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I ordered $160 worth of products from the Etsy store and emailed her, saying that I hadn't waited for a revised invoice and had consequently overpaid by $50. She emailed me right back, saying that she had refunded me. I checked my PayPal balance but it didn't show up. Instead, I found some small print on PayPal saying it could take up to 30 days to show up. So I left it at that and figured it would eventually show up since she said she had already refunded me, not that she would.

A month later, I emailed her again, saying the refund hadn't shown up and that I hadn't received my products. She asked me to wait a few more weeks as postage could take 6-8 weeks. I emailed her again around January, and she said that she'd had my package returned because it didn't have enough postage. She would resend it and add more to make up for the inconvenience. She also said that as she wasn't home at the moment, she couldn't tell me the tracking number but would, as soon as she could. Note - she only replied as I had sent her a PayPal invoice requesting an amount equivalent to a refund.

Since then, she has ignored my emails, closed her Facebook business and personal page, closed her Etsy shop and neither refunded my money ($160 USD) nor sent the (overpriced, as the original $50 refund never came through either) products.

I first found out about Calypso Minerals via YouTube from make-up gurus. So I went to early August. I spoke with Jennifer, and she made up a package for me worth $590.34 AUD. She claimed she sent it. She sent me a fake UPS tracking number. It came December. I emailed her. She also canceled her etsy shop. She said she had sent it and will follow up with what was going on, and she never got back to me. I tried to do a claim with PayPal. They said they cannot help me as I did not buy from eBay. She emailed PayPal and said she has gotten onto it and I will have my stuff.

I got nothing. I found her on Facebook in the end of December, as she wouldn't reply to emails. She told me that her daughter died and her husband left her. On the internet, if you google Calypso Minerals scam, a lot of people are having the same problem. And she uses "personal life;" she said she's apologized and she won't refund me. She will send my product with a bunch of free products. I have received nothing. I've tried emailing her; nothing. I tried her on Facebook again. She has blocked me from Facebook. Can you please help me!

I purchased some mineral eye shadows from her website. Weeks had gone by and she had not responded to my emails about my order. I finally opened a dispute via PayPal to see if they could contact her. They did and she responded saying that she would send me my products that Wednesday. Of course, I did not receive them. I tried emailing her again and no response. The last I heard from her was when she requested $40 from me on PayPal (which I did not owe because the money for my order had already left my account the day I placed the order).

I emailed her saying that I didn't know why she was requesting it because I didn't owe her anything according to the information on PayPal. She said she would cancel the invoice and she did two weeks later. I have emailed her six times since the cancellation of that invoice and I have heard nothing from her about my order or my money. I have already escalated my dispute on PayPal to a claim and I will get my money back. But if it weren't for PayPal, who knows if I would ever get that $90 back.

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