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Until I bought Sure Clip I had a terrible time taking care of toenails. They are the best I've ever used, magnifying glass to help me see my nails and where I'm clipping and a light besides. I liked them so well I bought 8 more for members of my family. My son in law has cancer, his nails are real thick, Sure Clip cut them with no problem. I have a small dog that would fight getting his nails clipped, and I tried Sure Clip on him. I was able to see the quick because of the magnifying glass and light and the sharpness of the blade. Also the lever type pad to initiate the clipper to work is a wonderful idea. I am 85 years old and my hands are not strong and just a slight bit of pressure and Sure Clip clips. An added bonus was the clipping catcher. We all really like ours, including the dog - he has his own Sure Clip.

I received a package from Sure Clip which I did not order. I had never even heard of them. I sent an email, explaining that they had made a mistake and accidentally sent me a customer's order. I asked how they obtained my credit card number and name. They sent me a telephone number to call for an authorization to send the package back. When I called the number, it led me to a reservation desk for Ramada Inn. I thought the mistake was mine, so I called again. Same result. I called three times and continued to get Ramada Inn. I therefore had no useable telephone number to reach them. I sent the unopened package back the next day.

Eventually, I received an email telling me that the package had arrived. It stated that I should not reply because the message was automatically sent. Every attempt I have made so far to contact them by email has been answered by telling me I must pay the $13.98 shipping and handling fee and "Oh, by the way, don't respond to this email; it is automatically sent."

Yesterday, I received an email from a company called "GSI Commerce DR Operations" which sent me a copy of my supposed order. It is complicated, with download dates, subscription numbers, media source information, etc.; and it is full-page long, listing what I had ordered and goes on and on. At the very bottom, it states that the package was returned without an authorization number, had been opened, and that there was no information about it.

They obviously do not read their email, and the package was not opened. As it stands, I am expected to pay for the return shipping of this material I did not order, and I have never had an answer as to how they happened to have my credit card number. (Mastercard has given me a new number.) This company is designed to scam. In my case, I didn't even have to place an order to lose money with them.

I received the sure clip from this company. I called them and they told me what to do. I sent it back to the post office unopened like they told me. I was charged for this item by my credit card company. I called them and they invested and the credit card company took it off my bill. Last week, I received a letter from my credit card company saying they are putting it back on my account because Sure Clip never received it. These people are scammers. They know they did receive it.

I placed an order for the Sure Clip Platinum on 11/22/09. The incredibly confusing website (should have been a clue, huh?) gave me a total cost of $49.95. I had a funny feeling about placing an order since the website was so deliberately obtuse, so I sent the order page to my printer, even though the website said I would get a confirmation email and invoice shortly. Assuming the page had printed exactly as it appeared on my computer screen, I neglected to pick up the print until later that evening. All personal and order information had miraculously disappeared from the print, leaving only the Sure Clip advertising behind.

I received the confirmation email within minutes, but the invoice didn't come until December 15, 2009, with a note that they had shipped my order and billed me a total of $107.88! I immediately protested the charge through my credit card company which refunded my $107.88, pending a dispute from the vendor. Well, of course, the thieves from Sure Clip disputed it, sending Capital One a bunch of fraudulent paperwork, and I was once again billed the $107.88. In the meantime, the package had finally arrived, I wrote “REFUSED” in huge letters all over it, and immediately drove to my post office to have it sent back. That was 1/6/10 and the USPS still has the tracking information down that it was refused in Anchorage, but not that it has been received or accepted back wherever it was shipped from.

In the meantime, I've attempted to call their Customer Service Dept. on 3 occasions. Each time, I was left on hold between 25-65 minutes, with no human being ever picking up the phone, just that incredibly irritating mechanical voice telling me I'm a valued customer. Did anyone besides me notice that you can place an order over a toll free line, but the customer service number isn't toll free? You hold for over an hour, never get to speak to a human being, and then you get stuck with the bill for the phone call! Never again will I purchase a single thing "As Seen on TV!".

This company should be called sure to be This is the most unscrupulous company I have ever dealt with online. You do not get a chance to review your order before finalizing. The amount of popup adds you are forced to navigate is very confusing. I had ordered one pair of clippers for $9.99 plus shipping and handling. When my wife opened the box, we found two clippers sets and were billed a total of $52. Trying to deal with their customer service was like banging your head against a wall. Everyone should do themselves a favor and stay away from this website.

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On 1/3/2010, I placed an order on the Sure Clip web site. One of the blocks to be checked on the on-line order form was for "Quantity," with a maximum limit of 8. I assumed that meant individual Sure Clip units, but "Quantity" turned out to be for each double offer (Buy one, Get one free. ) I marked the Quantity block for 4 (four) so I would have one plus a spare for myself, and two more for gifts.

I filled out the on-line order form expecting to have a chance to review the number of items and total before actually confirming my order. However, my order was processed immediately, without getting a chance to review it for errors or misunderstandings. I had no way of knowing the final total cost of the order, nor of knowing that my order was for 8 individual Sure Clip units, not 4. Not only that, I never received an e-mail order confirmation. I still had no way of knowing.

The Sure Clip website did not have an e-mail address for customer service, only a telephone number (not toll-free). I placed the order over a weekend, so I could not contact customer service until the following day. When I tried to call that number the next day to confirm the order, I was unable to get a decent connection that I could understand. I have severe hearing disabilities which make communicating quite difficult, especially on the telephone. I tried to contact Sure Clip customer service multiple times over the next two days, but had no better results.

