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I don't understand this supposed deal anyway. I applied and it said I was approved (they approve everyone). It said I would be sent an E-mail and further paperwork. It's been a few weeks and I haven't heard crap yet I was charged 29.99. I can't even access the site to figure out WTF. Of course, it is the weekend and they aren't there. I want to stop this auto withdrawal of funds when I don't even know why it is happening.

July 29, 2014 - I received my Dell laptop which was to be new and fully operating upon its arrival. Well, this all that has happened. Within the first three days of the laptop being in my possession, a Gmail account I have had for over six months prior all of a sudden was suspended for suspicious activity. When I called this number about, it said my email was bouncing all over the countryside, then this pop-up kept popping up, and on the third day, like thirty of them popped up at once and I could not make it stop. I called my internet provider and for two months which is documented, they worked to fix the problem.

Like I said, this was to be a new laptop so explain why I can prove this is a refurbished computer inside and out and why the install was May 2013 and I only acquired this year 2014. My internet provider also showed me the year of this laptop; it dates 2012. They also found malware and spyware and a rootkit virus three days into it. Three months into this, I started having problems with three of my new Android tablets and because all the devices ran off the main laptop, those three became infected and stopped working.

So in September 2014, Tronix Country extended me enough credit to get an Android bundle. Had to increase my monthly payment of $67.00 to $100 a month. Was told that this Android would arrive by November 24, 2014. This is five days away, so I called them today and the same line: "When we get a tracking number, you'll get a call or text, then it will be sent to you." Then four months into this mess, then everybody wants me to send this laptop back so they can look at it. I declined because I am not letting go of the only proof I have of them false advertising and breaking our contract.

Had access to website until I received my Tronix card, then can't get in no matter what I do. I've called them, requested new passwords, they never work so now I have a card I can't do anything with. You tell me, what's wrong with the picture? lol.

I ordered a computer approximately 1 and 1/2 years ago. I received my computer after I had paid on it the agreed amount of time along with the new printer. I paid every month on time by direct withdrawal from my checking account. I had nothing but a pleasant experience. If I called my questions were answered promptly once I reached a representative. I admit the wait on the line to speak to an actual person was rather long. However, that is true for everywhere I call where I want to speak to a human rather than an automation. Once my computer was paid for I received my 22 inch TV at no additional cost to me and a video camera both as a promotional incentive for buying the computer.

Yes the computer cost more than if I had been able to purchase it outright but circumstances would not allow me to walk in a store and pay anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 less than I paid. As I had my identity stolen several years before and had to declare bankruptcy this was the best way to start rebuilding my credit. The identity fraud perpetrated upon me, took my credit rating from a 668 to below 500. I had to do something. Last year I bought a camera and a few small things and I paid it off in 5 months. I'm getting ready to make a 3rd purchase. I had no problems whatsoever. It's been too long to remember an order number. Thank you for your time.

I applied online and was approved but I entered in the wrong account number to some person I don't know on accident (my pinky hit the suggestion bar just before I hit submit and changed my account numbers). I cant change it and they won't call me back. Thanks Tronix. I could go down for fraud just because you won't let me change the info on your scam site and it's not right that you're gonna charge an unknowing account. You people need to grow up and get a job like every other suffering American citizen out there. Dang buck up only pathetic losers like Tronix need to steal. Don't trust them. They're not real.

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I'm really, really upset!! I canceled Tronix Country's card, but I realized a withdrawal of a lot of money from my bank account. I sent an email and didn't get any reply. Who can help me? I'm a foreigner, I need some help.

They told me I had won a laptop, but I needed to make monthly payments. They began taking money out of my bank account. I never received the laptop I was supposed to get in January. I waited and waited and they still took more money. Still, I have no laptop. I put a stop to them taking money from my bank. They won't give me my money back. I have gone to the police; they are investigating and also the bank. I have lost $135 and didn't get anything. I am planning on trying to get on The Steve Wilkos Show with some others to try and expose these scam artists. If anyone wants to help me in this, contact me. Thank you.

