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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Last November(2105) I bought a new Toshiba laptop while I was living in the US. In June of 2016 the laptop would not charge while in use - it says that it is plugged in and NOT charging. It got very hot a few times. It is not on the battery recall list. Toshiba says they won't do anything because I am in Canada - I said no problem - I will be back in the US in 2 months. Their answer was still no service within the warranty period. I would need some kind of special "international" warranty but provided no other information on this mysterious international warranty. So I asked if I buy another battery pack how can I tell I am not going to get another defective battery? They had no answer for that either. My last ACER lasted for 9 years. Wouldn't buy anything Toshiba again given the life of the product and the disappearing warranty.

Seven months ago, my husband, a computer systems engineer, purchased a new laptop for me after doing a decent amount of research. Based on the specs I needed and a few other criteria, he chose the Toshiba Satellite 4K Ultra HD. At first I was thrilled. It was lightweight and fast. After a couple of months though, things began to go wrong. My touchpad began to malfunction and to this day still does not work properly. I have been on the phone with tech support more times than I can count and each time it seems as if they are just reading from a script; no one actually listens to the issue. I have had to wipe my laptop and do a clean install numerous times and it still is not working properly.

For a business person, wiping a laptop clean, having to reinstall all of your programs and uploading a full backup takes a great deal of time and is a very frustrating experience after a while. Then a month ago my hard drive failed; there was a fatal disk error on my solid state hard drive. After speaking with tech support numerous times, I was finally told I could have a new hard drive sent to me to install myself. Great, I thought. I gave all of my information and was told I would have the part in about 5 days and would be kept apprised of the situation through my case #.

After a very frustrating 3 weeks without any updates on their end, I finally received my hard drive which my husband installed (thankfully I married an engineer). He was able to rectify a number of software issues my laptop was having. Again, though, my touchpad refused to work properly. Since then, I have had to call tech support numerous times as they are completely unhelpful and was finally just told that I would have to send my laptop in and have it diagnosed by a technician which would take 7 to 10 days. All I can say is, this is a ridiculous amount of time for someone who has not had his/her laptop working properly for months on end at no fault of his/her own. No one in the company is sympathetic, willing to work with you as a customer or interested in the poor communication and tech skills of the staff.

When I mentioned to a head supervisor that I have never received a call back after numerous phone calls and promises, that my touchpad issue has yet to be rectified after months and months, and that I still cannot use my laptop for business, he brushed it off like it was no big deal. My husband and I own our own software company and we have developed many partnerships with various hardware and software companies over the years like Microsoft, Dell, Symbol, Hewlett Packard, Sysco, just to name a few, and I can honestly say that Toshiba's tech/customer support has been one of the worst I have ever dealt with. Not only will I never buy a Toshiba product again, but I of course will not be buying for or recommending it to my customers. I am extremely disappointed in Toshiba as a company. I had high hopes for the laptop.

I have had the laptop for 7 months, bought it brand new and registered it with Toshiba. This is the first Toshiba I ever owned and I regret it. On June 20th the laptop worked excellent, but on June 21st I turned it on and it asked for a HDD/SSD password. After many hours of researching I began to realize that this was a password set up in the BIOS for my hard drive.

First, why does my hard drive have a password? Upon research it appears there is a password in case it gets stolen (security). Second, When did password get set up? Answer: I have no clue as I have never been in the BIOS screen. I do not believe I ever set up a password for HDD/SSD, but maybe when first bought computer in the initial setup, but could not get confirmation from Toshiba. Third: Why did it take 7 months for this issue to show up? If I did set a password for laptop, why did I not have to use it the whole time, or why did it ask for it now?

Fourth: getting answers from Toshiba is next to impossible. They take no responsibility, and I can kinda see why if I had set a password and forgot it. I am unable to even check if there was a recent BIOS update that may have changed the settings. Fifth: Why even do this? Wouldn't encryption work better? And if forgot password, reformat hard drive, but still usable. This way it is completely unusable. I will definitely make sure my next laptop does not have this hard drive password feature, or if it does disable it in some way. I now have an i7, 12G, with 5 months warranty still, paperweight. Maybe a snack tray? I will think of new uses for this expensive, inert piece of plastic. Signed: completely disenchanted.

