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Meet the ConsumerAffairs concierge team

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Making a significant purchase is easier if you have a trusted friend to answer your questions, explain your options and give you expert advice.

Our concierge team coaches thousands of consumers each month with making difficult purchases like home warranties, walk-in tubs or medical alert devices.

Your concierge is a dedicated partner in your purchase journey. They have your back today and will be there to support your next major buying decision as well.

5 Reasons you need a ConsumerAffairs concierge

  1. Personalized recommendations: Your concierge will get to know your specific situation so they can provide you with the best service.
  2. Answers backed by experience: Each concierge coaches thousands of consumers in situations similar to yours each month.
  3. Real relationships: All concierges are trained in multiple purchase decisions so they can help you meet your goal of becoming a homeowner, raising a family, aging safely, etc.
  4. Assigned to YOU: You will receive a concierge specifically assigned to support you — you’ll never have to start over by explaining your situation to someone else.
  5. They have your back: Their only concern is to help you purchase from the right company for you. No concierge is incentivized for recommending one company over another.

The concierge experience

Whether you're looking for a car or home warranty, a home alarm system or a walk-in tub, ConsumerAffairs can help.

Your concierge can help you after your purchase and with future buying decisions.

Click "Get started" or "Find a match" on a ConsumerAffairs guide to quickly get matched with the right company for your unique needs.

By using our tool, you’ll be jumped to the front of the line. A representative from the company will contact you within minutes to make your purchase.

You'll also receive an email from your concierge introducing themselves and offering suggestions to give you the confidence you need to choose the right company.

You can call, text or email them directly whenever you have a question, and they'll work with you further to find the right match if you want to explore other options.

Once you and your concierge feel you’ve found the right company for you, they’ll connect you with the brand to complete your purchase. Some of the purchase categories our concierges can help with include:

Auto Transporters

Medical Alert Systems

Moving Companies

Home Security Systems

Home Warranties

Walk-in Tubs

What is the concierge team?

What is the concierge team?
The concierge team at ConsumerAffairs coaches you to find the best product for your unique situation. Your concierge can answer questions, guide you through the process and connect you with the right company.
Who is my concierge agent?
ConsumerAffairs concierges are real humans who work out of our Tulsa, Oklahoma, office or remotely throughout the U.S. We pride ourselves on hiring people-first, passionate, empathetic team members who generate ownership, resolve problems and deliver meaningful impact daily.

Interested in working as a concierge agent? Apply here.

Does my concierge agent work on commission?
No. Our concierge team members are all salaried employees and do not work on commission. Their only concern is helping you get matched with the right company for you and making sure you're satisfied with your experience. There are no bonuses or incentives for partnering you with one brand over another. Our concierge agents work for you.
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