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Last updated: Nov. 22, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

Toshiba Laptop Computer apparent manufacture defects, multi problems that Toshiba fails to take care of knowing it is hardware issue. Touch Screen mouse freezes, white circle translucent bubbles form, flash, cause mouse to freeze, touch screen freeze up - necessary to hold bottom right corner bubbles down, pull off to one side of screen then take left hand to gain control over mouse in order to go to upper right of screen to then have mouse mobile to shut down or restart.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

Toshiba Satellite S55 has been down 75% of the time in year and a half. Hard drive replaced by Toshiba twice. Video card now out. Toshiba won't replace. Says it's out of warranty. Service support online takes forever to speak with anyone. Toshiba shows no concern that their customers received their monies worth. Purchasing a Toshiba laptop is throwing money away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

Toshiba is reliable, and I have recommended it to my friends and family - it is easy to maintain, and the overall appearance is good. Keyboard is nicely sized, and there are sufficient usb ports for the various peripherals that I liberally use. I even like the built in webcam (I hated Dells). Hope this all helps.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

After my first experience with the Toshiba laptop I did not want a second one because this brand breaks easily. The keyboard is very weak, battery life does not last the full four hours, it gets heated and shuts itself off without warning.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

The Toshiba Satellite is a very nice laptop that is durable and works great. I use it on a daily basis, haven't had a problem with it at all, and recommend its purchase.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I give lower ratings on durability because it develops malfunctioning hardware. Lately, the laptop freezes up in the middle of doing work and it needs to re-booted. Quite annoying! Also, the original battery didn't last too long and had to be replaced, like within a year. While overall the laptop has delivered value, Toshiba needs to address the hardware/battery issue to better compete with other brands.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

5 years ago I had a Toshiba hard drive that crashed and I lost over 20 years worth of documents and pictures (this was before I learned to back up to other sources). I sent the defective drive back and Toshiba replaced it no questions asked. I recently had another hard drive (different brand) that crashed on me and I lost another 10 years worth of stuff (I know I should always have my stuff backed up but these were pictures of my ex and I was only saving them on a drive for my son for when he was older since it's his father).

I was recently having computer issues and needed to dump my computer so I backed everything up to 2 Toshiba hard drives. While scanning through the hard drives I found a backup file from 5 years ago. Upon clicking on the backup and installing the contents on to my computer I found EVERYTHING that I thought I lost 5 years ago! 20 years worth of files and pictures have been on my Toshiba hard drive this entire time!! I don't know how they did it but I am eternally grateful! I would highly recommend Toshiba hard drives to anyone who would ask! Thank you Toshiba, you basically saved my life and all my files from my two children that I thought were gone forever!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

I've had the computer for almost 2 years now. My children purchased it for me. The assistance I received for general operating issues due to my lack of knowledge was great. Techs were patient. I've had no problems with the laptop's performance.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I purchased a Toshiba computer 2 years ago and the motherboard recently crashed. When I took it into the repair shop they said, “It was the 7th one of the same model with the same issue.” I understand it was no longer under warranty but would have expected it to last longer than 2 years. Customer care was of no use and was passed on to two different reps who gave the same robotic answers and offered no resolution. I would think that Toshiba would stand behind their products rather than hiding behind their 1 year warranty. I will never purchase another Toshiba product again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I have 2 Toshiba Laptops, same model, same purchase date. I use one for banking and paying bills and the second one for everything else. I also keep Geek Squad Support active. On average, I have to call Support or visit store twice a year. I don't know if this is normal downtime for a home computer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

If you have a Toshiba and it had issues you should just trash it and get a HP, Dell or Lenovo. The warranty on Toshiba is the worst I have ever seen. Been in business for over 20 years and have never had trouble with warranty like with Toshiba. After you finally get them to send the part (hard drive) that needs to be replaced they will send out a used part. If the used part fails they do not want to replace it even if it is less than 3 months old. I will make sure I have any of my customers buy anything but Toshiba. With the laptop still being under warranty they finally decided to send me a second Hard Drive replacement. But you can guess what kind of drive they sent out again. Yes, it was another used drive (refurbished).