I bought a Toshiba Satellite Laptop less than a year and a half ago. The battery has always had a short charge-life and now it is dead. I contacted Toshiba for a replacement under their massive battery recall program. They have acknowledged batteries in their laptops overheat & melt, destroying computers. They tell me my battery is not on the recall list. They refuse to provide me with a new battery and blamed me for not informing them that they installed a bad battery in my computer. I warn anyone considering buying a Toshiba laptop that they will be buying an inferior product and that Toshiba has no willingness to provide the customer with any corrective action. Basically I was told I am out of luck.

I have owned my Chromebook 2 for 18 months. I am generally a careful and light user of my laptop. I have been able to troubleshoot the problem based on forums that established the screen darkness due to a faulty back-light (no longer working). I hoped to have it fixed by Toshiba but just saw their base prices for a "minor" fix was $252 plus having to pay for shipment and insurance. Moreover, the comments on this website regarding poor customer service at their repair center is disheartening. Bottom line... it will be just as expensive (or more) to have the screen lighting repaired. So although 18 months is way too fast, I am basically forced to buy a new laptop. They call this "planned obsolescence" and I find it a disgracefulness business practice. Guess what. I will NOT be buying another Toshiba!

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My first ever laptop was a 2nd hand Toshiba that my mother gave to me for work. It must have been at least 5 years old when I got it, so to say that it was OLD (by technology's standards) is an understatement. But man that laptop was a workhorse. I was able to use it for everything I needed back then, including work and video games. I remember I was able to play my old PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 games using an emulator, and the graphics on my laptop were flawless. Heck, even after I bought a new laptop, I still preferred to play some of my games on my Toshiba.

But since I already bought a new one and my girlfriend was in need of a laptop for work, I decided to give her my Toshiba so it could be put to better use. I remember she used that laptop all day and night, 7 days a week. Would you believe that the laptop, given that it was already more than 5 years old at the time (which is probably like senior citizen's age in human years) was still able to last 3 good years? 3 years of hardcore usage. Honestly when I first got it, I didn't think it would last a year of moderate use, let alone 3 years of heavy use.

So if we ever get to save enough money for a brand new laptop, you can bet that Toshiba will be in our top 3 list. When we finally retired my old Toshiba, I gotta admit that I cried a little inside. It set the standard for laptops for me, and whenever I scout for new laptops, I always think to myself first, "Will this laptop last as long my old Toshiba?" 'Cause if it won't, then pass. Thanks Toshiba for producing such kick-ass laptops. Hope that your new ones are just as resilient and reliable.

I have had this Toshiba Laptop for 6 years and it is quite simply THE BEST. The only time problem I've had was when the screen was showing green tint, but this is my fault as I have faulty practice in closing the screen. Anyway, I had the warranty and when I took it to the service centre, they resolved it quickly. That was 5 years ago and I've never had that problem since! It is a workhorse! This has been a real best friend to me since my thesis days up to now where I use it for work. This TOSHIBA LAPTOP is CLASS!

The laptop has had a lot of problems and each time I am asked to pay for the box and shipping for the return. If the problem is software related I have to pay an additional amount, the price for that is outrageously expensive. Disappointed with the company and its product.

I ordered a Toshiba Satellite laptop on Feb. 17, 2016. I ordered it from Office Depot and it had an instant rebate plus I was to receive a $50 prepaid Visa Card.

The laptop arrived around the 22th. I used it and installed a browser etc., downloaded a few programs and waited for my tech guy to transfer all my files. I did not write any emails during this time. I had the computer exactly 1 week before he transferred files and installed some other programs for me. I still didn't have any problems for about 2 weeks.

