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I purchased some Ultra Brite toothpaste at a local dollar store Aug.19,2010 in North Riverside, IL. Upon using the toothpaste for a total of three days I got a burning sensation. While brushing my teeth, it burned so bad and I didn't realize it was the toothpaste is what caused the burning to my lip, the roof of my mouth and tongue. It had a burning as though I drank something hot.

I had been using Ultrabrite toothpaste for at least a month, in the same tube, without concern, the one with baking soda and peroxide. I brushed at 10:00 pm, with no problems, but when I brushed with it again, 4 hours later the same night, (two nights ago,) there was a horrible chemical taste in my toothpaste, and when I tried to spit it out, then rinse it out of my mouth with water, my mouth and tongue and gums began to burn and tingle terribly, once the water hit the toothpaste. My mouth felt like it was on fire. I rinsed again and again, then I sat on the sofa and fell asleep, as it was after 2 am.

By 4:30 am, I work up, my mouth, tongue and lower lip at least twice their normal size, and I could feel my chest beginning to ache. As I am uninsured, I hesitated to go into the hospital, but it seemed to be getting more swollen, so I had to have my husband get up early -before work, drive me 30 minutes one-way to the nearest hospital ER to get a steroid injection, and now, I have to also pay for the entire ER visit.

I am absolutely certain the toothpaste caused this angioedema of the face and tongue and mucosa, which is dangerous, to say the least. Either it isn't mixed as it should be, or there is deadly product in it. I am going to use all-natural toothpaste hereafter. I can't afford to have these dangerous things in my life! The Ultrabrite toothpaste box says it is made in Mexico.

That will be at least a $500.00 tube of toothpaste! Likely more- I haven't received the bill yet, but the ER charges for every 15 minutes one is there. I have also reported it to the FDA.

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