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We recently purchased Viewsonic “Thin Clients” to replace all of the computers in our office network. When they were received the Firmware was out of date and inoperable. The short version of this story is that we were unable to get any help from Customer Service or Technical Support for over a week. We called every few hours for 8 days and the response was always the same. "We will have someone contact you within the hour or by the end of the day," or we were sent to another representative that didn’t answer and whose mailbox was full or not set up. We never received a callback or even an attempt to help. Our IT team stayed at the office patiently waiting on “callbacks” or even an email that could help from 6 am until 9 pm at night, for 8 days straight waiting on Viewsonic to no avail.

Furthermore, every single person we were able to contact spoke such poor English that it was almost impossible to understand and still. They were unprofessional, rude and incapable. Ultimately, I have never in my life encountered such poor customer service from any company at any level. I am still not sure they even have a technical support department. I had no idea that any viable company could be this bad. My experience with Viewsonic has been unimaginably disappointing. This has been, by far, the worst business experience that I have had in the last 50 years. I could have gone the most expensive, most complicated way possible and been far better off had we stayed away from Viewsonic altogether.

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I bought 4 monitors from these company less than 1 year ago. I spent $1000+ on them. One just failed, so I contact RMA service via web and never got a reply. I had to call support and they said I will have to pay shipping. I thought this is unacceptable so I asked for a manager to get someone understand my frustration given the fact I have trusted this brand for years. The manager shut the door on my face stating "This is our policy". I challenged customers should be first, and policies should be adjusted or flexible enough.

To my surprise the manager ** told me that I would be having the same experience buying any other brand! I was perplexed. She not only confirmed buying ViewSonic was a wrong decision, but she just spoke for all the companies that make monitors. Unbelievable... I get prepaid returned labels from used stuff I buy in eBay. I am VERY disappointed with the company but specially the manager who had no sense of customer service.

Satisfaction Rating

I have been trying for 2 weeks now to get an RMA to send in a broken projector. It's under warranty but it was struck by lightning and I was gonna be honest about that and pay for the repair since the insurance company will reimburse me. But they won't even return my calls or emails or tech-support requests on their website, so I cannot even get an RMA to send it in. The insurance company refuses to outright replace the projector without the Mfr at least looking at it and providing an estimate. I was actually VERY happy with the projector while it worked - excellent picture, and a very competitive price compared to other brands with similar specs. I can understand if they refuse to fix it under warranty because of the lightning strike, and I can understand if they charged a diagnostic fee only to say it's not fixable, but I can't get them to even look at it or even so much as acknowledge my request, and unless they do, I can't make a $1000 claim on my insurance.

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I purchased a refurbished Viewsonic monitor and I received a damaged, unusable monitor. In my initial complaint Viewsonic was adamant that I had to ship the monitor to be serviced. I told I had not purchased an "as is" monitor and wanted to cancel the purchase and ship it back to them. They initially refused and I explained I was within the allotted time to return my purchase. In the end, and after talking to my credit card company to void the purchase, they agreed they could take the monitor back, providing I pay for the shipping back to them. I find this horrendous. Why should a customer do so?

Satisfaction Rating

We bought two ViewSonic G Tablets and have been having trouble with the software end of it from day one but thought we would wait for an update and it would get better. Finally, after many months of waiting, they updated it and it ran a bit better. The issue we have had now is the DC power input. It doesn't charge and is loose. We tried the support number and it only tells you they no longer handle the support of the tablet and sends you to some other number which most of the time just rings. The tablets are only just now a year old and these tablets should last longer than that. No abuse has occurred on these as they are used by an adults whom are very computer savvy and know to handle with care. It is frustrating that ViewSonic is allowed to get away with putting a tablet out there that was poorly built and not ready to be put out. Also the box says it comes with the Android Market which was completely false from day one. It does not come with the genuine Android Market that is displayed on the box.

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Satisfaction Rating

Having been a customer of Viewsonic for 20 years since their PC monitor days in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I feel terribly disappointed by the treatment I received in this instance. I was pretty pleased with my original $300 CAD something Viewpad 7 purchased in Canada, but unfortunately it broke down suddenly within 6 months of use. I followed Viewsonic's online support's instruction to return everything in the original packaging to their office for a repair or replacement. The earphones, power adapter and the faux leather tablet case/cover were so well-kept that they're sent back to them with my defective VPAD 7 like new. I spent extra money to send the parcel via overnight express to their office on December 11, 2011 and they received and issued the PMA ticket number ** on December 12, 2011. Then they took one full month to return another to me and I finally received the parcel on January 11, 2012. But what I have received from them are disappointingly the following:

1. A refurbished VPAD 7 of an older serial number without front and back screen protectors; my expensive screen protector that I sent with my original tablet is also missing. I don't really mind this though.