After this time, the laptop started acting up. Typing e-mails, in Gmail which I have been using for many years produced a delay. I type a letter and there is a delay before it shows up on the screen. This is very annoying and causes me to make many mistakes. Then, all of a sudden, sometimes when I have my right hand near the laptop, it goes to sleep in the middle of whatever I am doing. On April 8, I called Office Depot and their return policy is 15 days. They told me to call Toshiba which I did. They also told me their return policy is 15 days. I was flabbergasted! I will try to make a long (way over 1 hour) story short here.

The prepaid Visa card was never ordered. Apparently they are sending me a check. I'll believe that when I see it. Next onto tech support. I could not understand 1 word the first guy said then I asked for a supervisor. Bottom line is yes, I have a defective product. I need to reset the computer to factory defaults, erasing all my files but worst of all, the programs. I have some very old programs that don't like 64 bit systems and it takes a special talent to install them on a new computer. This would wipe them out. No way!

The other option is to send the laptop to Toshiba and, in 7-15 working days. They would repair it and send it back to me but they could not guarantee that my programs and files would still be there. Neither of these is an option for me as I cannot be without a computer for 2 weeks if they live up to their promise of 7-10 days to repair. Also, if it's a defective unit, why would they have to remove all my stuff?

So now I am in the unenviable position of having a laptop that is less than 7 weeks old, is defective and a company that won't stand behind their product at all. All I can do is dis them to everyone I know, put this on Facebook and hope they become extinct in the very near future. I would plead with anyone thinking of buying anything from Toshiba to know that they don't warranty their products in any meaningful way. They make inferior products and they treat their customers like dirt!

I purchased a Toshiba laptop for $875 at Best Buy on January 27, 2016. I immediately brought it to my IT consultant to install all programs. Upon returning it to me, I noticed the cursor wasn't working and it was running slow, shutting down, etc. I brought it back to my IT consultant who suggested I send it back to Toshiba for review, as the 15 day return policy expired at Best Buy. The laptop was received by Toshiba on March 9th, 2016, I still do not have it. I have contacted customer service three times and have yet to hear back from them. I am now running my business solely off of my iPhone. At this point, I do not know what my recourse of action is. I have spent approximately $1500 on the laptop and IT services for a product I have yet to use. Toshiba's customer service is abysmal at best, and the product is horrible. Can someone please advise what my next course of action should be?

I bought a Toshiba laptop on January 5, 2016. I did not received the computer for a couple weeks because there was a delay in shipping from China. After I received the computer I called my computer person to come to my house to setup the computer, which costed me $250. After my computer person left the laptop kept turning off. I could not get into any of my programs because the computer kept turning off. My computer person told me to call Toshiba tech support. After talking with Toshiba tech support they told me I had to send the computer to their repair center. In a couple days I received a FedEx box to send the computer to their repair center (which at first Toshiba wanted me to pay for the FedEx mailing, what???). I got an email in about 10 days that the repair center was working on my computer and it will be delayed due to not having a part in stock.

After three weeks with no communication, I contacted Toshiba to see how the repair was going. I was told the part will take another week to get and then it will be another week before it gets mailed out. It took 6 weeks to get my computer back. Then when I got my computer back it did not work. The computer turned on but there was no software. I called customer service to tell them I did not want this computer and wanted to return it for a full refund. I was told by Toshiba customer service that they only give full refunds if you return the computer in 14 days. I said how can I return a computer in 14 days if the computer was at the Toshiba repair center.

Needless to say I talked with many people and finally a supervisor. Even the supervisor would not give me a fund or a replacement computer. Now my computer is going back to the repair center. Toshiba said only after 3 tries of trying to fix a new computer will they replace the computer. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not only am I now getting a refurbish computer, I am out $250 paying my computer person to set it up. Because I will need to spend another $250 when I finally get a working computer. I will write on all social media and tell everyone I know NOT to purchase a Toshiba. They are heartless non-caring about their customers. DO NOT BUY A TOSHIBA.

I bought the extended warranty which stated I could have a replacement part sent. I knew the issue, diagnosed it with them and wanted the part shipped. I have done this replacement as my profession. They said they would not send it. I stated then I wanted a refund of my warranty since they would not honor it. I will never buy Toshiba again. Waste of money and terrible service and rude people.

