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I used the Copa Hair system and it worked like clockwork! Debbie Allen and Copa Hair Team said it will transform your hair and looks and this product did exactly what they said it would do! My only regret is that the product is no longer available. Just when you find something that truly works it is gone.

I used this product years ago in my hair and my granddaughter's hair. We did not have any problems with it. I stopped using it because it was too hard to reorder. I thought about this product the other day and decided to give it another try if I can find it.

I had a beautiful head of hair. After using Copa not only did my hair feel like straw it fell out. I wanted to ask Debbie Allen how she could represent this product. It made me look at her and anything on an infomercial differently. Wish I had not used this product. Most of us women of color have a hard time growing our hair so to lose it is very hurtful. I pray this product is pulled off the market so no one will have to go through what I have gone through.

I had a great experience with Copa. It did everything it said. It loosened the curl, my hair was stronger and it helped me retain growth. I used it on my niece's hair with great results as well. Her hair required more because it's so much thicker than mine, but still, it worked and made her hair a lot easier to comb. The goal was never to have straight hair. You were supposed to apply it progressively until you got the results you wanted, then only apply to new growth. There was this weird dry-ish feeling immediately after application, but it went away after styling or over time. I got the stuff in my eye during application (a section I was combing through got away and popped me in the eye) and it didn't even sting. Water would have been more irritating.

I hate that every time I find something that works for me, it's taken away too soon. The complaints about billing and customer service are completely understandable, but the ones who complained it didn't work after one application can kick rocks. The simple solution with a product that doesn't work FOR YOU is just not to use it again. There are tons of mainstream products that don't work for everyone, usually if it's that bad an experience you return it and get your money back.

It just amazes me that these very same people have probably experienced chemical burns, melted hair and breakage from chemical relaxers, w/o even considering suing. But let something new come along and before it's established, it's gone because they expect the instant miracle of chemicals even though that isn't what the company claimed and even stated that results would vary, that depending on your graphite type, you may need multiple applications. Obviously with a natural product and the variations in hair types, everyone's hair isn't going to have identical results in the first application. The reality is, these people didn't listen, not said they give the product a real chance. Somebody please pick up the formula and bring it back for those of us who loved it.

I ordered this product as a result of an infomercial in 2000. I called the above-mentioned telephone number when I tried three applications of the product and it did nothing. I have finally found this site where I might find relief for my bad purchase. Please let me know where I can return this product for a prompt refund (I've waited almost a decade for this!). I have three shipments, and I've been billed for 2 that I've not received. After I found this site and read some of the other consumers' horror stories, I will not be applying any more of this product to my hair. I consider myself blessed that I haven't suffered the hair loss that some of the other consumers have suffered.

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I use Copa one time and on my son. The stuff is still taking out our hair. It would grow for a good couple of months, then bam, it’s all gone again and again. It’s been going on for 8 years now. I have to wear a wig. I want to sue. The texture of our hair will never be the same again. I’m hurt badly. Please help me. Please. I am so glad my daughter did not want that Copa in her hair. I had to continually buy hair every week since this happened over 8 years ago. My son has a bald head. I’m glad he's a boy. But me, I say I spent over $500.00 a month on hair and wigs. Physically, a man doesn't want to have anything to do with a bald woman. You do the math.

The Straitner did not work. I used the entire package which consisted of 2 applications; therefore, there was no product left to return. I called the phone number that was given. Two years later, I still have no response.

I ordered one 3-month supply of Copa Hair Care products September 13, 2000. I was supposed to be billed once and call again or mail off a form to reorder. I was billed later that month and this company has continuously billed me for almost a year to total about $421.85.

This money has been withdrawn from my account automatically every month. I have yet to receive products from these billings. I am a deployed Marine and I did not notice until recently. My bank gave me the name and number of the bank where my money was being withdrawn from (Bank One 1-888-327-1900) and they were not helpful to say the least. I do have free legal services in the military and am prepared to do whatever it takes to get my money back and spread the word about this company.

