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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Sephora?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 3, 2024

    Terrible service. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered. But I never received it. I have cameras that show no delivery. I contacted Sephora and they did nothing. The agent didn't even try to hear my full story that it wasn't delivered to my property. Then I talked to the supervisor. She just copied and pasted the same response of the previous agent. The total of the items I bought was 305$.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 12, 2024

    Long story but helpful if you have time to read. I want to warn everyone. I have been Rouge for many years and happy with all of my purchases since until April 10, 2024. I placed an order online in total of $428 for delivery on April 7 at 1am. It said delivery by April 11. On April 7 at 6am, the very first thing I did after I woke up was I chatted with their customer to ask them hold off my package for 2 days while it’s still in the warehouse or if they could switch to a pickup order because I would be on vacation with my family that I haven’t met for 4 years until April 12. They said “No”. They couldn’t do anything to stop it. They kept suggesting me having someone to watch the package when I told them already I had no one nearby. They were absolutely a terrible listener.

    We lived in a townhouse by street and there is no safe spot to put the package at all. I don’t know my neighbor or anyone nearby that I could ask to keep the package for me since we just moved there. They said only way I could do is to contact the carrier company myself once it’s shipped to ask them to hold it. Okay, fine, once the package was shipped. Status “ Awaiting for carrier pickup”. It was by TForce Logistics, then I asked Sephora for TForce contact details but when I gave TForce a call, turned out it was TForce Freight which they never ever do delivery for Sephora and they said they have been called a lot from misunderstanding. I was just shocked!! Sephora doesn’t know their own people! OMG!! I called again still got a wrong phone number.

    Anyway, I got TForce correct number eventually but this logistics company is Very bad. They don’t know what they’re doing. They couldn’t pull up the tracking number that Sephora gave. When I asked if they would usually call receivers before delivery or not, they said they wouldn’t know until they could pull up the tracking number. They have very low rate on Google. People have bad experience with them. However, Sephora choose to just use the cheapest carrier to save themselves and offer pain to their customers.

    I was on the phone with Sephora and TForce on my vacation back and forth for more than 4 hours and my request still didn’t get done. I was very upset and worried and this matter literally ruined my good time with my family. Sephora third customer service that I called said TForce wouldn’t be able to pull up the tracking number until they receive the package from Sephora. I called Sephora again and couldn’t hold my tears because I was so worried that my package would get stolen while I was away.

    The last customer service I spoke with on that day asked me to choose if I wanted a refund or delaying they shipment. I said refund and I would return all the products to the store if it doesn’t get lost because I just wanted to get done with this order. She asked me to call back when the status changes to “Delivered” and they would proceed the refund.

    On April 9 at 6pm, I noticed that the status had been changed to “Picked up by carrier”. I thought, okay, now TForce should be able to pull up the tracking number and hold it for me. On April 10, I called Tforce again at 7am to hold it. They said they couldn’t because it’s already on the way. The only way they could do is to put a note for the driver to read and hold off. Sure enough, my package was delivered at my front door at 8:30am without any phone call from them. I called Sephora according to her instructions and it was picked up by a more senior customer service. I was devastated that they would not be responsible for any loss or stolen package. It’s there, then it’s there. And there would be no refund. She said no one would promise me that and it was just that they would try to delay the shipment. I tried to explain that I was offered for 2 solutions which was either refund or postponing the shipment.

    If I knew that there wouldn’t be a refund, I would have picked postponing the shipment instead. I asked her if it’s my fault and begged for empathy but her response was “Is there anything else I can do for you?”. I was just in a Big Big shocked moment. Basically she said that I was lying. I challenge Sephora here to go listen to our conversation and tell me if that customer service used the word “try” or not. It was a FIRM solution she gave to me!! Before excusing someone or protecting your own people, look at yourself first.

    Everyone, there is no room from Sephora for emergencies or mistakes or changes once you place an order for delivery. I would like to tell my story to everyone at the loudest voice so that no one has to suffer like me. I will still shop at Sephora because I need Dr Dennis products otherwise I would say bye to Sephora forever. I tried my best to be responsible for my order but no help from Sephora at all. Heartless and poor communications within. Their free delivery is useless and very risky. I would never buy anything for delivery from Sephora ever again.

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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 20, 2024

      I brought my granddaughter to Sephora at the Christiana Mall in Delaware to spend $150 in gift cards that I had previously purchased. I had the cards out ready to pay with the cards when the employee suggested that I could get a 25% discount on the products if I opened a credit card. I figured why not if that allows my granddaughter more buying power. I opened the card and was waiting for the discount to be applied to this purchase. Instead, I was told that we could hold onto the cards for another time and I would be billed on my card with the discount included. I told her that was not my intent since I bought the cards to begin with and I was not going to pay for purchases two times. I was told there was nothing I could do.

