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You cannot get the mailing address in their web site, not the invoice you get in the mail, not even in the box you receive or the boxes (aims solution) of the products itself (distributor's location). There is only an 800 number that won't let you cancel. They just offer price reduction. You really have to cancel your credit card to stop deliveries and you cannot even return unwanted product, because You do not have an address. Plus they said in the paper inside the box that they will not process refunds for any Return to Sender packages.

I order the cream at the cost of $4.20 a can for a trial size. I try the cream and didn't like it that much but I kept it and went on holiday. When I came back, I had been charged on my credit card the amount of $101.15 a can! I call the company and they said, because I didn't send back the cream, I had to pay for it! The total amount. Sorry, but I didn't ask to charge me that amount on my credit card. I argue with the customer service department and after 10 minutes of conversation, they agree to give me a credit of $47.70 on my card, but I have to wait another 4 or 5 days! I am waiting to see that now... but I LOST THE REST OF IT...

MY COMMENTS: Don't buy or order those creams, because you are stuck with them after... and they don't advise you that you will be charged the full amount on your card, if you don't do anything. I call also my credit card company and they put the name of the person I talked to and they asked me to tell them to send me an e-mail to confirm that I refuse to receive those creams anymore but I read all the comments and I realize I got screwed with that cream and I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING ON FACEBOOK ANYMORE. I LEARNED MY LESSON. Now I will cancel my credit card because they gone charge me and send me some more of that cream.. So be advised for that cream and DON'T ORDER IT...

Skin DM Instant Lifting Creme - I ordered through Groupon or one of the social medias a sample of this cream whereby only the mailing was to be charged, which it was, four dollars and change. But the next month, in my bill, a charge of $101.00 appeared in my statement. The cream is some cheap lanolin, nothing to brag about, and the ad said nothing about the additional charge for a 1 oz. of this Vaseline. I am a senior on a small pension and feel THE AD WAS MADE to confuse us, gullible computer users... Is there a way where I could contact this company directly and give them a piece of my mind? Thank you.

I ordered on the free sample ad. It did not work so I called to cancel. They informed me that I cancelled on the 13th day, not on the 12th day, so they charged my credit card the full $89.90. They told me it was not a sample so they charged my account the full amount. What happened to the the 30-day free trial? These people are very unprofessional, and their advertisement is not correct.

I have tried to cancel this 2 times. I do not want this anymore. I break out with a rash. I do not want this and I am being charged over $100 per mth. Cancel or my attorney will.

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Cancelled prescription in August 2010 at the time of my move. Asked why and I said I had too much product. At the end of December 11 they decided to send it out to me again on a "14-day trial" and notified me by "e-mail". I received the product at my new address in February unopened and I was going to send it back and request a return mailing slip. They automatically had charged me and refused to take back the product because they had "notified me by e-mail" and, therefore, I could not return the product I did not request and continue to charge me for the following month.

Every month, I am getting Dermitage Anti-Aging cream I did not order. One time, I completed some survey and I receive Dermitage Anti-Aging cream right after I have been charge from my account of $89.95. I called their 1800 886 8805 and I told them to stop sending me this cream. I was gone overseas for quite a long time I received 3 delivered packages and been charge from my account of $96.90. I want them to stop right away otherwise, I will complain to Better Business Bureau. I am still receiving the Dermitage and I had 4 boxes not opened yet. I forgot to say Dermitage, in the beginning offer me for a trial and once I read about it, I called for them to stop. It didn’t stop, it continued still. If you have any question please notify me by email or call me. Thanks.

I have returned a product and requested credit. The credit was never issued even after phone calls with details. I have cancelled my orders with Dermitage. After cancelling, they billed me 3 times in less than 30 days. I cannot get this money refunded.

I bought a "trial" size for a $5.95 charge. There was no further contract in fine print or anything. And now, all of a sudden, I have been ripped off for another $99.95 from them (debited from my checking account). They have told me today 8/4/2011, that I am now paying for the $5.95 "trial", because I did not call and cancel my contract with them during the trial period. And further, I will be charged $99.95 every month as a member of their phony program. I told them I would like to "cancel" my membership (after it was clear I was not making any headway with the representative on why I wanted to cancel and why I was irate over this scam business practice). She told me that I was "cancelled" as of this date and I would receive no more billings or debits.

