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I found a shard of GLASS in a new (factory sealed), freshly opened jar of Burt's Bees Radiance Night Creme. The box & jar appeared to have no damage whatsoever (i.e.:no dents, cracks, breaks, etc.), the jar was new & sealed with factory cello. I contacted both the company/Burt's Bees & the drugstore/Lind's Freeland Pharmacy (where I purchased the cream) immediately. Burt's Bees responded by sending a courier/FedEx to pick up the cream for THEIR quality control team to inspect, but I have NOT been able to get a response from them since, nor have they replaced the product &/or reimbursed me!

The drugstore/Lind's took it upon themselves to immediately remove all the questionable Burt's Bees products from their shelves--as a safety measure for their customers--BRAVO! The drugstore/Lind's also contacted Burt's Bees to notify them of the glass found in cream, but they too have NOT been able to get Burt's Bees to respond to their inquiries.

As a consumer, I am disgusted & insulted by Burt's Bees lack of ACTION & CONCERN! GLASS being found in factory sealed cream is an obvious manufacturing & safety issue! And for Burt's Bees to NOT acknowledge this potentially serious situation is unethical, immoral, irresponsible, and completely lacking in integrity! Burt's Bees needs to recall this cream ASAP, and they also need to read & reread their own "core values". Truly, how can a natural skincare company, commited to purity & safety, be so utterly indifferent & uncaring? It's just WRONG in EVERY WAY!

Thank goodness I saw the glass inside & didn't use the cream, but the potential hazards to others is horrific! I feel completely victimized by Burt's Bees--a company I used to be loyal to, a company I once trusted--and I've spent numerous hours & days trying to get them to merely respond, but to NO avail. I have NEVER been reimbursed for the product and my request(s) for a resolution have been completely ignored. This situation has stressed my body, my mind, my soul, and I'm SICKENED about it all! I did all the RIGHT thing(s), why can't/won't Burt's Bees? Shame on them! Buy from Burt's Bees and you might get stung!

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