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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

The Avon matte nail polish is a waste of money. You put it on, within a few hours it's started to chip. No matter how many layers you put. The worst part is there it stains your nails and skin for days. I wish the actual polish lasted that long. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

I ordered Avon as I usually do on monthly basis. I received my order but there were two lipsticks missing in the box but they were charged on my invoice. I hate that as Avon takes forever to refund a person for such mistakes. We suffer for their mistakes. I called them and told them that I didn't receive the material they charged for. They said I can pay for them then they will add them to my next order. I did as they advised, but to my surprise with the next order they added them but charged them again. I spoke to the team leader, she said she will assist and sort it out. To date, it is not sorted. This is not happening for the first time. This is affecting my credit score. I rather leave selling Avon than having my name tarnished.

I have been selling Avon for over one year and have three recruits. The great thing about Avon is you do not need inventory and do not fall into the trap that you should buy inventory. Hand out your brochures and build a clientele! It's that easy!! Collect for your orders before you order. Use good business sense and common sense!! I have never had any problems with Avon.

I have sold Avon for over 15 years now (with a small break here and there). I love selling Avon. I would overlook a lot of the bad reviews you see. So many people join Avon, expect to bank a million dollars in their first week, buy more than what they profit, and things of this nature and therefore are disappointed when they owe more than what they expect.

First thing first is, you need to understand how Avon works. Do not use profits for personal shopping, build your clientele, work at it and don't give up after 1 or 2 campaigns. Ask for help when you need it, do the online training (it is actually very helpful meaning you can sell more by learning more about the products you are selling). Do fundraisers (VERY PROFITABLE), get out there, don't be scared to approach people, purchase only the amount of books you need. Find reputable businesses to put your books in so that you actually get orders. Take advantage of the online store (FREE FOR YOU) and you can sell to anyone anywhere in the United States (so you can sell to family and friends no matter where they live in the USA and Avon ships it directly to their front door), and SO SO MUCH MORE...

There are so many positives to selling Avon. I sell over $700 every campaign, I setup every weekend and sell over $150 in 3-4 hours in a day, I setup at events, do fundraisers which boost sells even more (a profitable fundraiser can earn you over $1000 in less than 2 weeks AND THATS PROFIT)... WORK IT. IT'S YOUR BUSINESS AND IT WILL ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOU WANT IT TO... If you don't want to sell much, you don't try, have a lack of enthusiasm, and things of this nature then you wont make it far. You can't complain if you are not willing to work your Avon business.

I had a very bad experience with the company. I work with the company for half a year. I have problems with them now. They keep at me to join them again. They are not a good company to work for. They mess up my credit and I thought I was going make money on this adventure. It was worse thing I did.

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I tried selling Avon back in May. I soon learned that it was not for me. I put in my very first order in May, I checked my status and it said that my order was not placed. I then placed the order a second time. I was charged twice for the items. They sent me triple the items I needed, so I send them back for a credit. I never received my credit, instead I have been charged for a late fee! I have called numerous times trying to explain what happened. Customer service is a joke and literally argued with me that I never sent my package back or paid for the order. She even sent me my transaction slip proving I paid for it. Now the head leader is harassing me to pay for the items again or send the items. If I knew this company was such a pitiful joke, I would have never signed up for it. I didn't sign up for this.

Of all the business opportunities that I have enrolled in, Avon is the most vicious corporation that I have come across and I would strongly advise people not to get involve in their business offer. Everything about their marketing is deceptive. I placed an order and entered my debit card information a few months ago. Received a confirmation that my order was placed. I took this to mean that my payment was already processed. To my dismay, this was not the case and my payment was late. A late charge was accrued. To make matters more confusing, my sponsor told me about a $100 credit to my account when I enrolled. However, this credit was never applied to my $43.00 payment. When I asked the billing department to explain this to me, they gave me the most complex way how this credit is applied. Avon is a very deceptive corporation. Please be careful and read all the fine details (if you can find them before your enroll).

I love everything about Avon's Exotic Beaches collection. I have the body scrub and the All Over Bronzer. The smell is so addictive and it's so relaxing. I always enjoy my showers when using the body scrub. It's like being in the beach right inside my bathroom. The All Over Bronzer also does not feel sticky on the skin. It gives my tanned skin that shimmery bronze glow that's subtle but stays on all day long. It's perfect to wear during special evening events. It makes your whole look more dramatic plus it also moisturizes the skin. Their Exotic Beaches collection is also in cute packaging with sizes you can comfortably take during travels. I also wish to try the perfume and lotion.