I received this stuff in my mail on Saturday, I had never heard of it. I called Monday to ask them how I was signed up for this $89.95 a month plan. They asked me had I ever done an online survey or ever entered any online sweepstakes before. I told him possibly, but never had I signed up to purchase anything afterwards and I read all the fine print. He then told me he could sign me up for the exact same monthly plan for $39.95 a month instead of $89.95 a month. I said that I am not paying a monthly fee for something I have never even heard of. He said he would close my account (what account?) and send an RMA to my email. The email he had on file was a bunch of random numbers and letters at (obviously not me), which basically meant that nothing I ever filled out online sent them my info, since they didn't even have my email address. At the end of the call, he tried to transfer me to another extension to sign up for their sweepstakes. I laughed at him and told him no thank you.

I called to tell them that I DID not want their product, Dermitage, and was returning it and wanted the charge reversed... The girl who spoke to me said that I could not return it and I would be charged for the item. It arrived at my home on Nov 5, evidently was lost in the mail. So there was no way that I could have returned it in the time allotted. This is a scam and should be reported to the State Attorney's office. The girl was screaming at me and so I hung up the phone.

In response to the post by Dorice of Vero Beach, FL, Heather seems to change her name according to the state you log from. When I visited her site, she said she was from my home state? What cautioned me, however, is the mention of "60 minutes" and "Oprah" endorsements on YouTube. When I looked for the video, there was no such thing. Thanks to all of you for the warning of this practice before I purchased it!

I ordered on the internet a free trial offer and sent in my $5.95 for 2 sample products. The deal was that if I liked the product I could order more.

The next day, I received an email confirmation of my order only to find out that my 60 day supply was now done to 2 weeks or I would be billed $99.95. I immediately called the company to cancel my order, but was informed that it had already been shipped. When it came in the mail, I refused to open it, because I felt that any company this dishonest in their advertisement, then the product itself was not trustworthy. I took it back to the UPS office where they returned it.

First, I lost my $5.99. Second, I am not sure that they will acknowledge that they have received it in their cutoff time and will indeed charge me the $99.95. Third, I had to locate a UPS office and drive over there to mail back their "free offer". All of this has been a stress that I do not need and has taught me not to do business on the internet. I my have to cancel out my credit card in the future to stop them from billing my Credit Card.

This is the email that I just forwarded to Dermitage following our conversation. Because within 5 minutes of them telling me everything would be noted in a confirmation email of cancellation. I only received that the account had been cancelled effective today (11/5). Please read: This is what was agreed today, and this is what better happen.

I saw an add online for anti aging creams and bought 2 items for total of $44.90, ship and tax total of $53.14 on 10/29/10. I received the package today, 11/2/10. It included a "free trial" of 2 additional products which I did not read that they would be sending. The paperwork said if you didn't return them in 30 days, your credit card would be automatically billed for $89. every 30 days and they would send you the product each month. I called today, 11/2/10, saying I did not see that they'd be sending me a free trial and would bill me each month and that it's a fraudulent company and I didn't want any of their products and would be returning the entire order and expected to have my credit card credited.

She said I could not return what I had purchased, that they do not have a return policy. I could only return the free trial products. I asked to speak with the manager and she wouldn't give her to me. Her voice was escalating so I said goodbye and hung up.

I did not read anywhere on the free sample that they would continue sending more of this product without my approval. I did keep one box, but I did not want to pay the price for another set so I am returning the product.

I was looking for a cosmetic site with Hydraulic Acid ingredient. I came upon Dermitage. There was a blog by a Heather **** from Vero Beach, FL. I read it and she sounded as if she worked for Dermitage so I thought I would check up on Heather, since I too live in Vero Beach. I searched on,,, the telephone book and public records for a 45 year old Heather. No such person by that name lives in Vero Beach nor does she live in the state of Florida. Doesn't that sound like a scam?

I decided to order to see what happens. I used the website and my card was denied. I have plenty of money in the checking account and I verified that they accepted debit cards. Jennifer said they did. She said she couldn't give me a reason why the card was not accepted, but perhaps it is because Iive in Vero. It all seems very peculiar to me, never having my debit card denied before. Then I found many other people who reported that the company sounds like a scam company.

Fortunately, I didn't use the product and I guess I feel lucky. But the blog was definitely advertising for Dermitage and not an opinion by a non-associated company person.

I signed up online for a trial sample and was told that I would be billed $5.95. I could "try" the product and see if I liked the results. I didn't.