PLEASE SHARE SO THEY KNOW THEY CAN'T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS AND GET AWAY WITH IT... Looks like Toshiba is going to screw me over. They damaged my laptop and say they are NOT taking responsibility! Here's the story: I use to think Toshiba was a good company that sold quality products and cared about their customers. Was I wrong! Toshiba sells poor quality laptops and has terrible customer non-service!

I ordered a Toshiba back in June of 2015. By January 2016 the keyboard stopped working so I called Toshiba and they told me to send it back and they would repair it. Well I have to say the keyboard now seems to work but they DAMAGED the laptop in the process!!! And they are saying they won't take responsibility for it!

On the back of the laptop below the monitor are two horizontal slots that hold the speakers. Behind these horizontal slots are black metal with holes to cover metal fins beneath the metal cover. When I got the laptop back the one on the right side (looking at it from the back) is missing and the fins are bent! Under the laptop are rubber anti-skid feet. They ripped one during the repair process and instead of replacing it, pieced it back together and sent it back damaged.

NEXT! They scratched the screen! I was careful not to scratch the screen and they scratch it while in their possession and they say they are not taking responsibility? NEXT! When I opened the lid to turn on the laptop it was covered in fingerprints and smears and reeked of perfume! My wife could smell it on the other side of the room. They said it might be cleaner, LIE. It's perfume and it stinks!!! On top of that they decided to reimage the hard drive for no reason what-so-ever! Luckily I back it up but it's just one more insult to what they did. So I called and complained that very instant. They had me take picture and talked as if they were going to take care of me.

I'm still fighting with these thieves but don't hold much hope in having a successful resolution to what they did to me. The only course I have open to me is to let others know what they did to me and how they treat their customers. If you like to be taken advantage of and get the run-around and have someone take your money for a poor quality product then be my guest to deal with Toshiba. I for one will never buy anything from them again, and as an IT professional will steer all my friends, customers and anyone I know far, far, away from any Toshiba product. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! They do NOT treat their customers well!

A Friend Bought this Toshiba Satellite L55T for me for a Christmas Gift, in Late November of 2014, on Sale. Great Price. After 5 months I noticed the hinge on the left side of screen was not sitting in place correctly. With 1 year warranty, and only 6 months old I contacted Toshiba April 2015, for a repair order. Got a runaround that it is normal wear from use. Second call after getting worse and find information online that it was a defect in the way the hinge was attached, I was told they would send a box out to ship it in and I would pay for shipping both ways, and If Toshiba determined that it was Owner abuse or Damage that I would have to cover all cost of repairs, including parts and Labor.

Well the Warranty is now over and the Right hinge is having the same issue. More research, From What I have found online, I am not the only one with this issue. Everything I have read online and other owner complaints are with the defective hinge attachment. Right now I am afraid to open and close it. No other issues but if the hinge comes loose completely it does in most cases I have read, break the Touchscreen. Will Never Buy a Toshiba Product, Will never Recommend a Toshiba Product. My Laptop has turned into nothing more than an expensive Pretty Paperweight!!!

When I did need the manufacturer support, there seems to be a communication problem. In two respects, one understanding the basic English language; two, understanding what was just said to them. Either their hearing was gone or their brains have stopped to function. As a lot of Call Centers today none of them are local, it's either East Coast or in Europe and are pushed to get the call completed in the least amount of time and not worrying about the quality of work or knowledge they are suppose to give out.

Being a laptop you have a thumbpad to move the mouse and left and right tabs underneath it to go up or down or enter or backward. At the top of keyboard is on/off button; refresh data; screen monitor. My computer was given to me as a gift, but I have looked at what the cost would be to replace it. It is the average price of the going laptops that are used at any computer store. As to reliability, it is like any mechanical device, it is only good as its components. If the manufacturer has good quality control, then it is very reliable. If not, you get what you paid for.