I was an Avon rep for almost 2 years. I did not make money but spent tons of money trying to make that extra buck. The customer service is very rude and nothing but lies. I stopped being a rep because they do not care about their customers or their reps. They back order products and then make you repay for them. They do not ship what they are supposed to and then try to make you pay for it again or state they did ship it out. I had nothing but problems and then got tired of the lies to my customers. Also they lie about some of the ingredients in their products. If you do enough research on products and know what you are looking for then you can just how much bad stuff there is in these products. I will never be an Avon rep. I cannot stomach the lies, poor treatment and the awful products.

I am a representative but as well a customer. Now in a representative point of view I understand the frustration of many when not having been helped by the appropriate customer service reps. That is why I tend to ask for a supervisor or call again until I reach someone whom is reasonable. On a customer's point of view remember unless not told the customer has 90 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if item damaged, etc. You cannot blame a WHOLE COMPANY on certain things. Packaging is individual and they have been working on it to better it. As well Avon products has been around 130 years. They have made a name for themselves. Again as a customer I love many of the products, personally not too fond of the makeup but love the gloss and many other things like jewelry. I hope not to offend but to help with my review. Since it is not a flawless company I shall not give the full amount of stars.

About 5 months ago, I ordered 2 Avon bb creams. I initially planned to use one and the other to give to my sister. I bought the Simply Pretty bb cream (cheaper line) and the more expensive skin flawless. I wanted to be able to compare the two and unfortunately, have been disappointed by both. Both tubes give flaky bb creams that are difficult to blend on the skin. They're both definitely oil-based as it increased the oiliness of my facial skin. I already expected that these bb creams may not be satisfactory and indeed they weren't. They're even actually flaking while still inside the tube! I felt that I've just wasted money on these products and so I surely have not considered any Avon cosmetics since then.

I am an Avon representative and Lately they have started ripping me off with returns. In Jan I processed a return and they claimed there was a shortage in it although I am positive that there was no shortages in my return; they refused to give me credit for the item they claimed was short, then a couple of months later I processed another return of a single item and they claimed that there was nothing in the box and they refused to issue me a refund. On top of that they charged me shipping fees for sending an empty box. EXCUSE ME AVON but YOU ARE LIARS and THIEVES! I did not send back an empty box, why would I send an empty box and pay 7.00 dollars to ship it knowing that when you receive it you will deny my refund? They screw over their representatives any way that they can. They are a dishonest company! I'm glad to be finished with them and I will never be a customer of their products again either!

My wife has been trying to order products through Avon since February and we still have not received our product. When we try to contact the rep they never answer the call or the email. And when we try to contact the corporate office, they tell us nothing but a bunch of lies and send us to other departments that tell us more lies. This is crap and they are a bunch of fakes!

I order a necklace from a lady in Dublin, GA. The day that necklace came in I was 60 miles away at a funeral. A family member passed away. I explained this to the Avon rep. She told me if I did not come get that necklace that she will sell it. I had to go to her house and get it. I was told that she would bring it to me and then next thing I know she had posted my name on Facebook about not picking up that necklace that is. This is wrong as she said that I can't file a complaint, that Avon don't care.

Weighted hula hoop broke straight away. Leaking water first time of using.

When Avon makes mistakes, it is up to the rep. to pay. You will be responsible for return shipping charges. If you do not pay for product that you did not receive they still want their money and will charge you late fees and never send you a bill. Don't ever become an Avon Rep.

I asked the representative not to throw Avon brochures and she just drove off and did not pick up the brochure she discarded on the sidewalk. I tried twice to call her and her answering machine says she is not taking calls.

I purchased ANEW reversalist foaming cream cleanser due to my dry skin. I must say, this product does not foam up at all. It is overly thick and the scent is very pungent and not at all pleasant. I have used three times hoping it would grow on me, but not at all. The scent is really unappealing and not feminine. I'd rather have an unscented product than this one. The cleanser left my skin feeling drier than before use. I've purchased other Avon products and have not had a negative experience such as this. Just putting out a note to others that may consider this.

I tried being a rep for AVON in Oct 2015. My first order was over 100 sum dollars in which as a rep I was never really informed that in order for my package to be sent out to me I had to pay a deposit to release the products. OK, so I paid the required amount in order to have the package released, a week or so later I checked to see where the package was at, and they stated that the package was already delivered. NO PACKAGE, tracking number was given, no products. After investigation it was found that the package had to be taken off of my porch. I called AVON and informed them and asked who authorized package to be just dropped off on my porch. They stated that AVON sent notice to drop/leave on porch.