The product exacerbated my wrinkles, and my skin became extremely dry and started to peel. I called to cancel and was told that I would have a courtesy extension. Stop using hte product for a few days and then go back to it. If I still wasn't satisfied, I could return it then. I agreed since I was still trying to see what these "miraculous" results were supposed to be.

I travel for a living, and was on the road at the time my extension was up. So, it was my fault that I did not return the product at the time specified. Sure enough, on the very next day, I was billed $100.00 on my debit card. I accepted that as my untimely error and accepted the fact that I wasn't going to get my money back.

However, just 2 weeks later, I was again billed $105.90! When I called, they said that I hadn't opted out of the "contract" and that they had charged me again and the product was "in the mail". To date, I have received nothing and even if I had, I was told that the company doesn't "accept" returns and the charges will stand.

I am in dispute with my bank regarding this and I have never agreed knowingly to this revolving monthly charge. I was told that it was in the contract. This company is awful and the business practice is a total scam. I am contacting the BBB, FTC and my local Consumer Affairs Advocate. They will not get to keep this money!

I applied for a free sample (paid $5.95 for ship and handle) and when I received the product in the mail, I realized it was nothing but a scam! Inside the box was an invoice saying I would be billed an additional $99.95 in 2 weeks. I immediately called to cancel and complain about their bait and switch tactic. The representative told me it was detailed in the email they gave me when I placed the order. Guess what, I have my printed copy after placing the order (when they deducted $5.95 for shipping) and it said nothing of the kind, except, "You will receive a confirmation email shortly. Your free trial shipment should arrive in the next 5-7 days." Later, I did receive a 2nd email after the fact where it finally gave the fraudulent detail at the end of a 2-page read out! Scam!

I was given an RMA number from the representative last night and reassured there would be no more charges, but I am afraid this fraudulent company will not keep their word based on what I've been reading. I am returning the product today and sending out letters to the Consumer Affairs Advocate in Atlanta, FTC, my Bank, and BBB to insure there will be no more charges. This company needs to be shut down. The product burned my skin the one time I tried it and it irritates your eyes!

I read about a free sample on line, $3.98 shipping and handling taken directly off your credit card. Call within 14 day trial period if you want to cancel. I called on the 14th day and told them I wanted to cancel. Offered it to me at $39.95, which I refused. He was very pleasant, said I wouldn't be charged again. But they had already charged my card for $89.95 before the 2 week period was up. Scam! I'm fighting it with my credit card company, but they were very well aware of it at MasterCard and said I would probably wind up paying the $89.95. It's in debate at the moment, but one thing is clear - they know what they're doing and are good at this scam of theirs.

This company has been using my face saying I use their product to keep wrinkles away. They have been using it about 10 months. I had had surgery done on my face 5 years ago and the doctor called me to tell me his other patients had seen it online... I called them and complained... spoke to a Frank, also another operator, also sent letters to take my picture off this site and it is still on. They contacted me and said, "Send us what you have," and I sent copies of everything to them and they still have it online.

Everyone is seeing my before and after pictures. I have gotten myself very sick over this. Can you please help me... Oh, also they keep changing my name and story under the picture. How can I stop this and make them pay for using my picture so they can make money. Thank you.

I ordered what I thought was a (pay for shipping only, and receive a free sample) and got charged over $100.00 on my credit card! And they want to keep charging me monthly. This is a scam! They are going to ruin my credit score. I can't afford to eat if they charge me this!

I ordered $5.95 worth of products online, and received an invoice in the mail that it was paid. These people are totally dishonest, since they subtracted over $105 from my checking account. I was shocked when I checked my account online to see what they did. I had ordered and received a jar of "Dermitage Skin Renewal Complex and a dispenser of Instant Lifting Creme as a trial offer. I am a senior on a fixed income.

This is fraud on my bank account for $100 over the listed price and the invoice, which stated $5.95 as the price paid and deducted from my debit card. The product is not an exceptional one, and even feels a little sticky. I thought, originally, "What a great deal." "Kinerase," sold by a reputable company, is an excellent product, and was recommended by my dermatologist, but costs $80 - $100, so I thought I would be saving money by ordering the "Dermitage," + getting a good product. I don't notice a difference in my skin, either.

Unfortunately, I tossed the invoice marked "Paid" out. Usually, I keep them, but since it was supposedly a small amount, I tossed it. I'm sure that company counts on that sort of thing.