Three years ago, I was trying to help a woman who is an alcoholic and who wanted to clean up her life. She apparently used my name as a reference to Tronix Country and got a computer. I was fully unaware she used my name and now have Tronix calling me multiple times a week. I have told them multiple times to quit calling. I do not know where Michelle ** is nor did I give her permission to use my name. They continue to call after telling them for 2 years to stop! I told them today that I am going to take action against them. I am calling my attorney when I get home. But I just want them to stop calling me, and one of her other sponsors is having the same problem.

When I first received my 50" flat screen television, I noticed a crack in the screen. The TV does not work either. After I called them and told them of my discoveries, it started a never-ending process of me sending in photographs of the damages and waiting for decisions of (get this!) third party vendors. It has been 5 weeks so far, and my television is still not replaced. Payments are still being currently taken out of my account. It is a possibility that my television will be paid off and they won’t replace it. I am so disgusted! The BBB gave Tronix Country an F, so do I.

I have sent all the forms in and made my payments on time. It has been 4 months, and I have not received any computer that was supposed to be shipped in 3 weeks. I have paid $500.00 so far… I would not go with this rip-off company at all.

I paid more than half and received not one thing. In 2008, I ordered from Tronix a laptop. They promised all free things, all payments were made on time but I did not receive anything. Very bad company. Do not use them.

I received my computer from Tronix but when I hooked it up, it was in another language and there was nothing on there to change the content to English. I called and told them about it and I didn't get any help. I had to pay a professional to change the language content. The computer crashed twice since I had it. Then after month of them successfully taking payment out of my bank acct, I called and asked them about my free products. I got the runaround and was told I had to make 6 months of on time payments. After 6 months, I called back and I was told some other crock. It's been 2 yrs and I'm still waiting. Smh, I would not do business with them again!

They charged my bank account over $150.00 for a computer and printer I never agreed on. I called and they could refund my money. I filed claims papers and threw my back. When I was on the phone with them, they said the payments would be coming out weekly. I said no way, hung up and they charged anyway.

My checking account was overdrawn by this company for which I have never done any business with!

I had a great experience with Tronix Country! I made my payments and paid it off. I received my free gifts as promised, but one thing. I got a video recorder instead of the camera I was promised, but quite frankly, I was happy about that too! I have never had a problem with them once and it is not a scam!

Total rip off! All that these others have said is more than true! It has been about 7 months and I have yet to see anything but a ** "verification of address" form come through my mail from them! If and when I ever get my laptop and products, they will not get another penny of my money!

I was ripped off and deceived by Tronix County LLC. In the past, I have used an alternate company (Blue Hippo) without demise or discrepancy of ethics as it pertains to a company's code of conduct. My initial contact with Tronix County was to order a laptop computer as this was all that I wanted. The payments were a little too high for my monthly bills and I refused to pay the amount asked for. Speaking with another agent, he convinced me that I could receive a similar laptop but smaller in size and different brand name. I would also receive a TV, carrying case, remote mouse and a camera free with the order if I continued and paid a lower monthly price as I accepted that plan. Who would not have?

I paid on time according to the schedule and without interruption of payments. However, in return for my faithfulness to the contract, I have received much less than the signing agent promised me. The laptop turned out to be a notebook, there is no camera, and every time an order ships, I had to cover the cost of shipping. The delays in shipping were inexcusable as Tronix County would send me a letter of address verification that took 5 to 7 business days or more to reach me and I had to sign and returned it as it took five more business days or more for them to receive it. Having gone through all that, it would then take another 7 to 14 business days to ship to me. Tronix Country have lied, overcharged and deceived me as they held my products on lay-away for a year or more.