When I called to complain was told that is their standard on warranty parts. Not only do they send out refurbished drives but again I had to give them cc on file to charge me $242.00 if they do not receive the bad drive back (so they can send out to other people that need warranty parts). We are talking about a 500GB hard drive that cost $50 new. With all this said I hope everyone stops buying Toshiba laptops. Maybe then they will see how treating people wrong will affect our business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

The Toshiba Satellite Pro 50 I purchased for my son to go to college with stopped working after 5 weeks! I sought support. The only authorized dealer is 90 minutes by car from the large city he lives in. The other choice was to send the laptop to Ontario, across the country. There is no other support to solve this problem that is with a brand new laptop under warranty. They will not offer the opportunity to seek help or diagnostics at any other dealer or computer support center. There was no option or offer to send a replacement or temporary laptop for use during the time when I would not have any to use. My son is in college in another province and now has no laptop to do his work which is impacting his success. This is highly disappointing and I will NEVER ever purchase or recommend this company and their products.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

Graphic card failing in this 13 month old Toshiba Satellite. Toshiba Tech support is not interested since the laptop is out of warranty. Tech I used here says that the graphics hardware (Card) is "Integrated" with the motherboard. There is no fix and I now own a $500 paperweight.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2017

I spend my one year saving on my SAP training for this I choose Toshiba as a laptop for installation. This system neither satisfied me nor there is a setup of Toshiba in Riyadh because I need to replace its motherboard and they don't have any after sale point even no body in computer market was able to help me. I'm in deep trouble. Such a big company with rotten eggs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 15, 2017

Bought new Toshiba c55t-5300... 2015. Within 4 months had to replace the Toshiba hard drive, did so then it happened 2 more times. Nevertheless replaced them twice, then next the bios would not let me enter the "advanced mode" so I could change the boot order, still can't, even though I created both CD and USB boot recovery discs... They wouldn't work... Now Toshiba says I need to repair my computer "efi" but in order to get the repair disc have to send away to Japan and that going to be $50.00 for the discs. I suspect the bios gone wrong on the motherboard and the discs won't work...

Why toshiba did not include the repair discs in the box when I bought it new... What gives with that? Damn thing cost me 700 bucks, not even 2 years of use... Toshiba shame on you and I thought Japanese people were honorable people. Shame you going to put your self out of business if you keep this up, not only will you go out of business but hurt the very people that work to make Toshiba what it is today... What are you today? Inconsiderate, liars, and rude... Won't be buying your products anymore!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 15, 2017

My Hard Drive died. It was a Toshiba Satellite. It had died before. When it did they lost all my stuff for me. The man who fixed it here showed me a refurbished hard drive Toshiba replaced under their warranty. Had I know they were so rotten, I would have reacted sooner to their deceptive ways. There will never ever be a Toshiba product bought by me again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 3, 2017

I called in 3 weeks ago to get my laptop virus free. They charged me 69$ saying they will fix the problem. 1st week they didn't finish the process. 2nd week they said they can't cause my hard drive is failing. 3rd week they said even though my hard drive is failing they can still fix it and won't refund my money. I spent 3 weeks of my only day off dealing with their non English uneducated department. Worst customer experience ever and I will be posting on all my social medias with thousand of followers to let them know not to buy Toshiba. So now I am stuck with a non working computer and $69.99 less in my bank for a new one. Thanks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

I own a Toshiba Satellite E45-C Laptop. My laptop has had a few quirks since I purchased it a year ago, putting windows that I was working on behind windows that I wasn't working on, turning the touchscreen on a number of times after I turned it off, but nothing too major till two days ago. Now whenever I unplug my computer it turns off; the battery reads fully charged but any disruption of AC power and the laptop goes dead. Today I finally had time to call tech support and the lady who barely spoke English would not tell me anything but the fact that my warranty had EXPIRED FOURTEEN DAYS AGO and for me to receive any support I would have to pay for it.

