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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Mary Kay Cosmetics?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2023

    If you have sensitive skin, I personally do not recommend this makeup. My experience was that I was getting old makeup and not new "fresh" makeup. I am older but had red spots all over my face, hands and arms. I ended up in the hospital for 6 days with 2 antibiotics and steroids. I can't say I do NOT like Mary Kay, but I never had an issue with my face until I used Mary Kay.

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2022

    You need to reconsider your packaging for environmental reasons. I received 2 tiny plastic tubes of gel blush (that I love). BUT it came in a box 10 inches x 7 inches and a 4 inch height with a million noodles. Could have been sent in a small envelope with 2 stamps. Had trouble finding the product in all that packaging.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 19, 2022

    Love their products!! My face looks and feels amazing, I am 46 years old and people think I am no older than 38. I am loving it. Best customer service, my consultant is always amazing at working her small business. Never have a problem. If I do not like something, I have never had an issue with returning it.

    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2022

    Horrible experience. They could care less. Tried to cancel 7 different ways. Called corporate. Buyer beware. They add products to cart and overcharge. If you order products you don't receive them. Run run run.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2021

    I ordered Mary Kay on August 23, 2021 for a September 17th wedding. The order was processed by Consultant August 28th and money removed from account August 30th. It is now October 6th with no products and no refund. I spoke with my Consultant several times, emailed Mary Kay with no reply and spoke to 2 Representatives. The Representatives won't issue me a refund because "that is the Consultant's responsibility". I have not received my order after several inquiries, emails and calls. This is the second time I had to pester Mary Kay for my order. So 43 days, $150 out and still no product or refunds. You can bet your ** I'm taking my business elsewhere.

    Reviewed July 8, 2021

    I purchased this product about four weeks ago. I used it twice that week and on the second day I noticed white spots around my lips my cheek and my jaw. It has been four weeks and no improvement. I have gone to doctors, dermatologists etc. No luck my face has been discolored for almost a month and no improvement. Now it started to itch and burn with any moisturizer.


    Reviewed July 1, 2021

    From the start I should have known creams that felt very heavy were not a good idea!! During my facial the consultant seen that my face was broken out and red, but she continued to say to me my skin needs to adjust to it, I believed her, I bought the Timewise set. I was very excited to try something new! So Day 1 redness burning-day 2 redness burning rash, day 3 burning burning I burning!! I sent my consultant a text. I was ignored for about 4 days.

    I finally text her again and said, "Please I would like a return. My skin on fire." She replied, "I'm sorry I've been busy." Hmm ... but I felt she didn't give two dams about my skin, days went by and now I'm being ignored for my refund?!?! At this point I'm over. I told her, "I do not want anything from Mary Kay. I want full refund!" I feel if I was taking into consideration I would have handled it better! Now I'm irritated and tell my friends don't buy from MK. Seems they are too much into themselves and that pink Cadillac!

    Reviewed May 17, 2021

    I have been using this product line 3 months. I also purchased the timewise foundation to get the full affect of the regimen. I have never been more satisfied with any product. It was a process of self discipline using it on a strict routine but I would recommend it to anyone with any kind of skin problems. It's did miracles to my rosacea!


    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2021

    I'm glad I've used Mary Kay for a long time now; otherwise, I'd be swayed by the earlier reviews. When I get facials at professional salons, I'm always told that it shows that I use a skin care regimen. In fact, I've been asked what products I use, because the products at the more expensive salons haven't worked for some of the estheticians. I'm 52 and I don't have bags under my eyes. I have not had any work done. Something in their skin care products is working.


    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2021

    Wow! I see so many bad and relatable reviews on Mary Kay Cosmetics. So I now understand that they've all been giving me the runaround intentionally. I purchased their face/makeup products and I now have such a bad skin rash! The consultant Aimee Michelle ** and her recruiter Yvonne are just not professional. They verbally attacked me when I went to return the products. They insisted to film my body to get proof of my rash. Finally, I left with the products and no refund. They wanted to take the products but not refund my money.

    I spoke to Nadia, Amanda the supervisor, Elena and none of them have done better than say how deeply sorry they are for my experience and how I am getting a refund in the following hours. This has been going on since January 15th and we are the 19th 2021. I started to use these products Dec 15th 2020 and reaction started few days later. I filled out all the forms they sent and they acted surprised like their products have never given anyone rash or allergies so they said they have to do a lab test. Well I'm definitely taking legal action. If other customers have been easy on them, they will definitely hear more about me.

    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2020

    Mary Kay's cosmetic products not only look great on, but they feel weightless and natural. The selection of colors and formulas is for all skin types and shades.


    Reviewed Oct. 5, 2020

    The brand is a affordable. And compared with supermarket products are good. Anti-aging are very good and also their consultants always help their customers and try to do their best.

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2020

    I like Mary Kay's foundation, they do not have lipstick that's my color, plus it doesn't stay on. Lipstick is the hardest to find that looks good on me for my age.