Blue Hippo sent my products out immediately and withdrew their money from my account and all went well. I am grievously angry and disappointed to have ever entered into a contract with Tronix County. Their business practices are clandestine in its behavior and lawless in its treatment to the public as they have preyed on those that have less than a desirable credit history.

There are a lot of complaints on here about a company trying to make money like any other out there but don't live up to their end of the bargain. But from what I have read most if not all the complaints sound as if the consumer is the one not living up to their end of the bargain. I purchased a computer through Tronix and before I purchased it I thought about it and made sure it was within my budget to do so. I knew I was paying over the retail price for the computer and free gifts, but I was willing to pay them in order to increase credit status.

I received all my merchandise on time and items were even upgraded without my consent (not complaining) as long as lived up to the payment contract put in place when I started the program. And now, because I have lived up to my end of the bargain, they gave me a choice to receive the final gift of a TV or other products free of charge. I also have a $3000 credit limit so that if I wish to continue doing business in the future with them all I have to do is tell them what I want and they will send it out immediately with no grace period or waiting time to receive the product. There is no pressure for me to purchase something from them again immediately or ever to still carry the credit limit with them--that limit stays on the books until I am ready to get into another payment contract.

Trust me when I say this: there were times along the way that I thought twice about my decision to purchase the items but it wasn't because Tronix wasn't living up to their end. It was merely personal and I had to overcome that on my own. This is a contract for a year and if you don't think you can manage the payments over that time then don't do it. If you have any issues along the way they have the right as stated in the terms of the contract to delay any free gifts until certain criteria are met. In the end, you may find yourself here complaining about something you could have prevented by not honoring your end.

Items I have received on time: upgraded Dell computer with printer, copier, scanner and 22" monitor by LG, mp4 player, 12 megapixel camcorder, $400 worth of software, GPS system for car and 5 megapixel camcorder/web cam.

I ordered from Tronix County also to be ripped off. I was 1 week from having my computer shipped. I had to have them delay a payment by only a few days, called them and everything. They made me wait 6 extra payments to have it shipped! A good friend of mine ordered from **, they were unbelievable, shipped it when they said, and he owned it in only 29 weeks! I wish I would have ordered from them, but I only have 1 payment until Tronix Country sends mine. We'll see if they send it!

I am very upset with Tronix Country, LLC. I have paid over $1000.00, but everytime I get my report on how much I have paid in my monthly bill, it says I still owe the same amount. I know I keep paying more but it never lowers the amount that was still owed. We started our order in Sept. 2011 and it is now Jan 2012 and they said it would only be 12 weeks waiting time before we get our products through the mail.

It has been twice the promised waiting time, and they said it is because i didn't fill out all the blanks on my processing form, which I did. They had me send another one, which i did also, but still, I have not heard anything back. Unfortunately, they have my husband's and my personal information and I feel as if we have been ripped off in a way. If this is a scam, I am going to the BBB about this immediately and I will take them to court to get every ounce of money, that I have paid, back to me!

I gave authorization to this company to take the money out my account for service return of a laptop and a 50-inch flat screen TV but I never received my Items. I would like to know what happened. It has been some time passing now.

I sent them money and I still haven't received my 50" HD flat screen TV and free laptop. I called on several occasions, never send cash or money order, they took my money. And after 6 months, I still haven't received anything. They took my money and ran. I don't have a receipt or anything to prove I paid it in full. I got tired of calling the place so I just reported them to the Federal Trade Commission, **. $3000 is a lot of money, and I want what I was promised 6 months ago.

I will take care of these people. They play games, so can I. I have a mental disability and I can go to court and collect for everyone. That’s all it takes. The BBB and the state of Virginia are not paying attention to these people. I know how to get their attention. I am not afraid of any consequences. That's what they think! I have made all my payments on time and if they play with me, I will play with them. They are taking money, not telling you from the start what's involved in this ACH processing and they already have this information from your bank because they are drafting money from your account.