It has astoundingly good speakers that sound better than my car stereo, and the startup time (15 seconds) is fantastic. But those are the only highlights. The touchpad is offset to the left, which is awkward, and the left mouse button requires 4-5 hard presses to work. Don't even try to click and drag, it's impossible. The screen is so shiny you can't see it with any light at all reflecting off it (forget going outside). Most of the quick key shortcuts I use don't work on this machine, like Ctrl-R for browser refresh, Shift-F7 for Word thesaurus, etc. Basically this laptop gives me a headache.

It was very inexpensive, only $500. It looks expensive, and basically functions as my high-end stereo system. But as a workaday laptop for a professional writer, it's a terrible value because the basic features don't work well. It often gets hung up between tablet and laptop modes, and sometimes just stops working. But it runs most programs smoothly and has plenty of memory to run several programs at once. This is my first Toshiba, and will probably be my last.

Separate numpad, large screen, great speed and reliability; works for YEARS. It has served me well both personally and professionally for many years; have had a series of 4 over the past 15 years. I have never had to replace or repair anything. They are good. You just need to know what to help keep it all going, like a good security software like Kaspersky. I also chose this based on the features I would use, so if you buy something based on price but it doesn't do what you wanted, then... rethink your priorities.

I haven't had to use the personal support yet but I feel confident if and when I have to, it will be ok. I have my internet through my cable company and when I need upgrading, they will do it for me. The installation was easy for them. Toshiba is one of the reliable computers that last a long time. I am well pleased with my Toshiba. It has all I need.

I haven't had occasion to use Toshiba's customer support -- the computer has not had any problems to date. I wish it had better built-in speakers and Bluetooth. Otherwise, it has a great screen, keyboard, and trackpad. All the computing power I need, under $500 delivered to my door. So far no problems. My previous Toshiba laptop had no troubles either. I hope Toshiba keeps making personal laptops for years to come.

I bought a Toshiba laptop in 2013 from best buy on the internet for Toshiba in September, and in October 2013 the whole computer overheated and the motherboard went on it and would not turn on. Not only had I lost valuable pictures and files, but neither Best Buy or Toshiba had helped me out. Best Buy had told me since I bought it online, I had to go through Toshiba and I had a one year warranty.

I first had a close friend look at the computer and a licensed specialist after and they said, "Yes, the motherboard has gone bad" and I only had it for a month and a half. Well I had to pay over 25.00 to ship it to Toshiba for them to take several weeks to diagnose my computer and they tell me that it's liquid damage and to repair it would cost 185.00 dollars when I only paid around 250.00 or less for the entire laptop (considering it was on sale at the time).

When I received my laptop back which took over several weeks, they gave me a letter and a choice to either pay and have it repaired because it was not covered by warranty (of course because they were trying to scam myself, just like all of the other customers with bad service) and try to ask me to pay 185.00. I looked at the laptop and I have to say it looked a lot different than the original I had sent. Not sure if they switched it out or did something to mine. I took it to a friend again and said they definitely opened the back, but there was something different on the back end than before like a corrosion of some sort, and didn't look like how I brought it when they diagnosed the motherboard previously.

I then tried to dispute this matter over 5 times with Toshiba and probably made over 100 calls to corporate and customer service and also the supervisors I had spoken with at Toshiba. Overall I am extremely disappointed and upset with this company. I will never buy a Toshiba product again and I will not recommend anyone to their cheap, poor quality products! I also will continue to do my best to promote the company in a negative way because I have had nothing but stress and disappoint from Toshiba, and highly recommend you DO NOT BUY A TOSHIBA PRODUCT at all! Thank you!

Purchased L55 Toshiba laptop. Within 10 months the plastic surrounding the hinge and the hinge broke and it will not power up presumably because it does recognize that laptop is open. Toshiba does not cover physical damage but this was not dropped... This is poor design and substandard manufacture for an item that requires opening and closing for its operation. It will cost $390 to have Toshiba fix it. I will look for another laptop instead and it won't be Toshiba!!!