On 1/6/2010 (three days after my order), I received an e-mail stating that my Sure Clip order had been shipped. That e-mail confirmed my fears that the 4 units I thought I had ordered were actually 8 units at a total cost $40.00, plus $6.99 shipping and handling costs for each of the 8 individual units, which added a total of $55.92! The grand total for the order was $95.92! Had I seen this information before finalizing the order, I would have revised the number of units, or more, likely have not completed the order.

On 1/13/2010 I received the package containing all 8 Sure Clips (plus free accessories - a tube of foot cream and a 4-way nail file block with each Sure Clip) via US Postal Service. The enclosed shipping document had a toll-free customer service number which I immediately called. Eventually I was I able to speak to a supervisor named Caroline (at approx. 4:30 p.m. CST. ) After she understood that I had been unable to review the order before placing it, and that I had never received a confirmation of the order until the e-mail stating that the order had been shipped, she said that I could return any unopened units for full refund, including shipping costs.

The Sure Clip web site states that the 30-day money back guarantee does not include shipping and handling costs, but since I misunderstood the offer terms and had no way of confirming the order, I questioned Caroline about what would be my refund if I returned 4 of the 8 units and their associated free accessories. She said it would be $47.96. If I returned 6 of the 8 units plus their associated accessories, the refund would be $71.94. Both of these quotes given to me by Supervisor Caroline indicated that a refund would include the shipping and handling costs for the returned units.

This would certainly be fair, but I have no way of being sure that what Supervisor Caroline promised would actually happen if I returned the items. If the shipping and handling charges are not refunded, my refund for the return of 4 unopened Sure Clip units would be only $20.00 (not $47.96), and only $30.00 (not $71.94) for the return of 6 unopened units. I asked Caroline for a written confirmation of what she had said about a refund including the shipping and handling costs, and she said that she would send me an e-mail within 24 hours. That was six days ago, and still no e-mail.

I still have no way to contact Sure Clip other than conventional mail to the Sure Clip Return Department in Pacoima, CA. The 30-day money back guarantee will almost surely have expired before I can get an answer back. Unless I can get a written confirmation that Sure Clip will provide a full refund for the portion of the inadvertent double-sized order that I made due to very misleading advertising on the web site, I will not return the merchandise.

The Sure Clip web site is guilty of many shoddy (if not downright illegal) advertising and selling practices. Their method of completing the transaction without giving the purchaser an intermediate review page (with itemized contents and price of an order) before finalization is the worst. Not sending a confirmation e-mail compounds that omission. I know they had my e-mail address because Supervisor Caroline read it to me without my giving it to her.

Not only that, but their method of practically giving away an item and packing a large part of the actual cost into non-refundable shipping and handling charges is a scam designed to insure a substantial profit even if the item (or items) is (or are) returned! In my case the actual weight of the package containing all eight units and their accessories was less than four pounds, and the package was shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Select SmartPost (not airmailed or expedited. ) There is no way that postage and handling could be even close to $55.92.

I placed an order for sure clip (get one free plus S/H). They told me the shipping/H was $6.95. When they sent an order confirm, the S/H was $25.95 plus the (2) nail clips were suppose to be $19.99 first and $10 for the other, they charged me $49.97. I called and cancelled the order prior to shipment. They took the info and order #. (3) Days later the package arrived. They now say I can return the items for a refund minus my S/H of $25.95. I explained the order was cancelled prior to shipment but they refuse to return my S/H. What company tells u 1 cost for shipping then sends an email with 4 times the cost? How can anyone ship a nail clipper and it costs $25.95 to ship it. Besides, the clippers are a piece of junk.

The phone call never, at any time, told me how much would be charged to my account for the Sure Clip purchase. The automated sales pitch went on and on forever and there was no way of stopping it. I could only afford the Sure Clip and not all the other stuff being offered to me. It sent my blood pressure over the top trying to get a live body to talk to or to shut up the automated crap.

The offer says $10.00, buy one get one free. Small print says $6.99 S&H. After you enter credit card info and name and address you click next and there are 6 more screens with more offers, you click no on each then get to a page with a confirmation number. There is no total purchase anywhere. I do not know how much my credit card will be charged. I called up customer service and they said the S&H is $6.99 per unit. Which brings my total to $23.98. I have included the language from the website detailing the extra charges. No where does it say $6.99 each unit.

"Offer Details: Sure Clip is the world's most advanced nail clipper. The wide, rubberized non-slip comfort grip gives you complete control. The professional quality stainless steel blades give a clean, precise cut every time. With an extra wide opening, Sure Clip even cuts thick, hard nails. There's even a built in diamond-edge steel file, to smooth edges or for quick touch ups. No more flying clips, no more bending to clean up, no more squinting or struggling to see what you're cutting. Today when you order the Sure Clip for only $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping and handling, you will also receive the 4-in-1 Miracle Nail Buffer, and Miracle Foot Repair Cream FREE! But as part of our special offer you get a second Sure Clip with 4-in-1 Miracle Nail Buffer and Miracle Foot Repair Cream FREE! Just pay a separate $6.99 to cover the processing and handling fee. For AK, AS, HI, FM, GU, MH, MP, CA, PR, PW, VI, there is an additional $1.99 processing and handling fee on all products. "

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