      The manager came over and said she was unable to do anything but I could call the credit card company. I did not want these items to be billed to me since that was never my intent. I insisted I had paid for gift cards to use. The manager went into the back room, probably to call someone else. She finally came out and returned all of the items on the charge and we bought them again with the gift cards. I am assuming employees are pressured to get people to sign up for credit cards and I am blaming management for putting this pressure on their people. I should not have been put in this position and their attitude could have been more helpful.

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      Reviewed Feb. 5, 2024

      I had the worst experience at that horrible place. They lie, cheat, steal. I went in for a free makeover and was massively cheated with my time over and over but this time they made me feel so scared and discriminated because I’m **. They were huge ** women and all ganged around myself and my mother. They wouldn’t let us leave, refused to listen. They were not hardly letting me breathe. I couldn’t understand why. I had been wronged by them and they should have been making it wrong, not worse. Then when I barely had time for this terrible makeover which they refused to allow me to have a day, they used products I was returning and when I spoke up, oh boy the biggest one was back and breathing down my neck. I wanted out but nope.

      Champaign, IL store, people beware. I tried many times to tell them, only to be ignore. I also am deathly allergic to perfume. So not really as any gesture someone said they’d send me some samples to try to makeup, ha. She sent me, also from this store, an entire box of perfume and smelly skincare, causing me to go into shock while only trying trying to get the box shut so I could toss it out my back patio but that is where my little dog also goes and plays so I had to shut it or she could die also. I never made it to my **. Thank God my mother was coming to my house, found me passed out, and got me to the ER, before I was dead.

      Also they made my shipping for Canada which is double tax. So they are again illegally not paying taxes and making me pay - which I’m not anymore and need to see why the IRS is t doing their job. They did this to MO and were charged with over 2 million in charges. Stop buying from this illegal company. Do they finally have to kill us? They just about did me.


      Reviewed Jan. 1, 2024

      They have allowed the rudest people to work at Sephora and I think they encourage it. They actually do not wait on you, then walk up to grown adult women and say "We can't have you going through the drawers. We'll get it for you." Then they look through the same drawer and announce they're out of what you asked for and walk off. Then proceed to ignore you after that again. I will never shop at Sephora again.

      Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 20, 2023

      I have been a member of Sephora's Rouge program for many years. I have been buying from them quite regularly during this time. But today I am cutting ties with them. Their customer service has taken a turn for the worse. They consistently use 1 star shippers like Fed Ex (and using boxes labeled with Sephora on it is a giant target for thieves), despite repeated complaints about their service. I had a package with a large order marked as delivered by Fed Ex in November, which was never actually delivered (or delivered to the wrong address). I contacted them about this and they sent me replacements. I was not told at the time that, should I have future delivery issues, there is a cap on how much they will assist you in terms of refunds or replacements for shipping issues. Now I have had a second shipment that was not delivered correctly, this time by a different carrier (USPS).

      After speaking to the carrier, the advice was to contact the shipper. I have done so and been told that, because I have reached a limit on the amount of assistance they can provide, that they will not refund or replace my lost products. I was told to file a claim with the carrier. Carriers do not process claims from recipients, only from shippers. So, despite the volume of orders I have placed with them this year, and in years previous, despite my long Rouge member status, they refuse to assist me. Sorry for your loss. It should be noted that you cannot order things from their website and have them sent to the store for pickup. If you what you want from them is not in stock at a local store, they will only ship it to you. But if you have poor carriers in your area you are rolling the dice with your money ordering from them. This is totally unacceptable. I am very disappointed and do not recommend this store and will no longer be shopping there.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 7, 2023

      I placed a next day delivery thru the app yesterday and received an email confirming my order. I received one today at noon saying the order was on the way. An hour later order was cancelled (not by me but by Sephora). I call CS today and am told it was cancelled because “the driver did not complete the delivery”. So I’m never doing a same or next day delivery with them again. How ridiculous. Now I have to wait for a refund, which I’m told could take up to 7 business days

      Customer ServiceCoverage

      Reviewed May 29, 2023

      When you make a Mail return to Sephora, they send you an email informing you that you will receive your refund "within 10 business days." They do not abide by this claim, and instead say that 30 days from the day you send your return, when FedEx gets it in their hands, that if your refund has not been processed, they will give you that refund. Well, Customer Service has given me the runaround online, in email and by supervisors on the phone, giving me different answers to this problem, finally deciding that I have to wait literally indefinitely, that there is no end/resolution date, that there is no date with which I can contact them in the future and receive my $140 refund, if the warehouse has not processed the return by then, (which they always do the very next day after receiving it).