I have bounced a couple of checks not realizing there were automatic withdrawls monthly. The product did not work and my hair got so brittle that it had to be cut.

Copa has responded to the complaints on our site. The text of their letter follows:

Dear Consumer,

I would like to a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jim Dalton. I am customer service manager for the new ownership of Copa Hair Products. After reviewing the postings about our company on your Web site, Consumer, I want to offer some information regarding Copa under its new ownership. I also want to propose an exchange of information that will be of assistance to our current and future customers and all those who choose to visit your Web site.

A New Copa?

The new ownership of Copa has no relationship whatsoever with the previous ownership. The entire management team is new and our business philosophy is quite different. We come to this new business with years of direct marketing experience and a desire to provide excellent products and services to a loyal customer base. We are determined to rebuild this business and regain the trust of customers who have been loyal to the product but who have not gotten the best service in the past.

Where is Copa Located?

To clarify our physical location, our corporate offices are located in New York City at 16 E.40th Street in New York City. Our warehouse is located in Jersey City, New Jersey and our call center is located in Hicksville, New York. This information can and should be given to any consumer who is looking to get in touch with us. Our product return address is clearly printed on our packing slips and is posted on our Web site.

The new management of Copa is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services. Nothing would please us more than to be able to satisfy our current customers and customers who did business with the former ownership of Copa.

In order to better inform and assist our customers, I would ask that you post a summary of this information on your Web site so that our present and future customers have a clearer understanding of the company that they are doing business with today. I also ask that you forward to me directly any information you may have regarding the postings on your Web site so that I may address them promptly. With specific names, addresses, and phone numbers we can follow up on our commitment to working with you and other consumer protection groups to resolving any and all customer concerns.

How are we addressing the issue raised on your Web site?

Customers Unable to Reach Copa

As we became aware that customers were having a hard time contacting us, we added more phone lines and trained operators in order to make ourselves more accessible to customers calling for information or assistance with customer service issues. We will continue to add phone lines and operators if our call volume increases.

No Refund

Since we took over the business in February of 2000, we have been faced with the challenge of dealing with a series of customer service problems that we uncovered as we began to hear from customers. We decided to honor returns made on sales that took place before we owned the company. In response to our customers' concerns, we have issued over 500 refund checks to date for product purchased from the previous owners of the company. It is quite possible that some of the customers who complained that they had yet to be refunded were part of this group and have since been refunded. Processing these requests has been difficult because we did not receive complete and accurate records during the transfer of ownership.

In addition, product returned to the old Copa address in California has been lost in the mail because there was no one at the old address to receive it and forward it to us. These problems have not prevented us from issuing refunds to customers. We continue to issue refunds to these customers on a regular basis. I will personally research, contact and issue refunds to all of the consumers on your site who have yet to receive refunds. Please forward to me their names, addresses, and any other pertinent information that you may have.

Delays in Shipping

As for customers who claim that they have experienced delays in receiving their merchandise, we have been aware of this situation and have corrected it by taking a series of operational measures that will allow us to keep up with present and future demand for the products. We are now up to date with all orders and they are shipped out as soon as they are received. Our previous backorder situation was the result of this year's phenomenal and unanticipated success. I will be glad to research the complaints on your site to see that each customer's concerns are addressed.

Unauthorized Charges

As to the issue of customers who claim they did not order items for which they were charged, we do our best to get customers' orders right and we do so most of the time. Sometimes we fall short and operators make mistakes. We are willing to fix them. If overdraft or overlimit fees are involved, we are willing to work with our customers to see that any problems that are the result of a misunderstanding or operator error are addressed fairly. We always give our customers the benefit of the doubt and are glad to refund their money in these cases. No customer will ever be forced to pay for merchandise that he/she did not order. This is not how we do business at Copa. This type of claim is not uncommon in the direct marketing industry as there can be misunderstandings as to what customers are really ordering or errors made on the part of the telephone representative who took the order.

