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Massachusetts Small Claims Court Information

Statues: Annotated Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 218, Sections 21-25.

Dollar Limit: $2,000 (no limit for property damage caused by motor vehicles).

Where To Sue: Where plaintiff or defendant resides or where defendant has regular business or is employed. For landlord-tenant cases, where the property is located.

Service: First-class mail, sheriff, or constable.

Hearing Date: Set by court.

Attorneys: Allowed.

Transfer: At judge's discretion, case tried under regular civil procedure of appropriate court.

Appeals: By defendant only for new trial; to Superior Court within 10 days.

Special Provisions: No libel or slander cases. Court may refer cases to mediation if both sides agree.

Note: This section outlines the special rules that apply to the small claims courts of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Filing fees are not listed because they vary greatly and change frequently. Because court rules may change at any time, always check with the clerk of the small claims court to verify the accuracy of the information given for your state.