I filled out a survey to receive a sample for 3.97 and they charged my card for 89.95 on one occasion and 93.92 on another. I did not authorize those purchases. This is a scam! They took all the money off my tax card, which I was saving to buy my new grandson his crib.

Like several of the other complaints, I was charged prior to the end of the 'free trial' period. Upon receiving the next shipment, which I did not order/agree to I immediately sent it back unopened. When my credit card statement arrived, I found that I had been charged $115. I called customer service and was told that they had received the returned merchandise but that it was in a 'warehouse somewhere' since they don't take any returns! They then offered to reship to me! I was also told they would not credit my account since they do not 'take returns' and again offered to reship. The end result is that I am out $115 plus the first $115 for the 'free sample' that I was charged for! I spent $230 for merchandise I did not order! I sent it back and was still charged for it!

Ordered the free trial of Dermitage Anti-Aging System on 9/14/10. They billed my account on the same day. September 23rd, still no product.

Called and told Rep. I have not received the product but my account has been billed. He said, I should have received it by now as the cut-off date for cancelling was Oct. 3rd and you need to be able to use it for 14 days. He said the company would send another shipment of the same product and extend the expiration date to Oct 28th.

Received the product on 9/23/10. Used it the next day, only once. The scent made me nauseated. Called on 9/24/10 and got a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and mailed product back which cost me $9.96. Also, read the fine print after ordering that if you do not call them by the free-trial date and cancel, they will bill your account $89.95 and they automatically ship one to you each month after that. I just got an email to return the order which I have already done on 9/24/10 by UPS. UPS receipt states they should have it by 9/30/10. So, I didn't get the first order, they sent a second and I have returned it the next day after receiving it by mail.

If you don't read the fine details, they will charge you for the trial product plus keep sending it to you each month after that and billing your account for same. It costed me $8.96 to ship it back plus the $1.97 for shipping and processing to get it to me.

I answered an ad which gave a free trial and paid for postage. Only after I had paid was an email sent to me and said that it was $99 and could be cancelled within 20 days. I immediately have gone online and see that this is a scam. That they say you have to receive it and then get a return number in order for the charge to be stopped. This is a scam.

I responded to a free trial offer of skin care product if I would pay the shipping fee of $3.97, which I charged to my credit card. A couple of days later, on 7/27/10, I received an email confirming the order and telling me it would ship within 1-2 days. The product arrived about a week later (there was no invoice or statement included -- only the product and information brochures). I used it for 5 days, but could not tolerate the burning sensation and my face broke out in a puffy red rash. I discontinued use of the product.

On 9/20/10, I received a box in the mail from this company. It contained another set of the same product and an invoice that had been charged to my credit card for $89.95. I immediately phoned the customer service line and was told they could not refund my money. They claim it states in their confirmation email that if I don't respond to them within 15 days, I will be billed monthly and product will continue to come. I have reread this email and it does state that at the bottom. I had not read all of this small print when I received the confirmation email.

I told customer service I wanted to cancel and she claimed she would, but that she could not refund the money. I told her that I would contact my credit card company to have it reversed and she agreed to refund the charge. I then received an email stating that the charge had been refunded. Today I have opened my credit card bill and found that I was also charged $89.95 on August 17. Since I did not receive a new shipment of product at that time, it appears the "free sample" was not free at all. This looks like a major scam and when I look online, many others have also been duped by it.

I ordered the "free" sample to see what this product would do to my skin (very sensitive). I was looking via mobile web, so you really do not see a lot of the web page. When I got home later, I checked my e-mail and web site and found that if you do not return the product, they would automatically charge you for it. All this occurred on Sept. 10, 2010. Today is Sept. 20, 2010 and they sent me a e-mail telling me they will charge me if I do not send the product back. I have not even received the product yet! How can I send it back if I don't have it. They gave me a RMA # to place on the outside of the box, but I have not received a box to return. They tell me it is my problem. So, do I just send them some kind of empty box with the number they want so badly? I will never order anything "free" again, ever.

Advertising and sales for Dermitage are very misleading. I ordered my "free sample" and called within the required 30 days to cancel (made my skin break out). I paid $6.95 for shipping only for my "free" sample but the next month was billed an additional $44.95. When I called, I was told that the "free sample" was actually a 30 day supply and I had been charged for that. Even if this was a good product, I would not do business with this company.

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