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2020

    I have a skin allergy. Mary Kay has a line of makeup and skin care products which I am able to effectively use to keep my skin healthy and achieve the look I want.

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2020

    I have spent approx 3 hours of my life trying to get a refund from Mary Kay because their consultant is awful. Paid with debit card but they insist on mailing a check! Still no refund after 2 MONTHS of calling. Consultant I used is a scammer!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2020

    I ordered 2-Ultimate Black Mascara directly from the official Mary Kay website. I received the product timely. The product was expired with a manufacture date of January 8, 2000. I emailed the Mary Kay representative several times and did not get a reply. I emailed Mary Kay website directly and received a reply they received my email and had 3 days to respond back. No response back has been provided. I called the customer service telephone number several times with just being put on hold.

    I finally returned the expired product via mail requesting a replacement. Of course, no reponse back, no fresh product replacement, nothing. Just took my money and sold me product I cannot use. I have bought Mary Kay product via eBay and received expired product. I thought buying direct from their website would guarantee fresh product. I was wrong. Mary Kay claims to guarantee their product and customer satisfaction. It has been over a month and I have received no response. I love Mary Kay product and used them for years. Will never again buy Mary Kay and make sure people know it.

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    Reviewed July 10, 2020

    I have been to a couple Mary Kay cosmetic parties. I always received the free samples of the Time wise age minimize 3d eye cream. Love it, smells wonderful works great. I ordered for the very first time the full size exact product. It took over 2 weeks to receive it. The first one they sent never arrived and never got a tracking number when the product was shipped so the sent another still took 2 weeks to get it. Started using it and it's not the same as the samples. Doesn't work or smell as good as the samples. Very disappointed, first and last time ever purchaser. Will never buy from Mary Kay products again.


    Reviewed April 28, 2020

    I have used Mary Kay for over 30 years. I ordered a new set of Timewise and was shocked at the perfume smell. I have very dry skin and the only thing ever worked on my skin was Mary Kay. I washed my face with the cleanser and my face burned and when my skin dried felt like it was going to crack. I applied the night cream and wow my face turned red and burned like anything. What is wrong with these people? Next morning same thing. I threw it in the trash. Goodbye Mary Kay. More money and horrible product. Sad. If there was a -15 I would give it that as a rating.


    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2020

    I needed to return a product and the consultant they assigned me to told me to send pics of the product. I did that and explained why I wanted to return the product. She basically ignored me after that. I called the Mary Kay customer service line. Less than helpful. They told me they will reach out to her and she would contact me in 2 business days. Nothing. I then sent a email to Mary Kay with all info, pics of product, copy of emails to my so-called consultant. They asked for more info, which I provided. It’s been a week and nothing. Do yourself a favor and go to an actual store/make-up counter with a real consultant who wants you to be happy with their product. Mary Kay should be ashamed of themselves.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2020

    Had tried products in the past, they were ok. Nothing special. Eyeshadow pigmentation disappointing. Not much of a variety. Prefer other brands. Won a “free microdermabrasion facial” “pampering session” from a local restaurant, definitely wasn’t expecting to show up to a sales pitch, trying to be recruited as a rep and the facial being pea sized product I’d put on myself. To call that a microdermabrasion facial is laughable. Nothing pampering about trying to be sold a ton of expensive skincare products you don’t need and being hammered about joining the sales team. I do love makeup but was only shown 1 eyeliner and 4 eyeshadows. And even with a $25 gift certificate still paid $7 for 1 liquid shadow and eyeliner pen.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2019

    Terrible customer service! Called to cancel an order. Was told "cross your fingers" to see if they could cancel the order. I have been a consultant for two years and I have never been this disappointed! Customer service rep was very dismissive. I ask for a supervisor and was transferred to a voicemail without being told I was being transferred to a voicemail. Was also told that NO refunds are given and I cannot exchange the products for something else. Will be sharing this experience with anyone who is interested in Mary Kay. I have never had anything bad to say about Mary Kay and actually promoted all products for the last two years. I will never do that again and I will actually encourage people to stay away from this brand from now on since this was the experience I had. I cannot stand by a brand that does not even have compassion for the people that sell it. What a joke!


    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2019

    I have been with the Mary Kay company for 17 years as an Independent Beauty Consultant. In that time I have seen many changes to the product line and many price increases with those changes. I have always been able to roll with the changes however with this new foundation line, I can't even begin to tell you all of the problems encountered by myself and my customers. First of all, you have to go through endless samples to even narrow it down to find a few possibilities. Every shade is so very specific that if you get the slightest tan, you have to change your entire shade. It's virtually impossible to find your shade without cutting open endless sample packets because they don't at all match the shades in the Look book.

    The old formulas were simple and the sample packets had a see-through window to assess color. Whoever came up with this new foundation idea has created a nightmare for me and my customers. So if you are not annoyed enough, now MK has about a hundred new numbers of shades and lists them in N, W, and C. It's all just too much! I think this may be the end of my Mary Kay career.