2. The original set of hand-free earphones is missing (now received back after weeks of complaint).

3. The power adapter is dirty and covered with lots of sticker glue and it becomes hot after plugging in for a short while.

4. The USB cable becomes a very cheap dollar shop one instead of the original one.

5. The faux leather tablet case/cover is old and torn and pressed with wrinkles as if it has been opened and closed 1000 times. It is loose and some tread-lining on the side is broken. The elastic band that's used to hold the cover is also loose. It is also not flat, with protruding sewing material from the inside of the flip cover that unduly scratches the screen of the tablet when it's closed.

6. Worst of all, while my original VPAD 7 had an Android v.2.2.2 ROM, this returned one only has the very buggy v.2.2.1. Some of my purchased apps cannot be restored or run on it.

7. This returned tablet has problem reading my microSD. While I had no problem using a 32GB micoSD on my original VPAD 7, now at least 9 out of 10 times I have to reboot a few times or reinsert the microSD to get it working even when the microSD is only 8GB.

8. The GPS sensor has a problem that the coordinates and directions are deviated.

9. Even the packaging box is torn and pressed.

It is highly ridiculous that they took away my 6-month old Viewpad 7 when I sent them back last December for a repair/replacement, but they replaced it with a very old and still problematic one featuring a very buggy and even older Android ROM of version older than mine after having kept me waiting for a full month instead of 14 days as they claimed for the turnaround time. They seem to be just swapping faulty ones, and give customers even worse ones, depending on the customer's luck. I have contacted Viewsonic numerous times for this issue but they either ignored my complaint or took ages to reply. My messages were not responded even when they're addressed to Viewsonic's chairman Mr. James Chu.

And now they kept me waiting for months for their resolution and finally today (January 30, 2012) they ridiculously replied that they could send me back a new one only if I had a receipt that showed the corresponding purchase of my tablet was made within the last 30 days. What's the fool's logic for this? They know clearly it's purchased a few months ago already before I sent them back for the repair/replacement. Even their last reply took more than 30 days!

How could Viewsonic take away their customer's relatively new purchased product and simply replace it with a problematic older one from their refurbished stock with all the old and dirty accessories? Can we do justice?

I feel very disappointed at their service. Now after I rebooted my Viewpad 7 I always had to reinsert my microSD card many times for it to read and start properly. I don't think it will last long. Their supports could not help, and they have kept stalling and refused to return a new working one to me. I don't think I will purchase another Viewsonic product. That's truly a nightmare guaranteed to end any long term customer relationship.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Viewsonic VT2430 for $279.00 plus tax, it lasted only 15 months and Viewsonic sent me an e-mail asking me if I think it's economically feasible to pay $647.47 to fix it.

I was able to prove to their customer service personnel that this was one of several units that was manufactured at the same time that failed due to the same reason, a corrupt motherboard. This was a manufacturing flaw and Viewsonic division is ripping off its customers.

Satisfaction Rating

Rip off bad new products, no warranty and bad customer service. US Atty. General already know the bad practices. Hopefully they close doors asp. I bought a G-tablet next day. Contact Viewsonic customer service and Viewsonic claim not handled this product and send a third party (US Merchants). USM admitted that G-tablet was a bad product with bad software but they will fixed for additional $90. I called many times to customer service and all you get Viewsonic throw the ball to US Merchants and them throw back. Nothing solve. I will take back the G-tablet. I don't care now if the vendor charge me restock fee. I just wanted peace of mind. So hope this tip help and avoid dealing with Viewsonic even If it's free take back.

Satisfaction Rating

Rip off bad new products, no warranty and bad customer service. US Atty. General already knows the bad practices. Hopefully they close doors ASAP. I bought a G Tablet, Next day contact Viewsonic customer service, and Viewsonic claim no to handled this product and send a third party (US Merchants). US.M. admitted that G-Tablet was a bad product with bad software but they will fix for additional $90.00. I called many times to customer service and all you get Viewsonic throw the ball to US.Merchants and them throw back. Nothing solve. I will take back the G-tablet. I don't care now if the vendor charge me restocking fee. I just wanted peace of mind. So hope this tip help and avoid dealing with Viewsonic even if it's free take back.