We take such claims seriously. Neither we as a company nor the outsourcers whom we employ instruct, condone or encourage anyone to add merchandise to customers' orders. We have controls in place to prevent this. We work with our outsourcers to insure that when errors do occur, they are followed up on and reviewed with the employee involved. Our only goal is make sure that our customers are happy. We want to see that they get what they ordered and only what they ordered. I will be glad to research and resolve the complaints on your site. I can assure you that in these cases, full refunds will be issued whenever customers have requested them.

Product Does Not Work As Advertised

To address the final issue of Copa not working for everyone, the new ownership of Copa has never claimed or guaranteed that the product would work for or was suited for everyone. We even include test packets and clear test instructions to allow consumers to determine if the product will really work for them. If customers are unhappy with the product, they may return it to us for a full refund with no questions asked. We will be glad to issue refunds to customers who are unhappy with the results of using Copa. I will research any claims made on your Web site and can assure you that in these cases, full refunds will be issued whenever customers have requested them.

We value highly the close working relationships that we have with consumer protection groups and state regulatory agencies. Your partnership with us has been important in helping us understand the scope of the problems that we have inherited and how they have affected our customers.


Jim Dalton

Customer Service Manager, Copa Hair Care Products

I purchased this product from the tv infomercial in April of 2000 and used it in Sept./Oct. 2000 -- two applications and no change in my hair except to make it much drier than usual and there is absolutely no change in the texture of my hair after two applications. I wasn't looking for straight hair, just less kinked/wavy. Now I have a horrible head of hair and have to wait out the next 2 months to get it back to normal unless I can find a product I can use over it to restore it to its usual texture. If I can find out what to use on it to "relax" it again before two months are up I would be very appreciative since my holidays are pretty much ruined since I can't do anything nice for my hair at this point.

My hair has always been admired but now even I can tell it just isn't "me". I have been married for 20 years and my understanding husband has been kind enough not to say anything about my hair but he always used to say it was pretty. Now he says nothing at all and that hurts me since I know what he is thinking. I just began a new job and this is how my new co-workers see me -- they have no idea what my hair should look like and I am afraid to go back to my old co-workers' office because they would be shocked. I am being held prisoner by my own hair and by COPA.

I ordered the COPA hair straightening system. It did not work at all. In fact, it made my hair dry and brittle. So, I called the customer service number (516-433-4954) on August 15, 2000 to find out what I need to do to return the product and get a refund. I was given an address (201 Port Jersey Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 07305) and was told that my request for a refund was being processed as we speak and to expect a refund within 3 to 7 business days.

By August 31st, I still had not received my refund. But, the 2nd installment for the purchase was taken out of my checking account (I used my debit card). So, I called to find out the status of my refund. I was told that the refund was approved on August 21st and I should be receiving it within a few days. Two weeks go by, so I called again, on September 14th, and inquired about my refund. This time I was told that they had not received the returned product; that it may be sitting in the warehouse and that is why I had not received my refund, but she would go ahead and process the refund.

I explained to her what was told to me the other two times I called, and that the product has been received because it was shipped via FedEx. She told me that she has no idea why I was told those things and that it will take at least 28 business days to receive my refund. My response was, "So now I have to wait 28 business days from today, when I was told on August 15th that I would receive my refund within 7 business days." Her answer was yes. I just hung up. I was so angry.

I checked with FedEx to see if the package was delivered. As I expected, it was delivered on August 17th at 10:08 am and signed for by an S. Gonzalez.

I ordered that Copa hair care products that I saw on televison. What I received was some fat burning pills and a stretch wring thing. I figured, "Fine they got me, but they'll neverr get me again." I received my credit card statement and they charged $29.90, $5.95 on 27 July 20000, and 35.85 on 25 August 2000 without my authorization.

I have tried to call the number on my credit card statement and all I get is a busy signal. I never got the products promised and they keep charging my credit card and drivng up my balance. I don't want anything form them. I just want them to stop charging my credit card.