    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

    The minutes I put the day and night cream on my eyes started burning then the itching. I am sitting at my desk and my coworkers ask me, "What's wrong with your face." My face was red and I had welts under my eyes. I use Mary Kay's year ago and had no issues. I cannot use these products anymore.


    Reviewed Nov. 22, 2019

    Loved these products: Previous Mary Kay Timewise Set Moisturizer & 3-In-1 Cleanser (Both the Dry and the one for Combination Skin). Loved the ones previous to these, the Mask in particular. Let's just say, scarecrow (mask), I miss you most of all. But, I did make the change. I cannot do that with the new products. The cleanser is soapy and smells good. Scented facial products, as Mary Kay taught me years ago, is not this **, allergy prone person's friend. The cleanser does not remove eye makeup like the previous. I know the old was not for eye makeup removal but it did it, and with no eye stinging.

    The moisturizer is heavy and has a sunscreen texture. As a ** person with a real need for sunscreen, I don't need it under my makeup at work, in house or at night. Great for laying out in the sun but not every day. I like the water colored gel and I bought the set for that reason only. Used the moisturizer at the beach or exercising outside when I had no need for makeup. I am that girl who wears her make up to the gym where, in house I don't need sunscreen.

    Really understand the necessity for new products and business growth. Would be great if Mary Kay offered these products along with their new line. Something to consider. Only fair to mention the reason that I started using Mary Kay. My was face was always breaking out. I was trying the drug store, Sky City and Kmart offered products. Now days there are a lot more hypo-allergenic product, Almay which I use.

    A friend said just try this and guess what, on my fast food $5 dollar an hour salary, I could afford it. Just had to be frugal. From time to time my skin would have issues, hormones after having children and others. Mary Kay never once broke my face out in all those year, whether I used them without products or alone. During times of break out or allergic reactions, the mask and toner was soothing. Now, over 30 years, I have used some other products and eventually went to Estee Lauder for foundation and Almay for mascara. But moisturizer, die hard faithful fan of Mary Kay Moisturizer and Mask till now. So, that's not a bad record.


    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

    I have used Mary Kay for over 30 years. You have continued to change and upgrade product very often. I continue to buy it and change with you. But, this time you have crossed the line. The moisturizer used to be 3.0 oz for around $25. I just got a bottle of it yesterday... 1.7 oz for $32. That is highway robbery. I am returning it. I won't give a company money that cheats me.

    My aunt has been using MK for over 40 years... she swears by the moisturizer. She has onset of dementia, but knows her MK product. She always says her "face will fall off if she doesn't use it!" She can't afford to have her product size cut in half and increased price. I don't know what your CEO is thinking. When Mary Kay was alive, she cared about her customers. The company now obviously thinks only of their consultants and pink cars. I think you better rethink your mission statement before you close the place down.

    Reviewed Nov. 12, 2019

    I have tried the TimeWise 3D cleanser for two 3-5 day trial periods, several weeks apart. Both times my face got red, blotchy spots and became extremely dried out. On the first trial test my face got so puffy I was embarrassed to go out in public as my eyes were sunken into my face from the puffiness. I had used Mary Kay as a child and teenager with no issues. Can't use the new timewise 3D formula unfortunately.

    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2019

    I have used Mary Kay cosmetics for over 40 years. I am now 78 years old and do not any wrinkles save for a few lines around my mouth. Mary Kay has a wide range of products targeting dry, combination, and oily skin that seem to work for everyone.


    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2019

    All other makeup makes me break out, I have no issues with Mary Kay. They are a good value for the money and it lasts a long time so you always feel you are getting your money's worth. I have tried others. They don't compare.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2019

    I have been a faithful Mary Kay customer for 30 years. I have even been a consultant twice in that time. I love being able to call my consultant and tell her the products I’m out of and knowing exactly what I will get and if I’m not satisfied knowing I can return the product for a refund. With all that being said... I understand being up to date on making the best product. However I was very disappointed 6-9 months ago to find that they changed the TimeWise skin care. The product is almost twice as much $$ and I haven’t seen any benefits of how it’s better. As a matter of fact, I’m not ordering more. I’m currently using Neutrogena and I truly miss the old TimeWise skin care.

    Today I realized I need to order foundation and went to my consultant's website to find the foundations have been completely changed again. It seemed like they just changed them a year or 2 ago. I’ve also read the reviews of the new foundations and it doesn’t seem that anyone is pleased with the product. I never write reviews so to say I’m disappointed in Mary Kay is an understatement. Is anyone else feeling this way???


    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2019

    This company has a wide variety of products. I have been using them for years & receive numerous compliments regarding my face. People ask what products I use. The MaryKay representative is always very knowledgeable, helpful & willing to take back or exchange anything that may not be working for you. She is also willing to spend time with you selecting the best product for you.

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