I have a ViewSonic VX922, which I have had for just about 3 years. The power button and screen began blinking on and off for about 10 minutes whenever I turned the monitor on. It finally went all white and is unusable. An Internet search shows thousands of these monitors with the exact problem (manufacture red in 2006). ViewSonic will not repair unless I pay. Normally, I would, but there is no question this is a manufacturing issue (capacitor failure). If there is a class action lawsuit, I want to join. If there is a way to get ViewSonic to repair for free, I can live with that.

It is amazing that with a known issue, this company will not accept any responsibility. I would even eat the shipping if the repair was free. Please let me know what can be done. I paid over $390 for this monitor. I now either have to pay them or spend another $200- $300 monitor to work from home.


I sent 2 monitors in for repair... (October 12th 2008) After a month of waiting I called to be told they got the monitors but for reason it was not checked into their warehouse and that they would send a message to warehouse to get these checked in... 2 weeks later I called to check the status and was told the exact same thing as before.. about 1 week later I received 1 monitor back ... I SENT 2.. So I called to see where my other monitor was to be told it was not checked into the warehouse but they have it hhhmm..

So I was assured they would get this sent to me week goes by nothing ... I call back and they tell me that they no longer stock that model and would be sending me a comparable model I tell them thats fine and they said expect it in about a week. One week later still nothing. Call and about it and I am told the same as above different model yada yada I stated I was already told this and so 1 week later nothing. Call talk to a supervisor after much arguing to the phone rep agrees and then they hang up on me... Call back same day ask for a supervisor wait on hold for 30 minutes and i am promised by Brandon this would be shipped out expedited service. So now we are well into December and its about 12-21-08 call talk to another supervisor because I still have not gotten my monitor and low and behold im told it has not been checked into the warehouse by this time I am irate and tell them they need to send this overnight to my business door the day after christmas no matter what... I am promised this will happen.

January 5th 2009 still no moitor call and they tell me that they dont have the same model and are going to send me a comparable model "(sound Familiar?)' Ok so After sitting on the phone and ranting and raving and yelling and cursing for over an hour I finally 3 weeks later receive my comparable model monitor.


I purchased a Viewsonic N3250W LCD TV in January 2006 from Fry's Electronics in San Diego. The power supply board went bad in January of 2008. Viewsonic does not have the parts available. I checked the internet and read the blogs and there are a lot of Viewsonic customers with the same Model TV with the same problem and have been waiting 6 to 9 months for the parts and Viewsonic says they do not have an ETA for the part.

We paid $1,000 for this T.V. and only used it about 4 or 5 hours a week. The TV repair shop that has our TV is also getting the run around on the part. They have been calling Viewsonic for 2 months asking when they expect the part and they say they do not know. I thought it was California law that a company makes parts for 7 years after the initial production of a certain product? I am really frustated with Viewsonic. It just not right.

It will cost me $800.00 to purchase the same TV again.


Our organization bought about 50 19inch ViewSonic LCD monitors 3 years ago. About 25% have been returned as defective under warranty, but the warranty on the rest is up, and the failure rate is increasing. I've talked to others in the IT industry, and high failure rates in ViewSonic LCD monitors is a well known problem among consumers in the know, but denied by ViewSonic.

Budgeted replacement cycle was longer than product's actual life, need to replace thousands of dollars worth of monitors that died earlier than expected.


On 8/31/06 we purchased a ViewSonic computer monitor from the Watertown, New York Staples. On 2/14/08 the ViewSonic monitor failed. One important factor in our decision to purchase the ViewSonic monitor was the three year warranty. We contacted the ViewSonic's Tech-support and spoke to Sergio concerning warranty repairs. We were told that the monitor had to be purchased in Canada to qualify for the three year warranty. We hold the original warranty and it does not mention Canada nor the United States.

We had to purchase another computer monitor at $280.14. All we ask is that ViewSonic honor their original written warranty. We would like to have the computer monitor either repaired or replaced. Thank you for your concern & consideration.


In short: Viewsonic has a monitor I returned (twice) for repair and will not fix, replace, or exchange it as they promised, nor will they return the broken monitor to me. They will NOT answer emails, nor will they return my calls to corporate as they promised to do. They have not responded to my regular mail queries also. When I have called customer support, I have waited a solid TWO hours for a rep to come on the line and then must sit on hold again and again while they try to figure out what to do. When I asked for a supervisor, I was again put on hold and was finally told that there was nothing they could do. Here is a general chronology of events.