I ordered the product over the phone and instead of debiting my checking account for $59.85 these idiot debited my account by almost $85.00. I had another check bounce because of this. I had to pay $15.00 to have the electronic check reversed. And the company whose check bounced charged me a $29.00 NSF fee.

I ordered Copa Hair Care Products over the phone, it was a special offer, for $19.95, which I was supposed to receive within 2-3 weeks, that was in the first week of July, and since then, my credit card has been debited over (3) times for a product I did not receive. I had to just call my bank and block the use of my card, to stop Copa from debiting my account again, since they have caused me numerous overdraft fees well over $140.00 in fees.

I ordered some Copa Hair Products; which came as stated. However, a few weeks later, I received another order from them which I did requested. Apparently, they kept my Credit Card number and have placed me on a continuity ship listing. I want them to stop shipping me this product. It doesn't work.

I am writing your site, not to complain about the Copa Hair Co., but to praise it. I read your report on this company and was dismayed, because my experience has been very good. I ordered this product several weeks ago, and received courteous treatment and prompt receipt of product. Best of all, the product was MIRACULOUS for me - living up to the promises made.

I will continue to do business with this company, and I wished to inform your organization of this and suggest that they may choose to revise their opinion (particularly as I understand they now have new management).

I ordered the Copa product for my daughter. It didn't help at all. I returned everything I received since it did not work for her hair right away. I called the company many times asking for a refund. I received partial credit for a membership that I didn't agreed to. I'm still waiting for credit for all the products I received and returned that were unopened. I'm still receiving charges for products on the credit card that were unauthorized.

I received a product that didn't work. There was billing to my checking account for months when the product was not received. Each time I contacted the company to have them stop withdrawing money out of my account, to no avail. Lastly, after a cancellation, money continued to be withdrawn out of my account for many more months! I lost lots of hair due to misrepresentation of the product, with resulting emotional duress. I have incurred loss of monies that have never been refunded.

Delivery took six weeks or so and the product did not work. When I hadn't received the product after several weeks, I phoned and was told that due to the popularity of the product it was backordered. Eventually, I received the product and after three uses, the main effect was to dry out my hair.

I placed an order with this company on May 9th, 2000. Since then they have taken it upon themselves to place two additional charges on my Check Card account. This is not acceptable to me and was not authorized by me. I plan to take legal action if they do not remove these charges immediately. These unexpected charges have caused a negative balance in my checking account and restricted my ability to meet my other financial obligations.

I ordered the Copa Hair Care products from a TV ad and had the money deducted from my account. I specifically stated I did not want to be on the list to receive the products after the initial order. I was very specific about it. In July I was shipped another supply of the product and the money was withdrawn from my account without my consent. I want to be reinbursed for the money spent on the product and also refunded the original monies as the product did not work at all. My bank account is being stolen without my consent and it is very upsetting.

I ordered Copa and was asked if I wanted the monthly product, and I declined. I was told the check would not be deducted until I had received the product. My checking account was charged right away, but it was 2 months before I receved the product. Then, unbeknownst to me, I was charged another $39.95 for a monthly maintenance package that I have yet to receive. When I have attempted to contact the company, I only get busy signals every time. I have tried for days, all at different times.

Now my bank tells me there is nothing they can do if the withdrawals continue to come out, unless I pay $20 for each retraction, in addition to any overdraft charges I may incur because of the deduction.

I ordered this product in good faith and I feel sorely used. I will never trust another infomercial as long as I live. Shame on Debbie Allen, whom I have admired and repected since her days on"FAME", for hawking products for such an unsavory and unethical company. I now distrust all television ads, no matter how much I respect the person representing them.

This may be a hard lesson but Tennery is right to distrust celebrity endorsements. Entertainers are paid handsomely for these endorsements and to them, it is "just business," nothing personal.

I placed on order via the telephone to purchase this product, knowing that the money back guarantee will protect should the product does not work for me. I placed the order, received it, tried it and nothing happended. I tried calling several times to request my money back and for the address to return the product. The number always rang busy.