Why do they need it again? I did this because I would receive free gifts. I don't have bad credit but a bad mental disorder. I will make sure they agree to their contract with me. Another thing I have noticed, they all sound foreign to me and maybe the reason they want your personal info is because they are importing illegal people into this country with all your personal information. They would wind up in a mental institution. They don't want to give anyone my info! The consequences are for them, if they take my money, I will take something from them that is valuable. I don't harm people, I just balance out the scale.

I saw a TV commercial late one night, and called to order. I went through all the paperwork, contract fees, etc. This was in June 2011. Well, finally, in October 2011, I received the TV. Yet, there was a small hole in the box. We didn't open immediately, since it was going to be given as a gift. The gift was opened on 11.5.2011, and apparently, the small hole in the box was possibly caused by a forklift during delivery. Needless to say the 50 inch plasma screen had approximately 30 cracks on the screen. The TV partially is dented in.

Tronix said I had only 7 days, to get a refund, or exchange. The price of it is $1,899.00. Since it was past 7 days, there was nothing they could do, and they still hit my Chase account again for another $39.99. Per the supervisor Vanessa, but a few days later a Mrs. ** called to lie, and say that Fedex had denied my claim. How? I hadn't even faxed pictures of the damaged TV to them yet. I am filing a claim, also will be contacting BBB. We either want a product we can use, or a refund. Scam. They need to be prosecuted for the unethical and deceptive business practices.

As of right now, we are still waiting for a decision with the deliverer, since the damage was done while transporting it to me. As far as Tronix is concerned, they have left a bad taste in my mouth, and I wanna help all involved, to get refunds.

Well, I called to order from Tronix Country on 10-16-2011, and I was told that nothing was to work in my favor until November 01, 2011 and that after I send my $99 from my Chase account, there would be some papers that I had to sign and send them back. After that, I would receive some more papers and then I would get my stuff from Tronix Country!

Well, I did not get my stuff on the same day that they (Tronix Country) took the $99 out of my account and within 24 hours. I could not get my cash back because the manager, Fred or Ben, said that it has been two weeks from my order and there was nothing they can do! Well, I am trying to get a word or message to the President of Tronix Country so he can give me my cash back into my account.

Tronix County keeps overdrafting my account and when I tried to talk to them, they were acting unreasonable and not understanding my request to stop taking money out of my account. They wouldn't even listen to me when I called them about it. They still keep taking money out of my account, which has now left me $200.00 in the hole with the bank.

I had a very bad experience when I called. My father had an account with this company. He passed away and that's how I found out. Trionix has been taking money from my father's account, and I notified them he passed and that I had a couple of questions for the manager. To my dismay, they wouldn't tell me who they were or what they did because I didn't know at the time. They refuse to let me speak to a manager or cancel his account. These people are frauds for real!

I saw their advertisement on late night TV and the thing that really resonated with me was that they would help rebuild my credit. I lost my husband, my two boys and my baby girl on a trip to New York 10 years ago. I was left alone in our home with no income, no sound, no hope.

Bank of America foreclosed, without making any effort to help me find a way to do something. We had over $300,000 in equity when this all happened, but all credit had always been in my husband's name. I was a mother and a homemaker. It was all I had ever done and I loved it, but after 9/11 none of it mattered anymore. I literally almost starved to death that winter as I had no income and really no will to live at all. I could not feel God's presence and nothing felt real to me anymore. To say that the last 10 years have been a trial would be a great understatement and it was not until maybe the last year that I started to really regroup and see a possible future again. I went to school for nursing and got my license as an LPN. I felt as though I finally had a purpose again, but that does not replace the black burning hole that is in my soul for my babies and my beautiful husband. I feel their absence every day.

I decided to call and see what they could do to help rebuild my credit. I figured that they would be selling me a computer for twice its value, but at least I would be getting a credit rating to help start the next part of my life.