This monitor costing about $600 failed within the warranty period. I obtained an RMA and sent to the Walnut, CA facility and it was returned within 10 days. In the meantime I purchased another monitor so that I wouldn't suffer a delay in my work schedule. When the 1st monitor arrived, I made the mistake of assuming that it was repaired and set it aside for about two months, during which time the original warranty ran out. At that point one of my customers needed a monitor and I lent him the Viewsonic. It failed completely after two days of use.

I called Viewsonic and spoke to a lady in the (I think) So. Carolina support center, but only after a HOUR on hold. She had considerable problems with the "new software" and couldn't call up all the records but finally managed to generate an RMA (as well as a VSA number) and a return call tag along with the case #E83833-1. She also assured me that since this was the second time the unit had failed, that Veiwsonic would replace the unit with a NEW monitor, not refurbished. While she was on the line I checked my email and found the call tag therein but she told me to call the next day to make sure the transaction had gotten into the system properly.

I did so but after another hour on hold. I shipped the monitor back to Walnut, CA (I am in No. California) but when I didn't hear from them after more than ten days, I called again only to discover (after a TWO HOUR WAIT ON HOLD) that their new system still wasn't working properly, that the reason the NEW monitor had not been shipped was because they were back-ordered and that they didn't know when they were due to arrive. I inquired what it would take to upgrade to another model and after spending even more time on hold found nothing comparable; then the rep suddenly "discovered" that the monitors were due in THE NEXT DAY! I told him to send it. Well, their system wouldn't allow a replacement because the old monitor was OUT OF WARRANTY. This AFTER three hours on the phone, being told that I did indeed qualify for a new replacement!

As of this writing, I do not have ANYTHING from Viewsonic, they will not answer my calls and they don't respond to any other kind of queries. I am beside myself and quite unsure as to what recourse I have.


I returned a defective VP930B monitor for replacement. Customer service acknowledged receipt date of 10/25/07. No contact from Viewsonic initiated. Repeated calls to customer service promised that warehouse would call or e-mail to arrange replacement twice. The service line was inactive for a week in the end of December. In January repeated calls were made, and 1 hour plus wait times resulted in no contact. Repeated e-mails were not responded to by Viewsonic.

Calls to Viewsonic HQ, conversations with a receptionist who would not give her name or the names of anyone else in the company, yielded no satisfaction and have resulted in no contact whatsoever from Viewsonic since this whole problem started. Company currently has a $350 monitor that belongs to me and seems not to care.


October 18,2006 I purchased a brand new ViewSonic monitor from on-line retailer On August 20, 2007, I telephoned ViewSonic concerning red lights coming through my VG2021M monitor. I was issued RMA: VSA-070820-0245 and informed turnaround time is 10 to 15 business days; I sent my unit in for warranty repair, under Federal Express tracking number 330259510007827, being received by ViewSoinc on September 6, 2007.

Since ViewSonics receipt of my defective unit, Ive had the displeasure of contacting ViewSonic a minimum of 4 times through the website chat feature only to be informed:

9-24-077: Turnaround is 15-18 days.

10-1-07: Would I accept a VX2025 replacement, shipping in two (2) days.

10-3-07: No tracking number, I will escalate, tracking data within 24-48 hours.

10-5-07: No tracking data available, I (csr) will resubmit request.

10-9-07: No tracking data available, unit has not shipped.

10-12-07: I (csr) will escalate.

Telephone calls are met with disconnection, silence or repeated escalation to ship unit.

As an independent webmaster and network administrator, I invest and rely on my equipment to function properly each and every time, so I may provide my clients and myself the best value.


I bought the viewsonic TV N3752W from office depot. After 2 day I reliazed the remote does not work. I returned and got another TV ( same model)

Again the remote would not functions as time and sound would go off & on.

I reported to office depot they asked me to report the issue to viewsonic customer support and they did not have any of Viewsonic TV left for exchage and they would *not* accept the return even with in the week of purchase.

Here I was stuck with TV that did not work. After discussion with viewsonic warranty thet prefferred to send the RMA for replacmenent.

1.The RMA TV has problem with the power switch.

2. 2nd RMA has issue with remote and screen.

3. 3rd RMA TV again had a remote issue.