I had already explained my issue so I asked if she had any advice or I would simply need to pay up and then pay for repairs that would add up to the original cost of this glitch-filled piece of junk but she simply wanted more of my personal information and would provide no answers. The reason I didn't give any of my personal information out is because everything I have read on the internet indicated it was an unfixable problem. Of course that unfixable problem came directly after the warranty expired. I WILL NEVER BUY A TOSHIBA AGAIN.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 10, 2017

I purchased this notebook (S55B233) to replace my fifteen year old Gateway in LATE 2015. While doing the initial setup a CMOS password was entered somehow. In 2017 I had forgot the password. Upon shipping it to Toshiba to get password reset. I was told I would need to have the motherboard replaced at a price of $1695 plus $130. Why would I spend that to repair a machine I purchased for $850? Wake up Toshiba. You're not the only computer company on the planet.

Original review: May 30, 2017

I sent my laptop in for repair at uk/ after being notified by TOSHIBA that this their authorised repair centre. This was on 26/10/2016. After countless phone calls, emails and chasing from my side - and escalating the issue at least three times - I was eventually given the details of someone to make a formal complaint against the repair centre who had my laptop for nearly three months with no update. There was a severe lack in communication, contact, customer service and delivery against projected timelines (two weeks - what an absolute lie from their side). The people in customer service were rude and told me there was no point in following up. Following the formal complaint, miraculously - they had an update for me that day...

It is now over seven months later. I have paid for the repair. Still no laptop and a severe lack of communication. I would advise not to use TOSHIBA for business or personal use. They are hopeless. Their authorised repair centre is worse. I have emailed two key stakeholders - one at TOSHIBA and one at the repair centre five days ago without response. It's appalling. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. DO NOT USE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2017

Toshiba laptop satellite L770 series. Absolute worst support ever. Sent in twice for repair at my cost. The laptop is now not serviceable - died due to inherent defective fan and overheating, even though I use a Havit cooling pad. Lawsuit filed over these laptops. Purchase only, if you plan on throwing away rather than repair. Paid nearly double in costs. Go with reputable manufacturer, i.e., Dell, HP etc.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2017

I am writing this because I thought Toshiba was a good brand name. WRONG!!! When I first purchased it in April 2015, I experienced some issues with Youtube after about 2 months (green screen). Called customer service, they said "You have a virus" and they would send me software to fix it at MY expense. I said forget it. I shouldn't have to buy software to fix it. I had just recently bought it. Anyway the green screen fixed itself, not sure how, but now I get the blue screen all the time when I am on Youtube. It cuts right into anything you watch, and its a royal pain in the butt. Oh sure you can fix it if you Know what you're doing, but I shouldn't even have to deal with that. Just remember Toshiba. I paid good money for this laptop, and I will NEVER EVER PURCHASE A TOSHIBA AGAIN!!!

Verified Buyer
Original review: April 26, 2017

Removing Hold Fee for Return of Backordered Battery - I have purchased Toshiba laptops for over a decade, so it pains me to have to write this review. The battery on my Toshiba Satellite stopped retaining its charge, so I went on the Toshiba website and follow the steps to troubleshoot my laptop. The diagnosis was that the battery needed to be replaced, and since it was still under warranty I filled out the repair order for the replacement battery. Part of that involves a $125.60 hold on my credit card for shipping the part and the return of the defective battery. The email I received from Toshiba said that I should expect the part in 7-10 business days. I work from home, so I use my computer on a daily basis for several hours a day. A laptop with a defective battery is basically a desktop computer, but I did not purchase a desktop, and I expected to receive my replacement battery within the STATED 7-10 day time frame.

I go on the website to check the status after 7 days, and I receive a message that the battery is on backorder and the new arrival date is August 11. I decide to tough it out until the 11th, despite the fact that my mobility was greatly limited because of the necessity of being plugged into an outlet at all times. On August 11th I check the site again, and now it is backordered until SEPTEMBER 6TH. This is not going to work because I have to go out of the country at the end of August, so I order an external battery for $140 to use for my trip. The external battery actually has better battery life than the original battery, and I start to enjoy the perks of the external battery. The downside is the extra weight, but since the battery is STILL backordered, I don't really have a choice.

I check the site on September 6th because the replacement battery has still not arrived, and of course, backordered again, now with a date of OCTOBER 3RD. Honestly, at this point I should have just called Toshiba and told them to reimburse me for the external battery I purchased. I am a lifelong Toshiba customer though, so I believed they would get it right. October 3rd comes, BACKORDERED AGAIN!! Now the arrival date is October 28th. The replacement battery finally arrives on October 14th, ALMOST THREE MONTHS LATER. At this point the external battery has become a part of life, and I frankly prefer it because of the longer battery life.

