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When I ordered this stuff I only asked for the sample, which I got, and it did not work at all. They stated they would send me a kit for the month if I liked it, instead they billed me for the kit, which I have never received. I canceled it past the eight days. Fine I understand that, but why should I pay for a kit I have not received and it has been over a month. I should at least get the kit but these people are ripoff artists. If you could maybe see if a federal complaint cannot be filed against them. I have asked for my refund but they only deducted $15 and change. Please let people know about this scheme.

I ordered a sample trial of Sparkle whitening. I was informed that I would be charged a recurring payment if I did not cancel within 8 days. I told the representative that I just wanted to cancel right now and not worry about it. The representative did it over the phone and told me it was done. I then received a charge on my card less than the 8 days for $94.31. I called 1-866-711-2831 twice to complain and get refund. Talked to two "claimed" supervisors "Faye" and "Irleen" who would not let me speak to their supervisor or give me their name. Told me they could only refund 60% of the charge. Called again and was told I would be called by a manager "Ericson". We will see.

I wanted a trial package and was told I had 14 days to cancel. Hadn't even had it a week and they took 97 dollars out of my account, then tried to give me 35% back, then 60%, then I mentioned the ATG and BBB and was given the address to return and get a full refund. Then I got a email saying if the package was damaged I'd be charged 19.99!!! OMG! Didn't open the plastic but did open to read, but I will tell everyone and their Mama if they dont give it back... So, if I would've used it, what then, I WAS NOT GIVEN THE TRIAL PERIOD TO EVEN TRY IT!! I'm super angry.

I too was charged $1.03 1st day then next day $3.87... then 1 week later $94.31. I was not happy... called 1.866.711.2831. Complained of being ripped off... wanted full refund... kept offering partial. I said "No I will get a 100% refund. I need address to send back to and I'm reporting your company to the BBB." They are giving me a 100% refund when product returned. I am stopping payment with credit card also. Never. Forget business with this crooked sleazy company.

Grrrr. I saw a free trial for teeth whitening (Sparkling White) on FB ads. Just had to pay s+h. The ad said the company wanted to promote their product. I received the kit last Fri. This morning, they took $94.31 from my bank acct. Fine print, it's an 8 day trial that begins when they process the order (it was on the 15th) of course, also I never saw that. If I cancelled before the 8 days, I would be charged $9.40, and if I didn't, I'd be charged the monthly membership fee of $94.31. Called the company. They will not budge. Don't be fooled, like I was.

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Showed up on my Visa bill as White Bright. I called the company and explained that I had only ordered their $1 free sample. I was told I had signed up for a two- week free trial; if I did not cancel I had agreed to pay $92.37 per month. I was not able to get a refund. I did get a cancellation number but have little faith in that. I called Visa and explained circumstances. Visa has filed a complaint with the company. Hope to get my money back. This is a classic credit card rip-off.

I ordered for a free trial of Sparkle White that cost 0.99 dollars. I did not see for additional payment. Luckily, I was not being charged of $ 90 a month as their hidden agenda who were signed up for a free trial because my debit card was change from WAMU to Chase. Surprisingly, I got a mail that I owed them $182.64 because my card declined their charges.

They force me to pay them within 10 days. Otherwise, they will send it to third party collection agency. I just receive only a small of box like 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide which is reasonable as a free testing product. I don't receive anything after that and I don’t want to receive anymore because it doesn’t really work. It is a scam to get out debit card number and to charge that account continuously.

In December of 2009, I thought I had signed up for a free trial of Sparkle White teeth whitening product. What I did not know is that my credit card was charged $92.38 for the teeth whitening product. When I called to find out why I was charged, they stated that the product was sent free, but if I did not want charged I needed to return the product in 30 days. I told them that I haven't even opened the product and I wished to return it to them. They basically told me I only had the 30 days to return the product, so I was unable to return it and was basically stuck with both the charge and the product. I feel that it was a total scam and they know it. They were very rude and not willing at the very least to help me get my money back. The damages that I have incurred is the loss of the $92.38.

I agreed to receive a trial sample and Sparkle White just keeps sending product to me every month and billing my credit card for $90 plus a month and I want them to stop it. I don't want this any more and it does not work like they say it does.

I ordered a sample for less than $5 and was charged $92.37 three times on my credit card. I was able to get one of the charges refunded when I called the vendor and told them to cancel. I hope there will be no further charges as I only wanted to try the sample. I did not want to sign up for a monthly supply. I am quite angry about this.

I ordered a sample that costs $1.99. My credit card was billed for $92.38. When I called to rectify the situation, I was told that I "didn't read the fine print." That's ridiculous! I am an educated person who had no intention of spending $92.38 on this product. They agreed to credit my card with $62.38. I heard the explanation of how they were really "bending the rules" just to refund the $62.38. I received a cancellation number, but who knows if it is legit or not.