I should have asked why the store's $600 Toshiba laptops were on sale for $300. But I thought it was an exceptional buy, and purchased one. As I was trying to put in my favorite programs, my favorite malware software, and so on, I began to notice some problems, so, being a good little customer, I called the number on the screen. It wasn't Toshiba. It was a number associated with a virus that was on my NEW laptop. The customer service representative told me I had a virus, and that I needed them to fix it for only a couple of hundred dollars.

I explained that this was a new computer, and that I don't buy extras for what should be a product that was supposed to be functioning. Everyone I talked to on that site had Middle Eastern accents. I don't know who they're used to dealing with, but it wasn't me. So I returned the laptop to the store, explaining my problem. They, too, offered, for only an additional price, to remove the virus from my computer. What is it with customer service anymore?

I told them the same thing, that I purchased this laptop in good faith, and I expected it to work, or I would expect a complete refund. It hadn't even been 24 hours yet. I was stupid. I was completely unfamiliar with Toshiba, and asked for a replacement. As before, the first thing I did was replace their anti-virus software with my own. They must have it rigged so that when you remove their anti-virus software, you get a virus, because that's what I got. I contacted Toshiba this time, and they wanted to sell me their antivirus solution. No thanks. Either I get a NEW computer with NO problems, or I will never buy another Toshiba as long as I live.

I bought a Toshiba Laptop six months ago. Just after 3 months the start menu and right click stopped working. I contacted Toshiba customer support and was told if I wanted to have the problem fixed, I would have to pay $159.99 for their person to take over my laptop. I had no other option. Then two (2) weeks later I could not print from my laptop. Had to call Toshiba support to have this issue corrected. I will never buy another product from Toshiba. Their support group is located in another country. Good luck understanding these people.

I am writing this for my sister who bought a Toshiba Satellite C55. She is not at all computer savvy and was talked into buying this obviously because they don't sell. The machine has no CD/DVD drive. The keyboard is cheap and some keys have actually fallen off. This machine is now 11 months old and the battery only holds a charge for between 12 and 15 minutes. The USB ports are so cheaply made that whatever is plugged in usually falls out. Toshiba's customer service is manned by people who don't speak English. She did manage to find out that Toshiba no longer makes a battery for this unit. To even access the battery you have to take the computer apart. The battery also is not covered under a warranty. According to Toshiba the battery issue is caused by the climate.

I am no tech expert but I am fairly knowledgeable. In other words if you live in Florida or say Arizona don't buy this because it's too hot for the battery. If you own one of these paperweights don't install Windows 10... It takes usually 5 minutes to boot up. I personally have usually owned Dell and just bought a new Inspiron 5000... works great! I could go on and on about the Toshiba but the point is... buyer beware!

I play a game called MovieStarPlanet and all my friends are logging on their laptops and it's loading perfectly fine. But when I try, it just loads and loads and loads and doesn't do anything. I know it's the MovieStarPlanet server because everyone else can log in without any problems. So get this problem fix ASAP.

I tried my Microsoft Word DVD in my Toshiba laptop (on my lap) and called customer service when it did not work. They told me it was because Toshiba did not support that word processor and they could supply me with a similar one for $100. I told them I was job hunting and could not afford it and they knocked down the price to $69, and told me I could return it within 2 weeks and get a refund if I wanted to. Later on when I was sitting at a table I tried the DVD again and it worked fine (Seems to me saying Toshiba did not support the word processor was not in fact true). I called them back this AM to get my refund. Still getting the runaround and await the call back from the "return payment department." From what I have been able to tell their customer service gets deservedly low ratings and it does not seem to be important to Toshiba.

I have had a qosmio x505 for 5 years without a single issue. The battery still holds a 2-hour charge, the thing boots up faster than my new desktop computer and the ONLY bit of damage in the entire computer is a small amount of mechanical wear on a power cord. Mind you, I have a freaking 3-year-old. She has been messing with this thing for years and still no issues! I was one of the first people to ever jam a 1.5 tb hard drive into a laptop (you can see it on YouTube) and have used it on business trips and throughout tech school. But I take care of electronics... what about a person who doesn't?