Replacing an internal battery requires preparing a work space, working carefully to prevent any damaging static discharge, and using specialized tools. It is a time-consuming process, and frankly one that I didn't really have time to fit into my busy work schedule. I finally got around to replacing the battery in March of 2017. Frankly, there cannot be that much of a rush to return a damaged part because there are only one of two options for what will be done with it: 1). Dispose of it safely. Or 2). Study it to determine what was faulty and improve subsequent designs. If it is the first option there is certainly no rush, and if it is the second option, Toshiba will still be able to run tests on it when they receive it.

Before I mailed in the old battery, I decided to call Toshiba and make sure that they would remove the $125.60 hold from my card after they received the part. During the phone call I was told that because Toshiba has "a lot of computers to fix" they cannot accept parts that are not sent back within 30 days. Toshiba is a global electronics company with probably millions of products under warranty, so I'm not surprised that they have a lot to repair. This is why you have thousands of employees. I was also told that you have to be very careful when replacing an internal battery. I'm well aware of this, which is why I made sure that I had the time to do it right. I don't want to damage my computer because it is the source of my livelihood.

At the end of the day I am only asking for equivalency. Toshiba told be that I would receive the replacement battery in 7-10, but they actually took 82 days. GENEROUSLY, that is 8 times as long as the stated delivery time to send me a part that is essential for a laptop to work as intended. Equivalency means that if my original window was 30 days, I should have 240 days to return the DEFECTIVE battery to you. I am only asking for the return of the funds put on hold for TOSHIBA to send me a part that was UNDER WARRANTY for me to SELF-INSTALL that took them 8 times longer than it should have taken them to send. I look forward to hearing back from a representative. This issue is easy to resolve, and I would hate to end my perfectly-happy-until-today relationship with Toshiba over this matter. I'll be waiting for your call.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 19, 2017

This laptop (Toshiba Satellite L675) is seven years old. Still working flawlessly with little to no problems. I would definitely recommend this laptop. Sometimes consumer use cause major problems with computers. Always keep updated with good anti virus and malware protection. Never click on email links and your computer should run great for a long time.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 16, 2017

I paid 1.759 € for my new Toshiba with 2 year warranty. After 3 months troubles started. I had in in the first 8 months 3 times on service, each time I had it on service it took them 1 month to return. Now my computer still doesn't work well and I tried to retrieve the money, but the vendor where I bought it and official Toshiba service they both gave me some ** problems, the thing is even though the computer is not working well they don't want to give me back my money. I have a computer that lags, mouse pad on it is not working... Don't buy Toshiba... I am writing this because I am trying to get some drivers for it and it says that I need to put in serial number in order for them to help me, when I put in my serial number there are problems again... I have had it with Toshiba. Stay away from it. If I could give them - stars I would.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

I was unable to see my image when using Skype on my Toshiba laptop, despite the blue camera lamp being illuminated. I could see the person I was calling but all they or I could see was a black square with a revolving arrow. I had already paid $149 to Microsoft and Skype to diagnose the problem and they had taken remote control of my computer, uninstalled the software, updated the driver and thoroughly tested the software. After 2 hours they concluded the problem was hardware and that I should contact Toshiba.

I did that, and explained EXACTLY what MS level 2 techs had accomplished. Toshiba insisted on doing the SAME things and then elevating the case to their level 2 techs for $29.95. For this they promised to DIAGNOSE the problem, but not necessarily fix it. I agreed. Level 2 wasted more time repeating the efforts of the others and concluded, it must be HARDWARE!!! They gave me 2 contact numbers which I called, only to find the 1st was out of business and the 2nd only dealt with commercial applications!

In frustration I played with the computer MYSELF for another half hour and discovered that my Kaspersky security system was blocking my camera in the name of "privacy." I switched the block OFF and all was resolved! So obviously Toshiba DID NOT DIAGNOSE the issue as promised and thus stole $29.95 from me. When challenged they cursorily dismissed my concern. Recommendation, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on TOSHIBA support. They are clearly incompetent. It was I, a dentist that fixed the problem.