The person I got on the phone was very shady sounding. His name was Garrett and he was talking fast and ending with many questions that required me to obviously say "yes". Like he would say, "We all make mistakes and we learn from them - right? " I could feel that he was trying so hard to out maneuver me that I didn't trust him. I told him that I would have to think about it. He started talking as though I had not even said that. He told me that I was going to do this because it was the smart thing to do. Then he said, "It feels good to finally be at a place in your life where you are doing smart things again - isn't it? " Like a robot, I said "Yes" and before I realized it, he had gotten me to give him my account number for the bank. He said that he wanted to look up by bank account number to see if it even showed on my credit history yet. He said, "Don't worry, I am not asking your routing number or anything. I am just looking for the account number to see if it shows on your basic 5 line credit report. "

I never did give him a routing number and I ended the call saying that I would think about it for a few days.

Three days later, a check bounced at my bank. I didn't understand how that was possible. I went to the bank and found that "Tronix Country" had processed an electronic check for $4,500, which was the amount I told him was in the account. I could not believe it. The bank is investigating, but says that they had also submitted my mother's maiden name, my date of birth, home address, and social security number, which I never gave them, and that because they had so much of my personal information, it may not be possible to challenge the check. They recommended that I call Tronix Country to see if they could just refund it.

What is happening in this world? How can Bank of America even ask me to do that? This is the same bank I have been with since 1980 and it is the bank that took our house and auctioned it off for a fraction of its worth. There was a time when they would always stand by the customer, but now the world is so corrupt and there is no sense of wrong doing in business. They just consider it business.

I ordered a laptop from Tronix Country. Two hours later, I called and cancelled the order. When I called customer service, I was hung up on three times. Finally, I was told that the $99 would still be taken out of my bank account.

When i talked to Lisa about the laptop, I told her that I was now renting one. She said you can send that one back and use the one you get from us. So now, I will have to send my rental back because after losing the $99, I will not be able to afford it.

I remain stunned by the self-victimization and extent to which people seem to insist upon removing themselves from any responsibility, regardless of this company's propriety. In what way could anyone force by phone any of the people who admit disclosing their compete banking and personal information? Can these people also be mugged by mail? A thief is no less culpable for stealing a wallet left in plain sight, but the wallet's owner is no less stupid or responsible for leaving it there. At what point could these folks not hang up their phones? Nobody who gave their complete information should have expected anything other than to have their accounts debited.

Claiming that no "form" was signed (as if the presence or absence of a form constitutes anything legally significant in their particular state) not only shows tremendous naivety, it demonstrates a wanton ignorance of the laws to which they refer with such gusto. The sad fact is that most people have little or no understanding of the "rights" they so often claim to have, let alone much of the responsibilities their predicated upon.

While nothing can excuse Tronix or any other company if they promised, yet did not fulfill the terms of their agreement after consumers filled theirs, the complaints by people who admit to missing payments or failing to comply with other terms or conditions, no matter how subtle, who then feign disgust and disdain when Tronix exercised their remedies are among the worst of all, as they not only seek only to benefit while denying any responsibility for themselves, they describe any other party exercising its same rights as unfair fraudulent.

The only worse group are those who claim to be "disabled" or on "fixed incomes", as if that disclaimer waives them from any responsibility pursuant to the transactions in which they engage. How does a fixed income obviate common sense? Anybody "disabled" to the extent of being impaired ought not be indiscriminately responding to late-night infomercial pitches anyway. While Tronix, or any other business, ought to be prosecuted if they systemically or deliberately defraud, the vast majority of "complaints" found here describe no such thing.

They're nothing more than buyer's regret and because it happens to be a particularly expensive form of it, people seem willing to excuse themselves to the extent of claiming to have been made victims of criminal activity, rather than their own criminal stupidity. This is precisely the kind of fundamental erosion of values that has seen America trade its birthright into oblivion. When America finds itself a bankrupt society (she's already ell into her decline), there will be no shortage of people or behaviors to thank.

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