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This company refuses to honor its sale, by not sending me the link to a previous payment for the installation of the Control Panel. They are demanding to extort $70 for a "Service Contract" just to provide information which should be available as a matter of course. They have persistently refused to help without demands for extra payment.

I have paid for 2 instances of this software and I am unable to use what I have paid for without the Control Panel link. They just send "canned" replies to me and demanding extra payment. I have paid for this software and I am unable to use it


I learned about Spector (spy software)from Ricki Lake show on tv. I purchased the product by calling their phone no. found from their website. I reiterated to Steve (did not ask his last name), that I did not want a CD-ROM sent to my mailing address, nor a receipt or any correspondence coming from their company because I am afraid that my husband could find that I ordered the software since he is the only one collecting our mails and he opens letters and packages addressed to me right there in the Post Office where our mailbox is. This is far from our home. I do not want to blow my cover. I want to get all the pieces of evidence and to find the truth before confronting my husband and so I can move on.

I told Steve all of that. That was my condition before I purchased it, that only download the product and DO NOT SEND A CD-ROM, he said that is was okay and acceptable so I went ahead and paid $99.95 for the price of the license for only one computer, by my credit card which was approved right away in just matter of minutes. I tried to download it five times following their instruction from the link in an email they sent me but only ERROR. It says" C:Documents and SettingsdannyLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IES45ABK5YBsp40setup[1].exe" is not a valid Win 32 application. I called up and have spoken with TJ (Technical and Support) and he said, "oh, that was a problem but try turning off the computer and turn on again". Done three times and got the same error. I called up again and I said this is not going to work, I followed your advice but still not downloading, so I want a full refund for $99.95 - he said you should talk to Steve Hayes.

Called up again the next day looking for Steve Hayes, but connected to Bill, explained everything to him but did not help me at all, said call back Steve tomorrow. When I spoke to Steve, right from the start he was not understanding of my problem and not sympathetic on me. I explained everything to him right from the start and asked for a refund and he said NO! He hung up on me! He insisted many times before hanging the phone, about sending me the CD-ROM which I said, Steve (who processed the order promised me). I was not comfortable talking with him, he said that my husband is a JERK because he opens my letters (my husband does that but Steve should not say that to me , as a professional businessman he should be discreet and respectful of his clients whether the client is purchasing or returning a product), the main issue is they did not make good of their promise to me that they will only deliver the product through online downloading as I have preferred and they accepted , otherwise I will not have purchased it if they will have to send a CD-ROM if the download won't work at all. They made me believe that they agree with me that if online downloading will not work I can have my refund and they will not insist the CD-ROM at all.

Steve Hayes made me think that he only wanted that sale from me no matter what I think of his attitude and about my impression of their company- he does not care if I am happy or not and while I could not even have a glimpse of that product I bought because it is not downloadable into my husband's computer where that should be installed. The product is still on their possession and did not leave their company yet because it could not be opened due to that ERROR while they already took the funds from my credit card. How could that be? That is against the law, and business ethics. That is so inconsiderate of people's feelings. He did not care if I am happy or not. He insisted that I meet him in Connecticut just to get the CD-ROM from him. Hello! I told him in the beginning that I am a full time at-home mom taking care of my child who is developmentally delayed. I should not be away from her even for just a single minute. Did he not know of that disorder, a special child with special needs, one of the disabilities is could not even talk? He wanted me to drag my child just to see him?

I do not have a car. It is so easy to credit a refund than to exert all efforts to meet him in Connecticut. How could he be so inconsiderate and cold-hearted? I told him too that I have no close friends here that I could use to send the CD-ROM. Most of my friends are in Los Angeles and Utah. As I have said I am tied-up and stucked at home. He said he did not believe me. How could that be? They were so quick getting my money and NOT making a refund. Feb. 06, my phone call to Steve Hayes took place and he said NO. I told him I am to report him to the Consumer Affairs and BBB and he hung the phone. I waited and had given them 6 days more to think and reconsider my request for my refund but they did not make a step. I checked my credit card and there was no credit yet and no refunds made. Still it was error when I tried to download it.

Thank you very much Consumer Affairs for being there for us consumers. Without you, aggravated and victimized consumers will have no voice at all. You are our hero.

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