April 18, 2022

Capital one is charging me for interest fees and a late fee on an account that I closed on February 9, 2022. I paid the complete balance owed per the rep and added that the account be completely closed. The customer service reps weren't able to rectify the charges but agreed that I paid the full balance and had already paid interest fees for the balance I paid. It's easy Capital one, credit the current account charges and complete close the account please and thank you.

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Reviewed April 13, 2022

Terrible card. Had for 5 years 800+ credit score and would not raise my credit limit of $3500 despite zero balance and always pay off monthly. Amex gave me $20K instantly and Citi $20K as well. Cancelled this useless card.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 21, 2022

Don't think to be backed up by the bank if for some reason you used their card to pay for services or products and you don't get what you paid for. I bought some Lifepo4 batteries from Alibaba which came banged up and not performing like advertised and after over a month disputing the transaction with Alibaba and trying to get a refund by sending back the batteries or getting a replacement, I opened a dispute using Capital One who dropped it because I couldn't provide all these:

*Second Opinion
*Proof of Return/Cancellation

*Any additional information related to your dispute

Response to the Merchant's Documentation

Where am I to get a second opinion about batteries that are banged up and not performing like they should with pictures to prove my saying, I even offered to send a video as proof testing the batteries? How am I to send a proof of Return/Cancelation if Alibaba Website is not cooperating at the first place?

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