      They received my return 26 days ago and it was sent out 31 days ago. What they’re basically telling me that is that if they NEVER process it, I will NEVER see my $140 again. This, from a supervisor. So, they are keeping the products and keeping my money and there’s nothing I can do about any of it. What they’re doing is the literal definition of stealing. The warehouse clearly lost the order and it’s never going to be processed, and therefore, $140 is gone, forever.

      This company needs to be run out of business ASAP. I cannot believe they’re stealing that much money from a customer. They can’t tell me a single thing that I’ve done wrong or any kind of policy that I have violated. I mean, nothing! Just, "Sorry, you just gonna have to wait indefinitely, and I can’t give you a date by which you can call us and if it hasn’t been processed, you can get your money back." This is against their own business claims, which are in writing. I’m dead serious when I say nothing else has gone on, that exactly what I said is exactly what’s occurred. There is nothing else to this, like it might be easy to think, since this is so outrageous. It’s now May 29. The items were purchased on April 17 and were in FedEx hands for return on April 28, and received by Sephora on May 3. This is all documented.

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      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 8, 2023

      First they asked to enable the free trial subscription for one month. I did. Then I canceled the subscription in app side. But they took it money from my card. I called customer service, they told I didn't cancel the subscription. Then she cancelled my subscription. At last she is telling it is refundable. I don't have both option. They are doing fraud.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 25, 2023

      Placed an order last Thursday the 19th through Sephora's Customer Service line. The order included 6 gift cards and a charge to my Amex. When I called Friday the 20Th to learn when the order would ship I was told it was cancelled for some nonsense about the rep did not make a note that he verified my billing address. I was told it would take 2 business days for my 6 gift cards to be refunded $395.00) and I’d receive email verification. I was told this by Supervisor “Mi (?). No email but Called today to place the order as I received a back in stock notification and it’s been 2 business days. I was told the cards were already used on a different account to ship to a different state on the 20Th.

      Escalated to a Supervisor to be told gift cards are considered cash and nothing that can be done???? I’m suppose to eat almost $400? Tyra (?) refused to give me the department he was escalating to or his Managers name. I asked more than 5 times and he refused continually saying he couldn’t guarantee anything. I explained the only individual other than me with access to those gift cards were Sephora employees who interacted with my order

      I’ve been promised by 2 representatives and 2 supervisors that I would be contacted by call and email. Nothing! Poor service and not to mention my stupidity to entrust Sephora with my funds and now I’m simply suppose to “eat” accept this fraud? Next will be a certified letter to their Corporate office and the media. I don’t know about others but I refuse to accept the lack of employee ownership with “sorry our employee stole your information. Nothing we can do!” If anyone has a recommendation other that me Fedexing a letter and contacting the media in NC and California (I believe that is their Corporate office) I’m willing to listen. 
Please choose a different retailer. Apparently they are big enough they don’t feel bad ripping off the little guy.

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      Sephora was founded in France in 1970 and now operates over 1,900 stores in 29 countries. They have partnered with the department store JCPenney and have over 485 Sephora stores inside of JCPenney locations in the United States. The company offers only prestige makeup brands, including their own Sephora line.

      • Science of Sephora: Sephora is dedicated to having the most knowledgeable team of consultants in all their stores, which is why they created the Science of Sephora program. Every Sephora consultant goes through rigorous training so they can identify different skin types and understand skin physiology to help customers find the best products for their skin. The program also teaches consultants background on makeup history, best techniques for application and the science of developing fragrances.

      • Skincare IQ: Use Sephora’s online tool to find products that match your needs based on your skin concern, product type and/or brand. You can also meet with an in-store consultant to figure out your Skin IQ.

      • In-store consultations and makeovers: Schedule a 45-minute full makeover at your local Sephora location. The makeover is complimentary with a minimum $50 purchase. If you have more time, and have more questions about your skincare routine, schedule a customized 90-minute full makeup, skincare and fragrance makeover. This is free with a minimum $125 purchase.

      • In store beauty classes: Sephora regularly offers free beauty classes in their stores to help you learn everything from the basics of contouring to how to apply your own false eyelashes. See the complete list of classes on Sephora’s website or check with your local store.

      • Prestige products: Sephora sells only prestige products, so consumers who are concerned with the ingredients in their makeup can shop at Sephora knowing they are only getting high-quality cosmetics.

      The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

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