I discussed this issue with one of their Sr, Tech who was honest enough to mentioned they has faulty firmware on the Model N3752W.

That basically led to conculsion viewsonic model TV N3752W is a Lemon Product. I do not understand why there is no recall replacment for this model.

I have to'date replaced 4 RMA and all turned out to be defective and I have realiazed they are now sending the refurbshed TV to replace your new TV. the refurbished comes in the Brown Box.


Ordered three new model PJ458D Digital (Powerpoint) Projector. Within two months, two projectors started shutting off after 40 minutes of use. Returned these two for factory warranty repair/replacement. In the mean time, third projector started exhibiting same problem. Received the two replacement projectors which also showed (worse) similar symptoms of shutting off after 5 - 20 minutes of use. We are batting 0 for 5, and company will not upgrade (with customer agreeing to pay cost difference), or provide similar priced, alternate model. Customer will not agree to an identical replacement model, as all 5 have proven to be faulty.


I took advantage of an offer of a $20 rebate on a ViewSonic VG1930wm LCD purchased between 4/2-4/29/2007 made by Dell (online) on this monitor. My purhcase was on 4/18/07. I filled in (linked) ViewSonic Mail-in Rebate Offer, enclosed the Dell invoice and original UPC code and serial number bar code from carton, as requested. All was in order.

Today (5/14/07) I received a letter from ViewSonic Rebate (Reference

# J1Q027856-6-37302165), declining to honor the claim because it "is invalid for the following reason(s): Your purchase was made by an unauthorized dealer."

I called Dell to complain. The Customer Representative (ID #136930) offered me a $50 credit on my MasterCard, which I accepted. Let's see if it shows up. But I consider this a fraudulent rebate offer and blatantly false advertising. I would like to be part of any class action suit against either or both companies, wherever the culpability lies.


Purchased Viewsonic Q9b on sale at Fry's Electronics store. 3 months later (shortly after store's replacement coverage expired) the monitor failed to turn on. Returned monitor to Fry's which said it was now under manufacturer's warranty and they sent it to Viewsonic for repair. 4 months later monitor returns. It is not the same model (gave me Q19wb) and there is a pixel defect with it. I did some research and learned that Viewsonic is known for sending back the wrong refurbished monitors with such defects, hence the big error of what I received. I don't want to wait another 4 months for a replacement for this incorrect monitor (it is not Fry's fault but the manufacturers). I want to warn others of Viewsonics sloppy "fix" should you get a monitor that goes bad.


In Sept 2006, I bought a Viewsonic 17" LCD Computer monitor from Office Depot with a $50 rebate offer. I mailed all the information. Viewsonic sent an email reporting that the information had been received 10/26/2006. I have received nothing as of 1/22/2007. Their rebate center person says "they are a little behind". I'd say 6 months is VERY behind. They have no idea when I will receive my rebate. I'm better on "never". Watch out for Viewsonic "deals".


I bought a Viewsonic VX910 monitor at Office Depot on 12/3/04 for $599.99 plus tax and received the $100 rebate early 2005. The monitor went black and quit working on 10/2/06. The picture became thin and then just disappeared. I changed power cords but still no power to the monitor. Rosalyn in Customer Service at Viewsonic was not helpful and just kept repeating that there was a one year "limited" warranty. I expected more than 22 months service from this very expensive monitor and Viewsonic is unwilling to compensate. Thanks for listening and please let me know if I have any recourse.

I bought NextVision N6 High-Definition Video Processor. The unit does not work. The light is blink red and green. I called the technical support. I was told I have to send back defected unit by my own (By my understanding, they supposed to send me UPS slit, so I can send defected unit back. Obviously, representative made mistake. In the United States, I never heard customer have to send in defected unit by their own). The representative gave me the case number: VSA-060803-0396. In August 4, 2006, I sent defect unit by US post office priority mail (It cost me $8.10. I have my receipt). I called the technical support, and check for the status. The representative told me that you havent received my package. I filed complaint to US post office for lost. They inspected my case. They informed me that they delivered the package without mistake.

Viewsonic refused to response to me. They just keep lying.