I canceled my account with them and requested a refund. They stated that would have to wait 30 days until account was closed and then would issue a refund check. As of today no refund, I have made several calls and attempts and have spoken to the supervisor in which just recently they stated that the request was sent over to the credit department and the credit department still has not released check even after it had passed time frame... UGH.

This is after several calls of them saying check for 97.00 was to be mailed as of the 30th of Dec. Not only has it not been sent but that once the credit department receives the request to look into the no issue I would have to wait a additional 6 weeks for it to be sent to me and received. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND anyone being a representative for AVON. They are crooks and they try to keep your money. It didn't take them long to get my money for the PRODUCTS that I never received but it is taking several months to receive my money back.

The clasp broke fairly quickly after purchase and I sent them back 5 months later. Spoke to customer service on the 800 number and they could not even find the return and I used their address label that was printed by them. 6 weeks after sending them back I did not hear anything so I called. I called twice and got two totally different stories and the last story was "you have a 90 day period in which to return a product and get a refund."

Needless to say I will never deal with them again. Their motto "always make sure the customer is happy" is a bunch of crap. They were rude to me, made the comment I had called a few times which was not even true. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they were not available. What in the world happened to customer service??? I really like their products and a good business would either credit the customer or send another pair of earrings, instead they made me feel like I was lying, like I did not return anything. I will not purchase their products or do business with them unless they correct this.

Myself and my son each received Darth Vader watches for Xmas and within two hours the watch bands had broken. When checking with Avon, they would give us shop credit. That's not the point. I want to go to another store and purchase another item. Don't trust Avon now.

I started selling Avon with campaign 22. It was mostly me buying products. Campaign 24 - they said my account was going to be frozen if I didn't get the money owed. I didn't realize that I was short. So I phoned Monday November 30 to find out what I could do. They said to go to my bank and send 608.14 to keep my account open. I sent it at 12:59 pm. They froze my account the next day. Haven't reopened it. I have bank receipts from the time of opening the account.

I'm just a tad confused. Avon is company renowned for its make-up products, indeed for over 100 years. And yet, it continues to produce bad quality make-up.

I became a rep earlier this year and waited patiently before I could get my own website. In the meantime, I spent hundreds to get my sales up, as I was a rep about 12 years ago and quite enjoyed myself, and the make-up was actually good quality, on par with the leading brands like Maybelline, CoverGirl, etc.

But now, it's TERRIBLE. The lipsticks leave clumps and don't last anywhere near what they say they do. The eyeliners are the same, only last about an hour before smudging, then completely wearing off, unlike their claims of 8 hrs+. The foundations and powder make-ups feel terrible, do not cover blemishes as advertised, do not stay put longer than an hour. The powder melts in an hour, smells like Play-Doh so strongly that random strangers were wondering where the smell came from. The $10 a bottle nail varnish is bubbly when dried and only lasts a day before chipping.

As mentioned before, this company has been making cosmetics for over a hundred years, yet it's poor quality for the expensive price we pay as a consumer.

As a rep, if you do your research, you will see that they are a billion dollar company, with a 9 billion dollar average yearly income. Yet we as a rep have to make $115 -- $180 (Australia) before we get a tiny 15% income. That's $17.25. Minus $9.95 delivery, is $7.30. Minus @ $4 a pk 5 brochures = $3.30 profit minimum per month. But this company makes how many millions???

I used the above product once and my neck became very painful and sore with raised red welts across it. I couldn't sleep for the pain and eventually had to seek medical help. My doctor prescribed a steroid cream which after about a week eased the pain. I have written to Avon and asked for an ingredients list so that I can avoid any known allergens. The replies I have received have been dismissive and suggest mine was a personal individual reaction. I would be very interested to know if others have had a similar reaction. Two weeks ago I spoke to someone at Avon who agreed to email me an ingredients list. Needless to say I have yet to receive it. What has happened to Avon's core values of "Trust, respect, belief, humility and integrity." They seem to have been forgotten.

I have been attempting to obtain a credit for 3 months to no avail. I have spoken to Laura, Carla, Mike, Paul Julio, Ceasar and Useless unprofessional supervisor Stephanie ID# **. Every time I call in (on my dime, no 800#) each CSR reads what the previous CSR one wrote. Rather than be a actual supervisor, Stephanie also reads the notes back to me from the latest CSR. Stephanie was bright enough to tell me that she also does not have a supervisor whom she reports to so I have to deal with her. How shady is that when a business does not pride themselves on Customer Service.

