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Rhode Island Small Claims Court Information

Statues: General Laws of Rhode Island, Title 10, Ch. 16, Sections 1-16; Title 9, Ch. 12, Section 10 (appeals).

Dollar Limit: $2,500.

Where To Sue: Where either side resides. Corporation resides where it does business. If plaintiff is corporation, must be brought where defendant resides. If both plaintiff and defendant are nonresidents, suit may be brought in any county.

Service: Certified or registered mail, sheriff, deputy, constable or court-approved adult.

Hearing Date: Set by court.

Attorneys: Allowed; required for corporations, except close and family corporations with less than $1 million in assets.

Transfer: If defendant counterclaims for more than $1,500 and court approves, case tried under regular civil procedure of District Court.

Appeals: By defendant only, to Superior Court. However, plaintiff can appeal adverse judgment on counterclaim.

Special Provisions: No personal injury or property damage cases. Court may order installment payments.

Note: This section outlines the special rules that apply to the small claims courts of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Filing fees are not listed because they vary greatly and change frequently. Because court rules may change at any time, always check with the clerk of the small claims court to verify the accuracy of the information given for your state.