On December 29, 2005 I purchased a LCDTV Model 3250w from Frys Electronics. On April 19. 2006 I went to turn the TV on and the picture flashed on and off with a very high pitched noise that sounded like a bird. I called ViewSonic and described the problem and they concluded that a new TV would have to be sent out. I explained to the man in detail that I was moving within 14 days and would we have time to take care of this. He assured me we would. On April 20th, 2006 I received an email that I would be receiving a replacement unit in 2-3 days. On April 27th, 2006 I called back because I had not received the replacement TV and was told that there were no TVs in stock for them to send me one. I became extremely frustrated and asked if I could speak with a supervisor or manager and was told NO. I was floored. I was told that someone would call me back within two days. I was so taken back that I didnt know how to respond.

I would just really love to get my money that I have paid through a monthly note back and go purchase another TV from someone else. I have a really bad feeling about this.


We returned a projector to Viewsonic to repair a problem still under warranty. It should have taken 14 business days. Instead, two months later the item will arrive. The customer service is horrible. Every time I would call to check the status, I would get a different answer. Two times I was told the item would ship at the end of the week and twice it did not. Finally the third time I was told it would ship, it did...four days late. I received no confirmation email with tracking number like they said I would. I had to call and wait on hold 40 minutes. That wait time is not unusual for them. I've waited longer. It is hard to talk with a supervisor and you get the run around. BUYER BEWARE. They stink.


I purchased electronics equipment that carried a rebate of $80 and $30 on each piece. I completed the forms and sent them in for rebate. The actual purchase in 9-10-04 and the forms and receipts were sent to the manufacturer for rebate the following day. After several weeks, I did not receive the rebates and called to inquire. I was told that I gave a PO Box and needed to give a street address, so I did, and was told the rebate would be mailed to me on 1-13-05. I did not receive the rebate. I called again in March and was told the account was closed. They then told me to refax the entire initial claim and I did, and was told I would receive a call in 3-5 days. I did not receive a call. I called again today and was told that they did not process this because they did not get my fax (even though it had been confirmed earlier) and because they now needed the serial numbers from both pieces. I asked to speak to a manager and was again told someone would "get back to me" within 3-5 days. I doubt that's true and believe that this is a deliberate attempt to postpone payment in the hopes that I, as a consumer, will not continue to claim it. This is a deceptive and fraudulent practice that should have severe consequences for the company that engages in it.


I purchased a Q95-3 SN 70B031300156 over a year ago. Out of the box, it had a problem with the screen; the screen would intermittently get distorted as if by electrical interference. I called repair and (after being on hold for nearly 20 minutes) was told to ship it back for repair at my expense. I then spent over $100.00 to return it. One month later I received the repaired item. This time the screen had a permanent pink tinge out of the box. This time they said theyd pay for shipping. Unfortunately the box had been discarded and it took me a few months, including the time I was out on maternity leave, to find a suitable box to return it in. I called Viewsonic to see if I could get a box and they said of course I could, for a fee of about $60! Finally I found a box and returned it, only to get a voicemail and a letter two weeks later that the item was damaged in transit. After many minutes of being on hold I finally got the tracking number and other info I needed to call Fed Ex to file a claim.

When I spoke to Fed Ex they told me they need the original package. No one at Viewsonic will return my calls to find out how to get that, even though Ive left several messages.

I purchased a ViewSonic A70f 17in.color

CRT monitor from FRYs Electronics located in Woodland Hills CA on 02/21/03 for $199.99 with a $50.00 mail-in cash rebate which was rejected for a bogus reason by TCA Fulfillment Services which ViewSonic contracts to handle it's product rebates. I have the documents to verify I submitted my rebate according to all manufacturer requirements. Both ViewSonic & TCA have been unresponsive to all my attempts to contact them reguarding this matter. I have registered my product and myself as a user only after having to provide excessive personal information required by both ViewSonic & TCA before I could gain access to information, support, and various other services on their web sites. I is going on almost three months now since I submitted my mail-in rebate. I have been put on hold and disconnected in all four attempts to contact someone by phone and have received no responses to any of the four e-mail messages I sent.


On 3/2/2001 I had returned two monitors. Sophia promised me two c92-2 monitors by the next Friday. Yesterday, I had spoken to C. Lee regarding the delay of our monitors. She also promised me 1. a call back 2. fedex tracking number. Today, I call Miss Tayaga and here I am requesting the two c92-1 monitors once again.

Now Viewsonic no long has stock on the c92-2 monitors. Our company has over 52 c92-2 monitors. I feel that this matter was handled in a very unprofessional matter. I'm very inclined to notify the Better Business Bureau. I'm awfully disturbed with Viewsonic's customer service. I promise you I will take this matter further if this problem is not solved.

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