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Original review: April 3, 2017

I've owned my laptop for less than a year. Throughout the course of this period, my computer ($650.00) experienced numerous issues from the moment that I pulled it out of the box. The keyboard keys will randomly lose their function; the volume keys hardly ever did anything to control volume (often nothing would happen when you pressed them, even after I just purchased the laptop), the brightness keys worked even less of the time. They'll randomly stop working on you, even if you just pressed them and they worked 30 seconds prior. The computer will not reach its maximum brightness, and when you try to turn the brightness up it'll say it's at max when it is not because the screen will be dimmed at 70% for no reason.

AFTER all of this annoying bull transpiring since I bought the computer, one day it just decided to turn itself off. Then after attempting to turn it back on, it'll work for about 15 seconds and then turn back off. When you call customer service, some derelict that works for Toshiba will tell you that it's fine after ensuring your warranty has ran out, then they'll pretty much just hang up on you. This was a motherboard crash because I had a competent source look at my computer. Upon looking into this issue with my laptop, big surprise, everyone with my laptop has this problem. Because Toshiba is an awful company that will take your money and sell you something that a designer probably manically laughed at after he finished designing this computer in 4 minutes.

In short, the Toshiba corporation sells awful, trash products that will not last. Spend the same amount of money on a Sony, Dell, anything. I would spend it on a dirty diaper before I gave more money to this cheapskate company. To Toshiba product designers - if you aren't kidding, or malevolently making your products this horrible, then you should find another profession.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: March 31, 2017

Contacted technical support and paid $69.99, they recommended purchase recovery data at a cost of $39.99 and I paid the cost. I received the media followed the instructions and could not get it to work. Called Toshiba on the phone for hours and their support specialist could not correct the problem. I have spent more than 6 hours in total on the phone with Toshiba. I requested a refund and was told I would hear back on Monday, 3/27/17, and to date I have not received a call from Toshiba. I called Toshiba today requesting a refund and a refund specialist is suppose to get back with me today. I have received the worst service and I asked for an address to send my complaint and they have not given me anything today, 3/31/17.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

This Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop is just the worst thing ever. It takes a very long time for images to open and browsing the internet is so frustrating. Never in my life another Toshiba product will trespass my doors. I hope I could send them this heat box for an analysis. Not even an '80's computer could be so slow.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2017

The battery on my Toshiba Satellite L55 has never lasted more than 3 hours. After 11 months, the original battery lasted only one hour. I use my computer 5 days a week, mostly with Google Docs and Slides. I NEVER have played games on this computer and access YouTube videos sparingly, for classroom purposes only. I am a teacher. I called Toshiba after the 11 months and they sent a replacement battery. That was great, until the replacement battery is down to staying charged only 90 minutes after only three months.

I called Toshiba again, but now that the laptop is out of warranty, they will not replace the replacement battery. I should have called months sooner when I first noticed the battery was lasting only a couple of hours, but it was a back burner chore to do, so I delayed. So now if I want a battery, I must order a new one for $93. When I pay $600 for a computer, I expect better service. Toshiba also does NOT offer an extended warranty or maintenance program. I will never buy Toshiba again.

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Headquartered in Tokyo, Toshiba is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation with roots that extend back to 1875. Now, Toshiba offers a full range of hard drives, digital storage solutions, digital displays, business solutions, laptops and tablets. Toshiba laptops are built for high-performance to keep up with numerous business applications and are available at select retailers.

  • Portege Z Hybrid: Toshiba’s Portege Z Hybrid laptops are designed to combine ultrabook performance with tablet portability.

  • Portege WT20 Tablet: Toshiba’s tablet is designed for performance and business use. It is a thin tablet computer that blends portability and durability.

  • Tecra C series: The Tecra C series of laptops are all-around functional laptops designed to run basic business programs. They are designed for portability and efficiency.

  • Tecra A series: The Tecra A series of touchscreen laptops come equipped with extra power to run many different business applications.

  • Tecra Z Series: Toshiba’s Tecra Z series of laptops are designed to be durable and portable for the worker on-the-go. They are built with lightweight shock-absorbing material that keeps them from becoming cumbersome.

  • Best for: Toshiba laptop computers are best for businesses and consumers who want a reliable, work performance all-around laptop.

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