I was supposed to order a trial for $0.99 and they charged me on my bank account for $165. I tried to call the customer service to cancel the product, but it was not working and I also entered my email address on their website to cancel the product and they said that I wasn’t an existing customer. They just sent me an email to tell me that I will be automatically billed for the next month’s trial, but I want to cancel it but I can’t reach them. I am scared that they will withdraw money again on my account. I am overdraft with my bank and I can’t withdraw any money now. It’s a really difficult situation.

I agreed to a promotional trial offer of "Sparkle White" tooth whitener and paid for the shipping and handling of $3.95. And 2 weeks later, my credit card was charged $92.38 for "Green Tea Diet." I never ordered or received anything called "Green Tea Diet." When I finally got through to talk to a live person, I was told that the entry for "Green Tea Diet" was simply the name that was used to bill for "Sparkle White."

This makes no sense, of course. It's a scam! These people gave me the runaround and a lot of double talk about one company billing for another company. What a scam! I'm so careful. I can't believe I got caught up in this. I will never do this again.

I signed up online for free trial of Sparkle White. I just had to pay 99 cents for shipping. Now, my credit card has been billed for $92.37 for Maqui Berry Burn Provo UT. After investigating online, I found that it was for the Sparkle White. I have thus far been unable to reach them to cancel. The customer service recording says they are out of the office at this time and the internet site customer service does not have me listed as a client, so I cannot cancel this order that I didn't really order.

I received a box of each of the above products (teeth whitening) and have been billed so far 2 x $92.37 and more. These products were not ordered by me, but somehow they have my e-mail and credit card info, name and address. I am on a fixed income of Social Security, and now my rent check has bounced because I have only a limited income to live on. I called them and was told that I received 2 shipments and I only received 1. I am willing to return to sender via UPS for tracking info. But they said they would not credit my account, and that I did receive 2 shipments when in fact I only received the one. This is a big scam and must be stopped. I am going to have to cancel my credit card which is going to create a lot of problems for me. Please help me.

I ordered a free sample, then my credit card was charged without my consent.

I had the same online experience as others. I ordered the 30-day free trial for the tooth whitener and the next think I knew I was charged not only the shipping of $1.99, but a charge of $92.37 on 10-19-09 by this name and phone number: PEARLY8662402491 866-240-2491. When I called, they said that there was fine print that said I would be charged for the first 30 days if I didn't call. I then told them that it had only been 10 days or so, and they said that I could return it as I hadn't opened it. They gave me an RMA number and shipping instructions. I returned it and have the signed receipt but have not yet been credited. I am trying to get through to them by phone and have not been successful as yet.

Trial offer - free product you pay shipping. Did not see fine print re: future charges. Hit bank account with debit of $92.37 10 days later. I saw an article on the MSN home page recommending this product and providing the web site for a trial offer (free product you pay shipping). Ordered, did not see any fine print about future charges. Debit to my bank account of $3.77 on 11-9 POS PURCHASE AT DENTAPRO then noticed the evening of 11-20 a debit of $92.37 on 11-19 POS PURCHASE AT MAQUI BERRY BURN PROVO UT. Researched the internet and saw a number of scam reports for this. Made the connection to Sparkle White.

Found their Customer Support URL and entered email address to cancel "subscription" and called Customer Support Phone and got an after hours recording. See Terms and Conditions link on the bottom of the site, which state they will charge your account this amount if you do not cancel within 10 days. Their Terms and Conditions are very dishonest - please review. The product is certainly not worth $92.37. I will call them as soon as they are available this morning, 11-21. I am waiting on my bank to call me to let me know what my options are. This company is deceitful and should be looked into so that others are not scammed as I was. $92.37 is a lot of money to be debited from your bank account unknowingly. For some, this could create a host of costly penalties if the debit were to push the account into the negatives. Thank you.

I signed up for the 10 day Free Trial Offer and paid for the shipping on 10/30/09. I received the product on 11/6/09. On 11/8/09 my checking account was debited $92.37 by a company "Holistic" of Houston, TX. I contacted the phone number immediately but the recording said it was not in there service time. I called on 11/9/09 and spoke with a customer service person and they said I was charged that amount because I had not called to cancel within the 10 days. I did not authorize this charge and offered to return the product unopened to them. I was told she would email me a RMA but to date I have not received it. I do not see how being charged the $92.37 is a Free Trial and how can one try something if they have not received it. Plus there was no information with the product of instructions of what to do to cancel such as a phone number or address. Company Profile

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