Every CSR and useless Stephanie all continue to refer me to Maria ** (the DM) whom by the way does not report to anyone either nor is accountable for her lack of participation in her account reps. I have called her at ** an estimated 27 times and she does not return phone calls. Stephanie suggested I keep calling because again Maria nor Stephanie have any integrity or superiors so they can do as they please. I need a Signed Situation Form which only Maria ** can initiate. If she weren't so lazy and incompetent she might be doing better than selling AVON. The consequences of not getting a credit within 120 days is now Avon has closed my account (thank you) and has also sent my account to collections for $48.09. Good job Avon. Welcome to the business world where your logo should be The Customer can just ** off because we make money from all the other idiots that over pay for crap product.

I have been an Avon sales rep for over 8 years. I have not had any problems with the billing that was not corrected immediately. I make extra income selling Avon and love the products. As a sales rep, the business is what you make it. The harder you work, the more income.

I wanted to sell Avon and signed up online. When I was passing out the books to friends and family, some told me that they order from Amazon.com for their Avon needs. They asked me why would we hassle with Reps and all that when they could get it for much less on Amazon? I was shocked! I was never told they sold there. Now not only am I stuck with a kit, but even I could not believe how much cheaper the prices were on Amazon. I feel a bit duped! I guess I should of researched more BEFORE I signed up. I was also silly enough to buy business cards that cost me $20.00! So I am out $35.00 before I even sold a thing.

Two other things, the website is a bit hard to understand. I also went on a google search to see what was after I signed up & so many people told horror stories about customer service, refund nightmares, Avon sending them to collections for items they never received and prepaid for, broken products sent to the reps who had to eat the cost and BIG RETURN NIGHTMARES!!!

Now I am scared to even place an order. So with this being said, I think most likely I will close before I even place an order. I do not want my account messed with or have problems that are no fault of mine but Avon's. I also do not have any idea how I can sell to anyone with a good feeling about it if I know they can get the same thing from Amazon for much less!!!! How can I rip off friends and family & neighbors? So sad!!! I was looking forward to being an Avon Rep. I truly like Avon products. What happened to this company? Please research carefully BEFORE you sign up. It could become a mess.

I placed an online order and was quoted a price. I also received an email confirmation with that price. They took the quoted price out of my bank account. Then in a separate transaction they took additional funds. Because of this additional and unauthorized charge, my bank acct was placed in the negative which resulted in an additional fee from my bank. When I called Avon the representative, Kyle, was extremely rude. I was finally transferred to a supervisor, Sharon, who was also extremely rude and unwilling to make things right for me. This is my first and last purchase at Avon's website. Please be aware of the possibility of getting additional charges on your acct if you deal with this company. I have yet to receive my merchandise. I am hoping it's worth the amount of money I paid.

I was told that you get 40% of what you sold. So I would had made 30 dollars. I had never received my money. Not really sure why I would continue to sell their products if they can't even practice what they preach. Whether that was not enough money or whatever the case may be, I still should have got my money.

I was an Avon rep for a few months. I had returned products that I did not sell and I keep on getting letters saying I owe them money. I have tried for months to sort this out and I am getting nowhere. They can't even tell me what they are billing me for. This has caused a lot of arguments in my house as it has damaged my credit rating. I have now taken it to trading standards. I would never recommend anyone to become an Avon rep. For the past 5 months I've been really stressed trying to sort this out and not one of the customer service advisers have a clue what they are talking about.

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Avon has been empowering women to be their own bosses since 1886, the year that Avon’s founder, David H. McConnell, began recruiting women who used his products as salespeople. Today, women are still selling Avon as a way to earn extra income. Avon’s product line has expanded to include makeup, fragrances, clothes, skincare, bath and body products and jewelry.

  • Become a representative: Women who already use Avon products can save money on their own products while making money selling products when they become a representative. Representatives can sell online, in person or both.
  • One-stop shopping: Consumers can buy all of their skincare, makeup, bath and body products, jewelry and clothes from Avon, which can make shopping easy.
  • A brand for every beauty dilemma: Avon has several brands that address different beauty dilemmas, such as acne, dry skin, oily skin, men’s skin and more.
  • Outlet: Consumers can find quality products at bargain prices by shopping Avon’s online outlet sale. Save up to 65 percent on items, which change regularly.
  • Avon Foundation: The Avon Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and providing support for victims of breast cancer and domestic violence. They fund programs, encourage outreach and award scholarships for deserving women.
  • Best for Avon products are best for women, particularly those who want to make extra income by becoming a representative.

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