In comes my Canadian friends who thought that the bottom part of the laptop was 'just a keyboard' so it was ok that the dog walked on it. They couldn't get it to work anymore so they gave it to me. I cleaned off a layer of nicotine tar (it was in their smoking room for a couple years), dog hair, grime, and dust. It was easy figuring out how to open it up. I cleaned it all up, replaced the thermal grease with some arctic silver, bought a new keyboard module for it, a new OEM power supply and gave it to my homeless mother 2.5 years ago. She uses it to Skype with my daughter and get resources to help her. With a little TLC a SUPER abused Toshiba laptop became a lifeline for my mother with which she found jobs and a home! To the guy who couldn't re-solder his own USB port... get good noob.

Early in Oct I noticed that the USB Port was not working on my Satellite laptop. I took my computer to Geek Squad for repair and was told they could not do the work since it was actually the motherboard causing this. I then called the Toshiba company to see how much it would be for this type of repair. When I told them what Geek Squad said about the USB port and it being caused by the motherboard they agreed that that was the problem. After getting it backed up I paid for the shipping costs and sent it to them.

A few days later I received an email stating "Not covered by Warranty: Parts $7.47 (LCD COVER), $13.75 (TOP COVER), Labor $60.00. Total $ 81.22. Please note that these repairs are optional and if you would like to proceed with only in warranty repairs please advise..." My answer to this was "I knew about that crack and reported it on the form I mailed in to you. I know this is not covered under the warranty and I do not want this repaired as I sent it back to you only for the repair of the USB port (Motherboard). Please continue with this warranty repair only." Their response was "We will proceed with in warranty repairs, please allow at least 5 business days for the unit to arrive." A few days later I received the computer and nothing was repaired. They have inconvenienced me and had me pay to ship my computer to them.

I immediately called and asked them why. They tell me it was due to the damage. I tried to tell them and had disclosed this and had been told the warranty repairs would be completed. I have called back 3 times since. The last person I talked with named Jay who said it is not the motherboard but the USB port which is not warrantied. I think this is just an excuse to not do the repair which was diagnosed not only by Geek Squad but also their technician when I first called. I was not given the option of paying at that time for a USB repair but the tech also agreed about the motherboard. Perhaps they just want to sell you the packing box to send in. NOTE: the damage to the case was due to inferior materials used by Toshiba. Plastic instead of metal. I have vowed never to buy another Toshiba again. Just bought a new Lenovo, (NOT PLASTIC). This company is not BBB accredited so it does not help to report to them. Avoid doing business with any company not BBB accredited.

I have been a Toshiba customer for the last 14 years. Due to excellent product quality, I never had to contact their customer relations; therefore, I did not have firsthand experience about quality of their services. Recently, my new laptop keyboard stopped working. I handed in the same with your Toshiba Depot on Dec 07, in Markham, Ontario. I was told that it would take 1 to 2 weeks. After one month, I am still looking for any news.

My son has been undergoing a training program in Excel and needed laptop on day to day basis. One month without a laptop has adversely affected the training. He is not attending my classes. I spoke with their customer service, customer relations and escalated to the manager, customer relations, who convinced me that Toshiba is a company that gives hoods to the customer relations. He told me that I am welcomed to go with the competitors. Rather than owning up the responsibility, he blamed everyone and everything - from weather to transporters; from holiday season to long delay in lifting part from Asia to Canada. After one month, I have no clue as to when my laptop would be returned to me.

After talking with the manager of their customer relations, now I have decided to buy a new laptop from the competition, who has manufacturing facilities in Canada. I am writing this comment for the better understanding of the customer service of the elite class of Toshiba customer relations. Please do not buy from this company, if you are expecting that someone will help you if your system doesn't work.

Toshiba lap top computers are horrible. I have had many brands of lap tops and Toshiba by far is the worst! The key board spacing bar must be struck hard in order to have proper spacing. You must talk directly into and on top of the internal microphone. When contacting the Toshiba support group they are rude, condescending and useless. I REGRET PURCHASING A TOSHIBA LAP TOP.