I finally went online where I discovered other women having the same problem - not being able to get through on the customer service line and not getting their money refunded. I spent countless frustrating hours on the telephone trying to get through. In the meantime, I received ANOTHER order in the mail, charged to MY credit card without my authorization. I refuse to pay money for a product that does not work.

My husband bought the product for me but I used it on my daughter's hair. Her hair remained the same way. I left it on for the time they said and her hair remained hard and dry. There were to moisture nor curls as they claimed would happen. I ended up buying a Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginning kit and that is what straighten her hair.

Much the same as the other complaints. I ordered the product, did not receive it, and when I tried to call the line is constantly busy. I have tried for over a month at varying times of the day. I have disputed it on my credit card, but I was still charged another time without my authorization.

I ordered Copa in April of 2000. It took an inordinately long time for my order to arrive. The young lady who took my order had no information about the products she was selling. She was unable to answer any of my questions about the products. She tried to charge me $100 instead of the advertised t.v. special price. I had to add everything for her because she didn't know how to properly tally the total with the shipping and handling charges.

I specifically let her know that I did not want to receive this product every month. The following month, my Visa was debited for $39.95 against my wishes. When I tried to reach the company, I met with no success. I spoke to two operators who said they could do nothing to help me, that they only took orders for the product.

I contacted my credit card company and the young lady there took all of my information, and informed me of my legal rights since the purchase was made by credit card. She sent me a complaint form to fill out which I returned to her right away. she told me that this dispute could take a couple of months to resolve.

She said that if enough people complained against the company, credit card companies could revoke Copa's right to receive orders by credit cards. I am still waiting to hear from Visa, but it's only been a matter of weeks.

Copa went against my direct orders not to send me the product every month and charge my account. I also did not receive the products that they charged my account for. if that's not a violation of fair trade practices and agreements, then what is?

Like the others, I also ordered the Copa system and found it to be worthless. Not only did it take 5 weeks to arrive, after I was told by the telemarketer that would only take 2 weeks, but I did not receive the shampoo and conditioner. There was a sticker on the invoice stating that those items would ship separatly (I have yet to receive it after 2 months). I've tried to reach them through the TOLL number provided but no success. I find it odd that there is an 800 number to order the worthless product, but when service is needed, you get nothing. Customer service is useless and I find myself getting more and more upset. Now I'm stuck with unruly hair and have to wait 60-90 days to get a perm.

I ordered the COPA prodcuts after seeing the informercial back in April 2000. I received the product approximately 4 weeks later and used it as directed. It did nothing dramatic to my hair. I saw no difference in the curls, no looser than before I used it.

I have yet to receive my next package as of today June 16, 2000. I never received one in May and I have been charged as if I was still receiving my order. After reading the other complaints I am disappointed to learn that this seems to be the way this company does business. I am curious to see if Debbie Allen, COPA's spokeperson, is aware of this practice.

I would like a refund on what I have purchased/used and a credit for what I never received. I am just disappointed that a black company is out here doing such a poor job in satisifying the public. As an African American woman, I am embarrassed and very disappointed. I try my best to support my own black-owned businesses. But, poor customer service is color-blind and unacceptable from anyone.

I received an invoice in the mail from GT Direct indicating that this was in response to my recent order, etc., they went on to say that my credit card had been tried twice to pay for my order but it was declined. There was no information as to who I had placed this order with, there was no telephone number, only a space for me to provide my new credit card number and a signature line for me to sign. Well I went towork on the internet and found out that GT Direct was an infomercial carrier. My first question to them was were the responsible for COPA Hair Products Informermical and they indicated that they were.

I knew it was them, they are up to the same old game but new tricks. Please put this information out there. I had to cancel my credit card and order a new one becuase of COPA Hair products to begin with, and to think that I would be stupid enough to give them my credit card number again ... please.

I ordered over the phone and never received anything. I called and only get a busy signal. Also I just found out today that this company keeps taking money out of my account. I request a statement from my bank to see how how many times this has been taken from my account. As of today, 6/9, $149.55 has been taken out without any products.

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